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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader expresses his self-loathing as many small dick men do…

I’ve been fucking devastated since this happened and I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. So this girl wanted to hook up and I told myself that I wasn’t going to be pussy, I wasn’t going to shy away from the moment, I was going to do it. So I said yes and we went to fuck. I’m already incredibly drunk at this point and I take my pants off and she tries to put a condom on. I told her that I need to be hard for that, but I just couldn’t get hard cause I was really drunk. So there we are, her on top of me naked and me soft as fuck and she looks down and says, “Oh my god, it’s so small!”

Then she repeated over and over and over. She began laughing hysterically, like uncontrollable laughter. She wouldn’t even get off of me, she just sat there laughing and laughing right in my face. I don’t know if I can take this anymore. What the fuck did I do in a past life to deserve this. Literally, I love everyone and everything on this planet, I hold no judgments, no grudges, no hatred towards any living thing, except myself. The only thing I hate is myself, and I haven’t been able to get over it for the past thirty years and don’t think I ever will.


This reader claims his story is real and all the rest here are fake…

It started with that I found a site called howlongismyschlong and thought it would be funny to put in my size. I sent the results in a screencap to my girlfriend for a laugh, I didn’t get an answer right away but then I got a reply with many “lols”. She then quickly sent my another text that said she was sorry, since shes not that great at English (Scandinavian) she had asked her two girlfriends what the picture that I had sent meant, and that they didn’t tell her at first because they where laughing so hard. The stats stated my size flaccid and hard and followed it with something like, “In a room with 1000 guys 930 are larger than you.”

And it doesn’t help that my girlfriend had asked them a while back if they knew any good and girthy dildo/vibrator, and when she got it, she talks about using it all the time when they are out getting drunk. To follow up this mess, the following week we where all at a party in my girlfriends flat. When I went to the bathroom to take a piss I heard someone trying to open the lock from outside and two seconds later the door flies open and the two girls stand there holding the spoon they had used to open the lock with. Fortunately, I was already wearing underwear and they said something like, “Oh sorry, we thought it was open.”

(yea right….) Pretty obvious what they where trying to do/get a look at.


One reader gives his friend’s GF an unexpected eyeful…

A new female friend stopped by my home today to visit one of my guy friends that was staying at my place. She is around 27 years old and has a nice, curvy figure. She looks to be of part Italian and part Puerto Rican mix. A few months back, my girlfriend left me for a BBC. I guess my silver member cock wasn’t satisfying her. Anyway, my new friend sat on recliner as she waited for my guy friend to come out of the shower. She had purchased something from him and came to pay the bill. I was sitting at my computer terminal. I had on a pair of walking shorts. Underneath I was wearing a light red, lace panties that I had taken from another friends laundry basket. The lace was so sheer that it easily showed my tiny, flaccid cock head. The lace felt so good rubbing against my small cock that precum was dripping out making the panties a little damp.

It felt strangely erotic talking to this pretty girl, knowing that I had on a pair of sexy lace panties. I began to wonder what kind of panties she had on. As our conversation began to pick up, I turned the office chair I was in towards her to look at her and speak. After doing so, I saw her glance down towards my crotch area and for just a split second I saw her eyes lock on my crotch. Suddenly she looked up and I saw a suppressed smirk/smile come across her face. She seemed to have loss track of what we were talking about. I watched as her eyes kept darting toward my crotch and her smile becoming more and more evident.

Finally, she stood up and mumbled something about getting something from her car. As soon as she left I turned towards a full length mirror in my living room and saw that the shorts I was wearing was torn in the middle, creating a large hole. Through that hole one could clearly see the red lace panties and my tiny cock. OMG, I thought, she knows I have panties on. Suddenly, my cock began to tingle and more precum oozed out. She came back in and I tried to act cool. She showed me what appeared to be a smoking pipe and said I really like this but its much too small in length. Then she smiled and glanced towards my crotch and let out a laugh. I was so busted!


This reader learns that one woman’s opinion doesn’t represent all women…

So to start off with, I’m a silver member of The Small Dick Club. My first ever experience happened when I was 17 and it was with my first ever serious girlfriend. We had a movie night at my place and we got some heavy petting going on. Since we were both virgins and had never even touched the opposite genders genitals before we were both a little hesitant to proceed. I drove her home after we watched a few movies and we pulled up in her driveway and started making out again, I was so hard and couldn’t take the teasing of her hand on my thigh anymore so I moved it up to my hard penis (being self conscious this was a big step for me and i couldn’t believe i actually initiated it myself) she grabbed onto it through my shorts and started giving me a handjob. It was amazing but in the back of my mind I was so nervous that she would ask why it was so small. I lasted all of about 30 seconds and blew my load in my pants and we made out some more and she went inside and I went home for a shower.

Fast forward about a month, and we are both giving each other regular orgasms with our hands and we were laying there one day and i was on top in the missionary position just rubbing the head of penis on her vagina lips and she said have you got a condom? Of course, I did, and I put it on and we had our first penetrative sex I lasted once again about 30 seconds but being 17 I was able to go again pretty soon! Not one mention of my size in a negative light, I told her I was really nervous about my penis but she reassured me by saying she was glad its small because she was a virgin too and it wouldn’t hurt as much.

We dated for about a year and had a really healthy sex life, I could make her cum from penetrative sex which was so hot for me, the position that worked the best was cowgirl and me pushing upwards with my pubic bone and she would cum every time. So we had nasty breakup and and I found out she was cheating on me with what I considered a friend at the time and it pretty much shot my confidence to shit (in hindsight, I should have seen it coming but at 17 with little life experience I was naive to the fact). I got mad depression and shut myself off from nearly everyone in my life and started fresh with new friends and new hobbies. So the next almost 8 years i didn’t sleep with one girl, just had no confidence. I had sexual experiences during them years but never had penetrative sex. Had a few blowjobs and handjobs but because they were few and far between i was usually so excited that i would cum before anything really happened. Got a little bit of negative feedback about my penis during these years so that was another reason as to why i was so withdrawn.

Nearly a decade after splitting with my ex, I decided to try online dating. I started a POF account and after a couple of terrible dates i started talking to a girl who was amazing, beautiful, funny and was into nearly everything I was too. We decided to meet at a bar after talking for a couple of weeks and we had chemistry straight away! To break that awkward nervousness she grabbed my arms and looked at my tattoos and told me she loved them! The night was amazing we danced, got drunk, made out heaps and her friends that came out with us both gave me a big thumbs up! Flash forward a week and she comes to stay at my house for the weekend and we get pretty drunk after downing a bottle of vodka together. We go too bed and start getting a bit frisky. I decide to be open and just tell her straight up that my penis isn’t exactly big or thick and she says she doesn’t care!

She grabs my undies and takes them off and grabs my dick and starts stroking it in the most gentle and soothing motion ever. I pull away after about a minute or so because I’m going to cum and she asks me whats wrong, I tell her I’m going to cum and she grabs it and makes me cum all over her boobs! It was so hot and then I made her cum all over my face and hands and we slept like babies! The next night we both knew we were going to have sex and my brain working the way it does got nervous (maybe she won’t be able to feel me) those sorts of thoughts were creeping through my head but there was no need for them as we proceeded to have the best sex both of us had ever had! I had fallen big time for this girl and apparently she’d fallen for me too! 18 months later we are engaged and i am so happy where my life is now!

Moral of the story if there is one is don’t give up hope based only on your penis size, plenty of woman out there prefer small ones! In my experience putting myself out there was the best thing I could of ever done and it has changed my entire outlook on life. Also don’t let negative experiences ruin your sex life, there’s always going to be size queens and things like that but just fuck them off and try a different person, who knows you could have your life turned around in an instant too!


This reader enjoys sexual submission…

I’m a small dick guy – silver member – who recently discovered the joys(?) of SPH and sexual submission. I had always known that I have a tiny cock, and had always been slightly conscious of it, but about 4 months back I would never ever have thought that I would one day actively like and seek SPH.

All that changed when my alpha as fuck male friend happened to glance at my dick, then seriously thought that I had some medical condition and actually asked me about it. The fact that for my friend, a big dick was such a normal part of his life that he thought one as small as mine could only exist because of some medical condition really put things in perspective for me.

The fact finally hit home that probably over 90% of all men have a bigger dick than mine. And even though my girlfriend of over three years had never complained, I realized that I had never ever made her cum by fucking her, that I had almost no chance of ever accomplishing that, and that this was something that most men could achieve atleast sometime in their lives.

To add to this, a few days later, I happened to see this same friend in the gym locker room, and he was definitely quite well hung. That weekend, he “outed” me to our entire group of friends, in front of my girlfriend. The guys then listed their sizes, and I was a good 3″ shorter than the next smallest guy. The fact that all my friends knew about my (lack of) endowment was very cringe worthy to me, and at the same time I couldn’t remember a time when I was more excited. That night, I might have cum inside my girlfriend within a minute of penetration due to my excitement, and that just seemed to further underscore my beta(or omega, rather) status.

That day onwards, I’ve been actively seeking SPH from alpha males (I seem to get more turned on by the studs humiliating me rather than the ladies). I’ve taken to “exposing” myself in the gym locker room, specially if I see a well hung stud around. I even wore my girlfriend’s panties a couple of times to the gym. At least three guys saw me get in and out of them. I’ve already bought a chastity cage online, I intend to debut it in the gym locker room as soon as it arrives. Currently, my girlfriend and I are seriously considering making me a cuckold(though we still need to figure out a few things).


One man’s disease is also his release…

I always knew I was small – silver member small. Obviously the locker room helped with that. The first time it really came up was when I was playing strip cards with some friends. I lost (not intentionally). My underwear dropped to the floor and they laughed. After that the rumor that I had a micropenis spread like wild fire. It didn’t bother me for some reason even though I didn’t really have a micro by medical definition. Later on, a friend was curious about the rumors. To put his mind at ease, I sent him a pic. And like that, my dick was public knowledge. Anyone and everyone knew I was small. It got me hard but I kept going.

It only truly blossomed as SPH when I hooked up with a guy in a park. He pulled my pants down and grabbed it. His fist took my whole cock. He made me strip, give him my clothes and walk naked around the park. He then bent me over a tree and fucked me. A few people saw and without my knowledge he would yell at them, “Don’t worry, he’s a small dick little bitch. This is all he’s good for!”

And like that, I came instantly. From that day, I have constantly put my cocklette out there for all to see and crave the humiliation.


A reader couldn’t get it up and his GF became frustrated….

The first time my GF gave me a blow job I was drunk and it was at a party, we had been making out and she decided I deserved one, she had me pull my pants down under the covers and I quickly came to my senses about what was about to happen, I know my cock is small and was worried about showing her. It started going limp as anxiety took over, but she was horny and as she put it, need some cock. She didn’t say anything at all, just started sucking it, but couldn’t get fully hard. She stopped sucking it and tried to play with it, but by this time I was totally limp.

Then she flat out asked me in her drunken state, “What the fuck am I supposed to do with such a puny, little thing,? When is it gonna get big?”

She wasn’t trying to be mean or evil, she was just thinking out loud she later told me, and I eventually did get hard to my Bronze Member state. I asked her if she liked sucking it, and she said it was great and easy not like when she used to suck her past boyfriend’s. I know her 2 ex bf’s had big cocks, especially compared to me, and instead of being mad or upset this talk turned me on so much. Since then, its been fun talking to her about it, and she loves to tease me about it.


This reader learned self acceptance is easier the bigger you are…

I was an early bloomer and hit puberty before most of my friends. My cock grew and thickened before theirs and for years I was convinced that I had a big cock. I stopped growing about 14yo. I met my first serious GF at 15yo and she was a virgin. We had been dating for three years when she had an affair on me with her boss. She told me he was “bigger” than me, but never really went into detail. For some reason I loved that she slept with her boss and over the next three years she slept with several other men. She never told me I was “small” only that others she slept with were bigger.

It wasn’t until a fuck buddy of mine told me, “I wouldn’t fuck you if you didn’t eat pussy so well,” and when I asked why, she said, “Aw, sweetie, you know you’re small right?”.

By this time in my life I’d been with several men, and done some research on the “average” size and knew I was a Bronze Member, but it was the first time I ever had someone confirm it. My wife confirmed it years later. I never really saw it as SPH…just people being honest with me…and I enjoyed admitting that I was small. There is a real freedom in admitting the truth and accepting it.


One man learned the hard way about so called open relationships….

When I was married, we eventually decided to have an open relationship due to her needs and me being not able to satisfy those needs with my silver member cock. So after months of frustrations on her side we decided it would only be fair to allow her to have sex outside of marriage to get her fix as I cant deliver in the bedroom. So after a few weeks she said shes met someone, she likes him and he likes her. I asked who it was she said a guy at work who recently started we have been flirting nonstop since he started. I told her go for it as the deal we made was I still get sex 1 or 2 times a week and as long as I get my fix she can go do whatever she wants. so few days later i got back from work and she wasn’t home (she normally finishes mid afternoon and I get home in evening).

I tried her mobile, it was off, so I thought she’s probably out shopping. Eventually, she came home she looked a state like she had run a marathon. I asked her if she was OK. She replied, “Yes I’m OK. I did it!”

It took a few seconds for me to realize what she was on about. She sat down and told me that they went to a hotel after work and had sex for hours and she was worn out and sore. I asked her for details she just said he’s very experienced and goes on forever and even after he cums hes ready to go again after a break. She said he came 4 times and each time he was pounded her for 20 to 30 minutes and still wanted to continue but she was worn out and sore. I was jealous but i was turned on as well by the details. I asked her how big was he? She went quiet and said he’s only a inch more than me. I thought: Oh, OK, that’s cool, at least he ain’t hung like a horse and wont stretch her pussy from these sessions.

After that she was out late 2-3 times a week and she got used to the marathon sessions. One day, I was going through her phone and there were photos of some guys huge cock. I asked her whose photos are those? She said, “That’s his cock.”

I said, “I thought you said he was only a inch bigger than me?”

she replied, “Um, his soft cock is an inch bigger than your hard-on, his cock grows to 8 inches!”

Eventually, she left me for him.


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