Jin & Lucy

Jack993 —Chapter 1 — An Afternoon By The Pool— “Look at this,” said Lucy, swiping through the pictures on her phone. Jin looked up, he knew that his big sister wasn’t talking to him but he was bored and curious. “What?” asked Sarah, who was sitting next to Lucy. It was a balmy summer’s afternoon and both girls were soaking in the sun besides the pool in Jin and Lucy’s back yard. Jin was sitting a few feet away, hovering

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A College Cuckold & His GF: Part 1

  by youngasiancuck   This is the story of how my first girlfriend and I ended up in a long-distance relationship and what we ended up doing to make it all work. I’ve changed the names but everything else remains the same. ***** My name is Jason and I am a cuckold to my girlfriend, Stella. She and I have been dating since we first met back in high school and at this point we’re both 18 years olds in

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