Mommy May I

By tinybetacuck.

“Mommy, may I please put my peenie in you?”

My wife lowered her book and looked at me through her reading glasses. “Are you sure, honey?”

I gulped. The fact was, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t even know I was going to ask. My little peenie was just so hard, and I couldn’t stop looking at the rise of my wife’s breasts under her T-shirt. It just kind of blurted out, and now I had no choice. “Yes, Mommy.”

She put the book down on her lap and turned toward me more fully. “Because you know what that means, right?”

I nodded.

“Tell me what it means so we both remember you agreeing to it after you’ve made your mess.”

Butterflies were swarming inside my stomach, but my small erection was rock hard under the blankets. “It means I have to clean it up, and then I have to wear the cage for two weeks.”

She angled her head expectantly, waiting for more.

“And… then it’s only ruins for two weeks after that.”

She nodded. “That’s right, sweetie. So once you’ve made your mess, no whimpering or complaining, and don’t make me ask you to obey. Just do it. Got it?”

I nodded. “Yes, Mommy. I promise.”

She smiled at me indulgently. “OK. I’ll need you to eat me first. Will you get me my phone? It’s on the dresser.”

“Yes, thank you, Mommy!”

I leaped out of bed. As usual, I was completely nude. My two-inch erection bounced as I scampered across the room to unplug her phone from the charger. She put her book on the bedside table and kicked the covers to the end of the bed. I handed her the phone and kissed her cheek.

Climbing between her legs, I lowered her blue lace panties, revealing her shaved vagina – Mike liked her hairless. I kissed along her smooth legs as I slid her panties down, pecking lovingly at her thigh, then her knee and shin, and finally her foot, where I took care to kiss every toe. I glanced up at her; she was staring at the phone, swiping and tapping diligently.

“Ooh, this one’s good.” She turned the phone to me. Mike’s erect penis – massive and imposingly veined – filled the screen. I gulped at the sight. It always intimidated me, even just as a picture. I folded her panties and placed them on the floor. She turned the phone back and swiped some more as I lowered my face to her perfect sex.

“Mmm, or this one.” She showed me: his soda-can-thick shaft halfway buried in the very pussy I was about to lick. “Which one should I look at tonight?”

“Umm, I like that one, Mommy. You look so full.”

She smiled at me and placed her hand on top of mine. “You’re right, honey. He fills me up so much. I’ve never… “

She trailed off as I started to lick her.

“Mmm, yes, that’s good, honey. Just like that…” I licked slowly up and down her slit, spending an extra moment or two around her clit each time I stopped by. Her taste filled my mouth, strong at first, then less so as my saliva diluted her wetness.

“Mmm, good boy, sweetie. You’re so good at that.” I smiled at her as I licked. It was silent for a few moments, and then I heard her unlock her phone.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh my god!” Her voice was screaming but tinny over the phone’s speaker. Then deep, harsh breaths and slapping sounds, flesh on flesh. “Oh Mike, holy shit. Fucckkk, fucc– “

The sound of her rising moan cut off abruptly as she swiped the video away. I kept licking, feeling her hips start to gyrate slowly.

“That’s it, sweetie. You’re getting me so wet. You’ll slip right in, and I’ll never know. Get me nice and wet so you can make your mess inside me.”

I glanced up again. The phone was sideways, and she was pinching the screen to zoom in. She didn’t notice me looking and kept speaking.

“You really are such a silly boy, going through all of this just to make your mess. You know it’s only going to last a minute or two, and then it’s two whole weeks locked up.”

I rubbed my nub furiously against the bed, her humiliating words having their intended effect of kicking my arousal into overdrive.

“That’s why I want you to remember to enjoy it,” she continued. “We both know you can’t make me feel good with your peenie, so don’t even worry about trying. Just have fun doing your little pumps and make your mess like a good boy.”

I resisted the urge to speed up my licking, knowing that she liked it slow and steady while she scrolled through Mike’s photos. She was gushing wetness.

“Mmm, but you definitely make me feel good with your talented tongue. Ohh, mmm.”

She was starting to grind against my face, so I stayed put around her clit and worshiped it like I knew she loved it. Her moans built up slowly, like a rising tide. I loved making her cum and treasured my ability to make her feel good. Still, it was impossible not to compare the slow, sensual moans my pleasuring elicited with the tsunami of wild, unrestrained sounds she’d made on the video with Mike. She must have picked up on the comparison as well.

“Mmm, god, I love it when you lick me. Mike’s never as tender as you. Mmmm… Just like you could never give me what he does. I need both of you for different things. I need your perfect, sweet tongue and his beautiful, big cock. You both make me feel so good…”

Her last word transformed into a moan, and her leg started to tense and quiver, the telltale sign of her imminent orgasm. I licked and licked, riding the wave with her as she crested once, then twice; moans emanated from deep within her chest, rolling and tumbling before rising again. Eventually, her body relaxed, and I slowed, then stopped, and kissed her gently all around her lips and folds.

I used every ounce of my self-control to restrain myself from immediately sliding into her glistening snatch. I wanted these next moments to last as long as possible, even though I knew deep down, I was only a few moments away from eating my own cum out of my wife’s pussy.

I’ve always been a quick shooter. Combine that with my tiny pecker, and you can only imagine what a hit I was with the ladies in college. Though I’d been confronted with the opportunity for penetration several times, at the time I met my future wife, I was still technically a virgin. I don’t think splattering all over those poor women’s stomachs and legs really counts as losing your V card.

Thank god my wife knew what to do with me. I can remember clear as day her smirk when I lowered my pants for the first time after our fourth date and what she said the next morning over coffee: “I like you a lot, but your little penis just won’t do.” I was shocked to hear those words, but it started us on a journey of love and self-discovery that brought us closer than I imagined two people could be.

“Mommy, can we play The Game?”

She roused from her post-orgasm stupor and smiled at me. “Oh, you love The Game, don’t you, little boy? I bet you do.”

I blushed and tried to hide my smile while I nodded. I did love The Game. It was such a special treat to hear something I would never otherwise hear.

“OK honey, put your peenie in me, and we’ll play. Just let me know when you’re in.”

“Thank you, Mommy!”

I sidled up to her spread legs, feeling for a second like the man I used to think I was. The man I had pretended to be for so long. I took my rock-hard nub in my fingers and carefully directed it into my wife’s hairless slit. I searched for the hole until I felt the wetness close over me. Blissful. Warm. Perfect.

I looked at my wife. She was looking at me expectantly. “I’m in, Mommy.”

“Oh yessss, baby,” my wife moaned. She was so good at faking it. No theatrics or chuckles or knowing winks. She really sold it. It helped that she had plenty of real-life experience to draw on. “Oh god, slower, slower, you’re stretching me. You’re so big.”

I smiled bashfully and started my gyrations. I could barely even enter my wife with my tiny shaft, and humping was completely out of the question. The best I could do was a little shimmy that generated some friction for me inside her, my “little pumps.”

“Mmm, I’ve never felt anyone so big. Your dick is filling me up!”

I’d barely started and already I felt the rush building inside me. A swirling heat in my balls flowed out to my legs and torso. Fuck, this was even shorter than usual. I brought this on myself by asking for The Game. It hits my buttons like nothing else.

“Oh honey, your dick is so big. I love your big, fat dick.”

I dug my nails into my palm and clamped my teeth down on my bottom lip, using the pain to keep my orgasm at bay. The swirling pleasure was so close to bursting from my tiny hose, but I needed this to last longer. The price I had to pay was too steep for it to be over already. It just felt so good… fuck. It was so close –

OUCH! The steely taste of blood in my mouth. I dislodged my teeth from the tender wall of my lip. It seemed to work, at least… the swiftly building climax seemed to have disappeared. But I must have had some sort of grimace on my face because my wife paused her performance.

“Oh honey, it’s OK.” She stroked my thigh, the only part of me within easy reach. Her eyes were warm and concerned. “Don’t worry about how quick you are. It doesn’t make any difference to me. Just make your mess whenever you’re ready, sweetie. Empty your little peenie inside, Mommy.”

I ran my tongue over the inside of my lip, surveying the damage. It didn’t seem to be too severe, just a scratch. I smiled bravely at my wife. “Thanks, Mommy.”

I started my gyrations again, but something was off. Suddenly, I felt much more sensitive down there, and not in a good way. And where had my rigid little boner gone? Oh no…

I pulled my hips back and looked down. Sure enough, my nub was reddened and shrinking back to its normal state of flaccid nothingness. My wife’s pussy was glistening in a new way, with one pearl of whiteness already appearing between her lips. No! I hadn’t felt anything! This wasn’t fair!

“Mommy, I…” My voice caught against a lump in my throat. I tried to speak again, but it came out all quavering. “Mommy, I think I…”

She leaned up on her elbows. “What’s the matter, honey?”

I didn’t want to cry, and I didn’t want to be reduced to crying over this, but tears formed in my eyelids anyway, and I couldn’t blink them away. It was just so frustrating and unfair! I sat fully back on the bed and tried to wipe the tears away with the back of my hand.

“Oh, honey, no. What happened?” She was sitting up more now, watching me with genuine concern.

“I… I must have made my mess when I bit my lip, and I didn’t -” I choked back a sob. “I didn’t feel it at all. I just made my mess, and now I have to…” I trailed off, unable to face what came next.

“Oh honey, I wasn’t sure,” she said, stroking my arm lovingly. “I thought I felt something like that, but you know how hard it is for me to feel anything you’re doing down there.”

I nodded forlornly. She looked at me indulgently and patted the spot on the bed next to her. I slithered to the spot and rested my head on her chest, my tears wetting the fabric of her shirt. She indicated for me to raise my head slightly, and she lifted her nightshirt to her neck, exposing her beautiful C-cup breasts. I took her nipple in my mouth and suckled on it as she patted the back of my head.

“Shhhh, honey, it’s OK. It’s OK. I know it’s not fair, but it’ll be OK. Shhhh. I love you so much.”

She and I both knew I wouldn’t be able to get hard again for hours, maybe until tomorrow, so there was no use pretending I could just rebound and try again. My chance was gone, and I wouldn’t be allowed another one for at least a month. A small part of me hoped that my debt would be forgiven because of the unsatisfying conclusion, so I didn’t want to bring it up, even though I wasn’t supposed to wait for her to ask. Plus, this was my happy place, suckling at my wife’s perfect pink nipple, fully regressing into a pathetic little boy. I whimpered again, only partially on purpose.

“That’s my good boy,” she said, her voice a smooth, soothing purr. “Suck on Mommy. That’s my good little boy. Just suck on Mommy’s nipple. I’m sorry you made your mess by accident, sweetie. I know how much you look forward to being inside me.”

She stroked the back of my head, running her nail along the bald spot at the crown. She knew I loved a light scratch on my scalp. It really was calming me down, though I surprised even myself with one more sob.

“Shhhh, honey,” she cooed. “It’s OK. But it would be best if you had listened to Mommy. Like always. I told you just to enjoy it and make your mess whenever you wanted. You know I can’t feel you inside me, and you can’t make me feel good with your peenie, so you should be as quick as you like.”

She knew I hadn’t been trying to hold out for her pleasure, but she loved reminding me of my inadequacy as a penetrative lover. Let’s be honest: I loved it when she reminded me, too. But now, there was a real price to pay for that inadequacy, and I still held out that hope that she wouldn’t make me pay it. I nuzzled into her breast and switched from suckling to a gentle licking, lapping at her nipple like a cat.

“I really shouldn’t let you inside me, sweetie,” she said. My heart skipped a beat. This wasn’t the first time she raised this subject, and it always put me on edge. “You and I both know you don’t belong there, and I think it might be doing more harm than good letting you pretend. Little boys like you might be happier without the temptation. I don’t know… “

She sounded almost wistful as if she were merely contemplating a theoretical concept. But I knew these weren’t idle thoughts. What I hated was that part of me agreed with her. The possibility of “fucking” her was never far from my mind. It tantalized me, mesmerized me, preoccupied me. If that option didn’t exist – is it possible I’d actually be happier? I wormed my body against my wife as close as possible, trying to shake that unpleasant thought from my mind.

“OK honey, that’s enough. That’s enough.” She rustled her body, signaling me to remove my mouth from her nipple. I knew then that my debt was not going to be forgiven. “I’m sorry your mess wasn’t satisfying. I really am, sweetie. But you still made it, and you know what you have to do now.”

“Yes, Mommy.” I didn’t want to. I was frustrated, without the satisfaction that comes from an orgasm, and yet my arousal was also gone. I didn’t relish the idea of eating my own cum. It was different when it was Mike’s, and he’d just finished fucking my wife within an inch of her life. I’d be caged or just horny as hell, and then I couldn’t get enough. I’d ask for it, beg for it, plead for a chance to eat him out of her. Plus, it came from Mike and his perfect cock. But my stupid little mess, at this moment? It was the last thing I wanted.

Still, I slid down the bed and came face to face with my wife’s pussy again. Luckily for me, it seemed it would be a short cleanup: most of my load had dribbled out already, and it had only been deposited an inch or two deep anyway. That was a twisted saving grace – Mike came torrents, making my mess look like a Dixie cup in comparison.

There was nothing else for it. I stuck out my tongue and began licking the little stream running out from my wife’s pussy. It tasted the way it always tasted: flat, salty, warm. I was used to it by now. I licked through my wife’s folds, searching for any errant drop, and then worked my tongue as far inside her as I could. I had to leave her totally clean.

I focused on my task, licking gently at every fold, cleaning every crevice. My cum was mostly gone by now, but I wanted to prolong my last moments of freedom before putting on the cage. Luckily, my wife didn’t seem to mind. When I glanced up after a few minutes, she was back on her phone. I watched her type with both thumbs, then pause, smile, and type again. She chuckled softly.

Her eyes drifted away from her screen, and she saw me peering up at her. “Alright, that’s enough, honey. I think you got all of it.” She resumed her typing.

I sat up obediently. “What were you laughing at, Mommy?”

She didn’t answer right away. Her thumbs just pecked away at the screen. But after a moment, she looked at me again. “Go get your cage,” she said, with a hint of sternness. I shouldn’t have made her ask me. “Once you’re locked, I’ll show you.”

I slid off the bed and scampered to my bedside table. Pulling open the drawer, I removed a pink box adorned with a frilly red bow. I lifted the lid to make sure everything was inside: the steel ring, the tiny cage itself, and the two keys on their bed of silk. My wife was always the one to put on the cage and lock me and always the one to release me. I had never actually turned the key myself.

She was still on her phone when I got over to her side of the bed, but once I presented my pink box, she put the phone down to give me her undivided attention. She sat up against the headboard and took the box. I stood up straight, my tiny flaccid penis – like her, shaved completely hairless – in full view, ready for her.

She removed the ring from the box. With the tips of two fingers and her thumb against her lips, she produced a big glob of saliva that she rubbed around the ring for lubrication. I tried not to react as she began pulling my scrotum through the metal ring, popping first one ball and then the other through the opening. Luckily, my small testicles were hanging low, not tight, up against my body, making it easier for her to maneuver them. With both balls through, she just needed one finger to press my small member under the ring.

The cage came next. We’d tried so many different cages over the years. Some were way too big, and others were too uncomfortable or too unreliable – I was so small when flaccid that I could slip out of the ring. We finally found this one, and the fit was perfect. The ring was tight enough to hold my small package snugly against my body with no sagging or drooping, and the tube itself was just an inch long, giving me no wiggle room even to begin getting erect.

She faced no resistance, fitting the tube over my inert nub. The lock was internal—there was no clanging padlock to worry about—and she inserted the key but paused before turning it.

“What do you say?”

“Please lock me, Mommy!”

“Good boy.”

She twisted the key. I could feel the lock engage with a small click. With plenty of ventilation in the metal bars, it was easy to keep clean so that it could stay on for long periods. I thought ahead to my upcoming calendar – no doctor’s appointments or security checkpoints I could think of. Nope, the cage wouldn’t come off for the next two weeks.

She sat back and picked up her phone again. I stood there motionless, like a piece of furniture, but only for a moment before she smiled up at me.

“Want to see what I was laughing at?”

“Yes, please, Mommy.” I was always submissive, but it reached a new level when I was caged.

I bounded into bed next to her and snuggled up into her side, inhaling deeply the clean, familiar scent of her skin. She handed me her phone and picked up her glasses and book from the table. She resumed reading while I scrolled. It was a text chain between her and Mike.

My wife: ‘Poor LTB. He just tried to fuck me but ruined his own O by accident 🥹 🤣’

I knew LTB stood for ‘Little Tiny Boy,’ the pet name they shared with me.

Mike: ‘Oh no, hahaha! Poor little guy.’

Wife: ‘Haha, I know. It was more pathetic than usual.’

Mike: ‘Did you let him off the hook for 😛 🔐?’

Wife: ‘😈😈😈’

Mike: ‘That’s Good because I have something to add. Tell him to make this his phone background until he’s unlocked.’

Below this message, Mike had sent a photo of his cock. It was taken from between his legs, looking back up, with his massive balls in the bottom of the frame and his thick, erect shaft looming over them.

She’d replied with three tongue emojis and then: ‘Oh, you’re evil… but genius.’

I gulped and looked at my wife. She was pretending to read but was clearly watching my reaction from the corner of her eye. She smiled at me mischievously.

“I already texted it to you. You can switch it in the morning.”

I nodded and smiled weakly. It would be a challenge to avoid showing my lock screen to others by accident, and even if I managed that, I’d have to stare at it dozens of times a day… while caged. This was going to be a long two weeks. I knew I’d be begging to suck Mike’s cock before long.

“Yes, Mommy.”


The End.


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