Put on display by my Wife

By Pantieslave.

Diane and I were married very young, each only 20 years of age. Diane was the first and only woman I ever had sex with, while Diane had several partners before our marriage. We had waited until after we’re married to have sex for the first time, and it was on our wedding night that she discovered my extremely small, fully erect cock of only 3 ½ inches. She was far too polite to say anything about my tiny cock that night, but she became more and more frustrated by my lack of size as time moved on.

I spent a great deal of our time, making sure she had orgasms by licking her pussy and sucking her clit. She would hold my head between her spread legs and say, “Yes, keep doing that, keeping eating my pussy. You’re so good at eating my pussy because you have a tiny, tiny cock.”

After our first year of marriage, she started to say how much she missed having a big hard cock to fuck her, and finally, she said, “I can’t take it any longer, you either let me fuck my old boyfriends, or you take me to the adult store, and we pick out a nice big dildo that you can fuck me with.”

I agreed to take her to the adult novelty store to pick out a dildo with her.


In the adult novelty store, we were buying Diane a dildo that she needed instead of my tiny 3 ½ inches fully erect cock. What made matters worse was that Diane had purchased a sterling silver necklace for me, with a pendant with the number 3 ½, which she demanded I wear.

The woman at the adult novelty store helped Diane pick out a dildo when she saw the necklace on me and asked, “Gee, that’s a unique necklace. Is there a meaning behind the 3 ½?”

I felt my face get red as Diane said, “Yep, that’s the size of his fully erect little dickie, 3 ½ inches of hard, little dickie.”

The woman laughed, saying, “Oh my god, you poor thing, no wonder you’re here looking for something that can satisfy a woman.”

And Diane said, “You bet, I’m tired of not feeling a thing.”

The woman then said, “Well, I’ve been very successful in matching a dildo to the needs of the woman. The thing is, I always ask them to take a picture of their spouses’ cock and take some measurements. It allows me the best information to match up the best dildo to maximize her pleasure. I can give you some ideas which ones right now, or you can come back with his measurements.”

And then Diane said, “Why come back. He is here right now. How about you take the measurements yourself, and you’ll see what his dick looks so you can match up a great dildo for me?” and she said, “Terrific. Let me lock the front door.”

As she went to lock the door, I said to Diane, “Are you serious? You want me to show her my cock?”

Diane laughed, saying, “Dear, it’s not a cock, it’s a dick. And yes. The front door is locked, so time to take off your clothes, all your clothes, not just your pants and underwear.”

As so as the woman walked back towards us, I began to remove my clothes. I took a deep breath and then pushed my pants and underwear down, now leaving me totally naked, with my cock sticking straight up. At first, I tried to cover my cock and balls with my hands but one look at Diane and knew I had to remove them.

Standing completely naked before this woman, she looked at my cock and smirked, “You poor woman, I’ve never seen a hard dick so small. It’s like it belongs to a child, not a man.” I had to take this as she took out a tape measure, measuring me from the base of my cock, to the tip. As she measured me, she announced, “Not quite 3 ½ inches but close.” They then measured the circumference of my cock again, announcing, “Just shy of an inch. Wow, that’s really small for a man.”

She then measured the head of my cock and finally around my balls.

I was now left there completely naked as she took out 3 different dildos for Diane, saying, “Any of these 3 are ideally suited for you. Each is 4 inches in circumference, which you will really appreciate. Each is 8 inches long, with very realistic balls. But most importantly, check out the head of each one, very bulbous heads, which is exactly opposite of your husband’s pathetic cock. You will not believe the feel in your pussy as the head enters you. My guess, the first time with any of these 3, you’ll have an orgasm as soon as you push the head past your pussy lips.”

Diane handed one of them to me, saying, “Here, put this one next to your dickie so I can see how it compares.”

Once again, my face got red as I held the huge dildo next to my fully erect cock. Diane asked the woman what she thought.

The lady came over, looking at me and saying, “Without a doubt, you’ll find the orgasms with the dildo to be so much better than with his little dick. I suggest that you have him get it nice and wet for you, you know, have him lick it and suck it. Plus, he will understand so much better why you need a real cock, not a child’s dick like his.”

Diane smiled, saying, “What a great idea, thanks.”

I looked at Diane, finally asking if I could get dressed, but the woman in the store asked her, “Guys will little dicks love to get fucked by their woman, would you like a nice strap-on so you can do him too?”

Diane smiled, saying, “You know, I’ve fantasized about doing him. That would be awesome.”

So, together they proceeded to find a strap on dildo. They brought over several them, asking me which one I wanted to be fucked with, and as much as I tried to refuse to pick on, Diane said, “Either pick one out, or I’ll select this one.”

This one turned out to be a monster nine-inch dildo that was extremely fat. I ended up selecting a six-inch one, not too fat.

The woman brought over the harness and then looked directly at me, saying, “Kneel in front of your wife.” I did, and then she said to Diane, “OK, lift your skirt. He must attach the dildo to you to demonstrate his acceptance of being submissive.”

Diane smiled down at me, lifted her skirt up to reveal her very lacy pink panties. She then instructed me to remove her panties, which I did. I picked up the harness, placing the dildo into the ring, and then proceeded to help my wife step into it and then very slowly pulled it up her legs and finally on, the base of the dildo firmly in place over her pussy. Diane reached down, wrapping her hand around the dildo, stroking it and smiling at me, saying, “Oh my god, this is awesome.”

Dianne kept stroking the dildo inches from my face, and then she moved a little forward and began rubbing the head of the dildo over my lips. She looked down, smiled said, “Open!”

I could believe it as I opened my mouth, and Diane started moving the dildo in and out of my mouth. If that was bad enough, the woman from the store excitedly said, “Oh my god, he loves this. His little dick is just oozing.”

She was right. My cock was leaking a ton of pre-cum because I had not been allowed orgasm for over a month, as Diane only allows me to cum once every 60 days. My cock never felt harder, and I was desperate to have an orgasm. I reached down to try and stroke my cock, but Diane said, “No, you’re not allowed to touch your clitty. Just keep sucking my cock, you little cock sucker.”

What I did not know was that on the base of the dildo, up against Diane’s pussy was a bunch of little nubs that were rubbing her clit with every thrust of the dildo in and out of my mouth. It wasn’t too much longer when Diane grabbed the back of my head, forcing the dildo completely in my mouth as she screamed, “God, yes, I’m cumming. Keep sucking my big cock, cocksucker. That’s it. Oh, yes, oh, yes.” Diane’s orgasm must have lasted a good minute, and she finally withdrew the dildo from my mouth.

The lady from the store said, “Wait until you fuck him. You’ll have an even bigger orgasm.” I was finally allowed to stand up, my cock still rock hard, leaking pre-cum. The lady told Diane, “Wear it home. You’ll love having a big cock under your skirt.”

And so, Diane left it on, letting her skirt cover it.

I picked up my underwear to get dressed, but Diane stopped me, handed me her pink lace panties saying, “Here, you need to wear these. You’ve got a clitty now, and I have the cock.” I tried to plead with her, but she said, “If you ever want to cum again, you’ll put on the panties. As a matter of fact, it’s panties from now on for you.”

I felt my face get red as I stepped into the panties, pulling them up, and as they encountered my cock my whole body shuddered. I was dangerously close to cumming, and it took all will power to prevent my orgasm. The lady from the store said, “How cute. He’s excited about wearing panties. Is this the first time in panties?”

Diane smiled, saying, “Yes, the first time. Since we are here, let’s pick out some for him. Size six should be perfect for him.”

They both went over to the rack of panties, selecting a dozen pairs, all very lacy or silky, with lots of little satin bows. They had 8 pink pairs, 2 lavender, and 2 peach pairs by the time they were done. The lady put the panties in a bag for me and a separate bag for the big dildo Diane had selected.

I had driven our car to the store, but Diane, she would drive home. Before we left the parking lot, Diane lifted her skirt and took hold of the strap dildo, stroking it, saying, “If you want to cum tonight, I suggest you practice your cock sucking.”

I desperately needed to cum as my cock had been hard, oozing precum for the last 2 hours. I leaned over, started licking up and down, swirling my tongue over the head before finally taking it into my mouth, moving up and down.

Diane moaned, saying, “That’s a good boy, you like this, you like sucking my cock. Open your pants so you can play with your clitty in your pretty pink panties.”

I open my pants, pushing them down, and immediately started to run a finger over my rock-hard cock in the panties while continuing to give her the best blow job I could. I was now moaning as I sucked her dildo while using only 1 finger to rub my cock in the panties. I stopped sucking for only long enough to say, “Please, Diane, please can I cum? Please let me cum.”

She forced my head back down on the dildo, saying, “Do it, cum. Keep sucking while your cream your pretty pink panties.”

Diane had held my head in place, sucking on her dildo as my cock exploded 10 seconds later, sending huge jets of cum into the panties. Everything in our marriage changed after this day.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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