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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s cuck life is extreme…

After my wife came out about her cheating and we talked, I pretty much accepted being a cuck. We agreed she would only be with strangers, and that stuck for a short time. We worked in restaurants together, and she started fucking our coworkers when she went out to party with them. I was mad, embarrassed, and jealous as fuck. Everyone thought she was cheating on me, and I didn’t know. As mad as I was and embarrassed, it also turned me on a lot. I just kept acting like I didn’t know. I said something to Kara, but she pretty much said I needed to get over it.

When I became a manager of a restaurant, she came with me as a server. I asked her not to sleep with anyone because I was the manager now. That held for a couple of months. She fucked a couple of guys and then started ‘dating; one guy. They would make out in front of everyone while I was in my office. They flaunted it in front of everyone behind my back. She would bad mouth me to them about me being bad in bed and telling them all about my silver member-sized small dick. Even though I would get mad, it just turned me on more.


Another reader’s girl’s sex toy puts him off…

So my girlfriend and I recently spent the night together after I got back from a trip. Well, she’d just gotten moved into her new place and hadn’t quite got everything set up and in place. So for context, I’m a silver member of the small dick club. She always tries to make me feel better about it, but that night when we were fooling, her pillow fell off her bed, and one of her toys was under it, and it was a lot bigger than me. After that, I didn’t really know what to say. I just glanced at her, and she kind of smiled a little bit, but the entire rest of the night, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much smaller I was than that dildo. And how I can never fucking compete with that. Not to mention we can’t even do doggy because her ass is way too big for my small dick. It can’t even reach.


Meanwhile, this reader learned a lesson…

One of the few real-life SPH experiences I’ve ever had happened in my younger, more athletic days. As my team was finishing up a shower, I made a joke that our coach had a small dick. Not very tasteful on my part! Well, I got my comeuppance. The very first response I heard was from the bulkiest, most athletic guy on the team. He looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Dude, you have, like, the smallest dick ever.”

I froze up immediately. When I’m soft, I’m barely an inch. Standing there fully nude in front of the whole team, with the strongest guy in the room mocking my manhood. His dick was only about four inches soft, but I’ve never felt so small.

To make things worse, the whole team was staring at me (and it shrunk). I tried to play things off with a joke and said, “Hahaha, at least I have huge balls, though!

He was unphased. “Dude, your balls are tiny, too.”

Now, this actually wasn’t true; my balls are huge. I nervously looked away and wrapped a towel around myself. What is the moral of the story? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


While this reader finds the girl of his dreams…

This is a true story about a woman I hooked up with a couple of times earlier this year and my first time wearing panties. Both of us were in our late 20s, names were changed for privacy. So I met Emilia on one of those dating apps, and we hit it off pretty quickly. She’s a thick white girl with green hair, a fat ass, and absolutely massive tits. Real mommy milkers. Not long after exchanging numbers, things started getting sexual. I told her about my cuckold and SPH kinks, and about my desire to get pegged, and how badly I craved being degraded and humiliated. Lucky me, she’s a domme and very kinky.

Things heated up quickly over text. We started sexting different roleplay scenarios and sending each other porn. She sent me pics and videos of her ex and some FWB, all much larger than me. I have a really nice-looking, barely average-sized dick hard and two heavy low-hanging balls. But im definitely a grower, not a shower. She made me send her embarrassing dick pics when im soft, and when im soft, it can get really, really small. Less than two inches, for sure. Maybe smaller. Emila would send my pics to her friends, and even post them to her private Snapchat story and then send me screenshots of the reactions she’d get. None were flattering, and almost all were humiliating. She had other men on her private story too, and some sent her pics of what she called “real cocks”. By the time we finally met up, she had me completely wrapped around her finger.

So after a week or two of this, we decided to meet. Emilia had me meet her at this outlet mall. We linked up outside and went out to get some food. We took her car, and then we went to the movies. I have no memory of what we saw, lol. I was very distracted. By the time we got to our seats, I was already losing my mind. All the subtle things she had been doing during dinner to tease me, the way she choked me and kissed my neck in the car before we went inside. It was taking all my concentration not to pitch a tent. But not long into the movie, her hand was in my pants, and soon after, she had my shorts unbuttoned, my zipper down, and my rock-solid cock and balls completely out in the theater.

We were in the very back row and all the way on the left side, so no one was to my left. But the theatre was packed. She slowly stroked me, teasing the head of my dick and gently fondling my full balls. At one point, one of the staff members came in to do that routine check and make sure no one was on their phones or had their dick out, lol. I could see him clearly straight down the stairs in front of me, my dick and balls in full display, suddenly, he started walking up the stairs, and I urgently pulled my shirt over my dick. He came all the way to the top and stood right next to me for what felt like forever, but it was probably only a couple of minutes. I still wonder if he got a look but didn’t say anything.

By the end of the movie, we were both so fucking horny. We hurried back to Emilia’s car and then hurried back to mine because it was much roomier. Where we were parked at the outlets, there was a really busy bus stop, maybe one parking row behind us, but not many cars nearby. For at least an hour, possibly longer.. this goddess absolutely tortured me in my car. She was edging me so hard, saying the dirtiest things to me, calling me a little bitch and telling me im, not a real man, making fun of me for having an insignificant little dick. She liked calling me babydick, and I liked when she said it. She laughed every time she said something about my size, and my dick jumped.

The more she made fun of how small it was, the bigger and harder it got. and it just kept escalating.. before I knew it, she was fingering my ass in the front seat of my car. We started off trying to be quiet. Still, by the end, she was three fingers deep, fucking me violently and screaming degrading things to me. I was screaming back. For some fucking reason, my windows were down. I have no doubt the people at the bus stop got to hear a wild-ass show.

She had me screaming that I have a little dick and that I’m her little bitch, begging her to keep touching me, begging me to let me watch her fuck another man. When I finally came, I almost passed the fuck out. I was gasping for breath, drenched in sweat, and dehydrated. My whole body ached, and I felt drained and weak. Emilia completely used and ruined me in a very public place. She really claimed my man card that night, and now there wasn’t a single thing I wouldn’t be willing for her.


This reader is turned by his mother-in-law knowing…

My fiancée and I have recently been dog-sitting for my future mother-in-law. We’ve been staying in her spare room. When we left, I made sure that I left one of the wrappers from my snug-fit condoms on the bedside table for the future mother-in-law to find. She’d already seen my soft little one and told me it was small. Now she knows I’m not a grower as well.

I’m looking forward to her dropping a hint in the future to let me know that she knows I have a tiny dick.


Another reader has an awesome wife…

So my (at the time) wife went to a male strippers show, which friends from work offered to drive them because the cops were really cracking down on drunk driving. When I picked them up, they were all pretty drunk. Constant talk about how buff the guys were. Finally, my wife said, “Yeah, and all of their cocks were fucking huge!”

This started a whole new conversation. So dropped off the first two girls, and when we got to Pam’s house, she invited us in for a drink. We did cause we lived in the same apartment complex. We sat on her balcony, and the conversation stayed with the strippers. Pam said, “I wonder how they find these guys. It’s not like you can advertise for buff dudes with huge cocks.”

My wife said, “I wish I knew. I sure got the short end of the stick with Jay (me). He’s scrawny and has a tiny dick.”

We were both into SPH, but this was the first time out of the bedroom. Pam’s jaw hit the floor and said, “Stacy, that’s so mean.”

I was shocked too but smiled at my wife and looked at Pam and said, “It’s not mean if it’s true.”

Stacy said, “He’s a gold member of the small dick club, Pam.”

Pam’s face got red, and she was trying not to look or laugh at me.

I said, “It’s bigger than that.”

Stacy said, “How big then?”

I replied, “I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, honey. I don’t have a micropenis which is what a gold member has.”

Stacy said she didn’t believe me and she would measure me herself. I agreed and said, “When we get home, I’ll let you measure it.”

Pam spoke up and said, “Hey, I have a ruler. Do it now,” and smiled.

Stacy said, “Go get it, and I will.”

Pam handed her the ruler, and Stacy said to me, “Whip it out, big boy.”

We were on a second-floor balcony, so I said, “Here? I’m not even hard.”

She insisted, and she measured my limp dick in front of Pam, who was now laughing with my wife.

“One and a half inches,” my wife declared.

The girls were crying with laughter. I got rock-hard!

She measured again and, after saying the size declared, “You’re a silver member of the small dick club.”

I said, “You have to push the ruler into the bone.”

She said, “Give it up, dinky dick!” My wife looked at Pam and said, “Well, we’ve seen some huge cocks tonight and one babydick.”

Stacy and I explained SPH to Pam and how I enjoyed it. They made me keep my little dick out all night and made fun of me for a while. When Stacy and I got home, I put on a penis extension and fucked the shit out of my wife.

The next day she smiled and said, “Ya know, the stripper’s cocks were still bigger than yours even with the extension on.”

I slipped it back on, and we went again.


Meanwhile, this reader had a fun medical…

So I had to get a physical for work they sent me to the doctor’s office. Got back to the room everything was cool. Then I found out the doctor was female. I got so nervous. What if the check is for a hernia? My dick shrunk in my pants. The doctor comes in, and she’s in her 40s, attractive and tall. She starts the exam, everything is cool, then the dreaded words.

“I’ll need you to drop your pants.”

She pulled up a stool and dropped my pants to my knees. My dick was so shriveled up it looked like there was no shaft and just a head. The doctor put her finger on me, and I could see her face getting red. After what seemed like forever, she asked me to turn my head and cough. I could tell she was holding back laughter. Then she checked the other side, jumped up, and opened the door. When she did, there was a nurse that saw me as well. The doctor said, “You’re all good. Get dressed, and pick up your papers on the way out.”

She shut the door, and I could hear laughing down the hall seconds later. When I went to grab the papers, there were two office girls and one nurse who saw me naked. All of their faces were beat red. The receptionist said I need to make a tiny note, and you’ll be all set. The nurse busted out in laughter and ran off. I had to go back there every year for six years until I got a new job.


While this reader fainted at an inopportune time…

I was 19, and I had always suffered from fainting randomly. It rarely happened, but this one time, it happened at the worst possible moment. I had just finished my shower and left in a towel, and while heading downstairs, when I was near the bottom, I fainted.

I woke up on the couch minutes later, fully naked, with a small cushion over my privates. My stepsister and her friend, both a year or so older than me, were sitting there muttering about calling an ambulance when I woke up. I was a bit shocked when I woke up and told them not to worry about it as I had become used to it over the years, and it appeared that I hurt my shoulders and arms more than my head, if at all.

They were both smirking a bit, and they were trying to act like everything was normal, but I didn’t think and stood up to grab a glass of water… exposing myself fully. My sister shouted, “Ahhhhhh, not again!”

And her friend couldn’t stop laughing. I realized and grabbed the pillow and told them to stop laughing, but that caused more laughter. They laughed and whistled when I rushed across the room toward my towel in the hallway, showing them my skinny white butt.

Eventually, I got dressed. They explained that they saw my small soft dick while carrying me to the couch, and then they did some small pinky signs, and my stepsister even said, “Don’t worry. There wasn’t much to see.”

I blushed and almost died of embarrassment at the time.


This reader enjoyed getting cucked…

We [27M25F] have known Izzy and Jeff since college, and we share most things because they’re our best couple friends. We don’t normally go into the sexual territory. Still, Izzy and my wife are very horny girls usually, so they talk amongst themselves, of course. Still, on NFL opening Sunday, we had a get-together with them and got drunk and stoned and watched football for 9 hours in the pool on our back deck, and I served drinks and cooked barbecue.

After a few drinks, my wife’s nipples started getting hard through her bikini, and I noticed Jeff trying not to stare (it’s hard; she has H cups, and Izzy is flat as a board). Jeff got out to help me bring the food off the grill, and my wife and Izzy pointed out Jeff’s bulge teasing him, and he was five beers and a couple of shots deep, so he did a few hip thrusts, and I saw his dick bounce and that thing looked huge lol. Izzy asked me to put on a show like Jeff did, and I nervously declined.

She started teasing me with, “I know he’s a hard act to follow, hehe.”

Jeff shrugged our shoulders and set up the BBQ charcuterie board. Everyone moved to the island bar we have on the deck, and my wife asked for a cocktail. And she was already hammered, but I obliged. After sucking down my mixed drink in the hot tub, my wife and Izzy whispered in each other’s ears, and all of a sudden, Izzy pulled my wife’s bikini string. Her huge tits fell out of her top, and she did a totally fake gasp and covered her mouth and acted (horribly) embarrassed but just threw it off and did the same to Izzy. I will say she may be flat, but she has some wonderful nipples.

Izzy and Jeff were making out, so my wife slid over to me and started making out, and she tasted like straight vodka. Still, she was being very aggressive and started rubbing my dick under my swimming trunks. I guess Izzy could see the motion, so she started doing the same to Jeff. Her strokes were a lot longer, and Izzy noticed this and asked my wife very coyly, “Why are you barely moving your hand, Cora?”

And my wife, with a cheeky smile, raised her hand she was jerking me off with and gestured with her pinky. “Because it’s hard to jerk off a gold member of the small dick club,” she said.

Izzy said, “Wow, I know you said it was smaller than all your exes, but I didn’t know it was a micropenis.”

My wife mentioned that I’m a foreplay God, and Izzy smugly said, “So is Jeff, but he’s eight inches hard, sooooooo….”

My wife said, ” I wish,” while giggling.

Izzyy looked me in the eye and then looked at Jeff, then my wife, and said, “Well, I can let you borrow him tomorrow while I’m at work,” and my wife dismissed it at first.

We carried the night on without much action other than me and Jeff losing money on sports betting. But after sobering up, she mentioned the scenario again. I got hard as a rock, and she started teasing me and asking me while holding my tiny hard dick. At the same time, we lay in bed that night, and she said, “You want me to fuck his big cock, don’t you, babe.”

I hesitated. She started stroking me. “You like that he’s way bigger than you, don’t you?” and I fucking came instantly, the biggest load imaginable for a micropenis in two minutes of stroking too. I passed out shortly after that, but I woke up to the group chat having a bunch of missed messages, including live snaps of Jeff and Izzy fucking, her giving him head, and my wife sending videos of her masturbating, sucking her tits, etc. They agreed on fucking Monday around noon when Izzy and I were at work.

Monday came, and as I was leaving for work, my wife was putting on lingerie and doing her makeup because she wanted her first big cock in a long time to be a special occasion. And well, the videos and pics they sent to the group chat were pretty fucking special. Holy shit. The things my wife can do on a big cock surprised me, but I think I’ve already cum to them ten times in two days.


Another reader tried to set up a friend…

I wouldn’t say I like that stereotype because I know it’s not true at all. There are plenty of Asians who have huge cocks, and I know some personally who are at least above average. But I’m Asian and erect—I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. Yeah, sucks, I know.

I was drinking with friends and having conversations to the side with a few of the women. My Asian woman friend, who is newly single, was saying she wanted to meet a white guy. I offered a friend who’s Asian. He was single, but I wanted to give him a chance. I jokingly said, “He has a big cock, too. He has to use both hands to jerk off.”

I have no idea if that’s true. I was trying to hype up my friend.

She burst out, “Fuck no! ALL ASIAN MEN HAVE TINY DICKS.”

All the women started laughing so hard. And few of them agreed and started chiming in their experiences with small Asian dicks too. I got a little red, but I couldn’t defend my fellow brothers at that moment, considering I have a small dick too.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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