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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has his first nude beach experience…

I’m in my twenties and had never been to a nudist beach before but always wanted to. When I’m alone at home or in my room, I enjoy being naked and wonder how it would feel to be naked outside. So, one dull day, I decided to google nude beaches near me, looked for the closest one, and decided to go.

I didn’t go that day. It took me a bit to work up the courage to go. After all, it was still nerve-wracking to do despite being excited about it. No one outside of family, girlfriends, or a doctor has seen me naked. I was worried I would be too embarrassed there as people would see my small penis. But one day, I got impatient and frustrated about debating it over and over. So I decided to pack and go. It was about a 30-minute drive, and as I got closer, I was more excited but more nervous and had a burning feeling in my stomach.

I got there, and it was windy, not the warmest day either. Being worked up about going naked on top of chilly conditions only made my size worse. I thought about turning around in the parking lot, but I would have been mad at myself for not going after getting there. So, I was determined and set off on the path to the beach.

When I entered the beach area, there weren’t many people there. There were some but not a whole lot. That made me feel a little better. I went in the early-ish part of the morning before many people went. I confidently picked a spot on the beach and set up my things. Everything was ready, and all that was left for me to do was take off my clothes.

I was hoping it wouldn’t be that bad, but as I pulled my shorts down, it was tiny, and I panicked. But I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. So I quickly sat down, naked, and tried to cover my area. I sat for a while, hoping to go unnoticed. But I realized this was stupid, and I came here for the whole experience. So, I told myself no one would care or even look. We’re all in the same boat. We’re all naked. I got up and began walking along the shore, occasionally passing a couple of people.

Everything was fine, and I was enjoying just being outside, naked, and having the breeze hit my body. I was enjoying myself now and went for the whole experience. I decided to go for a swim in the water. I walked in, and the water was pretty cold. That should’ve been my sign to return and go home without embarrassment.

But I pushed through it thinking that nothing I was worried about had happened and that I was just overthinking things. I was swimming around for a while, and finally, I got tired and wanted to head out. By this time, I’d been at the beach for at least an hour, and when I turned to the beach, I noticed many more people were there than before. I kind of panicked but decided just to get out quickly.

As I was getting to the part of the water where it would no longer cover my waist, I remembered that I had probably shrunk even more from being in the cold water. I didn’t know what to do or what size I’d be. But I decided just to keep going, slowly. It felt like a million eyes were on me, even though they probably weren’t. I just peeked down in curiosity to see how small it was. I shouldn’t have looked.

It was tiny. My penis was propped up on my balls, which were snug to my body. It must have been an inch or two, and I got red in embarrassment. The worst part was two girls who had happened to be walking by and looking down at my tiny penis. I freaked out internally but didn’t show it. One girl, a brunette with decently sized tits and Brazilian wax, started to giggle and cover her mouth. Another girl, who was blonde with small boobs, said out loud, “I guess the water’s cold.”

She didn’t say it to me but said it so I could hear. I watched them keep walking by, their ass jiggling and knowing I couldn’t get past their cheeks, and they knew it.

As I sat back with my stuff, a couple walked by, and the female looked over at me, smirked, and made eye contact with me. She then leaned over to her boyfriend and raised her hand like this 🤏. After that, it was time to go. I awkwardly gathered my things and walked away, embarrassed.


Another Reader also liked the nude beach…

When I lived by a beach, I used to go to it all the time. This beach had a nude section but always seemed to have more clothed people there than naked. It also got a lot of tourists who most likely had no idea it had a nude portion right next to a desirable photo op spot. I was shocked at how blatant some women were with staring, pointing, and laughing at my dick. But I loved it as a fan of SPH especially given I’m usually one-inch soft, and it could get even smaller with a dip into the cold ocean.

The first story was from a weekday in the middle of the summer, so it wasn’t too crowded. Most of the nude folks that day were tucked away in the back corner out of sight as usual, and I was the only nude one close to the water, minus one topless woman. I was lying on my back with glasses and a hat, my shrunken penis sticking straight up, barely showing past my balls. A group of five fully clothed women (not even in bikinis) was walking my way from the clothed section when one pointed me out to the rest, and they all started laughing.

They must have thought I was asleep as they stopped right before me and kept giggling. One then said, “Wait, wait, let me take a picture,” and proceeded to whip out her phone and very obviously take a picture of me.

Another one of the girls said, “Take one with me in it!”

She then jumped into the camera range and gave a thumbs up. The girls then took turns taking pictures with me in the background. For the final girl’s picture, the girl taking the photo said, “Smile and say tiny!” causing them all to laugh.

She regained her composure, bent down, and put a pinky up with me in the background. They then kept on walking, but on their way back, I was now standing, spraying myself with sunscreen. As they walked by, I heard one say, “Oh, the little guy’s up now!”

The next one was a different day, a bit more crowded but still not too many nude people. This was one of the more blatant SPH experiences I’ve had. There’s another guy who frequents the beach with a massive cock, and I could see him walk up to say hi to a group of three girls on a walk. As they walked away from him, they were all laughing, and I could see one say how big his cock was.

As they got closer to me, I saw one point, and they started whispering. They started giggling and pushed one girl my way. She was holding her phone, and I could tell she was trying to keep it together as she walked closer to me and tried to take a picture secretly. Feeling bold, I spoke up and asked her if she had just taken a picture of me. I was expecting her to be caught off guard.

But with a straight face (holding back laughter), “I’m sorry, I just had to. My friends made me. It’s just, well, we got a picture of that guy over there and, well, you know. You’re just so different.”

She started nervously laughing and feeling even bolder now that she acknowledged it. I said, “Oh, I got you. I can’t compete with that guy.”

She laughed, so I let her take a close-up of my penis, excluding my face. She returned to her friends and started showing them the picture, so I shouted, “I hope that gets you a good laugh!”


Meanwhile, this reader gets wax-on, then wacks off…

I started getting Brazilian waxes about a year ago and have been going to the same woman the whole time. She’s an older Eastern European woman with OK English who is very blunt but occasionally will drop the act and crack a joke or two.

I was nervous the first three or four times, and my dick stayed shriveled for all those appointments. You may know this is not ideal for those who have gotten waxed. They miss a lot of hairs if there isn’t much skin to work with on a small penis.

Eventually, I became more comfortable and would chat with the woman throughout the session. One day she asked me why I got waxed and if it was at a girlfriend’s request or if I just liked it. At this point, she had made some jokes with me, so I told her, “Well, it makes it look a little bigger without all the hair.”

She slightly laughed and told me she prefers hair down there so that we still look manly and not like children, but no judgments from her. I’m not sure if this was a dig at the size of my penis, but it got in my head, and I started to grow an erection. I’m a silver member of the small dick club. At this point, she was waxing closer to my thighs, so I apologized and told her, “Sorry about that. It has a mind of its own!”

She told me not to worry, making the wax easier with the skin stretched out.

When it came time to wax my actual penis, she surprised me. She poured out some baby powder like she typically does on me and, without a word, started to brush up on my penis more than she ever has. This caused me to start getting an erection once again, and then she grabbed my penis with two fingers and gave it four or five little jerks until it was fully hard. Didn’t say one word while doing this and then just proceeded on by applying the wax to my shaft. After this, I pretty much stayed hard the entire session.

Usually, when we wrap up, she applies lotion and then leaves the room for me to get dressed, but this time she leaned against her working station, looked at me, and said we were done. Not really knowing what she was doing, I stood up and went to grab my clothes hanging next to me.

As I was grabbing my boxers, she looked down at my now soft (probably one inch at most) penis and said to me, “Doesn’t look much bigger,” and walked out of the room.

I stood there shocked for about a minute, then got dressed and headed out. It’s now become a bit of a running joke between us where I’ll typically ask her at the end if the wax helped my size out. She usually always says no, but one time when I was still hard while grabbing my clothes, she said, “You do have a tiny dick.”


While this reader finally got a chance to lose his virginity…

I never had sex until I was twenty-four because I have a small dick. I finally got to have sex with a girl I was talking to when we returned to her place after hanging out. We started making out hard and were both getting worked up while we explored each other’s bodies. I could tell we were going to have sex, so I started to feel excited but also very anxious. I finally got her bra off, and she was just in panties while I was just in boxers, and I decided to eat her out while I got hard so she wouldn’t see me soft.

She lays back. I get between her legs on the floor off the side of the bed, pull her panties off and start eating her wet pussy. As I’m eating her out, she can’t see that I’m rubbing my cock in my boxers, trying to get hard. However, because of how nervous and excited I was, it wasn’t getting hard, and even worse, because of how anxious I was, it was barely one inch long and pulled in tight. It was so embarrassing and made me even more nervous, which made it worse. She would be tired of me eating her out, and I’d have to show her my little dick. There was no way she wouldn’t laugh, so I stroked my dick faster, trying to relax and get hard. It wasn’t working, and I wasn’t getting hard, but oddly it felt terrific. As I was eating her out and desperately beating my little dick, I stroked it too much, which was too sensitive. I ended up shooting my first load with a real woman all over myself in my boxers while my dick was barely an inch big.

I felt mortified and embarrassed and knew I’d never forget this and feel it even ten years later. I finished eating her pussy and stood up, and looked at her. At first, she looked at me and said, “You ready to give me that big cock?” Then she looked down at my boxers, first seeing them soaked, and next noticed the nub sticking out in the wet spot. “Are you serious?”

I just looked down and said nothing. She reached out to pull my boxers down and finally saw my dick. Her reaction was a mix of a laugh/chortle and annoyance.

“Three weeks of dating for this baby pecker?”

She then rolled her eyes and straight up laughed at me. I asked if she wanted me to eat her out more or see if I could get hard.

She laughed again and said, “No, I wouldn’t have gone home with you if I knew you had a baby dick. You were pretty good at eating me out, though. A little advice to maybe just get good at oral, but it won’t make up for being that small.”

She didn’t want to hang out anymore after that, but despite how embarrassing it was, whenever I thought back to it, I would get so horny, and my little dick would get hard. I ended up masturbating about the memory of that night so many times over the years, and it helped put me in my place as a beta simp.


This reader revels in his patheticness…

I asked my wife if we could have sex two nights ago, and while she was getting changed into her nightgown, she said fine, but he has to be hard by the time I walk in there in thirty seconds. Weird. I was, and she started to straddle me, but her mother called and said I’m sorry, but she said she needed to talk to me. Five minutes later, she hung up the phone, returned to the room with me still naked, and said, “Well, he’s not hard anymore. Guess you get no sex.”

I responded with, “Well, give me a few minutes.”

“You get thirty seconds to get hard or nothing,” she said.

“Babe, I can’t do that. It takes longer than that!” I said.

“So it takes you less than thirty seconds to cum, but you can’t get hard in thirty. I call bullshit.”

By that time, I was hard. So I guess nine seconds is the trick for me. I kissed her and said, “I’m so turned on. I got hard for you.”

“Oh yeah, baby. Look how hard he is. I’m glad you like me,” she giggled.

“Love, you can have all six inches of me tonight,” I said as I kissed her.

“You mean [Bronze Members hard], honey?” she said. She laughed at my frown and said, “It’s OK, honey. It’s big enough for me. Now you have thirty seconds from being inside me to cumming.”

About ten seconds later, I was cumming all over her stomach. “Where is all the cum,” she asked as I just dribbled a few tiny drops.

I claimed she was holding my penis too tight. She wasn’t.


Another reader shares his experiences with his wife…

I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, and I know two of my wife’s exes were well endowed. Some of these are implicit, and some are more direct.

*While dating, we were with a friend, and my wife was ranting about how her other friend (who had just hooked up with her ex) was constantly talking about how big he was. “Thinks he has the biggest cock,” she said while seeming frustrated.

*Found a message where my wife was talking to a friend. She had just had a vaginal exam. She said to the friend, “You remember XYZ boyfriend?”

Friend says, “Yeah, the one with the huge cock?”

My wife says, “Yep. I just had an exam and had a dirty thought.”

The friend says, “Oh my God.”

The implication being those vaginal speculums are very long and remind her of having sex with her ex.

*Wife snapped a pic of me nude while going to shower. I told her to delete it but forgot. A few months later, we’re going through old photos. I see my nude and say, “Delete that!”

And she says, “No, I love this pic. You with your soaps and lil dickie out.”

*Wife overheard someone asking for snug-fit condoms at the store. She came home and told me how funny it was he was asking for small-sized condoms. The exact size we used to buy for me.

*She often sarcastically refers to my dick as “Big huge cock,” E.g., “Pull your big huge cock out,” before handjobs

*We have shower sex occasionally. We’ve tried doggy while standing, and it often doesn’t work. After a few instances of this, she says, “It falls out a lot.”

On the same note, when we try to sit, it’s just big enough to slide in, and most of the time, only about an inch is inside her vagina. Sometimes it falls out when she starts bouncing. Sometimes after about thirty seconds of her bouncing and sliding out continuously, she lets out an audible sigh and looks pretty frustrated. In a few instances, this has resulted in her getting so frustrated she gives me a handjob.

*During real sex, i.e., when she wants to orgasm, after about five to ten minutes, she will sometimes say, “It’s OK. You don’t have to wait on me.” Implying I’m just not cutting it.

*Before sex, she started giving me a handjob and said, “What’s wrong? I thought you wanted to?” Implying I was soft when in reality, I was fully hard.

*She will often joke about my stamina. “We’ll it’ll only take thirty seconds,” or, “I don’t think me sitting on your lap for twenty seconds is making love.”


Meanwhile, this reader gets compared to a belly button…

First, let’s clear the air. I’m a petite dude. My fiance and I are about the same size. To make matters worse, I am not well endowed. Less than an inch soft and a meager Gold Member hard. As a result, when we fool around, it’s primarily not traditional sex. Lots of oral and toys which we are both down with.

One evening after 69ing for half an hour (OK, let’s be honest 69ing for 30 seconds until I came prematurely, then her sitting on my face for 29 minutes and 30 seconds while occasionally tickling my balls), she said, “It would make me happier about going down on you if you shaved. With you being so small, there’s no way for me to suck it without getting your public hair in my mouth and nose.”

Ouch. She wasn’t trying to deliver any SPH. She was being honest. So that evening, when I showered, I went to shave. Used my trimmer to shorten the hair but was too scared to shave. She was happy to help but insisted that her razors would do better as their built to shave sensitive regions, unlike mine. I didn’t argue, and she went to town. While shaving me, she had fun licking and flicking my dicklette, as she called it. When she shaved under my balls, she pushed a finger in me as she locked, causing a quick ejaculation without me even being hard. This surprised me, and she said, “I guess you liked that.”

All I could do was nod. She went to get cleaned up and around for bed while I finished up my shower. When I got done trying and walked next to her at our double master sink, she smiled and then did a double take between her stomach and me. I assumed a comment about being as hairless as her or smooth as she was coming, but instead, she said, “Holy shit. Babe. With all your hair gone, your little dicklette looks like my belly button. My belly button is as much a man as you are now!” She continued, “Given this new development, I think you should wear more appropriate attire for your anatomy.”

She then handed me a pair of her silky pink hipster panties and a nighty. Feeling defeated, I just began to get dressed, asking, “Isn’t this going too far, babe?”

She replied, “Oh, thank God. I was afraid you wouldn’t step up. Given how quickly you conceded to shave, I wanted to see how far I could go.”

Thank God. I turned around, and then she nearly fell out. She said, “I thought I’d be able to see your package in those. I picked them because your belly button dick is so small and your balls so soft it all looks like a girl’s mound. Don’t take those off. No one would believe this, so I want pics with and without the nighty. Also, I’m taking pics of my belly button and your dicklette to see if people can tell them apart.”

It was all too much, and I came just standing there in what was now my panties.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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