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by anon

I sat in my room gripping my erect cock as the pictures were displayed on my computer screen. It had taken me ages to get all the pictures but now I had I was intending to enjoy them whenever I could.

The first few were all my female friends smiling and posing, the next few were from the beach, all of them in swimsuits and then came the ones I’d had to work for. Upskirts, downblouses, and the ones I’d gotten from hiding my webcam in the hall’s shower room.

Vicky, Laura, Jane and Angie all there for me. All different but all objects of desire. Living with them had been sweet torment, catching glimpses of them in nighties and in skimpy clothes, even once watching Laura change without her knowing. I’d memorise it all and then wank over it when I got to my room.

But term was coming to an end, how was I to manage over the holidays? The idea hit me while I jerked off over Jane’s facebook pictures. I should get some pictures.

I’d collected my pictures from nights out, when the girls were all tarted up- schoolgirls, superheroines, cheerleaders. Then there was the beach trip from the previous summer, and now the webcam.

I had more than enough for a good few wanks and that was thanks to the webcam. I’d caught them all:

Vicky with her small pert tits and cute little ass, all in in one small package. She’d looked the best as a schoolgirl, her body suited the look, she was like the white shirted girls you see at bus stops every day. Not to mention that she was open about sex, a flirt and a filthy bitch by all acounts.

Jane’s brown skin with her boobs, which always seemed to big for her slender frame, with big thick nipples on the end, almost black. She was the only one who didn’t shave, a small dark bush above her sex showed in the pictures. Her exotic skintone made me want her even more, a contrast to the white girls I’d had before.

Curvaceous Laura, big, juicy breasts that caught your attention even when she wore baggy t-shirts, wide hips and a nice big arse. The one most like my “type”- busty and voluptuous, my longest crush of the four.

Angie, the biggest of the group, a massive arse, pale skinned like a doll and small, firm breasts. I knew what they said about fat birds being dirty and in my mind’s eye, Angie was as dirty as they come.

A week of photos of them undressing, showering and drying off. Tits, ass, bush I had it all on my laptop.

There was a knock on my door and I closed the window and slipped my cock inside my shorts.


I turned to see Vicky coming through the door, dressed in knee-high boots, a short PVC mini skirt and a boob tube.

God bless tarts and vicars night!

I smiled and ogled her, Vicky let me, of all the girls Vicky was the biggest pricktease.

“Father, you better get dressed, we’ll be going out soon.”

I laughed “Okay.”

“You think this is tarty enough?” Vicky said looking over her shoulder at me.

“Oh, yeah”

“I’m guessing someone will spend the evening in his seat ogling the ladies.” She laughed and left.

I quickly stripped, pulled on my bathrobe and walked to the shower room.

I resisted the temptation to jerk off right there, knowing I’d have plenty by the night’s end.

I rinsed myself off, stepped out and dried myself, before pulling on the robe and heading back to my room.

I opened the door and closed it behind me, locking it. I turned back and saw them-

Vicky in my swivel chair, sitting to one side of my laptop, the other three all sitting in a row on my bed. Dressed like cheap tarts but with a look of contempt in their eyes.

“What’s going on?” I asked nervously.

Vicky smiled, an evil, knowing smile that turned me on a little but worried me at the same time.

“I came in here to borrow that book, and when I saw this folder called ‘spank bank’ I was curious. I didn’t realise I’d be one of the stars!”

I froze, they’d found me out.

“Oh, god- I-”

Vicky raised a hand imperiously to silence me.

“And then we decided to take some pictures for ourselves.”

She clicked something and on screen was a full frontal shot of me having just stepped out of the shower.

They’d been watching me. I blushed bright red.

“Awww, he’s embarassed!” Jane giggled

“So would I be, with a dick that small.” Laura said cruelly, smiling as a shark does to a sardine.

“Oh, like I said, Gem, you can’t tell when they’re soft, he could have a whopper.” Vicky said, laughing, clearly doubting this.

I wondered if this was some awful dream, as my face burned redder.

“Only one way to find out.” Angie said, she turned to me “Take off the robe.”

I stammered something but they laughed.

“Come on, Chris. We’ve already e-mailed ourselves these pictures, so do as we say or everyone will see that little bitty willy” Angie said.

“And those big, saggy tits.” Vicky added which set them all off again.

I blushed, I was a big guy, with a large gut and man-boobs which embarassed me deeply. Tears stung my eyes-

“Please, no.”

“Then take off the robe.” Vicky said, she was clearly in charge and she leant back in my chair, crossing her legs.

Slowly, I eased off the robe and let it fall to the floor, instantly trying to cover myself with cupped hands.

“No-no, move the hands, Chris” Vicky said sternly.

“I don’t think you really need two anyway” Laura said, smiling that evil taunting smile again.

I moved my hands. There was a mocking cheer as my limp manhood was revealed.

“Aww, its like a penis, only smaller.”

“How cute!!”

Oddly under their mocking gaze my cock twitched and lengthened slightly.

“Oh, look the monster’s waking up!” Vicky said slyly.

“I think he likes our costumes.” Jane said.

“Show us how big that thing can get.” Vicky said before adding- “But don’t you dare cum!”

“Come on, Chris, show us just how much you like our costumes.” Angie cooed.

I gripped my semi erect cock and started slowly rubbing it, in seconds I was rock hard. Who could blame me? Despite the embarassment, I was faced with four women in short skirts, fishnets and tight, low cut and skimpy tops. I looked at each one in turn, Laura’s massive mammaries straining against her corset, Angie’s cleavage in her top and Jane’s slender legs that went all the way up to the extremely small hotpants. And then Vicky, who sat there, in the boots and boob tube, that awfully sexy smile still on her lips.

I released my cock and it stood there, pointing right at them, throbbing with desire.

“Is that it?” Laura said incredulously.

Jane giggled “Its nothing to write home about, is it.”

“Its hardly suprising, it would explain why he’s in here playing with himself all the time. No woman would lower herself to fuck that!” Vicky said harshly. “Hell, they wouldn’t even touch it!”

I was embarassed but even more turned on.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Angie said softly. “Its been a while, I might touch it.”

I looked up, Angie was smiling at me.

“Would you like that, Chris?”

I nodded and Angie rose to her feet, the others watched, giggling. She walked to me, those wide hips swinging.

“I knew you’d been checking me out.” Angie purred. “Was it these?”

She smiled running her hands over her tits.

My cock twitched.

“No, I think it was this.” She turned, revealing that big, fat ass that had hypnotised me for weeks. She bent forward, the skirt riding up to show the pink thong stretched across her flesh. She glanced over her shoulder at me- “Yes, thats it isn’t it?”

She walked behind me, reaching around to slowly cup and fondle my balls.

“You like my ass don’t you?”


“Remember what you called the picture of it?”

“No.” I moaned, her hands doing their work on my swollen, cum filled balls.

She leant in and whispered in my ear “You called it, ‘fatass’.”

Suddenly she gripped my testicles tightly and twisted them. I couldn’t stop myself from crying out. “Me fat? Have you looked in a mirror recently, boob-boy?”

She released my balls and pushed me onto the bed. The others dived out of the way and surrounded me. I lay there, my balls aching, but my cock still ramrod straight, as the four objects of my desire surrounded me.

“Oh, Chris, we’re going to have lots of fun with you” Vicky whispered, and again flashed the smile.

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