The Teeny Peeny

By Anon.

Chapter 1

From the beginning of our relationship, Sandra had known about my little kinks. She saw me for the first time running nervously from tree to tree in a public park not wearing a stitch of clothing. For as long as I can remember I have be obsessed with being naked in a place where I might be seen. It is something about it being so wrong, and the surprised look on the people’s faces when they see a naked boy in a place they would never expect to see one. It makes me sooooo squirmy and horny!

Before I describe myself, let me mention that I know I have a smallish penis. But it actually matches my body perfectly! When it’s soft, it doesn’t dangle, the pink head and just a little bit of the shaft poke out almost straight. Twin marble sized balls are usually pulled up pretty snugly in a pretty little pink sack. When it gets excited, it pokes up to almost three inches, that’s about as big as my first finger.

As I said before, I think it matches my body perfectly. Standing right about five foot four, and not quite breaking the 125 pound mark, I am not the usual size of a 22 year old boy. My butt is cute and bubbles out a little bit, and it wiggles when I run. Bright blue eyes that I’ve been told look innocent. My wavy hair is light brown and hangs to just about my shoulders, this has always driven my mother crazy, she insists that it makes me look like a girl. Not that I mind, most times I think of myself more as a girl than a boy anyway.

This might be hard to understand, but I have found myself attracted to both men and women. I have the hardest time imagining sticking my little penis in someone. So my attraction to women is more of a motherly kind of thing. I guess my own mother spoiled me, not sexually or anything, she took really good care of me while growing up. And having not left home until a few months ago, she still called daily to check on me. Now when I see a lady who looks anything like her, I can’t help but imagine her taking care of me. This is where Sandra comes in.

There I was running from tree to tree, not wearing a thing, not even shoes. Even to this day, I get nervous and embarrassed when I am out flashing, but there is no way I would want to stop doing it. My plan had been to make it all the way around the small park. I had seen only three groups of people scattered around before ducking into the trees. I only made it about a quarter of the way around when I saw her standing beside a bench really close to where I started out. She stood there looking right at me, smiling. I know I blushed deeper than usual, most women will either laugh or look away after seeing me. But Sandra just kept staring.

After breaking the trance she placed me in, I saw her pointing to the bench. Lowering my gaze, I saw all of my clothes in a neat pile. They had been hidden in the trees not far from her. Biting my lip and quivering, I saw her smile brighten and wag her finger at me in a come hither manner.

Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I’m not stupid, I knew there was always the possibility of being caught, and even worse, being arrested. But I tried to be as careful as I could. Now here I was, in the middle of a sunny day, in a public park not wearing a thing. With no other choice, my car keys were in my pants pocket, I blushed more than ever and kept to the trees as I made my way back toward her.

As I got closer and closer my mind was running wild. Trying to think of different ways to get out of this, all the different things she might say to me when I got close enough, all of the terrible things that could happen to me if she were a police woman. Through it all, my lil penis never softened a bit. Even though I felt like I was going to throw up.

Taking the last dash between trees, standing less than ten feet away from her now, I poked my head out and got my first good look at her. She was older than me, I later learned she is almost eighteen years older. She was dressed tastefully in khaki shorts, a baby blue t-shirt and white tennis shoes. She had a large chest, wide hips and her honey blonde hair was pulled back. Immediately I imaged her taking care of me. She looked so much like my own mother. The helpless feeling I had added to this I’m sure.

She didn’t say a word, she just stood beside my pile of clothes and looked at me and the tree I was hiding behind. In my squeaky, naturally high pitch, I politely asked for my clothes. She smiled brighter than ever, left my clothes behind on the bench and walked toward me. She stopped about 5 feet from me. I stood kind of facing her, covering my penis with my hands and squeezing my thighs together. On the verge of either making a break for the bench or bursting out in tears, but not doing anything for some reason

“Well, aren’t you a shameless little thing.” This wasn’t a question. Her voice sent a chill running up my spine that made me shiver. My chin dropped. “Running around naked as the day you were born.”

She closed the distance between us, setting her finger with its long, perfectly manicured fingernail under my chin and lifting it until I looked up into her eyes. At this point I realized how much taller she was. She must have stood 5’10 or taller. As our eyes met, the whole situation must have gotten to me as a tear formed and rolled down my cheek. She quietly whispered, “It’s okay sweetheart, you aren’t in trouble. There, there, I’m Sandra and everything is going to be alright.”

With this, she took my naked body in her arms and hugged me. My skinny arms wrapped around her and I hugged her back before I even had time to think about what I was doing. She held me there and whispered such sweet things to me. I tried to tell her I was okay, but she kept sush’ing me. Her warm, soft hands sliding up and down my bare back had me squirming in her arms.

All too soon, the hug broke, and when it did, she held my hand firmly. This left me only one free hand to cover myself. Sandra looked down at me, smiled sweetly and told me there was no need to hide myself. After all, she had already seen me.

Slowly my hand moved to my side, exposing my very stiff and excited penis. Sandra’s eyes locked down on my lil penis, never had anyone seen me up so close before. A smile spread across her face, the kind of smile I hadn’t seen before. She gently laid a single fingernail on my bare thigh.

Goosebumps rose on my tingling skin and my lil penis jumped when her solitary fingernail slowly drug from my thigh clear up to just below my nipple. I couldn’t help but giggle. Before this giggle even stopped, she took a step out toward the middle of the park. I tried to remain where I was, but her firm grip on my hand drug me out from behind my tree.

With that warm smile, she said, “Sweetie, we’re just going for a walk, no need to be nervous.”

Feeling helpless again, and regretting not making a break for it when I had the chance. I took a timid step toward her and glanced around quickly. The same three groups of people were scattered around. My hand shot down and I covered myself bashfully. I took one step after another until we stood on the main pathway around the inner part of the park. Thankfully, the thick trees hid everything from the roads.

As she slowly led me around the park, she told me things that made sense at that moment. She told me this was the reason I was out, to be seen by strangers, wasn’t it? And I was so cute that I should show myself off. She pointed out each group of people and told me how I would make their whole day with this walk. She went on about how seeing me had definitely made her day, if not her week. Over and over she reminded me not to cover myself with my hand. Eventually, Sandra had me feeling much more comfortable about being naked in a public park.

Even from a distance, I felt eyes watching me from all around the park. Shivers of excitement shot throughout my body. My lil penis was so stiff, it was leaking like crazy making the pink head glisten in the sunshine.

My stomach started doing somersaults as we got close to three elderly men sitting around a picnic table. The conversation at that table stopped when we got within twenty feet of them. My chin was down, looking at my bare feet on the sidewalk beyond my lil penis. That lil penis was standing straight up, pushing against my trimmed pubic hair. Of course Sandra had me on the inside of the sidewalk, closest to them. When I glanced up, I saw all three of them staring at my bare body.

One of the men started to say something about taking me home, but Sandra cut him off. She politely told him that we were just out for a walk. She said more after that, but I can’t remember what. Because when she started talking, she turned me to face them, let go of my hand and laid it on my bare bottom. One of her long fingers was nestling between my cheeks. I popped up on my tip toes when the pad of her finger gently pushed between my cheeks and brushed against my hole.

My eyes popped open wide and a high pitched squeak escaped my lips. The men around the table stared so hard at me. Sandra gave them a few moments in silence to devour me with their eyes before taking my hand and leading me further around the park.

When we were out of earshot, Sandra asked in her sugary sweet voice, “Did your lil peepee almost squirt its juice in front of those old men back there?”

With a moan I answered, “Yes.”

We started walking slowly again while she told me she felt my lil wrinkled hole quiver and knew I was really close. She leaned down close to my ear and whispered that she might take care of it for me, if I were just as good on the rest of our walk.

This gave me something to think about, never had I had an orgasm with someone else. It had always been just me and my fingers. I knew right away, that I would do what it would take to earn my prize.

The next bench we passed had a couple in their late twenties or early thirties. They only stared as we passed. I didn’t think to even lower my chin or attempt to cover myself. Both the man and woman first stared at my bouncing lil penis, then my bouncing bottom as we walked away from them.

Sandra didn’t even wait until we were far enough from them to not hear before praising me loudly, “You did so good! You didn’t cover up or look away or anything! I’m so proud of you!” Her praise continued until we nearly reached a picnic table with four women about her age sitting around it.

We hadn’t even reached the table when one woman asked, “Out for a walk today?”

Sandra waited until we were right next to their table before answering. She turned both of us to face the women before answering. “Yes we are. It is such a nice day I thought some sunshine would do us both some good.”

The table broke out in quiet laughter and giggles. Then another of the ladies asked where my clothes were. Sandra answered so calmly and without hesitation. She told them all that she had a hard time ever keeping me dressed. We moved a step closer to the table while Sandra kept talking. She giggled with the ladies when she whispered that I didn’t have much to hide anyway.

Blushing and feeling about an inch high, I looked over and up into Sandra’s smiling eyes. She patted my bare bottom while moving behind me. Unable to look back at her, I was forced to stare at the three ladies around the table. I only managed to make eye contact for a second before looking down at the sidewalk. Her hands never left my skin. Wanting to run away and hide, to get out of there anyway I could. It must have been my terminally stiff penis that kept me in place.

Sandra’s arms circled around me, her hands gently caressed me in front of them. My hips would grind or lurk forward every time her fingertips neared my penis. I had never been so turned on before in my life.

The three ladies kept talking and asking questions. They talked about me as if I weren’t even there. When one of the three ladies mentioned the cute, shiney, pink head of my penis, the entire conversation turned to how horny I looked standing there.

This is when Sandra’s fingertips slowly snaked their way directly toward my throbbing lil penis. I looked into the eyes of these women while thier eyes wandered from my penis to my face and back again.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when Sandra’s first finger and thumb lightly pinched down and held me. Quivering as I stood there, Sandra began to very slowly slide her fingers up and down. Telling the ladies to watch closely this won’t last long, I squirt so easily.

Having no idea how she knew, in less than ten strokes, my whole body went super tight. I fell back against Sandra and my eyes squeezed tightly shut. My toes curled up tight and my arms flailed around wildly at my sides. My lil balls pulled up tight, then popped inside me while I squealed at the top of my lungs. Then my penis squirted its juice in four blasts onto the sidewalk in front of my audience.

In the wake of my first orgasm at another person’s hand, I stayed leaded back against Sandra trying to catch my breath and calm down. Not even aware of the conversation going on around me. The warm sun shining down on me, Sandra’s arms holding me from behind, my head nestled between her boobs, it felt so perfect.

When I recovered, I became extremely self conscious, this isn’t anything unusual. I reached down to cover myself up, but Sandra’s arms kept them away. After quickly finishing up their conversation, she took my hand and lead me further down the sidewalk. While we walked, she told me how much those ladies had enjoyed my little show. She went on to apologize to me, just in case she hurt my feelings when she talked about me back there.

In a daze, and knowing I was completely in love with her, how could I possibly be upset with her? After all, every word she said was true. Even if, when she spoke them, I was more embarrassed than I had ever been before. I quickly answered that I wasn’t mad or upset.

In no time at all, we were standing at the bench where the adventure had begun. I even surprised myself when I didn’t make a single move to pick up my clothes or cover myself with Sandra’s eyes wandering up and down me.

Just as I was about to try and say goodbye, Sandra looked into my eyes. Actually she looked deeper than that, it felt like she saw the real me behind my eyes. Tilting her head to the side, she whispered, “You are just adorable.”

“Where do you live sweetheart?”

I didn’t hesitate to tell her my exact address.

“Do you live alone?”

I answered that I did.

With this she smiled warmly. Bending down and scooping up my clothes, she stood back up and looked down into my eyes. She told me that she really enjoyed our time together and couldn’t imagine it ending so soon. While she spoke, the first finger of her free hand rolled around on the slippery head of my lil penis, coating her finger with whatever was left of my orgasm and precum juices.

Sandra slowly raised her shiny finger right in front of my eyes while asking if I would like to spend a little more time with her. Before I could answer, she began to slide her fingertip along my lips. I couldn’t help but moan and part my lips for her. After generously painting my lips, she withdrew her finger and licked it clean.

Staring into her eyes with pure love, and licking my own lips, I whimpered softly that I never wanted our time together to end. She smiled so warmly, it made me feel dizzy.

Sandra took my hand and led me off toward my car. I tried to figure out how she knew which way to go, but I realized that we must be parked near each other. After all, she had stood so close to where I started with my clothes earlier in the day. We broke past the trees and I became exposed to the street and houses, I got nervous again.

Trying to cover myself with my hands and blushing furiously. Sandra released my hand, patted my bottom and told me to relax. No one was in their yards across the street from what I could tell, and the traffic was sporadic. What cars did drive by, definitely saw me. Horns would honk and I could see every eye in every car staring at me walking along the outside of the park.

Sandra stopped beside a Lincoln Towncar and told me this was hers. I pointed to an older Toyota Corolla and let her know that was mine. She paused and thought for a moment before she asked where my keys were. After I told her, she fished them out of my pocket and we walked back to my car. Before stepping off the curb, Sandra looking down into my eyes and asked me if I trusted her.

Having no idea what she was up to, but knowing my answer without even having to think about it, I told her that I did. She giggled and told me to wait where I was. Stepping off the curb, she opened the trunk and laid all my clothes inside. Looking back at me and showing me the keys, she shut it, locking my clothes away. Before even coming back toward me, she slipped my keys into her pocket.

Now, I thought I had felt helpless before, but this situation put a whole new meaning to that word. I saw her smile that warm smile before coming back to me, taking my hand and leading me to her car. I wanted to ask where she was taking me to. I wanted to ask when I would come back and get my car. I wanted to ask so many questions, but I didn’t utter a sound. I had told her I trusted her, and I meant it.

Sandra kept hold of my hand as I stepped off the curb into the street just as a carload of people my age drove by. They repeatedly honked the horn and shouted out rude things from the window. Sandra made a comment about how a kid couldn’t appreciate a cutie like me. Her comments seemed to always make me feel better.

She unlocked and held the passenger’s door open for me as I slipped into her plush car. Leaning down, she said with such excitement, “We are going to have so much fun together!”

After buckling me in, the door shut. It dawned on me how helpless I truly was. No identification, no car keys, no nothing! But watching her walk casually around the car, keeping eye contact with me the whole way, I relaxed a little.


Chapter 2

As Sandra drove her plush Lincoln TownCar along the streets, I squirmed in the passengers seat. Between all the cars passing by and her occasional glances at my bare body, it kept me excited during the whole drive.

The silence during the drive made me feel very uncomfortable. I tried to say something about having never been out on a street or in a car naked before. She just smiled and giggled softly while laying her soft, warm hand on my thigh halfway between my knee and my hip. She turned and smiled again when she felt goose bumps pop up under her fingertips.

After this, the conversation seemed to flow more smoothly. It was a pretty one-sided conversation, she would ask questions and I would answer. Most of her questions seemed to be about my family, actually my mom. She was the only family I had.

After a brief pause in the conversation, she requested in her soft loving voice, “Reach into my purse down there sweetie and get my phone.”

My back arched and I think I moaned a little as I stammered, “You, you will want to call me after today?” I bit my lower lip and looked over to her, praying that she would say ‘yes’.

She pulled up to a stoplight and removed her hand from my thigh and moved it up behind my neck. She just held me there, looking right into my eyes and said, “Oh baby doll, of course I will call you after today. I think I may have had more fun that you did so far. Is it okay with you if I call you?”

My heart pounded in my chest and I felt my whole body flush with excitement. I squirmed in the passengers seat as I squeaked, “YES!” After hearing how loudly I said that, I blushed and sort of hunched over in the seat with embarrassment.

“It’s okay baby, I’m excited about our relationship too. There is nothing you will ever have to be embarrassed about with me. Do you understand?” As she spoke those words so calmly, I couldn’t help but feel even more love for her.

After calming down a little, I played with her phone until I got my number in there. Before saving it I saw another line for my email address. Looking up at her concentrating on the road, I quietly asked if I should put my email in there too.

Her hand still caressed the back of my neck as she replied that “it might be a good idea”. After saving my information, I moved to put her phone back in her purse. Sandra stopped me before I could. In a very serious voice she told me it might be a good idea if I put my mother’s information in there too, just in case something happened to me.

Holding the phone in my hand as my mind ran wild with what she might do with my mom’s phone number. She might call her up and tell her how she found me running around a park naked. Or she could tell my mom about how I squirted right in front of ladies I didn’t even know. Or Sandra could tell her how I drove home with her not wearing a thing.

Sandra’s soft whisper broke my train of thought. “Oh, I think your little ‘dolly’ likes the idea of me having your mommy’s phone number.”

I looked up into her eyes, not realizing what she was talking about. She took her hand from my neck and slowly lowered it until the pad of her first finger rolled around on the slippery pink head of my little penis. She whispered again, “THIS is your dolly. And just look how excited it is. It even jumped when I asked you for your mommy’s number.”

I was confused and hurt and am not able to express how I felt at that moment. Feeling as if I may cry again, I asked why she called it a ‘dolly’. Her explanation was honest and simple, it hurt my feelings, but it was honest. She explained that it was no where big enough to be a cock, hearing her say that word made me shiver. She went on to tell me that it was even small for a penis.

“And baby, you are so cute and sweet just like a dolly. So I think that’s what we should call it. No more discussion, it’s your little dolly from now on.” Her voice was firm, not scary firm, just enough to let me know not to argue.

I’ve always known my ‘dolly’ was small, but after having been named that, I felt it to be absolutely tiny. Just as I felt tears forming in my eyes, she stopped me from feeling sorry for myself. She reminded me to put all of my mommy’s information in her phone. My eyes had been lowered when she said that, and she was right, when she mentioned my ‘mommy’ my dolly jumped, hard.

Biting my lip and squirming in my seat like crazy while I typed in her name and phone number. No even allowed to think about it, she told me not to forget her email address. I thought for a brief moment about telling her I didn’t know it, but couldn’t bring myself to lie to her.

I hesitated before pressing the save button, knowing this couldn’t be changed. Having just met Sandra earlier that day, I was placing all of my trust in her. I squeezed my eyes shut and hoped for the best as I pressed the button. I slowly closed the phone and slipped in back in her purse where I found it.

I looked up to the road just as Sandra was pulling into a pretty big two story home. Her hand slipped back down to my thigh and she smiled that warm smile while telling me we were home. The car stopped halfway up the long driveway. Sandra pulled the keys from the ignition, leaned over and slipped them into her purse before taking it in her hand.

“Why don’t you run up and wait for me by the front door. I am going to get the mail real quick.” Before she even finished speaking, her door was open and was stepping out. Before the door closed behind her, she leaned back into the car and reminded me not to cover up in a very cheerful voice.

My eyes popped open wide with nervousness, never had I seriously considered walking around in a neighbourhood naked. A park was one thing, but a neighbourhood? My eyes shot up and down the street, not seeing anyone close by, I quickly opened my door, stepped out and felt the warm sunshine and a light breeze on my naked body. I quickly shut the door before dashing up to her front door. My stiff dolly was bouncing around with every step I took. Remembering what she said, I kept my hands to my sides the whole way. Once I reached the door, I stood facing it, and looked over my shoulder for Sandra.

I saw her walking toward me slowly, smiling as usual. My mind was reeling. I had only met this lady a few hours ago, and I already felt extremely close to her. The little pet names she had taken to calling me, even though I had told her my name twice didn’t bother me a bit. Honestly, those cute little names made me feel, well, they made me feel special. Even the name she chose for my little penis, ‘dolly’ wasn’t bothering me after a few moments had passed. Without even thinking about it, I knew I would put up with any of her little quirks as long as I could be with her.

As Sandra neared the sidewalk to the front door, a car passed by in the street and I squealed and shivered. Sandra laughed behind me and I looked back over my shoulder at her. She was walking slowly up the driveway, her eyes casually wandering over every inch of my bare backside. Chills shot through my body while I watched her eyes examining me. Out of impulse I almost reached forward and covered my very stiff and throbbing dolly. Sandra’s eyes narrowed, she knew what I was about to do. Catching myself at the last moment, I quickly raised my arms up and laced my fingers together behind my head. I was concentrating so hard on not covering up and staring at the door, not wanting to look back into her eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity, I felt and heard her step up right behind me. Sandra stood so close behind me I could feel her warm breath on my naked skin. I almost jumped when I felt her warm, soft hands on my bare hips. She must have leaned in even closer when I heard her whisper softly in my ear, “Such a good little one. You almost tried to cover up, but you didn’t. I would have hated to have to call your mommy so soon and tell her you had been naughty.”

All I could do was moan softly. My hips ground around in a circle and my back arched. Every time she even mentioned my mom, I just got more excited. I know I should have been worried or embarrassed, but I wasn’t. Sandra’s hands and fingers were caressing my hips and the upper part of my bare cheeks.

Sandra whispered again after letting me consider what she had just said for a moment. “I think someone deserves a prize. Spread your legs a little bit sweetie.”

Of course I did as I was asked, spreading my feet apart and even going wider when she asked me to.

“Perfect.” She hissed in my ear. “Now lean forward, put your hands on the door.” She waited until I had done that before going on. “You are such a good baby doll, always doing as you’re told. Now sweetheart, would you like Auntie Sandra to rub your dolly again?”

Whimpering softly, my back arched even deeper while my hips ground around so lewdly. Not caring at all that I was standing outside at the time. My voice was cracking as I whimpered, “Yes.”

In that cheerful, sugary sweet voice of hers she chirped, “Yes WHO, Baby doll?”

Standing on her doorstep naked, so involved with Sandra and my thoughts on the way here I didn’t even know where I was. And to top it all off, I was more turned on than I ever thought possible. I played along with her auntie game, needing her to touch me again. My voice squeaked in a higher pitched voice than usual, “Yes please, Auntie Sandra!”

One of her hands slid closer to my very excited dolly, the other slid up my body, tickling me the whole way, making me squirm around while I jerked away from her feathery light touch. Without even touching my dolly, the first finger of the other hand traced my lips. When that finger pressed against me, I parted my lips and sucked on her finger as if it was the natural thing to do. The hand near my dolly pulled my hips back toward her, and I felt her pants against my bare cheeks. Another moan slipped through my lips when Auntie Sandra began to grind her hips against my bare bottom.

Her voice was raspier than before when she said, “Oh my, you are excited for Auntie’s touch aren’t you.” She slid that finger in and out of my mouth until it was perfectly slippery. Slowly, she slid the finger from my mouth and without letting the wet digit touch my skin; she slowly slid her hand down my chest.

In the softest whisper I could imagine, I heard her ask, “Are you ready for your prize baby doll?” With no time to answer, she looped the first finger and thumb around my dolly, not moving at all, just holding it. The hand with the finger I had moistened moved around between us, and quickly slipped between my cheeks. The sensation of that warm wet finger against my wrinkled hole made me see stars. Gasping for a breath, my hips bucked back against her.

That soft, sweet whisper filled my ears again, “It’s okay sweetie, Auntie Sandra will never hurt you.” While she spoke, I felt her finger shift around between my cheeks. Then, ever so slowly and gently, I felt the slippery, warm finger press against my virginal hole until it popped open and her finger began to slip inside.

While slowly working her finger into me deeper and deeper, I squirmed around, whimpering and my voice making squeaky sounds. The fingers of her other hand still only held my little dolly, as if she were protecting it.

Whispering in my ear again, “Does that feel good? Oh, yes it does. Auntie knows what makes her baby feel good, doesn’t she.” By now she was sliding her finger in and out of me, holding my dolly with her other hand. I can honestly say I have never felt so special before.

“Now sweetie, I want you to do something for me. Close your eyes and just listen to my voice.”

My eyes fluttered shut, while my little hole quivered around her finger and my dolly throbbed and leaked its juice onto her fingers. Well beyond the point of thinking clearly, I did as I was told.

“You love your Auntie Sandra don’t you sweetie. I know you do.”

My hips were grinding back onto her finger, each time her finger sunk in deep, I popped up on my tiptoes and made squeaky noises.

“Did you know that Auntie Sandra doesn’t like her baby to keep secrets from her? I know you are a good baby and don’t want to upset your Auntie do you. No, you don’t.” her voice was almost hypnotic. Her finger slowly pumped in and out of my wrinkled hole, and I stayed on my tiptoes as I got closer and closer to squirting.

“I know something else baby. I know that your mommy would be so proud of you right now. She would also be jealous. Because I bet, she would LOVE to be me right now.”

Unable to hold back any longer, every muscle in my body went super tight. My head tossed itself back and I felt the warm sunshine on my face. My bottom squeezed down on her finger so tight, and those strange squeaky noises slipped through my lips again. Just as my body began to shudder, my little dolly throbbed so hard and squirted its juice onto the ground at her front door.

Auntie Sandra’s hand left my dolly as she reached and opened her front door. The orgasm, hands down the most powerful of my life left me in a daze. I don’t even remember stepping into her home.


Chapter 3

Standing in Auntie Sandra’s living room, who wasn’t really my Auntie, not wearing a stitch of clothing, with her eyes studying every nook and cranny of my body made me quiver all over. Her eyes on me were enough to keep my ‘dolly’ all stiff and excited. She had already made me squirt my juice twice that day, the first at the park in front of ladies neither of us knew, the second, only moments before standing at her front door.

Sandra sat in the middle of a plush leather couch, still wearing those khaki shorts, baby blue t-shirt and white tennis shoes. Her large chest rose and fell with each breath she took. The bumps of her nipples beneath the cotton of her t-shirt slowly danced before my eyes hypnotically. Sandra’s wide hips almost completely covered one of the cushions on the couch. The way her honey blonde hair was pulled back, and the calm, proud look in her eyes kept me at ease. I had helped her to move the coffee table out of the way so I could stand in the middle of the room.

The questioning session from the drive to her home had started again. The questions had started out innocently enough. She mostly quizzed me on my childhood with my mother. Just hearing Auntie Sandra, say the word ‘mommy’ made me quiver and my ‘dolly’ jump. Part of the reason was because I had fantasies about my mother, not entirely sexual fantasies. They were more of a “caring for me” kind of fantasy.

Other reasons for my constant arousal when I was near her were because of the similarity she had to my mother. That and the fact that she had made me squirt twice in one day. And up until this morning, I had only brought myself to orgasm.

After a barrage of questions about my mother and my feelings toward her, Sandra stood up suddenly and excused herself. I was left standing naked in a strange living room with nothing to put on, and no idea how to get home. Just when I was getting really panicked, Auntie Sandra returned carrying a camera.

Biting my lip and almost covering myself up, but catching myself at the last moment. Auntie Sandra had reminded me more than once not to cover up. She insisted I was too cute to hide. As she sat back down on the couch, she smiled brightly at me while fiddling with the camera.

“Oh sweetheart, there is no need to be nervous. I am just going to take a few pictures of my little sweetie! Just relax baby. Why don’t you dance for me while we talk?” With that said she reached over and picked up a remote control, the room filled with soft music with the click of a button.

With the camera still sitting by her side, I didn’t know what else to do, so I began to dance for her. I have never been to a formal dance before, nor had I ever danced with a girl before at that time. But I had seen lots of movies of girls my age doing stripteases on the internet. I had always wished I could move like they did. And I had spent lots of time practicing in front of a mirror.

But already being naked defeated the purpose of a striptease, it didn’t matter that much, I danced as best as I could. I was nervous at first, but soon relaxed and all my practice seemed to pay off. My hips were grinding around and my hands sliding up and down my body. I was especially careful not to touch my little dolly, knowing if I did, it would squirt in a second.

The more I danced, the hornier I got. Auntie Sandra was watching my every move, smiling the whole time. I kept dancing through a whole song before she spoke a word.

“Goodness sweetie, you are a really good dancer!” the enthusiasm in her voice just urged me on to dance even better. “Dance around in a circle for me, I want to see your cute little bottom.”

Slowly I danced around until my back was to her. Wiggling my bottom around, arching my back, following the beat of the music. Hearing her ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ behind me got me even more excited. Spreading my legs wide, reaching back and gently parting my cheeks as I bent forward and looked back at her from between my legs.

The expression on her face had changed, it looked like she was sad. I stood up quickly and spun around already asking her what was wrong. Thinking to myself all of the things I might have done to upset her.

“Sweetie, please don’t take this the wrong way, but something is wrong.” Her voice was so calm while she spoke. She paused for a moment before going on, “It’s just that a cute little thing like you shouldn’t have…” A smile spread across her face before she finished the sentence. “Babydoll, do you trust me?”

Looking up and down my body self-consciously before answering in that high pitch, “Of course I trust you Auntie Sandra.”

Her smile seemed to get even warmer with my answer. She stood up after setting the camera down and asked me to wait where I was while she got “things” ready.

It felt like I stood alone in her living room for hours, naked. I spent the time worrying about all the things that might be wrong with me. My mind was running wild. I just hoped and prayed that she still liked me.

Auntie Sandra appeared in the room suddenly, making me jump when she spoke. My nervousness made her giggle all by itself. After giggling for a moment or two, she took my hand in hers and led me further into her home.

During the short walk to the dining room, she explained to me that I had ‘something’ on me that didn’t belong on a cutie like me. Her avoiding telling me what was wrong with me just made me more nervous.

The dining room in her home was as one would expect, formal table with seating for six, large china cabinet, and an entry into the kitchen and double doors that opened to a back patio. The lacey tablecloth was folded halfway back, in its place was a large white bath towel. Upon entering the dining room, Auntie Sandra helped me wiggle up on the towel. She scooted me around until I was on the edge of the table with my feet flat on the table and spread to my sides. I had been exposed all day long, but having my legs spread apart like this, and leaning back on my hands to keep my balance, left me completely and utterly exposed.

Sandra stood and looked down on me for a moment or two. Then she walked behind a counter which separated the dining room from the kitchen. She again asked if I trusted her. When I confirmed that I did, she smiled that bright smile that made me feel like I was melting. She came back with a big bowl of what I would later learn was warm water. She set off behind the counter again and came back with a pink can of shaving cream, several pink disposable razors and a small pair of scissors. When I first saw what she carried I squirmed, I had considered shaving myself before, but never did more than just trim my pubic hair back.

In that sing-song voice of hers, “I knew this hair didn’t belong when I first saw you running around the park. And while you were dancing for me, I knew for sure that all this yucky hair had to go. Now remember sweetheart, you told be you trusted me. So I don’t want to hear any whining, okay?”

I smiled a little before promising that I wouldn’t. I knew hours before, that I would do whatever it took to make her happy. And if it meant loosing my pubic hair, that was fine with me.

Auntie Sandra spent a few moments getting everything organized around me. Once she was satisfied, she positioned a high backed chair right between legs and took a seat. My back arched, never had I had someone so close to my privates before. I could feel her warm breath on my most sensitive areas. And I found that I really, really liked the feeling. And my little dolly seemed to like the feeling too, it was poking up proudly and pressing against the pubic hair which I was about to loose.

Auntie Sandra started by taking the scissors in her hand, leaning in close and carefully cutting away as much of my pubic hair as she could. After this, she took a cloth from the large bowl and moistening the stubble and skin all around my little dolly. Laying the cloth back in the bowl, she picked up the shaving cream and squirted a large glob in her hand. Her soft, warm hands massaged the foamy cream all over my pubic hair, little pink sack and up and down my dolly. She even made a swoop up to my belly button covering the thin strip of hair that led up there.

Looking up into my eyes as she picked up a pick razor, she told me “Sweetie, you are being so good! Now, just hold really still. I wouldn’t want to cut your dolly by accident.”

She began with my dolly, taking slow swipes from the base to the head. Dipping the razor into the bowl and swishing it around from time to time. Over and over she repeated this. Each swipe made me want to jump. But I used everything I had to stay still. I think she knew what she was doing to me. The danger of being cut, her warm breath on my privates, all of this mixed with the feelings in my dolly as the razor passed over it. It was seriously hard to control myself.

She would slide the fingers of her free hand up and down the thin shaft from time to time to make sure it was perfectly smooth. Each time she did this, I would gasp. Her soft touch made me want to squirt so badly.

You have to keep in mind, the hair I did have down there wasn’t dense. It was fairly sparse. Actually, the rest of my body was the same way. My body hair has always been light colored and thin, which made it pretty easy for her to remove.

When my dolly was smooth to her satisfaction, she moved onto my little sack. She would pull it taut before passing the razor over it. The same routine was used, shave away all the cream and repeat if she felt the slightest bit of stubble.

While she shaved, Sandra would ask questions to keep our conversation going. I was well beyond caring if we were talking or not. The occasional comment about my mother made me gasp and squirm on the tabletop. Sandra would have to wait until I calmed down before going back to her business.

She changed to a new razor after finishing with my little sack. Auntie Sandra had me lay back on the tabletop before addressing the triangle of hair that was my pubic mound. My legs spread wide while she stood up between them. I reached down to help hold my dolly out of the way, but she smacked my hand playfully and told me I wasn’t allowed to touch it yet.

After removing that triangle of pubic hair, she took two strokes up to my belly button and removed that strip. She seemed so happy while shaving me, chatting away and humming a song I didn’t recognize. I really didn’t want it to end. And thankfully, it didn’t. She had me remain lying on my back while she lathered up my legs, covering me in the white foam from the tops of my toes, clear up to my waist. She thoroughly shaved first one leg, then the other, having to lift them up high and apart to get behind and between them.

The more time I spent exposed in front of Sandra, the stronger my feelings for her got. She had a way of making me feel even more exposed than ever before. Spreading my legs and shaving me was an experience I will never forget.

I had my fingers laced behind my head to keep it from resting it on the hard table. Even with the towel, the tabletop was hard. Before I realized she was done with my legs, she had picked up the scissors again and had moved to my very ticklish armpits.

Fighting my ticklish reflex to twitch and squirm around on the table while she snipped away the hair. When she was happy, she moistened the area with the cloth and rubbed in the shaving cream.

Whispering in her soft voice, “Now, try and hold still you wiggle worm! You are going to look even cuter than before when we’re finished here! Without all that yucky hair in the way, I’ll bet that even more strangers will stare at you when we go out in public!”

We! She had said “we”! That meant I would see her again. My entire body warmed at the thought and I smiled so brightly my cheeks hurt. I squirmed around on the table while she shaved, trying my best to hold still, but I couldn’t. Her constant, feathery touch and the words she spoke made me need to squirt more than ever before. Sandra would stand over me, smiling down and wait for me to recover before starting up again.

Sandra scooped up some of the left over shaving cream from my armpits and rubbed it down my chest. It only took three quick strokes of her razor to remove the few hairs that were there.

Standing up and stretching her back, she stepped back a step and told me to hold still. She hurried from the room and came back only moments later with the camera. Standing between my wide spread legs and holding the camera to her eye she asked me to say “Cheese!” I did. And she snapped off picture after picture of my naked smooth body.

She again switched to a fresh razor while chirping, “Almost done Sweetie! Just one more place to go. Roll over, up on your hands and knees. That icky hair on your cute little bottom is terribly out of place!”

I hesitated for a moment before rolling over and popping up on my hands and knees. My brain was temporarily fixated on what she could do with the pictures. She could post them on the internet for everyone to see. Or she could send them to my mom, I had put my mom’s email address into her phone. That thought made me bite my lip and my baby-smooth dolly jump hard.

Sandra asked me to move this way and that until I was just how she wanted me. I wound up with my knees spread wide, my shoulders down on the towel. My head was turned to the side unable to see anything except the large china cabinet filled with her best dishes. The reflection I saw forced me to moan. There I was, on my knees, my hands were back, helping to keep my cheeks spread wide apart, and Auntie Sandra sat on a chair behind me looking at my quivering wrinkled hole.

She didn’t say a word as she trimmed away the longish hairs. Then she squirted more than enough shaving cream into her palm. I waited for her touch, she seemed to be taking her time rubbing it between her hands, staring between my cheeks. Finally, her warm fingers and palms touched my cheeks. I whimpered softly while my hips thrust forward and back.

She caressed my cheeks and between them in the same loving manner she had my dolly. Being careful and gentle, but driving me crazy with desire. Before long the massage was over and I watched in the reflection as the razor touched my inner cheek, sliding slowly down between my cheeks. Over and over, swipe by swipe, the last of my body hair was removed.

Sandra took a towel and wiped away the remaining foamy cream. I stayed on my knees reaching back and spreading my cheeks wide apart even after finishing with the towel. Her touch left me and I almost said something. Before I could, she chirped, “Say Cheese!” I heard the camera taking even more pictures.

My mind ran wild again, to the internet, my mom, what she would think if she saw these pictures. Nibbling on my lower lip and trying to remain calm until she set the camera down.

Sitting up on my knees just enough to glance down my body was strangely embarrassing. Auntie Sandra had moved around to watch my reaction. There wasn’t a hair in sight. My fingertips slid across where my pubic hair had been. Even my own touch felt different somehow. And without any pubic hair, I thought my dolly looked smaller than ever before. The myth of a shaved penis looking bigger is just that, a myth.

Sandra helped me up off the table while asking, “Now doesn’t that feel better Sweetie? You look WAY more adorable than you did before. All that yucky hair just didn’t belong, don’t you agree?”

The question didn’t register with my mind right away. The moment of silence keyed me in to reply with a simple, “Yes, Auntie Sandra.” Looking up, past her huge boobs to her eyes, I must have looked worried or lonely or something because she took me in her arms and hugged me again. After holding my naked and excited body in her arms for quite a while, the hug broke apart.

“Come with me Baby.”

With those words, Sandra took my quivering hand again and led me even farther into her home. She took me up a flight of stairs and down a hall to her bathroom. Her home seemed to be decorated and furnished like any other woman her age. Tasteful pictures and knick-knacks on furniture I couldn’t afford.

She had me wait while opening the shower curtain and getting the water warm. While she worked she said, “A nice warm shower will feel good won’t it? It’s always good to rinse away that cream too. We don’t want it causing a rash or anything.”

Having always been naked around her, the way she seemed to always speak to me, the tone she used, the names she called me. All of this kept me feeling so small, young, and helpless. I don’t know if this was her intent, but it made me feel as if I needed her.

When the water was warmed to her liking, Sandra stepped aside to let me into the tub/shower. She stood in the bathroom doorway, asking me not to close to the curtain. The curtain was clear anyway, it wouldn’t have covered me up at all. With the curtain wide open, and Sandra watching my every move, I washed myself with her lady bath products. My hands sliding along my freshly shaved skin gave me chills. She spoke those familiar soothing words to me while I bathed. Reminding me how cute I was and informing me of any places I didn’t wash well enough.

I told her the water felt different without hair. She giggled and said to only wash my dolly, not play with it. While saying those words, she held up one hand with its pinky finger pointing up, with the other hand she reached up and rubbed up and down the length of her smallest, skinniest finger. The words and act embarrassed me deeply, reminding me of how small and inadequate I was as a man. Honestly, I didn’t even realize I was touching it. During the few moments of tremendously embarrassing silence, her expression never changed from the loving, all knowing motherly look.

Being seen naked by strangers that I would never speak to was one thing, but having been so intimately exposed to Auntie Sandra for most of this day was completely different. Shivers had shot up and down my spine throughout the day and goosebumps popped up on my skin with the slightest look or gentle touch.

Just when I had begun re-washing my body with a white exfoliating sponge, per her suggestion, she had to leave to answer the phone. I heard her talking to someone while walking back to the bathroom. She wasn’t gone long enough for me to begin to worry again. She took her place back in the doorway and watched me while chatting to whoever was on the phone.

I had no idea who it was, and it spooked me when I realized I hadn’t heard the phone ring. Worrying as usual, my mind took off at mach speed thinking it could be my mom. I did put her number in the phone after all. The conversation she had wouldn’t confirm if it was my mom or not. But she was telling whoever was on the phone exactly what she was looking at. Going into great detail about all the things we had done that day.

An almost wicked smile exposed her white teeth while she said, “Yes, I think I can do that with this phone, one second.”

She pulled the phone away from her ear and aimed it at me. My mouth fell open and my hands shot down to cover my very erect dolly. The proud look left her face, replaced with a scowl. For the first time she scolded me, “Babydoll!! Don’t you think for one second that you are too big not to take over my knee for a spanking! Now move your hands away, smile and pose pretty! Do it quickly, before I have to call your mommy and tell her what a naughty little one you have been!”

The scolding frightened me. I wasn’t frightened of never seeing her again, I was now frightened of physical harm. While moving my hands and attempting to pose ‘pretty’, her much taller and larger figure stepped closer and I wanted to run away. But there was no where to go. I moved around and posed differently until I saw her smile again. I faced the camera, my hands were both up acting like I was washing my hair again.


Chapter 4

Three painfully long days passed by without a word from Auntie Sandra. The time was spent in a constant state of worry. She had promised she would call, and now after so much time, I was nearly certain that she wouldn’t. I was checking for phone messages and emails dozens of times each day. And not seeing one nearly broke my heart every time. I had no idea what her full name was, her phone number or email address. She even kept me occupied when driving me to and from her home, so I had no idea where she lived. I was completely helpless to contact her.

Even without her contacting me I had been keeping the two promises I had made. #1 – I had kept up on the shaving of my body, keeping it silky smooth for our next time together. #2 – I had been naked and touching myself each time I spoke with my Mommy on the phone. I hadn’t dared squirt while talking to her, but I had to stop touching myself several times during each conversation, always afraid of her hearing one of my loud, squeaky orgasms.

By the third night, I was completely convinced I would never, ever see her again. The thought of that made me want to cry, and I did. That third night I cried myself to sleep. My heart broken and feeling as if there was something more I could have done. She was the only person I had ever met that could see through all the walls I had built around me. Actually see the real me deep inside.

The very next morning I got a call from the Temporary Agency I was working for. They had a job for me! Not that this was anything to get really excited about, I had been sent out on dozens of jobs without a single offer for a permanent position. Thankfully my car had been a graduation gift, and Mommy was making my rent payments directly to my landlord. I only had to make enough money to feed and entertain myself.

Taking a nice long, hot shower, I stepped out and wrapped a towel around myself. While I finished getting ready, my mind was fixed on Auntie Sandra. My trance was broken only when the phone rang again. Dashing across to the next room to answer it, thinking it was probably the Agency calling back because they gave me the wrong address. Before answering I glanced at the caller ID, I didn’t recognize the number, and immediately hoped it was my Auntie.

I answered the unknown number with a cheery “Hello.”

Her sugary sweet voice filled my ears and mind with a warm feeling as soon as I heard it. “Hello Babydoll, have you missed me? This is Auntie Sandra.”

I squealed into the phone excitedly, trying to put into words just how much I’d missed her. Then babbling on and on so fast she couldn’t keep up with what I was trying to say. Having so much to tell her, how I thought my heart broke the night before and that I hadn’t stopped thinking about her.

With her soft soothing voice, “It’s okay Babydoll. Calm down now. I’m calling now aren’t I? Just like I promised I would. I would never, ever break a promise to my Babydoll.” After a moments hesitation she asked in a soft whisper, “Are you touching your dolly?”

Glancing into the mirror across the room, I saw my first finger and thumb sliding up and down along my dolly’s petite length. The towel that was wrapped around me now lay at my bare feet. Whimpering softly, feeling as if she always knew what I was doing before I did, “Yes.”

After a quick giggle she said “Well, I know you aren’t undressed yet. And Babydoll, I think you should be all naked. And, why don’t you stop touching yourself for now. I want you to save up your juices for a little bit.”

Bashfully, I took my fingers away from myself and admitted I was already naked. She told me how she loved me running around in my birthday suit. And, if she could have it her way, I wouldn’t own a single piece of clothing. That way I would have to ask her for something to wear if I needed it, and she would be the one picking out what I wore. She promised I would never ever be very covered.

In that sugary sweet voice again, she asked if I would like that. I moaned into the phone that I did. She told me how sweet it was that I did. And went on to prod me about why I liked the idea of asking for permission to dress. I tried to explain that my mom (Mommy, she corrected me) had always made the majority of decisions for me while I lived at home. I tried to explain that having someone do that, made me feel loved and special. She ignored my answer but commented how cute it was that I still considered her house my home.

I knew what she was going to ask this time as soon as I heard the first two words, “Have you kept the promises you made to me Sweetie?”

I couldn’t stop myself from giggling, when I proudly admitted that I had. Her voice smiled when she apologized for even asking, knowing that I would all along.

I told her it was okay and that I was proud of myself too, going on to tell her about the conversations I’ve had with my Mommy. With me naked and touching myself the whole time. How naughty it made me feel, but how ‘right’ it felt.

In a serious tone she asked, “Do you think Mommy knows how naughty you are being each time you talk to her?”

I managed to whimper a soft “no.” I found myself sitting down on my bed, still facing the mirror, squirming around and grinding my bottom into the mattress, fighting the urge to touch myself.

“All naked and playing with your leaking dolly when talking to her, I bet she would take you over her knee and spank your bottom if she knew. Don’t you Sweetheart?” giggling softly after finishing her thought.

I heard it before I even realized I said it, “I hope so.”

Her voice changed to the ‘all knowing, motherly’ voice I have come to love, “That’s good Sweetie. I think if you are naughty, you deserve a firm spanking too.” After only pausing long enough to take a breath, “But I also think, even a good Babydoll needs a spanking from time to time. Just in case you’ve been naughty without me finding out”

I could only whimper softly into the phone while grinding my bottom down so hard on my bed. I even had to shift my feet around to get more leverage. I watched my every move and expression in the mirror. The desire to touch myself was almost overpowering.

“But Sweetie, this isn’t the reason I called. What I wanted to know is if you had plans late this afternoon?”

My voice shot up a few pitches higher when I squeaked, “No! No plans! Are, are, are we going to see each other again?”

“Oh Babydoll, you have missed your Auntie. That is so sweet. I’ve missed you too. And, yes, I was hoping to pick you up later today. Is that okay, maybe, around 4 o’clock?”

My voice was bursting with glee, “Yes! I can’t wait!”

I could hear the happiness in her voice too, “Now Babydoll, I’ll meet you right out in front of your apartment. I can’t ask you to walk out of there naked, so I’ll drop something off for you to wear.”

I was immediately nervous at the thought of walking out of my apartment in hardly anything. “What? I mean, what are you going to drop off?”

“Oh, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just a little something special for you. Now Babydoll, I want you to walk out to me wearing only what I leave for you. That, and your apartment key, nothing else. Is that clear?”

After quickly chirping that I did understand, I asked where we were going and she avoided the question as if I didn’t even ask it. We chatted a while longer and then the call came to an end.

That day turned out to be the longest day in recorded history. Thankfully, the job the Temp Agency sent me on was administrative. I had never lasted more than an hour on any of the manual labor jobs they sent me to. All day long my mind was filled with Auntie Sandra. My dolly must’ve gotten stiff fifty times that day. And it took me such a long time for it to settle back down. I’m sure my performance at that job wasn’t the best they had seen. I wasn’t expecting to be called back, and I never was.

Getting home as quickly as I could, I raced through the entry of my apartment and up the stairs to the third floor. Just as I turned the corner, I saw it. Hanging from my doorknob was a white bag with strings for the handle. I nearly sprinted down the hall and grabbed the bag, fumbled with my key (twice), and then stepped into my apartment.

Glancing to the clock, I had about 40 minutes and wanted to be on time! I left my clothes in a pile on the floor in my living room. After a quick shower and shave, I dried off and skipped back into the living room to open my prize.

What I found inside only slightly shocked me. I had been dreading the worst all day long, expecting something tiny, pink and transparent. But as I pulled out each item, one-by-one, it was no where near as bad as that.

The first thing I pulled from the bag was a very small, white t-shirt. Holding it up, the words “Aunties’ Babydoll” were printed across the front in loopy, baby-blue lettering. The shirt seemed too small for me, but I laid it carefully on the table. The next item was a little pair of white shorts. No, not shorts, they were hot pants. There was no button or zipper on them anywhere, and the stretchy material made me squirm when I thought of walking down my hallway in them. The third piece I found surprised me. When it first emerged from the sack, I saw a really cute, baby-blue teddy bear. Turning it in my hands, I found it was actually a very small backpack. After giggling softly to myself, I laid it carefully on the table beside the other items. It was immediately obvious the backpack matched the lettering on the t-shirt perfectly. The last item I found in the sack was a pair of white flip-flops.

After a quick check of the time, I casually wiggled my bottom into the little shorts. They clung to my skin snuggly, loosening up only a little at the leg openings. After pulling them up, then down, then back up again, trying to find where they should sit on my hips, I positioned them to barely cover the upper portion of the crevice between my cheeks. I thought leaving the bottoms of my cheeks out in the open was better than having ‘plumbers butt’. When they were finally in place, I bit my lower lip, these were by far the smallest shorts I had ever worn. For goodness sakes, I thought my underpants covered more than these!

Running into my room and looking into the mirror, my eyes bugged out a bit. They sat so low on my hips, well below my belly button. The gentle V-shape where my stomach met my waist was out for anyone to see. The inseam couldn’t have been more than one inch. It felt like more of my legs were showing than when I was naked. Laying my hand along the side of them, I moaned softly when I saw that the palm of my hand, not including my fingers, was longer than the shorts! The outline of my very stiff dolly and its small sack of balls were blatantly on display under the tight, white shorts.

Dashing back to my living room and picking up the shirt. I held it up and smiled one more time at what it said before I pulled it on. It wasn’t as snug as the shorts, but it fit tighter than any other t-shirt I owned. The big difference was its length. This shirt ended just above my belly button. This left several inches of my middle uncovered. I squirmed where I stood. Reaching to touch myself, I realized what I was doing and stopped just short of my fingertips making contact with the shorts.

Glancing back to the clock, I found I was running out of time. I slipped my feet into the flip-flops and pulled on the teddy bear backpack. Flipping and flopping my way back to the mirror, I touched-up my hair and readjusted the shorts. Biting my lower lip again while I tugged down the t-shirt, it popped right back up above my bellybutton.

Running back to my pile of clothes on the living room floor, I removed my apartment key from the ring. Then, standing at the door, wearing clothes that my Auntie chose for me, I paused to get my courage up. I felt exposed and vulnerable and I wasn’t even out of my apartment yet.

I took another minute to think of anything that would completely soften my dolly. I suddenly wondered what Auntie would do if I put a long jacket on over my outfit. My cheeks warmed at the thought of her spanking me over her knee. My mind took off, wondering how hard she would spank me, if she would do it right in front of my apartment, would she strip me naked first.

When another shiver shot all the way through me, I glanced at the clock again. I had to leave right at that moment. So without another thought, I opened my door, locked it from the inside and shut it. Standing in the hallway, holding a single key in my hand, dressed as I was, I felt more alive than ever before. I was completely aware of every beat of my heart and every breath I took.

Biting my lip hard, I began to walk down the hallway. The ‘flipping and flopping’ of my shoes seemed usually loud in the quiet hallway. I knew the entire floor was going to peek out their doors to see what the commotion was about, but I didn’t run into a single person. Down three flights of stairs, again, no one saw me. Across the entry and finally out into the afternoon sunshine.

The first thing I saw once my eyes adjusted to the bright light was Auntie Sandra standing beside her big Lincoln Towncar directly across street. Her bright smile, open arms, mammoth breasts and wide hips made me attempt to run to her in my flip-flops. It didn’t work out, I nearly fell on my face. She didn’t take a step toward me while she giggled. A deep blush spread over me as I walked as quickly as I could to the sidewalk between us.

I squirmed where I stood as car after car drove past, every eye in every car looked at me. I blushed so deeply and wanted to run and hide, but knew I would never do that. Waiting for a break in the traffic, I stared across the street at her, trying to ignore the passing cars.

Her pretty blonde hair was hanging down straight today, lying just over her shoulders. She wore a light denim summer dress and heels with denim straps. The front of the dress had a v-neck and wide straps across her shoulders. The dress hung down to just below her knees. I could see tons of small buttons up the front of that dress. For the first time I was able to steal a peek at the deep valley between the massive, pale globes of her mountainous boobs.

My dolly sprang to attention, standing up more proudly than before. My hips instinctively ground backwards and I reached down with both hands to hide myself from the passing cars. I realized what I had done as soon as I had done it, slowly lowering my hands to my sides. When I looked back to Auntie Sandra, she was making a tsk-tsk-tsk gesture, pointing at me with one finger and brushing along the top of it with her other index finger. The warm smile on her face assured me I wasn’t in trouble for my mistake.

I dashed across the street when the traffic lightened, right into her arms. Her arms circled around me and held me tight. In her heels, my head was lovingly nestled between that perfect pair of perfumed boobs. While snuggling into her closer and doing my best to hug her back, I realized that each of her boobs was the size of my head, if not bigger. My hands rubbed her sides just behind her armpits. I felt the thick, strong straps of her bra, similar to the kind my Mommy wore.

She held me and gently rocked me against her, whispering to me. Telling me how much she had missed me, how much fun we were going to have that day and how much she loved me. One of her hands was under my teddy bear backpack, gently rubbing my back in circles. The fingertips of her other hand, gently traced along my lower waist, right at the top of my shorts.

When the hug broke, she had to lay her finger under my chin to get me to look into her eyes. She had a way of embarrassing me, not mortify or humiliate me, just make me blush and feel immature. When our eyes did finally meet, I felt like I was in trouble. I seem to get caught like that, staring right at her big boobs more often than I would like. Her warm smile remained, her hands lying on my hips, she told me we had to get going or we’d be late.

I didn’t object at all when she took my hand and led me around the car, helping me off with my backpack before holding the door open for me. After wiggling into her car, she leaned over and buckled me in, the boob closest to me smushed against my face. She didn’t leave me right away, she stayed just where she was and slowly laid one of her long fingernails under my dolly. I moaned and squirmed when she slowly drug than nail up to the dainty pink head of my dolly. My dolly reacted immediately, bucking up against her fingernail before it even reached the head. I heard her giggle while pulling herself out of the doorway.

She paused only long enough to whisper, “Oh I have missed my Babydoll. I may never let you go back to that apartment again. I might just have to decorate a room in my house and steal you away forever!”

Her voice sounded serious, and I hoped with all my heart that she was. After looking right into my eyes for longer than I would feel comfortable, if it were anyone else, she leaned in close and kissed me on my nose. Auntie carefully shut the door behind her before walking around the front of the car, never taking her eyes off of me. And she never stopped smiling either.

The car seemed to groan when she lowered herself onto the driver’s seat. She turned her upper body to face me when she was comfortable. In that sugary-sweet voice she asked for my key, which I happily laid into her open palm. She dropped it into a small compartment on the driver’s side of the dashboard. Taking the teddy bear backpack from my lap and opening it up. She giggled when she asked for my flip-flops. After tucking them into the bottom of the backpack, she asked for my top, not ‘t-shirt’, but my ‘top’! She folded it neatly while asking for my “shorties”. I squirmed in my seat, her choice of words did that to me. Wiggling out of the tiny shorts and handing them to her, again, she neatly folded them on top of my ‘top’ and tucked it all into my backpack.

Before she stretched to put my backpack in the rear of the car, her eyes wandered all over me. I squirmed before her. She whispered, “Much better! Isn’t it nice Babydoll?”

I nervously squeaked that it was. Her eyes continued to wander casually over my naked body, spending most of her time watching my dolly throb before her. After enough time to make me nervous, the warmth of the sunshine reminded me I was outdoors. Lifting my eyes to look around on the street for passersby, I saw a couple walking in our direction, on our side of the street. They looked familiar, and I knew I had seen the man and woman while getting my mail from my box in the lobby. I didn’t think they lived on my floor, but they definitely lived in my building. I scooched down in the seat, not wanting to find out what it felt like, to pass strangers in the hall that had seen me naked.

Auntie Sandra must have felt how nervous I was becoming, with a turn of the key, the big car purred to life. I looked up at her just as she laid her hand on my thigh, gently spreading my legs apart wide. Let me assure you, spread so wide and naked in the front of a car as it drives down the street is tremendously exciting if you are with someone special.

Again I tried to inquire about where she was taking me today. She just smiled and told me not to worry about it. During this drive I tried to pay more attention to where she was taking me. When the stores and houses became nicer and nicer the farther we drove, I asked if this was the neighborhood she lived in. She told me she did live around here. From there we giggled and joked about our first drive together, how exciting and scary it had been for me.

When passing a small strip mall off of any main road, she told me we were almost there. The level of excitement in her voice rose as she spoke. She turned the corner, and then turned down the alley, parking in one of four spaces behind a store in the strip mall. There were houses behind us and the strip mall in front of us. While Auntie Sandra turned off the car and opened her door, she finally explained the first event of the day.


The End.


*This story has not been edited./em>

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  • keith slater

    I do hope there are more chapters to this story, it has been an excellent read


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