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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


FredChicago tells us…

I have some massage parlor stories. I have never been married. When I was in my mid-30s, I switched jobs. My new job was wearing me out. One day, after about six months, my boss asked if I did anything, in particular, to “de-stress” as he put it. I told him not really. He took out one of his business cards, flipped it over, and wrote out a name and number. He told me to call the name on the card. She was a masseuse that he liked. He said that she would do the trick. Mention his name because she will expect a reference. I waited a few days, then I called. Her name was Gabby. She had a thick accent, which I could not place, not quite Spanish (Brazilian I learned). We set an appointment. The address was a condominium building. It seemed a bit odd. She greeted me at the door and looked very professional. She was a tall skinny black woman wearing a crisp white lab coat.

She invited me in and took me to the back bedroom. The room had a king-sized bed and a strong-looking massage table. Next to the massage table was a stand with various oils and a pile of fluffy towels. Gabby instructed me to undress and said I should shower. She watched me undress and took me to the shower. It was one of those fancy walk-in showers without a shower door. She watched, and we chatted while I showered. She was from Brazil. I moved to the US as a teen to try modeling. She did not become the next supermodel. She was quitting to attend college. I ran out of money. Started escorting to pay bills. Met a guy who “set her up” in her massage business with a private clientele. That’s how I got the number, apparently. After I dried off, she took me to the massage table.

I was about to get on the table when she took off the lab coat. Stunning nude. She told me I could cum twice if I wanted. I knew that a happy ending was in store. She told me she would fill me in on the rules while we started. She did my back, not a real massage but light erotic touch. Spent a long time on my butt and butt hole. I poked a finger in to massage my prostate. On the flip, I was rock hard (all maybe 4 1/2″ of me on a big day). She suppressed a giggle. I was small soft and really hadn’t grown. Gabby was direct. I could eat her. She would give me a hand job or could blow me. She didn’t think fucking would work because—and she put this carefully—not that I was that much too small, but she was just too big for me. Neither of us would feel much.

It was nice of her to deflect that way. I don’t recall the words but wondered what would work—she opened a drawer and pulled out what looked to be a very thick 7″ or maybe 8″ dildo. She held it next to my dick so I could see. That deflated me a bit. Gabby told me more than a few of her clients were my size, which is how she learned what works and what doesn’t. After I had seen Gabby a few times, she thought I could try her butt hole. That worked. I saw Gabby until she graduated from college and moved away to graduate school.

When I was in my 40s, I started going to Asian massage parlors. I enjoyed the body rub and the usual happy ending. I traveled quite a bit for work and usually tried to “visit” a massage parlor wherever I was. I was in Danbury, Connecticut, for a few days of client meetings. I found a great-looking massage parlor and tried it out. Many massage parlors are small, just one or two girls. This one was large. It had two Mamasans, a couple of table shower girls, and a bunch of actual massage girls. Because I had never been there before, the head Mamasan said that she would give me my table shower so she could “inspect me.” Mamasan took me to a room and waited while I undressed. When I laid down on the table shower table, Mamasan started my face down. Lightly washed my back and butt. I stuck one, then two, then a few fingers up my butt. Just wanted to see what works she told me.

On the flip, Mamasan felt my dick up, pulled on my dick a bit, fondled my balls, spent a bit of time looking closely at my cock and balls, and finally got me hard. She remarked, no laugh, you aren’t very big. I looked a little bent from her remark. Mamasan went on. Don’t worry. We get a fair number of guys like you. When I know your size, I can fix you up with the right girl. Mamasan said, if you are too big, I have only one girl that will take you. Somehow that was comforting. It was a little less comforting when Mamasan brought a few girls in to take a look at my small one back in the massage room. They all exchanged a few words in Chinese, then a girl who went by Lucy stayed to work on me. I had a good time. Lucy never mentioned my size. A few times on my way out, Mamasan remarked that she would always find me the right girl.

I was in Chicago and tried an Asian massage place on Archer. It was past China Town and in a mostly Mexican neighborhood. I was with a girl named Lee Lee. Lee Lee was in her 40s and busty for a Chinese massage parlor girl. I was her “regular” but not by design. I had a job in Chicago that ran for about five weeks, and I went to see Lee Lee about twice a week. I think the third week, I asked Lee Lee if the happy ending could involve fucking. Lee Lee laughed. She said not good with her and me, but she would get another girl. Lee Lee came back with a girl who went by Nancy. Lee Lee was naked, and Nancy got naked.

Nancy was the opposite of Lee Lee— tiny, about 5’5″ and rail-thin. Nancy took me right in cowgirl. She felt snug—or I could feel stuff around my whole dick. Lee Lee watched while Nancy made me cum. Lee Lee laughed when I came, and she and Nancy exchanged a few sentences in Chinese. Both of them grinned. Nancy left, and Lee Lee got a warm towel to clean me up. I had questions about what they said, and Lee Lee explained she takes the “bigger ones” for Nancy and Nancy does the guys like me. For the rest of my Chicago trip, I saw Nancy. Lee Lee didn’t seem to mind.

At another Asian massage parlor, this one in Ohio, I had a massage girl, Jessica. I was in Ohio for a few weeks. Jessica’s massage parlor was small. I saw Jessica about twice a week. The third week I was there, there was a second girl at the counter with Jessica when I walked in. I had not seen the second girl before. I never learned the other girl’s name. She was interesting because she didn’t shave her legs or her armpits. Jessica took my hand and led me back to the massage room. I undressed and waited for Jessica to come back and take me to the table shower room. Jessica brought the other girl back with her. The other girl took a look at me and covered her mouth. I think to cover a laugh. Jessica walked up and fondled me a bit.

The other girl watched as I got hard. The other girl came over and touched my dick and grinned. After that, Jessica walked me to the table shower room. The other girl went back to the desk. Jessica “explained” in the table shower room that she wanted the other girl to “get to know me.” I thought that was odd. The other girl grinned when I walked out after my massage. The second girl was behind the counter the rest of my time in Ohio, and she would always grin—a crazy smirk—when I came in, and Jessica walked me back to the room. She also usually found some reason to be standing outside the table shower room when Jessica took me in and out.

I was in Houston for business. I got to Houston quite often and regularly saw a girl who went by “Winnie.” About the third time I saw Winnie, Winnie remarked, “You know you are pretty small, but I still really like taking care of you.” One day I was with Winnie, and one of the girls yelled something in Chinese from another room. I heard the door open and close and open and closed again in the other room. Winnie chuckled. I asked what it was. Winnie explained the other girl saw the customer’s dick. It was too big for her. She asked someone else to come who could handle a big dick. Winnie said she preferred small dicked customers because it never hurt her jaw or her girl parts. She usually got another girl to take care of the big dick customers. After I finished, Winnie ran out of the room to get a hot towel and a water bottle. It was a 16oz water bottle. Winnie whispered, “the guy in the other room,” and pointed at the water bottle. Winnie put the bottle next to my dick. Then she tried to get her mouth around the bottom of the bottle. Then she laughed and said, I like you, you can see why.

I was in New Orleans to catch a bowl game at the Super Dome. There is a massage place on Iberville that someone told me about. I walked in, and there were a couple of gals working. I picked a short Thai girl, maybe 5′. She took me to the room and asked if I wanted a table shower while I undressed. I said sure, we got to the table shower room, and I asked if I could go pee first. She told me that I could just pee on the floor there (it would be wet in a minute with the shower). She got naked while I peed. She gave me a good table shower. The massage was a purely erotic light touch. The girl spent a lot of time massaging my prostate. On the flip, she said, blow job? I said fuck. She said sure and lubed up my cock. She then sat her butt hole on my cock. She said, a better hole for you—more your size. Thai girl whispered she could cut me a better deal if she saw me at my hotel. I was in town for four days for the game. Thai girl spent every night in my hotel room and did the exact same thing. Thai girl and I talked dick size. She told me that about half the guys that come in for a massage are small. She insisted I was a good size for her butt.

Last story. There is a massage parlor just off US 522 near Hancock, Maryland. The Madam is a 50 something bottle blond. If you are a new customer, the Madam makes you take your pants off in the lobby so she can “inspect” your goods. My first time, Madam inspected me and laughed a bit. She said I should just leave my pants off, and she took me to the two girls who were working, Sally and Brenda. Sally was a brunette who was pretty direct. She wouldn’t do me because I was too small. She said she had been on shift for nearly 8 hours and, at this point, only wanted big dick guys. Brenda said ok she would do it. Brenda had pale skin and red hair. When we got into the room, Brenda said she had gotten used to doing all the small-dick guys, and it wasn’t bad.

And yes, she said, I was small. Brenda and I talked dick size for a bit, and she said with what she had seen, there was not really “average” for their customers. They had a fair number of guys had dicks that most folks would call big, some really big. Sally always wanted really big guys. They also had a good number of guys you would call small. Not much of a middle. Maybe all the middle guys were happily married. She didn’t know. Brenda usually gave the small guys blowjobs—though we could try to fuck. She didn’t mind if we did it without a condom. Brenda was sloppy wet, and it was ok, but we finished with a blowjob. That was exquisite. Brenda took a picture of my dick with her cell phone. She said she took pictures of all the small ones. She showed me a bunch. They seemed like trophies to Brenda.

I have more massage parlor stories, maybe for another time. I am kind of obsessed talking dick size with massage girls because most see a couple of guys every day. They have a larger sample than your average girl.


This reader tells us about the time his sister caught him jacking off to Margot Robbie…

Yep. My older sister walked in on me masturbating over a pic of Margot Robbie once (I was really crushing on her at the time).

I remember her looking down at the pic and my cock in my hand and saying, “Oh, that’s fucking pathetic…” in an amused tone, with a smirk on her face.

She still teases me about it to this day. Sometimes, when no one else is in the room, she’ll imitate me jacking off (pinching her little invisible penis with two fingers and a thumb) and go “Oh, Margot! Can you feel it, Margot?” in a high pitched sexual voice.


Another reader is looking to amp up his humiliation quota…

I’ve been enjoying sph and general sexual humiliation from my ex-girlfriend for a while now. The thing is, though, she has no clue how much it turns me on what she does. Our relationship ended pretty badly because she’s a manipulative, toxic person who used me as long as I let her.

Example: We’re both still students, only that I always had a job, and she’s never had one. I financed her every wish for the entirety of our relationship (as much as possible on a student budget…). I also wrote her essays so she could go out partying, etc.

Anyway, during our relationship, she cheated on me with multiple guys. She would tell me she’d visit her mom over the weekend but actually spent it with one of her lovers. Of course, I found out about it eventually, but I didn’t do anything about it at first. Mainly because I knew our sex life was terrible. I could never give her what she needed, and we both knew it. After our breakup, she started dating a guy from my swim team (whom she had been cheating on me with before) and then started sending me texts telling me how much better he is in bed, how much bigger his dick is (which is true, he’s huge), that she’s never had an orgasm with me, that he can fuck her 3,4,5 times in a row, etc.

A guy without an sph or humiliation fetish would be hurt by this. I, however, love it and get excited instantly whenever I see another one of her messages. I actually goad her into humiliating me even more by pretending I’m upset and angry about her texts. When she writes how small I am, I tell her, “no, I’m average, girls have told me that before”. Or when she tells me I didn’t make her cum once, I tell her to “stop lying” and that she couldn’t have faked it all the time. Of course, I know that 1. I am tiny down there, and 2. I never made her cum.

I also tell her not to share details about her sex life with her current bf because it makes me feel really insecure, and I see him twice a week during training, which makes the situation really embarrassing. Of course, I secretly love all that, as well. She sometimes replies with laughing emojis or with “pmsl” which arouses me incredibly.


Inshape69 tells us…

After months of preparation and a nine-hour flight, we had finally arrived in Spain. We woke up the next morning to gorgeous sunshine. Kim was first up and put on a sexy bikini that could barely contain her large breasts. Kim always looks so sexy when she goes to the beach. I woke up and threw on a pair of boxers so we could head out to the beach and get the vacation started early.

We arrived at a stunning white sand beach that was encircled by huge cliffs in the background. The sound of the big waves hitting the beach was amazing. All of a sudden, a lady walked by, and I noticed she was completely naked as in starkers. She had a shaved pussy and spectacular breasts. It was then that I realized we had arrived at a nude section of the beach.

We put out our towels and proceeded to lay down and soak up some sun. Kim unhooked her bra and let her 34D cup tits out of the suit. She undid the stings of her bathing suit bottoms, and now she was completely naked for the world to see. Her freshly shaven pussy was a revelation to me, but I must admit it was a sight for sore eyes. Kim pulled out the suntan lotion and started to lube up her entire body, especially since some parts had never seen the sun ever. Watching her rub her breasts was something I never get tired of.

I was sitting on my towel, feeling kind of foolish wearing a bathing suit when everyone around me was naked. So I stood up and pulled down my suit and let my penis feel the fresh ocean air. I have always been a bit self-conscious about the size of my penis, particularly its girth or lack thereof. As I was slightly nervous being naked on a beach for my first time, my penis was barely showing – just a small head and no shaft visible to the naked eye.

Kim suggested we go for a walk along the beach, and I reluctantly agreed. The sun felt so amazing beating down on my body, and the sight of nude women everywhere, so an added bonus. As we walked by other couples, it was pretty apparent that they were checking us out as we strolled by. I always imagined that a nude beach would be made up of old naked fat people, but I could not have been more wrong. There were hot-looking gorgeous women and men all over the beach.

As we were walking, I spotted a hot-looking couple approaching us. She had long blonde hair and perfect breasts, and a nicely trimmed pussy. He was about 6’2″, very fit, and had the longest soft thick penis I think I have ever seen on a man. Kim had noticed them too as she whispered into my ear, “did you get a look at that couple. OMG, he has a yummy cock”.

They stopped to talk to us, and I noticed his wife glancing down to check out my man package. I could see that she had a look of amazement on her face. I must admit I felt terribly inadequate standing next to him – the size difference was like night and day. It turns out they were from Arizona and were really a nice couple. As we were talking, I would glance at her lovely tits and wish I was sucking on those perfect nipples. A few times, I caught Kim looking at his penis, and you could tell that she was a bit flushed for sure. Her normally soft nipples were now fully erect. I only could imagine that her pussy was starting to get a bit wet from all the staring.

They came back to our towels, and we offered them a drink of water. Rob was standing there with the sun at his back and his unusually large penis hanging down his leg. Kim was busy chatting and got up and tripped, and Robe caught her. As he caught her, his penis hit her ass accidentally. I could tell that she could feel it hit her ass by the look of amazement on her face. He, too, could tell as you could tell some blood started to flow into his penis as it thickened and got longer. His wife noticed, and she reached down to grab his penis. As she did that, I thought Kim was going to wet herself on the spot. I knew right then that they would be friends for life.

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