Our Readers SPH Experiences 200: The Best Of

To celebrate our 200th “Our Reader’s SPH Experiences” post, we are featuring some of the best ones we received. I’m sure you have your favorites too. Let’s look back on some great submissions from readers now.

With the Opposite Sex

Losing his virginity was a trip…

There was this woman at the factory I worked at who was cute, and I liked her. Her name was Debbie, and she was about ten years older than me. She worked at the factory with her sister, who was also a good sort, and a nice person. I used to smoke weed with her sister’s husband occasionally, so there were connections between us all. Anyway, Debbie had a partner and a kid; one day, I heard there had been a big fight, and her partner had left her and his kid. When I say left, I mean he was a Kiwi and returned to New Zealand.

While all this was happening, my relationship with Debbie was just a casual friendship. We joked and mucked about at work, and that was about it. So I was pretty clueless that Debbie had developed a bit of a crush on me. In hindsight, it was a bit of a rebound thing for her. It was never really destined to last, but as I was still a virgin and in my early twenties, I was too inexperienced to know anything was going on. The reason I was still a virgin at that age must be obvious. I have a small penis. My dick is four inches when hard and quite thin. It’s a tad smaller now because I’m fatter in my middle age. I knew I had a small one, and I was shy. I was so scared of being with a girl that I actively discouraged them from wanting to be with me that way. I always kept them at arm’s length and stayed friends with them.

One day at work, Debbie asked me round to dinner at her house, telling me her sister would also be there. In my naivety, I said no problems. I liked Debbie, but I never really thought of her that way. The three of us had a nice dinner and chatted and laughed. We drank some wine, and I thought the evening was going well. At about ten pm, Debbie’s sister suddenly said she had to leave, and before I knew what it was, I was alone with Debbie. The ambush had been sprung. While Debbie wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, she had that girl next door prettiness to her. She was also a redhead and had freckles. I’d say she was pretty cute in her own right.

She made her move on me, and I was utterly astonished. I was good at usually preventing these situations from arising, so now I was in one I had no idea what to do. I was clueless about Debbie’s real motives for inviting me around. So things ended up in the bedroom, and as you can imagine, she wasn’t impressed with the size of my dick. However, she had never been with a small one before, so she was at least prepared to give it a go. She handed me a condom. I had never put one on, and I had no idea how. I somehow rolled it down a little, but it was wrong.

So the sex started. She was giggling at me, not moaning with pleasure. Her pussy felt nice, too nice. I wasn’t going to last long. I could feel it. Then the condom came off inside her. She asked me if it had come off, and I said I didn’t know. After checking me, it was off. Then she spent a few minutes digging it out of her vagina with her finger. Laughing the whole time, I was so embarrassed. After she found the condom, she grabbed my dick and jerked me off until I came. Then she kissed me goodnight and went to sleep.
That’s how I lost my virginity.


The woman of his dreams turns into a date from hell…

I was dating this amazingly hot girl. Tall, curvy with excellent ‘C’ sized breasts, and tanned all over. She was a model, not a supermodel like on the front of magazines, but the kind that appeared in local fashion shows and the odd TV promo. She also did jobs at expos and car shows etc. I met her through a friend, and as I’m not a bad-looking man, we hit it off and went on a few dates together. Initially, all we ever did was make out, with a bit of groping over her clothes.

On our sixth date, she told me she wanted to take our relationship to the next level, which meant actual sex. So after a nice dinner and a movie, I took her back to my place. Things started moving pretty fast once we were alone, and before long, kissing was becoming heavy petting. So I started taking her clothes off, and she started sliding my pants and underpants down. The look on her face at my exposed genitalia scared me to death. With a kind of girlish smile, she asked, “Is that it?”

I was so embarrassed. I blushed. My penis is two inches soft and four and three-quarter inches erect, which isn’t that small, just below average.
So I say, “What do you mean?”

She seems on the brink of laughter, trying to hold it back. “Your dick is TINY.”

She made that gesture with her thumb and first finger at me. My mouth gaped at the harshness of her comment. I thought I had gotten to know her over the last month, and she always struck me as pleasant and thoughtful. So to hear her say such a thing to me shocked me. She must have felt a bit bad suddenly after seeing my reaction, so she tried to backtrack a little.

“It’s OK. I’m sure we can work around it. Maybe you’re a grow-er, not a show-er,” she said.

We start kissing again, and the mood turns from awkwardness to lust. We had sexual intercourse, and her pussy felt so nice on my dick, maybe too nice. I came too quickly. She looked up at me again with that same girlish smile she had before she insulted the size of my penis.

“You’re done already?”

I was so shocked. I usually lasted a long time, but tonight I had prematurely ejaculated. This was not like me, I assure you.

“That was only like two minutes. I didn’t even feel you inside of me,” she said, screwing up her face at me.

Pushing me off her, she got up and started to get dressed in heavy silence. My heart sank. The woman of my dreams thought I was a small-dick loser.

“No, don’t leave. What’s the problem, baby?” I asked.

Abruptly, She reached down and grabbed hold of my dick with two fingers, squeezing it very tightly.

“THIS—this is the problem. I’m sorry, but I need more of a man than you, and while you’re a nice guy and all, it’s over. Don’t call me or contact me again.”

She walked out of the room and my life forever.


One man found his ex-girlfriend was keeping score…

I had an experience years ago, and I still fantasize about it today. She was beautiful and a monster flirt. Men were constantly hitting on her, and she loved it. We were living together at the time. She worked in a bar, so I was usually asleep when she got home. I always suspected she cheated on me, but she always denied it when I confronted her. So I started snooping around and finding a list she kept hidden in the closet. It was a list of all the men she had sex with; their names, penis size (in length and width), pubic hair color and amount, and a rating of them as lovers.

My name was on the list, too, but it was very low.

Nearly all of the other guys had larger penises than me. I’m below average at four and three-quarter inches erect. I wondered why she was with me if she liked big dick so much. But rather than be hurt, I felt turned on by thinking of her with these guys. I used to jack off to the list often. Later, I confronted her about the list, which she did not deny. She seemed to sense the list aroused me, and things developed over time. She would describe each partner to me in great detail, comparing them with me. It was an incredible turn-on for me, and despite us eventually going our separate ways, I still masturbate about it today.



A college room-mate shows who’s da man…

My straight, well-hung roommate will take a piss in my bathroom with the door open and me sitting six feet away. He pisses directly into the middle of the toilet water and makes the most incredible masculine sound. I get so intimidated when I hear it, and how he continues his casual conversation. I wipe his piss drops off the toilet rim and floor when he’s done, as he leaves it. It only recently occurred to me he does that to assert his dominance, and it works big time. It’s so subtle and so effective. When I go for a piss, my urine sounds pathetic, hitting the water, compared to my roommates. That’s because I have a small dick that’s barely an inch soft. His soft cock looks six inches long soft, and thick.


A cocky American is brought down in South Korea..

When I visited South Korea, I felt rather proud of myself. At five feet eleven and two hundred and twenty pounds, I thought I was larger than ninety-eight percent of the little black-haired men I saw in the streets of Pusan. I enjoyed walking against a crowd and splitting them apart like an icebreaker barrelling through the Arctic flows. I started to feel confident about myself based on my relative size.

I knew I was considered an overweight, under-endowed male in the states. But I always heard that Asian guys have tiny packages. I also heard that they had to have smaller-sized condoms to keep them on, so I thought if there was ever a chance for me to be the big man on campus, here it was! The tourist hotel where I was staying had a sauna on the third floor. Since I was sure I was probably the only American in residence at the time, I decided to risk something I’d never do in the USA, exposing myself in public!
Around six pm, I strolled down the hallway towards the sauna. I could hear the echoing talk of the patrons within. The deferential attendant gave me a key for a locker in the anteroom before the sauna’s entrance. I smiled as he kept his eyes and head bowed before me.

I removed my clothes and slipped the fluffy towel inside the locker around my waist. I then strode manfully into the sauna. I made sure to linger at the doorway and cleared my throat. The reaction of the fifteen or so Asian guys made me feel even more confident. A hush went over the room, and several hurriedly covered their privates with their hands or towels. Some turned away and walked to the corners of the room, so I didn’t get a clear view of their cocks, but I thought: These guys must be tiny. Good.

I walked to a bench, let the towel slip, and crossed my arms over my head, leaning back against the warm wall. I also closed my eyes and spread my legs, exposing my ‘superior’ white genitals to the awed little Asian men.

About five minutes later, my reverie began to fade as I heard some hissing comments and what seemed to be suppressed giggles or laughter. I thought that some uncommonly little fellow must’ve walked in while I was dozing. The funny thing was the voices of the Korean men seemed to be getting closer to me. I was surprised at their audacity in approaching the big, bad American stud.
I cocked one eyelid open and saw two naked guys talking to each other about three feet away from me. When one saw me looking, he whispered to the other (with his back turned to me) and laughed lowly. The other gentleman turned slowly around. I couldn’t help but let my eye wander down his chest and abdomen in curiosity. When it picked up his pubic region, I noticed that it was covered in very dark, wispy hair. I then opened my other eye and lowered my gaze further. I saw his relatively thick cock dangling down over his scrotum. It made me start because I’ve always had a cock that juts out over my balls, at around an inch and a half when soft, and it doesn’t have enough length to dangle. Here was this Asian guy packing what looked like four inches of soft cock meat.

His friend came out from behind him and placed his hands on his hips, daring me to look at his crotch. I admit I had to. I was hoping that he was at least more in my league. I was sadly disappointed because he also had a dangler (not as large as his friend’s, but still good two inches longer than mine. I thought: Strike two. I was sure there had to be some smaller Asian cocks in the room. Besides, these two guys were uncut, and I was sure some of the sizes were just excess skin (or, I hoped).

I decided to scan the room from my seated position nonchalantly. I also decided to pull my legs together as I did so. The next couple of guys I saw were standing parallel to the end of the bench, so I saw their profiles. They were about a foot apart, but both of their cocks hung, and they seemed to jiggle a bit as they spoke to each other. I saw one guy a few feet away with the smallest cock yet, but even his was at least an inch longer than mine and seemed so thick in comparison. I looked down at myself and noticed that my balls had drawn up like the sauna was cold. Even more mortifying, my cock seemed to be shriveling as my shame made it retract back even more into my pubic hair. It probably seemed like a tiny berry lying in a nest of grass to everyone else in the room.

One paunchy Korean guy decided to sit down right next to me. He sat with his legs apart, and his cock dangled down even further than the first I saw. He made a big show of scratching his balls and making them flip back and forth over his hand. I decided then that it was time to cover my manhood with the towel under my ass. I timidly pulled the loose ends over my thighs and put them over my rapidly shrinking genitals. Like high school gym class all over again, I thought.

Then I heard a couple of loud-talking guys approaching me from my left side. They both decided to take towels they had around their waists and sling them over their shoulders. Again, I couldn’t help as my eyes traveled down their bellies towards their nether regions. I wished I had never yielded to the temptation to look because these guys had some SERIOUS meat slapping their thighs as they walked in front of me. They saw the color drain from my face and laughed loudly at my shame. These guys could’ve given white or black porn stars a run for their money, and they hesitated as they passed in front of me so that I could see the entire, veiny surface of their thick tubes of man-meat.

It was too much for me. I let out a bit of a sob, and tears welled in my eyes as I stood up to run from this sauna! Why did I put myself in this situation? Why didn’t I keep myself away from this terrible place, just like I do at home in the USA? I hadn’t been in a public shower in over ten years, and when I use a restroom, I won’t use a urinal if someone else is there. I got to my locker, put on my underwear, and ran to the elevator in front of the astonished attendant. I heard several catcalls made behind me, and I was sure that the tiny American must’ve been the topic of many stories in the hotel after that.

It was a crushing blow to my confidence, and I regretted that I didn’t at least buy one of those smaller Asian condoms before going to the sauna. When I tried it on, it had several inches of unused length and felt about as loose as the Trojans I get here in the USA. It would’ve probably saved me a lot of grief if I had experienced this before attempting to be the cock of the walk.


A nude jogger gets caught…

I like to run nude when I feel it’s safe. There are trails through the pines no one ever goes to because you need a truck to get there (yes, I know, little dick guy drives a big truck). I usually strip to just my shoes, hang my clothes on a tree, and run ten miles. I had just rounded the bend to where I’d left my shorts, and there was a ranger truck. He spotted me; it wasn’t like I even had a chance to duck. Well, I’m about to shit. I’m sure I’m getting arrested. I’m shaking. He asks me the usual questions like what I am doing. I did my best to explain that I like to run nude. There’s nowhere to do that, and I have NEVER seen anyone out this far before.

He still needs to give me back my shorts. He gave me a full lecture, asking if I’d ever been in trouble. I told him no. So he tells me to stay where I am (like I’m going anywhere, he has my pants) and gets in his truck for what seems like forever. When he comes back, he tells me he’s letting me go with a warning.

Then smirks and says, “I could arrest you for indecent exposure, but there doesn’t seem to be enough evidence.”

He then laughs, looking at my dick. Laugh all you want, I thought. I have never been so grateful for my post-run micropenis.



College hazing exposes this man…

I’m sure some small dick club members like myself were subjected to hazing during college and would like to know if it turned out as bad as for me. During my freshman year, I was mainly looking for partying. During one of those wild frat parties, I passed out drinking. The next thing I knew, I woke up early morning, lying outside in the middle of the frat house courtyard naked with a bad headache, surrounded by a jeering crowd of students.

As I woke up to my senses, I realized I had a giant sign pointing toward my dick. Above, written in a big dark letter with a black permanent marker, you could read the words: ‘Baby Dick.’ What’s more, I had a pair of panties over my head.

I ran away as fast as possible and locked myself inside my room as the wild taunting resounded through my ears. I discovered I had marker signs all over my backside, and some girls had even signed their names on me. Later, I found pictures had been taken and circulated over the campus. My reputation had been made, and I was mercilessly teased for weeks.
I got nicknamed ‘Pickle’ for years to come. No need to say I sadly never got sexual with any girl from the campus, not that I didn’t attempt it. Yet can you honestly blame any of them?


The big man on campus turns out to be anything but…

Before I tell you what happens, I want to explain a few details so that this all makes sense. I always thought I had a large penis. I’m a shower, which means I hang long when soft. When anyone saw me change at swim practice or camps, people would say dude and other silly stuff, so I considered myself large. This is the truth, no lie. I had always felt superior and cool because of people saying stuff.

One night three buddies stayed at my friend’s house in a large field in a tent one. We were sneaking beers like typical teens, hanging out at a campfire, and talking and laughing.
By the night’s end, we all got too much beer and acted silly, talking about girls and sex. Finally, we decided to sleep in the tent; we all stripped into boxers and climbed into our sleeping bags. Then one of us chose one more pee before passing out, so we all went out into the field and peed. My one buddy joked that I better be careful something might bite my big thing. That started us all being silly, and my one buddy dropped his boxers to the ground and urinated. We laughed our butts off at him, then we all did it being big macho guys. It’s not like we haven’t seen each other in the locker room.

My one buddy joked again, looking at me showing off with my big tube. Then we all started running around with boxers off, making fun of each other and trying to steal the other’s boxers and throw them in the woods, so they had to find them. We were acting silly. Finally, we were back off to the tent. We lay there joking, farting, and talking about sex and what we want to try. One buddy jokes, “You’re gonna split the girl in half.”

Then another friend asks me, “How big is your thing anyway?”

He told me there was a rumor this girl Stephanie said it’s like eight inches. I laughed and said, “Really? How would she know? She’s never seen it. I have no idea how big it is. I’ve never measured it.”

They all said really? Then one of them says he’s never measured his either. I then joked (and I was joking), let’s measure our dicks and see who’s longest. They laughed, and my best friend said, “The loser has to run nude up to the main road and across it nude till they see a car close by.”

Lots of joking went on, and we kept increasing the dare for the loser. It got quiet, and Mr. Cool said, “Let’s do it, chicken shits.”

They all said you show first. So I said, “No way, no one will show after me.”

My best friend in the group says, “Why don’t we all throw boxers out of the tent, jerk off to get a boner, and then jump out together on three and see who’s the winner and loser.”
After a lot of rules and promises, we decide to do this. So we all throw our boxers out of the tent. We agreed when we felt ready, and on three, we jumped out of the tent with flashlights shining on each other’s cocks.

That’s when it happened, two of my buddies both screamed at me, “John—dude—you’re so small,” and they all started rolling around laughing.

They said, “We all thought you were huge, and you’re not,” and, “Your dick looks like my little brothers.”

All the flashlights were now on my hard-on, and I felt so humiliated and embarrassed and honestly kept looking around at them, shocked. I remember thinking, how can this be? I’m so big compared to them, soft. That was when it hit me. Their cocks grew a lot when they got hard, while mine didn’t. It was my best bud that was the biggest. It was long and fat.

The other two guys looked about the same thickness as me but much more. I was so mad and embarrassed by this sudden drop in my status. I wanted to hide it, but my best friend took my boxers and said, “You were such a big mouth on making the dare. Now you have to do it, baby dick.”

They all ganged up on me and kept me from my clothes, saying I should “Man up and do it.”

After lots of arguing and laughing, I did the dare, all parts of it completely nude. Honestly, I had added a lot to dare, thinking it could never be me. After the dare was done, they all started calling me ‘angelfish.’ This is a very tiny fish. They had fun with this that night and all next morning till we went home. The next day when I got home, I finally measured my dick. To my surprise too, what I thought was large was only four and three-quarter inches hard and soft. I was a show-er and didn’t grow at all just got hard.

My best friend later that day on the phone told me he now measured and was over eight inches long. He was so excited to think this might help him lose his virginity. I was jealous, no lie. I always thought I was the big guy on campus.

That Monday, my new nickname was all over at college, and many little dick jokes were said about me. Nothing directly to my face, but they hinted at the idea. I played along to not look like a loser, but I was mortified. Let’s say to this day, many guys and girls still refer to me by my nickname. I can honestly say that was not the last time I heard that I had a small dick after college.



He caught his wife with another man…

Recently, I picked my wife up from a work party at one of their houses, I waited a while outside, but as it was half past midnight, bloody cold, and her mobile seemed to be switched off, I got out to tell her to know I was there. I walked around the back and knocked on the door.

Pat let me in, saying, “I’ll let her know you’re here.”

We walked through the utility room and down the hall. I took a quick peek into the lounge. There I could see couples dancing to slow music. Pat glanced around the crowd and said something to another of her mates, who gestured upstairs. Pat disappeared up the stairs, and after a few minutes, my wife came down, walking through to the kitchen.

“Hi, darling,” she said.

I was not the only one to notice her blouse was buttoned up one button out and un-tucked at the back of her skirt. I could see the dress with buttons running up the front side had several of them undone, and she was a little unsteady on her feet.

“I’ve just been lying down. I felt a bit unwell,” she said as I glanced down the hall to the stairs.

I saw Pat come down with a tall guy behind her, putting his shirt back into his trousers. I could also see most of my wife’s colleagues were looking from this guy to my wife and me; I went a bit red but pretended not to notice. Pat and the guy walked through, she gave my wife a goodbye hug, and with her back to me, I could see her slip my wife something; my wife thanked her, putting it in her clutch purse from the silky black fabric hanging out of the purse. It looked suspiciously like her panties!

“Thanks for coming. It’s been a fantastic night,” said Pat.

My wife giggled. “I can’t remember when I’ve had bigger, err,” she said, “I mean more, yes, more fun, Pat.” She turned to me and said, “C’mon, little Bill, I need to get back to bed. I mean back to my bed.”

How I blushed, I saw the guy smirking at me. I couldn’t help but look down at his legs, where he had quite a wet patch on his thigh. This was bad enough, but the large lump poking across from the right to the top left side of his trousers left me in little doubt as to what my wife was doing up those stairs. As seemingly all her colleagues were now watching the scene, I think my wife’s little drunken slip: I can’t remember when I’ve had bigger, or the, come on, little Bill, are probably the latest, most embarrassing things my wife has ever said to me!

Especially looking at the size of the lump in his trousers and knowing most of her colleagues are well aware of my tiny dick (four inches hard), with her regular use of her crooked little finger, as a joke, of course!


A college guy gets cuckolded by his crush …

My best friend at university was called Janette. We met in the first week and quickly developed a strong friendship based on a shared sense of humor and a connection that gave us the ability to talk about anything. We became soul mates. But we were an odd couple; Janette was lovely and had this confident grace underlined her sexuality. On the other hand, I was nerdish and fundamentally timid, with little self-confidence. I was still a virgin.

During our drunken late-night discussions, she asked why I never had a girlfriend and lacked confidence with women. She said it puzzled her because I was so at ease with her. With alcohol lowering inhibitions, I confessed to her that I wasn’t well blessed, which made me nervous about meeting women. She giggled and said that all boys think that and asked how big I was. I was too ashamed to answer, but she was persistent, and I knew that having gone this far, she wouldn’t let me off without telling.

Shamefully I confessed, “It’s only four inches. Well, it’s less. It’s three and three-quarter inches.”

She laughed and said it wasn’t that small and I shouldn’t be worried as that was around average. She said her boyfriend was big, as he had six inches. I felt happy with her response, but then she said, “Anyway, what does it grow to? My boyfriend’s six inches grows to over nine when I play with it.”

She said this with a very sexy grin and was doing her best to boost my confidence.

I was devastated, and I felt intensely embarrassed. She sensed something was wrong, and I had to sheepishly explain that three and three-quarter inches are my ERECT size.

She, too, became very embarrassed, apologizing for her mistake and saying she was so sorry she had mentioned her boyfriend’s measurements. A long silence ensued, then she couldn’t resist a giggle and said cheekily, “It is small, isn’t it?” then she kissed me on my cheek and said, “Never mind, it doesn’t matter to some women.”

However, as she left my room, the suppressed giggling I heard from her as she walked down the corridor left me with no doubt that it mattered to her.

As our friendship continued, I realized I loved Janette. I wanted her so much. But I hid it and never told her. I knew I could never have her, and telling would only destroy our friendship and take her out of my life. One day she told me that one of the girls at her house was moving out, and she asked if I wanted the room. I said I would like to look at it and played along casually. Inside I was overjoyed at the thought of moving into her house. The other girls knew me and were happy for me to move in.

On the day I took the room, Janette was away with her boyfriend. I unpacked my things, settled in, and went into town for the evening. When I returned, I went to bed, but I always found sleeping difficult in new surroundings. I was restless and couldn’t sleep. After two am, I heard the front door bang, and footsteps came up the stairs. It was Janette and Tom coming home from a disco.

There was a series of noises as they moved around their room, and I heard a few drunken giggles from Janette. Then it went quiet. I drifted off to sleep but heard a soft moan and giggle. Then I heard Janette say, “Tom, let me take these knickers off. Tom, don’t be silly, don’t… Ahhhhh!”

I was suddenly wide awake, adrenaline pumping, my senses becoming more acute.

“Yes, Tom, come on—Aaaaaaagh—Aaah!”

My head started to spin. I couldn’t believe how I could hear what was happening next door. Then I realized that the room had probably been divided up from a larger one into two to get more students in. They had just done it with cheap plasterboard. The effect was that apart from seeing them, I might as well have been in the same room as Janette and Tom.

It then hit me. The woman I loved was going to be fucked. There was nothing I could do but lie there and hear every detail of Tom taking my Janette.

Tom started to pound into her, and her gasps became heavier. He was fucking her and fucking her hard. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I grabbed my dick and started to pull in time with their rhythms. As I pulled my dick, I remembered that he was nearly three times my size. That thought made my spunk fly, and I lay there worthless and spent as Tom thrust on relentlessly, pushing harder until my Janette cried out in ecstasy and abandon. I felt ashamed that I had masturbated while listening to her cries. I fell asleep feeling pathetic, knowing why I was a virgin. I fell asleep after hearing Tom pounding into her for a second time.

For the next two nights, I put up with this torture. The agony of knowing what a real man was doing to my dear Janette. A week later, Tom was to stay the night again. I was talking to Janette in my room that day when she told me jokingly that she might just let him have his way with her.

I made an off-the-cuff remark, “Yes, and then again.”

She froze, looked at me, and spent a few seconds, her mind racing. I could not look her in the eye. “You listen to us? You dirty bastard, you listen to us?”

She stormed out, and I couldn’t follow.

I tried to say, “But it isn’t my fault—” but I knew that I had masturbated listening to them, which was a betrayal of her.

She left the house without saying any more. I had a miserable day, thoughts going through my head as to what I should say to her, how I could explain. That night they came back from the disco early. I was in bed reading. The same general moving around noises was happening. I was thinking about how I had denied her pleasure. They would not make love now or be very restrained and quiet. Then it started.

“Tom—Ahhhh—ohhhh!” she moaned in pleasure.

They seemed as loud as before. I was surprised but thought that she must have forgotten her drunkenness. I was to hear the torture again. I resisted touching my dick now. I felt so guilty.

Then I hear, “Tom, oh God—it’s so BIG—Ooh yeah, I love it.”

The pounding began. Janette never stopped talking, moaning, and screaming as Tom fucked her. She encouraged him, coaxed him, and praised him. She was louder than before, more vocal. By the time I had heard her plead for his ‘BIG FAT COCK’ I knew that my torture was now deliberate. Every other moan seemed to end with her saying he was so big. I masturbated again but came in seconds.

I lay there destroyed, my little dick shrinking while hearing Janette fucking wildly next door. She was punishing me in a way she knew would have maximum effect. She was punishing me in the way she would have the most fun. She wasn’t even suppressing her giggles now.

I look back on this incident now with some hilarity. My first `wife watching’ experience involved neither a wife nor a girlfriend; unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch.


This is a small sample of SPH Experiences posted here for the last seven years. I want to thank everyone for having the courage to share your experiences because it helps us all see that we are not alone in what we go through in this ‘size matters’ world. We wouldn’t have this site if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you.


Submit Your SPH Experiences.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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