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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has a night he’ll never forget…

I’ll start by saying I’m pretty small, incredibly when soft. My measurements are two inches soft (on a good day) and a Bronze Member hard. I’m a reasonably fit married guy in my late 20s. My wife is the same age as me and is, in my opinion, very beautiful. She stays super fit and has 34Ds: long dark hair and big brown eyes. Even after being together for almost ten years, I’m still very attracted to her even after being together. We can call her A and me, R.

Recently, our married friends got a hot tub for their new home. My wife and I have discussed getting one as well, so we were super excited when they invited us over to try it out. This couple is also pretty attractive. The husband is a bit short (like 5’7, I’m 6’1 for reference), and his wife is even smaller, maybe 5’1. Both are fit. She has much smaller boobs than my wife but a nice round ass. I fantasized about seeing his petite wife nude. We’ll call her E and him, S.

Anyways, they invited us over for drinks and a soak. Of course, the hot tub made the effects of these drinks even stronger. We were all quite drunk when E’s top came up when she got out to get another bottle of wine. We all started laughing, and she covered herself a bit and giggled. It was amazing to get to see her perky tits in the flesh finally!

She continued to laugh and said, “Well, I mean you’ve seen them now. No point in wearing this then,” as she left her top stay on the ground.

My wife and I were a bit shocked as she dropped her hands and strutted off to get the wine. We have known each other for a long time and nothing like this has ever happened. I could tell even S was a bit surprised by his wife’s bold choice.

As E comes back, still topless, holding a fresh bottle of wine, my wife bites her lip and says, “I mean, it’s only fair that I should go topless too, right.”

To this day, I don’t know what got into her. She’s pretty conservative about sexual things, so this was a pretty significant departure. I watched as she whipped off her top. S had enormous eyes as he saw my wife’s ample breasts for the first time.

E laughed and said, “Yes, girl! Now this is a party,” as she climbed back into the hot tub.

I gave my wife a bit of a look, not in anger, just in surprise. She whispered in my ear, “This is so wild and fun!”

We all continued drinking, and it was apparent I and S couldn’t take our eyes off the girls and their now bare breasts. I’m not sure how they convinced us, but E led the charge in saying, “I mean, it’s not fair we’re topless, and you guys still have trunks on. Maybe we should turn this into real skinny dipping.”

I looked over at S, and we both seemed a bit unsure. That is until E stood up and lowered her bottoms. Revealing a beautiful pink pussy with a small landing strip above it.

My wife giggled and said, “Well, I guess we are doing this,” and undid her bottoms as well.

I will admit it was rather hot watching another man admire my wife’s shaved pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off E’s as well. Until he said, “So, boys, what are you waiting for?”

Her husband kind of shrugs and stands up. I won’t lie. I’m aware I’m on the smaller side. I think my wife might even secretly think that. But to that point, it didn’t occur to me that I’d be nude in front of another couple. Given his short stature, I also thought that I didn’t have too much to worry about with S.

I could not have been more WRONG. He pulled down his trunks and proudly stood there with what can only be described as a COCK. It must have been at least five inches soft. My wife’s mouth dropped. I mean, it was shocking. I could see him kind of smirk and sink back below the water. Then everyone turned their eyes towards me. I had no choice at this point. I had seen E in all her sexy glory and now S and his whopping cock.

So, I stood and pulled them off. I can’t lie. Even in a warm hot tub, I was at most two inches. I was also much thinner than S and his thick cock. I could tell E was a bit surprised at how small I was by her somewhat puzzled expression.

Ever the life of the party, she said, “Well, I guess height and dick size don’t always match up.”

That made even my wife giggle. I blushed as I sunk back under the water, trying to hide behind the bubbles, and said, “Well, I can’t even use the excuse that the water is cold.”

That did get a bit of a chuckle. I could tell my wife was pretty enamored with seeing S’s cock. As her eyes wandered a bit. We all continued to chat. It was my turn to get some drinks. S volunteered to go with me. I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed than when we both got out of the water and stood next to each other. He truly put me in my place, being more than twice as long as me. I mean, his soft cock is larger than me erect.

I sheepishly climbed out as the girls admired S. We walked over and poured the drink, remarking on what a wild time this night had been. He complimented my wife’s body, and I did the same. He asked me if I was sure I could handle all of her. I laughed at the apparent slight (probably felt the need to knock me down a peg after beating him in basketball and other sports throughout our friendship).

I told him, “I do my best for sure.” I then said, “I have no idea how E even handles that thing, man.”

He also laughed and said, “Oh man, she loves it, goes crazy for it.”

I didn’t doubt him one bit. We headed back and finished off what would be the last round of drinks. I’d love to say it ended with the couples swapping partners or having sex in front of each other. But the night wrapped up about 30 minutes later. It was wild to be nude in front of friends for over an hour. S stared daggers at my wife’s breasts as the girls got clothed again. My wife didn’t take her eyes off his cock as he put his trunks back on as slowly as possible.

As we left, my wife said, “Thanks so much for having us guys. and E, be careful with that monster tonight.”

As soon as we got home, my wife mauled me. She was soaking wet and ready to fuck. I wonder why?


Another reader discovers his father is having an affair…

I am a 22-year-old Indian man. I have a girlfriend, and we’ve had sex many times. I always considered myself average-size (It turns out I’m a silver member) and also thought I was good at sex until recently. Two days ago, I went to my college, but due to the death of a senior staff member, it was declared half day. I came home early. My mom was visiting her mother, and I thought my dad was at work. I made a mistake by using my interlock key to open the door instead of the bell.

I heard some noise coming from my parent’s bedroom. I slowly and quietly headed to the door. The door was half-open, and I saw my dad fucking our maid. A brief about my dad. He’s a 51-year-old man (our maid must be in her early thirties but voluptuous). He’s fit and healthy and usually a very good man. I never thought he would cheat on my mother.

I was standing, seeing my dad fucking our maid and hearing her moans. Suddenly dad stopped and asked, “Are you OK?”

The maid must have said something, and then dad said, “Let’s fuck.”

Then dad started pumping his dick, but he was going harder and faster this time. Then I heard the maid saying, “Ahh, ahh, ahhh, ahhh.”

At this moment, I thought this maid was married and had children and still is shouting when having sex, whereas my girlfriend just lightly moans. And then my eyes went to my father’s dick, which was still pumping in and out fast. I was shocked to see a dick that was very big and girthy compared to my size. Dad was fucking her furiously, and after a while, he thrust five-six hard strokes and then fell on her. At this moment, I was feeling so down and questioning why my old father had a bigger dick than me and how can he fuck that long? I’m lucky to last a minute.

After that, I left the house and went back to college. Since then, I still cannot believe my father is bigger and better at sex than me. Then my fantasies started to picture my girlfriend with him, and they both humiliated me. It’s fucked up, and I need to find a way to get over it.


Meanwhile, this reader gets a lunchtime treat…

I was at work, so I headed into the canteen for my lunch break; it’s a pretty small room with a few tables, sink, fridge, etc. Go on my phone and see I’ve got six messages from my best friend. Each message is a video of her. She’s beautiful, long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, voluptuous red lips. She could easily be a model, she’s done a little bit of porn/camming, but I’ve not been lucky enough to find that.

Each video was of her using some Snapchat filter. It would say, ‘Who is your soul mate?’ Above your head and spin through all of your Snapchat contacts before stopping on one. It stopped on me every time. The first five videos were just of her laughing about it with a few throwaway comments like, “Aww, cute.”

The sixth video started the same. It lands on me, she laughs, but this time she decides to shout, “If only you didn’t have a tiny dick.”

My phone was on full volume, and thankfully I was the only person in the canteen; otherwise, my life would’ve drastically changed at that moment. Thankfully she also sent them as videos rather than snaps, so that’s my wank bank sorted for the rest of my life.


While this reader is just bad at sex…

I met a girl at a party. She is pretty and hot—a tall blonde sexy girl. There are a good pair of titties, a gym ass, and a beautiful face. I knew that she was out of my league, but I had to try. I talked to her and kissed her at the party. I’m not bad at kissing, so she liked it. We chatted the following days, and I tried to flirt with her.

My friends warned me that she was a known size queen. It was noticeable when we talked about sex. But it was too hard to pay attention. So I told her to meet at her place. We both knew it was for sex. So basically, we started to kiss and touch. She was so good, and I was so hard. She got naked. She was imposing, a true goddess. I felt how my Bronze Member dick was shrinking, losing its hardness. She wanted to take off my pants, but I stopped her and tried to push her into the bed to eat her pussy. I was doing OK, but it was evident that she had been with better pussy eaters. Anyway, she was wet and told me she wanted my hard cock. I was now flaccid at two inches. It wouldn’t get hard, and I was nervous.

She did take off my pants and just saw my limp tiny dick. She played with the tip and kissed it. I pushed her in the bed, and I started to jerk off it so fast (to make it hard). I rubbed it on her pussy lips, and I came. My dick was still limp, and I shot a little load on her pussy. God, I was so embarrassed. She pushed my head on her pussy for a while, telling me to lick up my mess.

Eventually, she giggled and told me, “I think you better go home now. That baby dick of yours is a total waste of time, and you suck at eating pussy.”



This reader also is terrible at sex…

As a happily married man, it’s been a while since I’ve slept with a woman for the first time. The last time that event happened was with my now wife. We met in college our sophomore year and have been together ever since. We were friends at first, and things gradually progressed until one night, I found myself ready to take the next step and sleep with a woman that was definitely out of my league.

To that point, we hadn’t done much. She had given me a quick blowjob in the back of my car after one of our first dates, but it was pretty dark, and we had been drinking. I’m aware (and was aware then, too) that I’m small. I’m a bronze member when hard. She, being very sweet, hadn’t mentioned my size after that. I was hoping she was naive to the regular or average size of most college-aged men, but she was (and still is) quite beautiful, so it seemed unlinked. Either way, I was so excited to have my penis in her mouth the whole blowjob was over in under a minute.

She remarked, “Wow, I guess you liked that blowjob.”

Anyway, I digress. It is the night she’s finally agreed to go all the way. We are making out on my bed when she whispers into my ear, “Do you have a condom?”

I eagerly say yes and go to get it out of my nightstand drawer. At this point, I’m more nervous about cumming in less than a minute than I am with my size. As I walk back to bed, she stands and slowly takes off her jeans and top, revealing a set of black undergarments. With a sexy black push-up bra and matching black thong, I thought I might orgasm right then. She walks over to the bed, and we start to make out. I begin to finger her, and she is soaking wet.

I strip her fully nude, and she says, “Please fuck me,” which was by far the sexiest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Her eyes shut tight as she begs me to enter her. I slip on the condom and begin to kiss my way down her body. I finally slip myself inside her and move up to her mouth to kiss her as I start to thrust a little bit. She broke the kiss and looked at me, saying, “Seriously, stop teasing me and put it in.”

This threw me off, and I looked down to see my dick already inside of her vagina. I kinda mumbled, “Oh yeah, I’ll stop and get down to it.”

I kind of arch my back and go as deep as possible. I pick up the pace, and she does let out a few moans. After about forty-five seconds of that, she says, “Come on, harder. Fuck me deep,” in a more frustrating tone.

Unfortunately for me, her body is feeling fantastic. I try to pick up the pace even more and pound her. But this doesn’t work. I’m overstimulated and cum in the condom. The entire penetrative portion of the sex is done in less than two minutes. As I sheepishly pull out, I can see the look of disappointment on her face.

I go to clean up, and she says, “Don’t worry, it happens. It wasn’t that big of a deal,” and lets out a small laugh as she begins to get dressed.


Another reader thinks the nurses are talking about him…

I just came home this morning after having surgery. I’m still super hard thinking about what happened in the locker room.

About one hour before I had surgery, this nurse (about 30/35yo and I am 21) took me to a room where she gave me a hospital gown, socks, and a pair of paper underwear. For some reason, the paper underwear was white and translucid, so it didn’t cover my private parts. She was quizzing me about stuff like, “Do you smoke?” and, “Do you drink alcohol?” and, “Are you sexually active?”

I lied and said yes, even though I’m a virgin. She went out of the room to give me some time to get ready. I put everything on and told her she could come in. Then she funnily looks at me and tells me that the gown was reversed. It was held together by a string that I had tied too strong so that I couldn’t take it off. She said something along the lines, “Do you want help with that?”

I was super embarrassed. After all, I knew that my dick was super exposed under that but said yes anyway because I had no choice. She unties the knot, and the gown falls to the ground. My two-inch flaccid penis is fully exposed to this woman I had never seen before. I look into her face, and I can see her smirking, trying to hold in a laugh as soon as I know that I get one of the most potent erections I ever had. So now I’m a fully hard silver member of the small dick club right in front of her. I can feel her judging my tiny dick as she helps me put the gown back on.

She accidentally pokes the tip of my dick and says, “Oops,” as If she was finding that whole situation funny.

I’m glad I didn’t cum because if my small dick wasn’t enough, I also suffer from super aggressive premature ejaculation. I was only able to answer with: “Sorry about that, I really can’t control it.”

She says, “Oh, it’s OK, it’s normal for young boys like you to get these unexpected erections.”

Damn, She knew I was 21, a legal adult, and now she just referred to me as a young boy. I then put on the socks, and she took me to the theater area. I can only wonder what she said to her nurse friends about me. At some point during the night, I couldn’t fall asleep, and I could see her and two other nurses on the other side of the window pointing at me and discussing something.

It’s the effect small dicks have on young women. They find them disgusting. It felt really hot to be emasculated by this woman, even tho she was only like ten years older than me, after seeing the size of my penis to her, I wasn’t more than a little boy, and she couldn’t take me seriously. After she saw my tiny penis, I’m sure 100% she knows a boy with a micro dick like me is a virgin too.

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