Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 116

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader finds her moans encourage a false image…

I made her my girlfriend before we started to do shit, and so we had talked about sex before, and shit and I lied about my size. I think I told her I had eight inches. So, when we first decided to have sex, she was expecting that. One day she had her mom drop her off at work, but she didn’t have work that day, and we planned for her to come chill at my place. When we were chilling and smoking, I was horny as fuck and just wanted to do something.

So, we’re standing at this point, and I put her up against a wall and start kissing on her, and then I go into her pants and find her hole and struggle to get a finger in. She lets out a soft moan into my mouth that just turned me on beyond anything. I take my finger out and put it in her mouth, and she grabbed my hand with both her hands and starts to show me a peek of how she can suck dick.

Then I take her to my bedroom, and this is where I start to trip, and my ‘big dick energy’ starts to shrink fast. She goes, “Take it off,” as she starts to get into a position like she was going to suck my soul out.

I start to freak out, and I just malfunction and go, “My dick isn’t really big.”

She looks up at me and says, “Stop joking.”

As she’s laughing, I say, “No, I’m serious.”

At this point, I can feel her confusion and her patience getting shorter, so she goes, “Come on, just show me,” and I take it out, and she just sees my sliver member dick.

She doesn’t say anything, but I can feel she wasn’t as happy as she was when I was fingering her. She starts sucking it, and she asks me what position and I don’t know. So, we tried a couple until we got to riding, which worked. I got soft a couple of times, but she would just suck me hard again, and something about her sucking me soft turned me on.

I asked her to moan for me, and I don’t know why I asked her to do that, but she did and started fake loudly moaning. We didn’t realize our friends had come in, so when we were finally done, we hear a knock at the door, and we’re dressed at this point. I leave her in the room to go outside, and my friends were laughing and saying, “Bro, it sounded like you were murdering her.”

I let out a laugh knowing those moans were fake. But now all the friends that were there think I have a huge dick. (By the way, I was like seventeen at the time, now I’m a bronze member.)


Another reader shares his college experience…

Our campus had a BDSM/Kink club that would meet once a week. The point was for everyone to talk about their sexuality and their types of kinks and explore new and exciting fetishes. There would be guest speakers talking about polygamy and role play and that kind of stuff. I always saw posters for it, and one day I decided to show up. Being able to tell a group of people that I’m a silver member of the small dick club and ensure that it wouldn’t circulate around my relatively small campus excited me a lot.

As an introduction, everyone goes around the room and says their name, age, and what kind of kink they are into. A few men go and talk about how they are dominant and like to have group sex, and a few women go and say they enjoy being submissive and like being tied up. But right next to me is this incredibly attractive girl (let’s call her Catherine). This goddess is like 6’ tall, short blonde hair, mid-sized boobs, and an ass that looked thick on her build. Skinny and very sexy.

She introduces herself and says that she is a switch but prefers the be dominant most of the time. Just listening to her talk made me so horny. It comes to me, and I tell everyone my name and my age and that I am extremely submissive and love humiliation, cuckolding and told how small I am. There isn’t much of a reaction except for a few people giving a nod of approval. The girl leading the introductions says something like, “Cool, it’s nice to see a submissive male in the group.”

The meeting goes on, and it’s about horseplay, which I’m not really into, but I guess it was cool learning about it. Afterward, some people are leaving, and others are walking around, meeting the newbies, and striking up conversations. I make small talk with a few people, but then Catherine comes over and says hello. We talk for a few, and I crack a few jokes, and she talked about how she goes to these meetings every couple of weeks.

She hits me with a, “So you said you’re a sub, right? What kinda stuff are you into if you don’t mind me asking?”

Jackpot. Since she asked and seemed interested, I thought I would go into detail. I say, “My biggest thing is small penis humiliation. I’ll be honest, I have a really tiny penis and being teased and made fun of for it gets me off like nothing else.”

She gives me a genuine smile and says, “Wow, I’ve heard of guys having that fetish, but I’ve never met a guy who’s so open about it.”

At this point, I’m starting to chub up a little bit, so I was getting a bit nervous. I ask her about her kinks, and she says she loves role reversal and is really into ass play. I ask her what she means by that if she wouldn’t mind elaborating. She says, “I like to fuck men in the ass with a strap-on. Have you tried it before?”

Mildly paralyzed by such a question, I just shook my head no. I tend to blush in situations like this, must be my Irish background, but she immediately noticed that this was turning me on from my face that was slowly turning red. She must have enjoyed making me uncomfortable. She smiled again, and said, “Well, most subs are really into it. It’s a pretty popular kink.”

Then she very obviously looked down at my crotch area where a boner was hidden somewhere. She had a look of content and said in a more playful tone, “Well, hey, it was really nice meeting you!”

Over the next few weeks, I would see her at a few meetings, and we would talk, but nothing of any real interest happened. Everyone there knew I was the submissive guy with a small cock, but it wasn’t brought up much more than people saying, “Oh, that’s cool.”

Catherine and I saw each other at a party one weekend, and we drunkenly conversed, laughed at some sloppy drunk kids, and exchanged numbers. A few days after that was a meeting about chastity cages and restraint. In preparation, I bought a male cage online and wore in for two days leading up to the meeting (I know two days is nothing, but I was testing the waters).

When they did introductions again, I said my usual thing but added at the end, “and I’m actually wearing a chastity cage right now.”

A few people laughed, and the organizer said, “No way, really?”

And I said, “The smallest one I could find.”

It’s followed by more laughter and most of the girls giving me a ‘Whoa,’ including Catherine.

That night, it was around ten, and Catherine shoots me a Snapchat message. It just says, ‘Show me.’ Without hesitation, I sent her a picture of my soft little dick in my little steel cage. After like five agonizing minutes of waiting, she sends back a bunch of those crying laughing emojis. She then sent, ‘Wow, I’m so much bigger than you,’ along with a picture of her with a huge purple dildo strap on.

That was all she was wearing, but she put hearts over her tits so I couldn’t see. I told her how horny that made me and how I want to get out of my cage to jack off to her tits. She sent back a message that said, ‘Let me tell you something OP, you will never see me naked, and I will never ever let you fuck me with that pindick.’ I was so fucking horny I took myself out of chastity and jerked off like three times that night.

We would converse like this back and forth every so often. As she said, I never did fuck her, but she did end up getting naked for me while I jerked off to her eventually, so that was chill. She got a boyfriend after a bit, so we stopped talking.


While this reader joins a fetish group online…

OK, so for those who do not know: FetLife is an online site for people who are into BDSM and other fetishes (including SPH and cuckold, my main ones) and if you join it and you live in a big city like you do you can attend these ‘munches,’ which are sort of not-sexualized social events in a public bar where people meet and discuss their kinks. Since I live in a big city, I regularly checked the events, and I also chatted with a girl (who is in her 30s) who organize them. She seemed nice, and she told me to come to the one they had a few days ago, which by the way, was close to where I live. I then looked on the page, and I saw that other girls were attending it, so I said fuck it, I’ll go.

Some background: I look pretty nice, and I definitely have the good guy looks. On my Fetlife profile, I don’t have any face pics, but pictures of my silver member dick and my nickname clearly referred to my lack of size. I arrived there, and I was introduced to a group of people. There were five guys and two girls, the one I talked on FetLife before and another one in her late 20s. She had a little bit of punk/emo looks and a stunning body. I sat down close to her, and I started small talking with everyone in the group.

It was pretty chill, even for me, that I’m usually a shy guy. Then the punk girl approaches me, and after some small talk, she asks me what’s my nickname on Fetlife, and I (very awkwardly) respond to my nickname, which means ‘tiny dick’ in my native language.

She smirks, and she says, “Oh, OK, well, that tells a lot about what you like.”

I jokingly answer, “Yeah, I think it tells even too much, it’s quite embarrassing.”

Then she says, “Oh, don’t worry, I’m pretty familiar with SPH, it’s surprising how many guys write to me to be humiliated for their penis size. It’s such a weird fetish, and most of them are not even small.” I ask her then what does she think about SPH, and she says, “Well, it doesn’t get me off, and it’s not my biggest kink. But I also prefer guys with large cocks, so I find it quite funny to make fun of small dicks, to be honest.”

She then tells me that she is into being roughly dominated by alpha men, which I find it super-hot. The nights go on, and we keep interacting with other people. I notice how embarrassing it is to tell the other guys that my nickname is ‘tiny dick’ in my native language, but everyone seems cool with it. Then the punk girl comes to me again, and this time she was definitely flirty, and she says, “Hey, ‘tiny dick’ (my nickname translated) before the night is over, you have to show me how tiny you are.”

I said that I had dick pics on my Fetlife profile and that she could add me, at which she took out her phone in the middle of the bar (not giving a fuck about the other people around her), she looked for my nickname, and she opened a photo of me where it shows my shrunken, flaccid one-inch little penis. She laughs a lot and shouts, “Oh my God, you really are tiny…” I ask her if she ever had guys that small, and she said, “Fortunately not, I wouldn’t feel anything.”

Then I said to her, “Well, are you aware you’re making me horny with what you’re saying to me?”

“Yeah, whatever, tonight, you can jerk that little clit thinking about what I said to you. But I wanna be fucked by a big thick cock, so you should keep it in your pants.”

The conversation didn’t go over that. For the rest of the night, she seemed flirty with me, but she spent most of her time interacting with the other guys while I ended up talking with another guy about completely unrelated stuff. The day after I accepted the friend request, she had sent me on Fetlife, and I liked a few of her pics. I wrote to her that it was nice meeting her, and she replied, ‘It was nice for me as well, tiny dick.’ I wanked again


This reader also finds boasting always preludes a mighty fall…

This is honestly one of my favorite experiences with SPH, it’s like my go-to fap material. I had a friend named Allie, who was short, had long brunette hair, had small tits, but a huge, fat, gorgeous ass. She was dating one of my close friends for about two and a half years, so she would always come along to parties and would chill with the boys whenever we would drink.

Now, my group of friends at school were kind of rowdy, getting really drunk and doing dumb shit. Sometimes, the guys would whip their dicks out for comedic purposes, and we would all laugh at how ridiculous it was. We were all really comfortable around each other, so we would laugh it off, and the girls would giggle and say something like, “Oh my God!”.

I never did it for obvious reasons.

Around the middle of our senior year, Allie and my friend broke up, so we wouldn’t see her as much, but she would still hit us up, and we would hang out while my friend wasn’t around, mainly because it was a messy breakup. One day, I go to her place to say hey and drink so we could catch up. By the time I got there, she was trashed. So, after a few drinks, we start talking about our group of friends. She tells me how she misses us and thinks back fondly on all of the times we hung out. Then, she brought up that time we made fun of Greg (another guy in our group) for taking too long to drink his beer, and he whipped out his dick while he chugged it!

We had a good laugh at how stupid that was, but Allie followed it up with, “You know, I’ve seen everyone in the groups dick besides yours.”

I told her something like, “Pfft, yeah, cos I never wanted to embarrass those guys with my enormous size.”

She scoffed and drunkenly rolled her eyes and said, “Oh yeah, right.”

I agreed and said, “Yeah, its cos I’m totally small,” in a joking manner.

She laughed again and yelled out, “Come on, show it, bitch!”

I got up, unzipped my pants, and revealed my inch flaccid cock.

She was pretty drunk at this point, so she stared at it for a second, put on a huge grin, and covered her hand with her mouth while she laughed. I played dumb and said, “What?”

Once she caught her breath, she blurted out, “That’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen!”

I asked her if she was serious, and she responded by grabbing it with two fingers and laughing even harder than before. “Come on, it’s not even hard,” I said, hoping to get the conversation to go a little further.

She started to jack me very quickly off, still using only two fingers, with a giant smile on her face. She stopped completely after a few seconds and watched it grow to its full silver member length. She said, “That’s still small as fuck. Put it away.”

I said, “Wait, you’re gonna jerk me off and not even let me cum?”

And she said, “I’m not giving you a handjob, you can go in the bathroom and jerk off if you really need to!”

I didn’t take up that offer because it would’ve been a little too awkward. After that, we talked about how I was a virgin at the time and how it finally made sense to her why. Nothing else happened that night except for her teasing me about it and laughing. I saw her again a few weeks later, along with her roommate, and told her in front of me how she saw it at that time and how small it was.

Her roommate laughed uncomfortably and said something like, “I wouldn’t have thought you to be the small dick type.”

I think I said something lame like, “Looks can be deceiving,” but it was more strange than sexy.


While reader ‘Thongboy76’ turns a bi experience into a cuckold love fest…

When I was nineteen, I used to share a flat with a lad called Mike.

One night, after a long session of booze and drugs, we were lying in our boxer shorts on my bed watching a film. There was quite a lot of nudity in the film, and I was feeling quite horny. Without warning, Mike suddenly made his way down the bed and pulled my shorts down. I had only had a few girlfriends as I was really shy and embarrassed about my manhood, so I usually did everything I could to stop people from seeing me naked. At that moment, I was too shitfaced to care.

My dick is less than two inches and very shriveled when soft, and I have one small testicle on the right. The other one is missing from birth. Mike didn’t seem put off and started wanking me between his thumb and his forefinger. My dick grew quickly in his grasp and was soon fully erect. I’m a bronze member when hard, and Mike opened his mouth and easily took the lot in. He sucked my dick better than it had ever been sucked before, and I was soon shooting my small load down his throat. He sucked out every last drop before lying back on the bed next to me and asking, “Was that nice?”

“Amazing,” I said. “Sorry, it’s so small. It’s even worse when I’m on drugs!”

Mike said that his cock got smaller when he was on drugs, too and that he liked my cock because it fitted in his mouth so easily. I presumed that he must be on the small side too, so I smiled at him and said, “Let’s see your shrunken wonder then,” as I slid my hand under the elastic of his shorts. My fingers were met with a fat sausage shape, and I gasped and said, “It doesn’t feel that small to me.”

Mike laughed and told me that it was usually an inch or so longer if he wasn’t high. I knelt on the bed and peeled his shorts down. His floppy dick was easily bigger than four inches, maybe nearer five, and it was thick too. He also had a huge pair of balls. I just knelt there for a minute or so staring at the impressive sight and telling him how lucky he was. My small dick and one small ball looked pathetic in comparison, but the fact that he could see clearly how much he dwarfed me was really turning me on. I started to run my hands all over his cock and balls, and it grew and grew in my hands until it was around eight inches, thick and hard.

I opened my mouth wide and clasped my lips just below his head, French kissing his tip with my tongue. I kept one hand on his huge balls and wanked his shaft with the other hand. I had read somewhere that most men come about the same amount, but boy was I wrong. When he started to ejaculate, I tried to swallow it, but there was too much, and I had to come up for air. His massive cock continued to spurt salty liquid all over my face. I remember thinking it was more than I had ever ejaculated in my life! After that night, we would often end up fooling around together if our girlfriends were not about.

A couple of years later, I was living with a girl called Rach. She said she was happy with my penis size, but she did admit that she had enjoyed big dicks in her past. Sometimes we would fantasize together about a well-hung man joining us in bed, and one night I confessed to her about my experiences with Mike. I fingered her wet pussy whilst describing his cock and balls and got her to imagine how it would feel inside her. I suggested we invite him round for some no strings fun.

That Saturday evening Mike came to our flat. We took quite a bit of speed to get us in the mood, and soon we were all starting to feel horny. Rach said she was going to slip into something more comfortable and disappeared to the bathroom. Mike and I stripped to our pants. I was wearing a tiny red thong – I like showing off my small bulge and the way it is wonky because of my one ball. Rach had bought me a black silky posing pouch from Ann Summers for Christmas, but my package didn’t get anywhere near filling it. I asked Mike to wear it, and I was very jealous of how good he looked in it.

Rach came back into the room wearing a black lace thong and bra set and stockings. I watched her notice Mike’s bulge, and I said, “That’s how my Christmas pants should look.”

She smiled and said, “I love you just the way you are, but I must admit that is impressive.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned us both towards her. She put one hand on each of our bulges and gently caressed us. The sight of my girlfriend playing with a big cock had me hard in seconds. Rach peeled my thong over my dick, and it dropped to the ground, revealing my bronze member dick and my small teste. Then she did the same to Mike, and she smiled at me and said, “You were right, your friend has got a lovely big cock,” as it swayed impressively inches from her face.

I put my hand on hers, and together we started to wank Mike’s thick shaft, then she let go and started licking and sucking him as I wanked him off into her eager mouth. She had stopped touching me now, but the sight in front of me had me shooting my small load into thin air. Mike was obviously enjoying us double-teaming him because after a minute or so, he groaned and shuddered, and his thick cum shot into Rach’s mouth. She swallowed most of it, then instructed me to lick him clean, which I dutifully did.

Next, Rach stood up and told us to strip her. Mike unclasped her bra and started sucking on the nipples of her lovely pert little tits. I peeled her panties down, noting that they were soaking wet, and she kicked them off. Mike pushed her down onto the bed and kissed her tits while I got my phone to take some pics. My beautiful girlfriend was being pleasured by my mate, and I loved watching it. He buried his head between her legs, and she squealed with ecstasy as he expertly tongued her clit.

“Please fuck me with that big cock,” she begged as she writhed on the bed.

Mike knelt up, and his cock stood up hard and proud. Rach spread her legs wide, and Mike lowered himself down onto her. He entered his fat cockhead into her wet pussy and gently moved it back and forth. Rach was groaning with pleasure, and then Mike thrust his entire length inside her, and she gasped in a way that I have never made her. He fucked her deep for a minute or so, then withdrew and ordered her to get on her hands and knees.

Rach has got a lovely butt, and Mike complimented her on it as he placed his hands on her hips. His cock nudged at her soaking lips before he plunged all the way in, his huge balls slapping against her – my little one hardly swings at all, and the sound of his massive bollocks crashing into her was a real turn on. After a few minutes, Rach was orgasming as I had never seen her before, and then Mike pulled out, flipped her over onto her back, and shot huge wads of spunk all over her tits, with some of it reaching as far as her face. Rach lay there, quivering and moaning, and Mike and I licked her tits clean.

After a long cigarette break, Rach sat on my face whilst Mike sucked my cock, then he lay on his back, and Rach rode him until she was orgasming uncontrollably again. Mike is now a regular visitor to our bedroom. Just because I have a small dick, there is no need for my girlfriend to go without, and I get the pleasure of playing with the big dick I wish I had as well.

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