Family Duty

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by pathetic_cuck (edited version)

“So have you talked to a doctor about it?” my mother asked my wife, Julie. “There are probably some solutions that might help you get pregnant?”

“Oh mom,” Julie complained, “I wanted to have a child naturally; in passion and without the cold advice of a doctor. That’s why I wanted to talk to you about it, I thought you and Dad might have some advice.”

My wife was beautiful; About 5’6″, curvaceous but athletic build, and large soft breasts. She had brown hair and big brown eyes. “Have sex,” my dad chuckled, “that ought to do it, at least it always had before little Johnny here,” he nodded in my direction.

“Dear, you shouldn’t pick on Johnny,” my mom advised.

“Well, actually,” Julie chimed in cautiously, “I suspect that Johnny is the problem.”

“Julie please,” I begged. I didn’t want her to tell my parents about her theory. Certainly not my dad, who is renown for being a stud.

“How so dear?” Mom prodded.

“It’s just that, well…”

“His junk is so small it doesn’t work?” my dad laughed.

I turned red, my mother again tried to defend me, and Julie nodded in agreement, “I think it’s because his orgasms are so very small.”

My dad snickered. “See,” he defended himself from my mother. “He gets that from his mothers side of the family, Julie,” he said as he purposefully took a moment to adjust his crotch.

The bulge of his genitals could clearly be seen as his trousers were pulled tightly around them. A thick, cucumber shaped bulge wend down his inner thigh and what must have been a couple of pool balls were squeezed into his pants. My father was very handsome, everyone thought so. Though he was fifty he had taken very good care of himself. He had broad muscular shoulders and was a generally athletic person. His smile was wide and perfectly straight and white. He had a chiselled jaw line and strong chin. Unfortunately I inherited very little of his genes, including his penis size.

“Oh?” Julie inquired, “I just assumed you had the same problem.” She followed his adjustment and looked at the a fore mentioned bulge, “I suppose not.” She giggled, “Goodness.”

Mother cleared her throat pulling Julie’s eyes off of Dad’s crotch. “Right, um, where was I?” Julie said trying to shake herself out of a big cock induced haze. “Oh right, Johnny is just so small and has such a tiny orgasm, that I don’t think I’ll ever get pregnant with him.”

I grumbled and fidgeted but there was nothing I could do. So far as I could tell she might very well have been correct.

“Then maybe you’ll need to try artificial insemination or one of those other procedures,” Mom again advised, “I’m sure there are lot’s of solutions.”

“Get pregnant on a hospital bench with a metal tube full of some strangers sperm!?! Oh I couldn’t do that, I’d rather not get pregnant at all,” she ranted, “but I want to get pregnant more than anything!!”

“Too bad you can’t just use me,” my dad jeered. “I’ve got more than enough cum to go around.”

“Honey!” my mom jumped in.

“Be quiet woman. It’s not Julies fault that the men in your family are hung like hamsters,” he said while mom tried to hide her discomfort.

“I suppose that would have a better chance of getting me pregnant than Johnny’s sperm, but still I don’t want to get pregnant on a hospital bed so we’re back to square one,” Julie explained.

“We’ll figure something out sweetheart,” I consoled her, “Don’t worry.”

“But I am worried Johnny,” she snapped, “…you know I want children and now it looks like I never will.” She started to cry and ran out of the room. Mom went after her and I think they ended up in the guest bedroom talking.

Later we all had dinner and then Julie and I went off home.


“I’m sorry we didn’t find any solutions there honey,” I comforted her. “I told you we’d need to ask a doctor.”

“I know,” she stared off, “Still, I was thinking about your dad.”

“What about him?”

“Well, he seems to be willing to help.”

“Sure, I guess, but really what can he do? Even if he were willing to give us his… well…”


“Right, but even still that doesn’t solve the problem because you don’t want to get artificially inseminated.”

“I suppose so,” she stared off into space again, “I just wish there were some way.”


That night Julie woke me up from a dead sleep, “I’ve got it,” she beamed like a little girl who had found the hidden Christmas presents. “I know what this solution is!”

I mumbled something and tried to get my eyes to focus.

“It was right in front of me but I was just being to focused on the problem and was ignoring the solution!” she was bouncing slightly on the bed with each word. Each bounce caused her large, soft breasts to jiggle under her nightgown.

“Oh really?” I said as the fog was starting to clear, “What’d you discover?”

“Your dad.”

“Hm? Oh so you decided to get artificially inseminated after all?” I wasn’t entirely sure I was comfortable with the idea of my child being actually from my fathers sperm. So my offspring would actually be my sibling?

“No silly, he can get me pregnant,” she smiled wide.

“Wait, how do you mean? Like, have sex with you?” my eyes were open now, so was my jaw.

“No,” her pretty smile turned into a scowl, “No one is talking about sex, I’m just talking about him getting me pregnant. Don’t be a pervert.”

“Ok, but to get you pregnant wouldn’t he need to have sex with you?” I must have missed a piece of the conversation.

“No Johnny, sex is what people have when they are in love and impassioned. What your dad would be doing is to do us a favour and give me the child I so desperately want. Don’t you want that for me darling?” she pouted and gave me puppy dog eyes.

“Of course I do dear but I’m just not sure…”

“I knew you would support me,” she dove at me and gave me a passionate kiss. I was floored and aroused. It had been quite some time since we were intimate. Even our last attempt at getting her pregnant was fairly mechanical and even that was more than a month ago.

She released me and turned the light out. She flopped down under the covers next to me and let out a deep and relieved sigh. “Good night Johnny. I love you so much.”

Gosh. It’d been a while since I heard her say that either. I laid down to go back to sleep, trying not to think about what would happen, but just be happy that she was happy.


The next morning and afternoon went by in a blur. I was at work and could think of nothing but how to approach the conversation where I tell Julie there is no way she is going to have sex with my father. No way. Just as I was starting to formulate what I would say, she called me on my office phone. “Listen Julie, I know you want…” I began but she cut me off.

“I know what you’re going to say Johnny and I understand,” she said confidently.

“You do?” that was surprisingly easy.

“I do darling. So I put a lot of thought into it and I have found the perfect solution do the dilemma.”

“What’s that?” I was all ears.

“Don’t you worry darling, I’ve got it all worked out and I think you’ll be very pleased with the compromise. I’ve already talked with your parents and they are in full agreement. Your father even sounds happy to help.”

“Wait, what’s the solution,” I wasn’t following.

“Don’t worry a bit darling, we’ll go over to your parent’s house again this evening and this whole problem will be a thing of the past.”

“I’m not sure…”

“I love you dear and I’ll see you when you pick me up after work,” she said and gleefully hung up the phone.

So I picked her up after work and we started our way to my parents house.

“So what is this compromise you came up with? You said my parents were already in agreement? Shouldn’t you have talked with me before you made a decision on this?” I was nervous but trying not to be a jack ass.

“Stop fussing Johnny you’re making me tense,” she was finishing up putting her make up on. As I watched her put on her lipstick I noticed that she was wearing her overcoat. Odd, it wasn’t cold enough to demand a long coat like that, and it didn’t look like the most comfortable thing in the world.

“Are we going out somewhere?” I wondered as I also realised that her hair looked really nice, like she had been working on it all afternoon.

She plopped her hands down in her lap and looked at me hard. I stopped pestering her and she went back to finishing up her make up.


We went inside and my mother and father were standing in the hall to greet us. My dad had a big smile and my mother looked like she was on the verge of tears.

Julie pranced to them and took them both by the hand. Her skin was glowing and her smile was as gleaming as I’d ever seen. “Thank you two so much for this. She squeezed their hands in hers, “It means so much to me, you have no idea.”

My mother gave a forced smile and looked to say something but my dad cut in, “We’re happy to help Julie. So, shall we get started?”

Before I could speak Julie darted back to me and grabbed my hand. “I’m a little nervous Dad,” she said to my father as she pulled me behind them. They were going upstairs to the bedrooms and we seemed to be following them.

“Nothing to be nervous about dear,” my dad said through a smile. “It’s all just plumbing.”

“Plumbing?” I whispered to Julie. She shushed me and drug me into the guest bedroom as my parents went into their room which was directly across the hall. She closed the door behind us and I could hear my parents door closing as well.

“What on earth is going on?” I begged quietly.

We sat down on the edge of the bed, “Well, I spoke with your parents this morning about our dilemma. You didn’t want me to have sex with your father but I wanted to get his sperm inside me. Since we’ve agreed that artificial insemination isn’t right for us,” I wasn’t sure when it became ‘wrong’ for us but she continued, “We had to find a way to do one thing without doing the other.”

“Ok but I don’t follow how…” she shushed me and listened intently to what was going on in the other room. I did the same and could hear the distinct sounds of slow rhythmic thumping. “But…”

“Shush, can you hear that?” she asked with a devious smile. “It sounds like they’re getting started.”

“Getting started with what?” I pleaded in a whisper. The sounds from the next room became louder as the headboard could be clearly heard thwacking into the wall and my mother’s moans were becoming clear.

As we sat there listening to them I started to become more and more uncomfortable. “What are we doing here? What are we waiting for?”

Julie rolled her eyes at me and whispered so low that I had to lean in to hear her, “Your mother is going to do the sex part and I’ll get the sperm.”

“What?” I said too loud. She smacked my leg and went back to listening. My mothers moans were now turning into screams and the headboard was smashing into the wall so hard it sounded like it would break it down.

“Wow it sounds like they’re really having fun,” Julie said.

It did sound like they were having quite a bit of fun. But I was still unclear as to how Julie was going to get the sperm? We sat there for what seemed like hours, listening to the frantic sounds of very hard sex from the next room. My dad was now starting to growl and talk dirty to my whaling and panting mother. I could hear the tone but not exactly what he was saying.

“They’ve been going at it for quite a while. He seems to have a good deal of stamina,” she noted, like she was commenting on a sports event. “You usually last what? Three minutes? Maybe four?”

“I’ve never timed it I guess,” I lied.

“My goodness he’s really driving it home isn’t he.”

“I’m really not comfortable with this,” I whispered.

“It sounds like he is. I wonder how much longer he can go before he does the deed,” she bounced gleefully. “I’m getting nervous,” she didn’t look nervous, she looked so happy she could burst into flames.

We continued to listen to him hammer away at my mother “My goodness it sounds like he’s quite a lover. They’ve been going on at that pace for a half hour I think. She’s sure one lucky lady.”


“Oh wait, I think they’re done,” she got dead quiet again and they had in fact stopped. Their bedroom door opened and in a flash Julie jumped up and took off the overcoat.

“You two ready in there? I’ve got the goods here,” my dad said through the door. What goods was he referring too? Had he had an orgasm and was holding it in his hands? Was that the plan?

As Julie’s coat hit the ground I saw what she had been hiding under there, “One second daddy,” she said to the closed door. She was wearing a very hot little lacy lingerie outfit. It was complete with corset, garter, and stockings. I’d never seen it before so she must have picked it up today.

I tried to protest but I was struck by her beauty. She had a flat muscular tummy, round firm butt and thighs, but large full breasts, bulging softly out of the top of the corset. “Ok, come on in daddy,” she said sweetly and sat down next to me on the edge of the bed again. “Scoot over,” she ordered me to give her more room on the bed.

“All right, here’s we go,” my dad said from the hall like he was playing hide and go seek and was about to spring the trap. The door opened and there he stood. Naked from head to toe, covered in sweat. His penis was painfully erect and he held the base of it tightly with his right hand. The penis had to have been a full foot long and as big around as my arm. I’d never seen such a thing. To go along with it he had a pair of gigantic balls, big and round, hanging low in their flesh sack.

Julie gasped and I think I might have as well.

“You look very fine little thing,” he said to her as he came closer, wielding his gigantic cock like a weapon pointing at her. “Well son, I’d say you’ve got a very fine looking woman there.”

“Thank you daddy,” she squeaked. I looked at her and she was leaned back on her elbows with her breasts jutting out. Her feet were still on the ground which caused her pelvis to be thrust out in the direction of my approaching father.

My father stood over her, letting his turgid penis dangle over her stomach, reaching almost all the way up to her breasts. “You ready for this little girl? Gonna make your wish come true.”

She mumbled something. Her mouth was now drooping open, her lips wet with lust and her eyes were now glazing over.

“Almost there little lady, let’s get this going,” he said as he backed up so that the head of his penis was level with her vagina. He reached down with his left hand and pulled aside her panties. His touch made her flinch.

“Wait stop this, this is madness,” I tried to say but it only came out as garbled mumbling. I too was frozen solid. I couldn’t believe what was transpiring. Was he about to put that into her? Oh god I hoped not.

“Don’t be scared little girl,” my father consoled in a wicked tone, “I’ll be as gentle as I can.” With that he continued on and pulled aside her panties, revealing her completely shaven, pink pussy. “If that isn’t a thing of beauty.” He ran his hand over the little pink lips and jutting clitoris.

Again Julie jumped but this time a soft moan accompanied it.

I was looking up and down her body, from her face to her exposed and now fondled vagina. I was trying to take in the sight before me, trying to come to terms with what was happening.

“Well you’re all wet and ready to go little thing,” he played, “…were you listening to us in the next room? Was it exciting you?”

“Uh huh,” she cooed, “It sounded good, like fun.”

“Oh it was fun, I’m just about ready to give you my seed now. Is that what you want?” he growled at her.

She moaned again and nodded her head.

“Well then, let’s get this show on the road. Your future children are begging to get out of my cock.”

Julie and I both jumped at the word. Like it slapped us into the reality of what was about to happen. Again I tried to protest but I couldn’t get my mouth to work. I just mumbled something dryly and they ignored me.

My father now aimed the massive swollen head toward her tiny pink pussy. She was glistening with juice and he had a pearl of precum, oozing out of the rock hard penis. Slowly and gently the two parties pressed against each other.

Julie led out a loud groan and her head fell backward. Her breathing immediately became erratic and her hands grabbed the bed sheets on either side of her.

“We haven’t gotten started yet little thing,” he smiled.

She looked down at his cock, wetly kissing her pussy, “Daddy I don’t think you’re going to fit,” she panted

“No?” he looked down and slowly began rubbing the head of his cock around in circles on her vagina. “Our boy Johnny here hasn’t gotten you loosened up enough?” he smiled.

She groaned loudly, almost shouting with his gyrations, “God no, nothing could prepare me for you,” she said through her teeth with her eyes clinched closed.

He laughed to himself softly as he looked down at her. Her legs were splayed open, her chest thrusting her large breasts out, her hair was soft and perfect. She was one beautiful woman and he seemed to be drinking it all in with a wide smile.

As he watched her he continued to rub his penis around in slow circles. I could hear the wetness as he moved. He eventually leaned in slightly and stopped moving the head in circles.

I watched in horror. He was going to put it in. She would never be able to feel my penis again. What in the hell had happened here? How had this come to pass? Had I allowed it? Was I party to it? Why was I still sitting here frozen, watching my sexy wife, wailing in ecstasy, about to let my father stick his huge cock into her?

All of these thoughts were thrown aside as he leaned in. Her mouth stretched open as if to scream but no sound came out. Her eyes were wide, her hands were gripping the sheets so hard that her knuckles were turning white. She stayed locked there, as my father leaned further and further in.

She made silent gasps, like she was trying to scream or maybe just breath, but she was unable to do anything but be overwhelmed by the assault on her vagina. I looked back down to see that the penis had not even entered her. He had the enormous head about halfway inside her. It was stretching her like she’d never been stretched.

My father let go of the penis and put his hands on either side of her, leaning over her. He stayed there for a while, with his crown halfway in her, pushing slightly then releasing. A wet slopping sound started as I guess her pussy started to give in.

Her eyes were now focused on his. She was staring hard into him and he into her. She released her grip on the bed and instead gripped his large muscular arms.

Her eyes were now focused on his. She was staring hard into him and he into her. She released her grip on the bed and instead gripped his large muscular arms.

“God daddy,” she panted, “…it’s huge, it’s… it’s amazing.” Her head fell back momentarily as she let out a groan and she raised her face to his again, looking him desperately in the eyes.

“It’s not too big is it?” he smiled at her, “You aren’t changing your mind are you?” He was grinding slowly, pushing the head in a bit and pulling it out. Each time he pushed, the head got deeper and deeper.

“I thought you were just going to give her the sperm,” I screamed in my mind, but it only came out as, “I… I…”

“Shut up Johnny,” Julie hissed through her teeth without taking her eyes off of my father.

“Yeah little buddy,” my father said as he looked right at me. “She needs a real man to take care of this part,” he accentuated this point by giving one last push into my wife which caused the entirety of his cock head to pop into her.

Julie let out a quick scream that ended as abruptly as it began.

“There we go little girl,” Dad smiled at her, “Your tight little pussy is ready to go now.”

“Ready to go?” I whispered. I supposed he was about to ejaculate. Finally this horror would end.

They staid there for a moment, my father still grinding ever so slowly. His crown was now all the way inside her and each move he made shifted it within her.

After a few seconds of this my wife started to quiver. It started in her stomach, the tight flexed muscles started to rumble, then it moved to her legs, they began to shake wildly.

Julie started wailing as her body went into convulsions. Her eyes were closed tight, her fingernails dug into my fathers biceps, and she was screaming so loud the neighbours could surely hear.

As she rumbled through what must have been the most powerful orgasm anyone has ever had (ever), my father grinned evilly at her and began a rhythmic pumping into her. His penis wasn’t really going much farther inside her, there was still almost a foot of rock hard penis still waiting to get inside, but the thrusting sent another inch or two inside her.

Julie continued to scream and gnash, her head was flailing back and forth, her hair thrashing against the bed. “Oh daddy, oh god, oh please,” she begged. I wished that she was begging him to stop but that wish would not be granted. She was obviously rocking in her orgasm, and seemed to be going right into another.

“That’s it, now you’re feeling a cock,” Dad growled at her, “…now you know what a real cock feels like.”

Julie continued to thrash and wail as her response. They were both covered in a sheen of sweat, I could feel the heat from their bodies, and the strong smell of Julies pussy juices.

“She’s really enjoying that cock, son,” my dad said to me.

I snapped to attention and looked at him. I had been watching Julie in the throws of unbelievable passion.

“She’s acting like she’s never had a real orgasm before,” he said, pumping into her as he spoke, “…you never make her cum, boy?”

My mouth dropped open and something squeaked out.

Julie had recovered from her orgasm, or orgasms, and was now grunting loudly through her teeth with each of my fathers thrusts. “No daddy, he has never made me cum,” she cooed at him.

Then she did something that really made my stomach do a flip. She grabbed his face with either hand and pulled him into a deep kiss. He was pumping into her, more vigorously now, and she kissed him sloppily, moaning and begging into his mouth. My father laid down on her, wrapping his arms under his body so that they were in a tight embrace, both of them pumping into each other. My father pulled her full breasts out of her bra and squeezed and sucked on them.

There they stayed for what seemed an eternity. I eventually stopped watching them and just sat there on the bed, staring at the floor. I could feel every thrust as the bed bounced. Julie was moaning and cooing and my father complimented her body, her pussy, and how he was going to give her a baby.

What had happened? My world was now upside down and I felt like I was walking through a strange dream.

I don’t know how long I sat there, being bounced and jostled by my wife and father having passionate sex. My father pulled up from Julie, now only his giant penis connected them.

“Look boy,” my father demanded. “She took almost 7 inches of this beast.”

I looked down and he was right, about half of the cock was buried inside her, the rest flexed mightily outside her pussy. I looked at Julie and she was laying on her back, she was groaning gently and looked like she was in and out of consciousness.

“I’m gonna go ahead and cum now,” he said matter of fact like he could have done it at any time, “…give your wife the child you never could.” He was wearing a big triumphant smile as he looked down to examine his tree trunk. “Here we go, boy,” he said to me without looking away from his cock.

I watched closely and could see his pool ball sized testicles, dangling under the root of his beast, raise and churn slightly. Then his cock pulsed clearly, like it was pumping a gallon of sperm into my wife. After a couple of grotesque flexes, sperm started to shoot out of my wife’s vagina, down my fathers cock, and onto the bed and floor.

The beast continued flexing and pumping, and thick white sperm continued to flow out with every injection.

My father then slowly pulled his penis out, making my wife moan loudly. I thought it was all over, finally, but once the giant head of his penis popped out of my wife’s vagina I realised the orgasm was not yet over. The enormous turgid penis was now free, wobbling from it’s own considerable weight, and firing still more jets of thick sperm. It splashed onto my wife, covering her lingerie, belly, breasts, face, and hair. The onslaught seemed to go on forever. He had filled her pussy to the brim and then some and then proceeded to cover her in an inch of thick white cum from head to toe.

He stood there with his hands on his hips, letting the last bit of cum drool from his penis onto my wife’s leg. He had a triumphant smile, looking down on his work with pride. He took me by the shoulder and stood me up next to him. He put his arm around me and we both stood there looking down at her.

He grabbed his still erect penis by the root and rubbed the swollen head on her smooth thigh, wiping off the last bits of cum. “There son,” he patted my shoulder, “…now your wife is happy.” She did seem happy, covered in sperm, moaning incoherently, and presumably soon to be pregnant.

Then I had a thought that chilled me to my bones. What if this exercise didn’t make her pregnant and she forced me to keep coming back here until she was? I don’t know if I could endure watching this again even if she may want it. This whole thing is so fucked up it isn’t funny.

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