Prissy’s Pre-Dick-Ament (Gay SPH)

By charmer949.

Poor Prissy. He just doesn’t know when to quit. And frankly, I don’t either. When Puma bought him pink knee pads for a present, he couldn’t figure out what they were for until it was too late.

Prissy and I have a strange sexual relationship. We still live together and are kind of a couple, but the sex is a whole different animal. He won’t walk away from his deepening submission, and I can’t get enough of it.

Prissy and I have what I call “couple” sex. We each have a partner for sexual pleasure. I have intercourse with Adonis; Prissy gets ass fucked by Puma. These outcomes were meant to happen. Prissy has a tiny penis, so he couldn’t possibly satisfy me in bed. So, we each needed our sexual needs fulfilled outside of our relationship.

Prissy is very submissive. He has adjusted to any sexual humiliation required of him. He constantly points out that he is only doing things because he has to, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that he is getting pleasure, too. A lot, actually.

His submissive limit hasn’t been reached. At my prompting, he just bought a male chastity device. His little penis is under lock and key 24/7. I send him over to Puma’s house to get his ass pummeled by Puma’s huge black cock while his shrimpy chastised penis drips profusely. Puma is an ex-boyfriend who has found that his favorite pleasure is to fuck a feminine-looking white ass-whether it belongs to a man or a woman. Prissy is currently male, but I am beginning to wonder if we need to change that. My hot sex with Adonis was originally part of cuckolding Prissy, but now we have hot sex while Prissy is at Pumas.

Prissy is pestering us about getting back into “our” bedroom. He likes watching me get fucked, and he loves to clean me up, after though he says he is just eating Adonis’s sperm to please me. Yeah, right. He digs it, and he digs FOR it! When cum is not openly dripping down my thighs, he gets all up into my hole and digs for the sperm to eat.

So let’s look at Prissy’s Pre-Dick-Ament: he gets this wonderful butt sex at Puma’s-that he still hasn’t verbally acknowledged he enjoys-coupled with his penchant for eating sperm… yet he claims he’d never suck a cock. Right. Sure.

It was time to work through this silliness. I’m increasingly convinced Prissy loves cock. And it turns me on to prove it.

A Recent Conversation

“Puma told me that you’ve been practicing fluffing. He says you told him that if you got good at cock sucking, you could fluff Adonis. And then I’d let you back into our bedroom. Fluffing would be your ticket to watch Adonis fuck me.”

I began here to set my latest trap.

“That’s not true!” Prissy exclaimed.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you wanted to get back into our bedroom to watch your cuckolding?”

“Well, I do, but…”

I cut Prissy off.

“You keep giving mixed messages. You’ve said many times that you would rather watch me get my sexual pleasure than not be allowed to watch Adonis fuck me, right?!’

“Yes, but…”

“And now that your little penis is safely locked in chastity, we don’t have to worry about you misbehaving, right?”

“Well. yes, but…”

“So if you can master sucking cock and serve as Adonis’s fluffer, then I’m willing to consider having you watch me get fucked by Adonis. Of course, you’d need to clean me up BEFORE you go over to Puma’s to get your cock pleasure.”

“Do I get to respond?!” Prissy was practically shouting now.

“Sure, Prissy. Please help me understand what you want,” I teased.

“I keep telling you, I’m not gay,” he says. “And I’m definitely not a cocksucker!” Prissy states emphatically. “And I do really want to be invited back into our bedroom, but…”

I purposely interrupt him to get him all flustered.

“Get over here and drop your panties,” I say, grasping his testicles firmly in my dominant hand.

This is how the truth gets revealed. Hard little squeezes of Prissy’s little balls work amazingly like truth serum.

“You know what you have to do if you want to get back into our bedroom to watch, right?” I ask, giving his balls a decent squeeze.

“Yes, yes. Oh no, please. Oh.”

I put my left thumb into his mouth. While I continue to squeeze his balls that dangle below his soft little, chastised penis.

“Sucking doesn’t make you gay. It’s a natural response for a person’s mouth. Most people enjoy sucking. I’d imagine that it’s probably a good idea for you to practice.”

“Uh…uh…Immnot gaaa…uh,” Prissy mumbled while grunting and showing his arousal.

I didn’t expect Prissy to work my thumb so vigorously. He was impressively sucking on it while I squeezed his balls. It didn’t take long for us to realize why. His two-inch soft penis dribbled strands of clear, seminal fluid. His dribbles coated his trapped penis.

Poor Prissy. Since we’ve locked his little penis in chastity, he hasn’t had an orgasm. He is becoming more and more desperate to cum. And he leaks profusely at the first signs of stimulation.

“I guess when you return from Puma’s tomorrow, I’ll hear all about how you don’t suck cock,” I said laughingly.

How I See It

I’ll admit it. Me getting a straight (sissy) guy to suck cock really turns me on. Is that bad? Am I a bad person? Well, fuck. Sorry, not sorry. I don’t care. I admit that I’m a manipulating bitch.

This is how I think. When I can get a (perceived) straight guy to give a blowjob, I’ve broken through something in his brain. I mean, there is absolutely nothing sexual in it for him. Unless he isn’t actually straight. So the idea that I can get him to do this really turns me on.

It’s considerably different than when I’ve coerced a sissy boyfriend to try anal. With anal, there is pleasure for my sissy. There are many sensitive nerve endings in the anus, and the prostate massage is pretty spectacular, too. So, after he gets over his mental barriers, he gets a lot of physical pleasure. He might act like he doesn’t like it, but it’s just an act. Cock sucking, however, is different.

With Prissy, it is time. It’s time for Prissy to suck cock. I ended the last story by asking,

“Wow! You claim you don’t suck cock, but I no longer believe you. I think the actual question is, ‘Do you swallow?'”

Prissy loves cum. So, it would be only natural for him to start getting his sperm right from a man’s cock. So it’s off to Puma’s house for Prissy’s butt sex and his new test to see how far he’ll actually go to giving head and learning to be a fluffer.

When Prissy arrives, he is unaware that Puma and I have constructed an ever deeper trap. If Prissy paid closer attention, he might’ve wondered about the timing of receiving Puma’s pink knee pads gift before bending over. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Analingus Among Us

While Prissy is over at Puma’s, I get to have my sex as well. Normally, Adonis fucks my pussy deep in the missionary position. I like it because I can orgasm in that position. Tonight, I am so turned on thinking about Prissy sucking cock, and I decide to offer Adonis an ass to fuck. Just like Prissy gets from Puma.

When Puma comes home, his hair is a disheveled mess. His eyes are all bloodshot. He kind of looks like shit. I let him have a little space before I speak.

“Are you ready to tell me about it? It looks like you might have had an unusually good time.”

His face gets flush every time we review his gay experiences. Prissy doesn’t know I’ve seen the video that Puma recorded of this visit, the most amazing one yet.


“So, what?”

“So, I really want to know…are you an experienced fluffer now? Did you spit-lube Puma’s cock before he put it in your ass?”

Prissy didn’t immediately answer. He just got through telling me last week that he’d NEVER suck a cock.

“And speaking of ass, I need to sit mine on your face before you fill me in.”

Usually, Prissy digs all up and in my pussy to feast on the cum Adonis has left for him. In a night of firsts, Prissy is now digging up into my butt hole, which was so tender that his tongue was offering a soothing massage. I was so turned on, and I started masturbating.

Prissy’s little caged penis was turned on, too. It tried to get hard, but it couldn’t really go from its two soft inches to its three hard inches with the little chastity cage all snug and secure. No matter, I could see that eating cum from my ass was exciting for Prissy. I added to his experience.

“You and I now have something in common. We’ve both taken a hot black man up the ass.”

Prissy could feel my sphincter rhythmically squeezing his tongue, signaling how quickly I can orgasm from analingus.

Pink Knee Pads

“Now, you little fluffer, bring your balls over here, and let’s get to the bottom of your night,” I offered somewhat nicely, “Let’s start at the beginning. Clarence texted me to tell me he gave you a present. Is he teasing? Or is this true?”

I gently take his testicles in my right hand. Prissy knows the drill. When I give a little squeeze, he needs to answer. And if I squeeze again, he needs to change his answer…to the correct answer.

“He bought me pink knee pads,” Prissy mumbled.

“Knee pads? Why knee pads? Are you gardening over there or something?”

I, of course, knew the answer, but would Prissy tell me?

“They’re just to help Puma cum. That’s all.”

I give his balls a little pump. I didn’t even have to ask for a better response.

“Okay, okay. They are to help me…help Puma. You know…for me to be on my knees.”

“You did it! Didn’t you?! You little fluffer! You sucked his cock didn’t you?!”

I gave a very animated and excited response.

“Yes, but only for practice for Adonis, geez! It’s not like I wanted to. I’m not gay.”

“Were you a cumeater, too? Did he cum in your mouth?”

“NO, NO, he didn’t cum in my MOUTH!”

I pumped Prissy’s balls. He was holding out on me. He always thinks he can hold out on me. Silly Prissy. He’ll spurt out the truth. It just takes a little time.

“So you just fluffed a little, and he fucked you? That’s it? Details Prissy details. Why the knee pads? Cough up some details.”

He spoke softly with his eyes pointed down. He was thoroughly embarrassed about what he was telling me.

“The knee pads were for my comfort while Puma probed deeper. He uh…well…he didn’t stop at just fluffing. He..uh…pushed his large cock deeper.”

Deep Throat

I tried to pretend I didn’t know what he was referring to and responded a little more compassionately.

“Oh no, Prissy…he didn’t?! Does deeper mean what I think you mean?!”

Prissy nodded his head.

“He did!” I tried to control my excitement, “he fucked your throat, didn’t he?”


“And you let him? You slut!”

“It was just to help Puma cum! That was it! He SAID he’d TELL you I was a LOUSY fluffer unless I deep throated his cock until he came! It was only for HIM, I swear!”

“But you said he didn’t cum in your mouth?” I said, trapping him into explaining what really happened.

“He didn’t…”

“Well then, where did his load go? You said you made him cum…”

Prissy was horrified to say it out loud. I finished the explanation for him.

“Oh, oh my…I see. Holy shit. I get it. He came in your throat. He shot his load into your stomach. Well, fuck. For your first cock sucking experience, you just hit a home run!”

I decided to back off the testicle, squeezing. Maybe it’s better this time to NOT have Prissy orgasm-even if it’s a painful one. I just got him to admit that he deep-throated a huge black cock, so it’s all downhill from here anyway. I so thoroughly enjoy making Prissy tell me about how he services Puma.

“So tell me where your hands are, when your boyfriend is fucking your throat?”

“He’s not my boyfriend. I’m not gay.”

“Oops, sorry. Where are your hands when Puma throat fucks you?”

“They’re…on…his…hips. He lets me put them there. It’s so I can control how deep he thrusts!”

I just love this part. I just love it.

“Ah, so you control how deep Puma fucks your throat? That sounds really naughty.”

“NO, I mean YES. He just lets me hold on so I could stop him if he goes too deep?”

“Did he? Did he go too deep?”

“No, not really. I mean, YES. I MEANT YES! I mean, look, I didn’t want this. I was only supposed to be a fluffer! It’s not my fault I happen to be excellent at deep throating a large cock!”

“So you held his butt cheeks while deep throating Puma to an orgasm? I dunno Prissy, I’m really beginning to think you ARE gay. At least bi. We both know you get hard when Puma fucks your ass. Now, I’m beginning to wonder if you got a little stiffy while sucking your boyfriend?”

“Okay, okay! I held onto his butt! BUT IT WAS JUST TO HELP PUMA CUM! It’s not like I want to feel his butt in my hands! It’s not like I enjoyed cupping his butt cheeks to control the depth of his huge cock when it squirted in my esophagus!” Prissy raises his voice loudly every time he talks about Puma cumming.

“Perhaps, but every weekend you tell me how you hold on to his butt.”

Orgasm Denial

“Can I please have an orgasm, now?”

“Interesting request, Prissy. Are all these reminders of cock sucking making you horny?”

“No, I just think I should get to cum. I’ve done everything you expected me to.”

“Well, I’m still not sure you have. Besides, the reason you got cock locked was to control these horny gay urges you keep having, not to reward them.”

“I keep telling you. I’m not gay.”

“Yes, yes you do. You do keep telling me. But you need to abstain from having an orgasm that somehow has any relation to this male-to-male sex you keep enjoying. You’ll be denied until at least next Friday night. We need to see how well you fluff Adonis and then decide about your pleasure after that.”

I look down to see Prissy’s little cock cage soaked in clear pre-cum and was surprised to see him lightly squeezing his own balls. It is now the only way he knows how to cum in chastity, but I don’t think he consciously knew he was masturbating.

Poor Prissy. I carefully guided his hands away from his balls.

“And what about the rest of your evening? Did your cute little butt ride Puma’s huge cock to a second orgasm? It did, didn’t it? Prissy, you little slut.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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