A Humiliating Trip to the Doctor

By Babydicklover.

This beautiful woman named Grace, with soft flaxen hair and sandy-colored eyes, gazed at who she truly desired at that moment. As she lay entirely naked and uncovered, she seductively sprinkled her sexy body titillatingly on my bed. Grace confidently embraced the liberation of being nude, but I needed more time. I lowered my underwear, revealing my cock. She giggled slightly, seeing my very tiny penis for the first time.

“Oh, Alex, you warned me you were tiny, but I wasn’t expecting this.” She tickled my balls and flicked my baby weenie. “It is so cute and adorable. Wow, your squishy tummy and little bush almost cover your tiny, little willy. I’ve seen many, and I mean many small penises in my life, but that, by far, has to be the tiniest. I am almost speechless.”

Her reaction didn’t offend me, as I’ve had even worse hurtful comebacks to my little penis. Uncontrollable giggling, teasing, or hateful, size-shaming comments are pretty orthodox, unfortunately, for any tiny-dicked man. I am fully aware of how small my teeny weeny is, and since this was the first girl who enthusiastically shared an interest in my little thing, I felt secure enough to show off what little I was inadequately packing. It is slightly under average at maximum length but soft; I know it is a pathetic, bouncy little baby button in a fur coat that has brought waves of laughter in my past.

She wrapped me in her arms and assured me there was nothing sexier than a mature, adult man that, when stripped completely, there is a tiny surprise. I provocatively positioned myself just enough to show nothing hung out where it should.

She smiled, “That is what I am talking about. I adore that beautiful little penis. I am genuinely amazed at how tiny your dick is.”

I blushed an illuminated vermilion, much to her squealing delight. Judging by her luscious persistence to continue, I couldn’t contain my mental excitement. Previous women were more intolerant of my shortcomings and less forgiving of what I was about to describe next.

This nagging problem I thought could be solved with the right person, but inevitably, that wasn’t the case. After a long session of deep foreplay, with many soothing touches and prolonged, passionate kisses all over our bodies, there was no physical, arousing byproduct on my end from this woman’s enticing beauty.

Her eyes felt expressionless, although she grew slightly frustrated with my lifeless predicament. Looking between my legs was a limp, stationary shrimp trapped in a battle of awkward humiliation. The little guy was unaroused by what would excite most men. I was incredibly embarrassed and ashamed I couldn’t bring any pleasure to this mature goddess with my little wee-wee.

After basking in this situation, I apologized for the troubling circumstances, but she seemed wildly curious. She comforted me as she massaged my little penis with two fingers. She giggled at how tiny it was compared to her thin, pretty pinky. She swallowed my minute acorn in her warm mouth and swirled it around gradually. It felt amazing, but I wasn’t growing where I was needed.

Eventually, she gave up trying to awaken my small cock – even a defibrillator wouldn’t be able to do that, and I don’t blame her. I brought my face to her soft, juicy pussy, and I ate her out with lust and devotion, providing her a climatic ample of bliss. If there is anything I know how to do, it is eat a woman out. Knowing how minuscule my package was, I knew I needed to find different ways to satisfy who I was dating.

We’ve been together for several months, and I paused having sex for obvious reasons. I felt horrible for disappointing Grace, but she was amazing and made me feel valued and desirable. She hugged me and kissed the little head of my nubbin. She mentioned I should see a doctor because I shouldn’t have a patterned problem maintaining my erections at a young age.

To provide context, my name is Alex Davis, and I am a 29-year-old chubby tall man with a burly beard and a deep voice. Everyone is usually surprised and giddy when they see me naked because the stereotype determines someone like me would be hung. I never thought it would be possible for anyone my age to experience something like erectile dysfunction, but I read it is rare. I made an appointment with my primary doctor, Dr. Garner.


The following week, I visited Dr. Garner to learn what was happening downstairs in the tiny cellar. As my new doctor, I didn’t know much about him, except that he was ripped, short, and had a high-pitched voice, which contrasts me greatly.

I was escorted to one of the rooms, and shortly, Dr. Garner opened the door with a smile. After some friendly banter, we went straight into my issues.

“Alex, what’s been going on? The nurse mentioned you have been having some issues with your libido. Is that correct?”

I felt embarrassed even to mention this because, at that moment, I felt less manly and excluded from my masculine physique.

“I’ve been having trouble, you know, getting it up.”

He looked directly at my crotch and claimed, “I see. Does anyone in your family experience this? Is this a common problem for you?”

“Not to my knowledge in my family, but this has happened several times with different women.”

“That must have been pretty embarrassing for you. How did that make you feel?”

“It feels pretty embarrassing knowing I can’t perform how they want me to. I feel less masculine, especially at my younger age. I didn’t even know younger men could experience erectile dysfunction.”

“Well, we haven’t ruled out erectile dysfunction, but there can be many explanations and reasons why this is happening. It is common for young men to face shame from performance anxiety and, as you’ve said, ‘not getting it up.’ I wouldn’t worry because there are many options to address this. I need to see what I am working with. Please strip for me.”

I internally recoiled at his request, even though I knew it was coming. This doctor has never seen my penis before, and I don’t know how he will react. It is a rite of passage for a baby-dicked man to face naked anxiety showing a doctor your body. He stared at me with a smile, and I slowly began stripping. Eventually, I was down to my tight, telling underwear, where I felt the most tension in my body. I saw zero bulge, nothing poking out to make a tiny tent.

I looked away, and he noted my discomfort with a warming aura, “Don’t worry. You are not the first naked man here and won’t be the last.”

That gave me some comfort, and without further ado, I lowered my underwear, and my little nub bounced in front of this curious doctor. I saw his big blue eyes widen with disbelief, and I swore I heard him laugh and purposely disguised it with a cough. He just stood soaking in my naked body, which felt like hours, when only 30 seconds had passed.

He cleared his throat, “Great, lie down here.”

I planted my fat bubble butt on his medical treatment bench with my extraordinarily hard-to-see mini dicklette inches from the doctor’s curious face.

“Okay, you are uncut. I will jot that down. Now, let me measure it.” He looked at what appeared to be my foreskin wrapped around the tiny buried victim, “Oh, I see now. You aren’t uncut. It’s just napping inside your testicles. Can you pull it out, please, or is that how it typically looks?”

Due to the cold atmosphere and menacing nervousness, my already small mushroom-like nub became a super flat, bulgeless mangina. My cheeks bloomed a bright smudge of ruby, and in a rush, I pulled it out and flicked it. Now, I felt exposed as the doctor saw me at my tiniest, even smaller than when I was a toddler.

“I am so sorry. It isn’t generally like that.”

He chuckled, “There is no reason to be sorry. It is freezing in here.” He looked at me quizzically and said, “Is it that different from normal? Is it that, or is it usually that sized?”

I wanted to hide. This doctor was eyeing my hairy, manly clit and questioning how tiny it normally was.

“Umm, yes, it usually is on the smaller side, but never like this. I think I am just nervous.”

“Of course, it is downright natural. I have many male patients who are embarrassed by their really small penises.”

I couldn’t believe he had just described my penis as really tiny, and in a moment, we were both going to find out how small it was since I’d never measured it before.

He placed his measuring tool directly next to the base of my extremely small penis and announced, “Here we go. Your flaccid penis is 0.3 inches. That’s a very abnormal size for someone your age.”

I never felt more embarrassed to hear how my penis was under half an inch from a doctor. He got handsy and flicked my little penis. He asked me if I had any pain. He then inspected my raisin-sized balls. He examined other parts of my body, and at different times, he lightly grazed my nipples and other sensitive areas. He even occasionally and indirectly giggled at me. It couldn’t have all been in my head.

“I need to measure your erect penis. Some recommend you pull the flaccid penis like this.” Without hesitation, he pinched my little, tiny penis with two fingers and pulled it to maximum length. “But, I find you won’t get an accurate measurement. I will leave for a few minutes while you do your business.”

I sat up and looked at the cold floor. I felt so naughty to be completely naked and ready to play with my little corndog. There was something oddly alluring and dirty about this, and I liked it. Was I an exhibitionist because something was arousing about exposing myself, especially if the person finds my little penis hilarious? I wiggled the tip of my little bump and began rubbing it slowly and thoughtfully.

I became lost as I fantasized about Grace in lingerie, laughing ridiculously loud at my pitifully-sized penis. I imagined having sex with her and experiencing ecstasy as her warm vagina ate my little guy. My mind wandered into territory I never knew existed. In my dream, Grace tied me to a pole, utterly naked with laughing pedestrians. They took close-ups of my penis, and I felt so exposed and vulnerable. As much as this fantasy turned me on, my tiny cock wouldn’t harden.

After about ten minutes of deep daydreams about what I would do to Grace, the doctor barged in on me, tugging my little smallie with two fingers, which was the only way I could masturbate.

He inaudibly laughed, “Still hard at work, I see. My apologies; I took much longer than I thought I would. Do you need more time?”

I nodded, but instead of leaving, he sat down, looking at me.

I asked him, “Are you going to leave soon?”

“No, you should be fine with me here. Just pretend like I am not even here.”

I gulped and felt sick. I felt really antsy in this position. How was I going to stroke myself in front of this quirky doctor? I just closed my eyes and continued swirling my wrinkled softie. After much two-finger-tugging on my lil winky, I finally reached an erection, which made me somewhat proud.

I looked at him, and he said, as he was getting a little irritated, “Well, do you need more time or what? We don’t have all day, and you are still flaccid.”

I felt like crying because I was completely erect, and he couldn’t even notice because it was so small.

“Actually, I am fully erect right now.”

He looked at my little erection and exclaimed, “Oh. I am so sorry. I didn’t notice.”

He measured my needle hard-on, “Looks like you are erect at 2.3 inches. Great. I will be right back. I need some assistance.”

He walked away while I lay there waiting. In a few minutes, he brought in a couple of nurses and students to inspect my itty bitty peanut package. I gasped and covered my baby dick. Everyone giggled at my antics.

“Alex, as I’ve said before, there is no need to cover up as we are professionals here. We will not judge you.”

Even though I couldn’t bear having several women look at my naked body, what else could I do? Honestly, I secretly enjoyed this newly discovered phenomenon. I couldn’t imagine what they were thinking. I am sure they would never sleep with me. I uncovered my scared, softened wee-wee, which got a few smiles and chuckles.

“I wanted you all to see what I am doing here. Alex here measures 0.3 inches flaccid and 2.3 inches erect. Alex, have your previous doctors ever mentioned anything about your penis?”

I could barely speak but mumble, “Not at all.”

“Well, based on the measurements I gathered, it is safe to say you have a medical micropenis.”

I turned white in the face learning the indisputable truth about how tiny I was. I always thought I was a little below average.

“Based on this and what you’ve told me, I am recommending a specific medication that will help your erectile dysfunction issue, and this should help. It would be best if you considered watching your diet as an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to that. Does that sound good?”

I just replied with a sorrowful “Yes.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“Are there any other concerns I should consider having a micropenis?”

“Micropenises function just like any other penis, but you may have difficulty impregnating someone because of the small size if that is what you want to do. We will cross that bridge later.”

“I hope that isn’t the case.”

The doctor continued, “It probably won’t be. Sometimes, a man with micropenis may have a low sperm count. This can result in infertility or decreased fertility. And so you can get a perspective, your penis is around the average length of a three-year-old boy.”

My face sank, and those words swallowed my dignity, “Is there anything I can do about it?”

“Nope, you are stuck with that little tiny micropenis for life. It’s too bad your parents didn’t seek treatment for your micropenis when you were an adolescent.”

I felt sick to my stomach hearing my doctor say something like that. Everyone looked at him with shocked stares as they tried to stifle their obvious laughter.

Realizing what he said, “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean it that way, but I mean, it’s not exactly incorrect,” he winked at me as everyone looked at my three-year-old nub. “And make sure to schedule a follow-up, so we can see how everything is going with your little penis.”


After that horrible, unfiltered exchange, I hurriedly left the doctor’s office humiliated. I could hear the laughter as I exited the building. I shared the news with Grace, who was even more excited for me. I took the medication, and after a week, I had regular, controllable boners rather than sporadic ones.

I finally had the chance to have squirting, explosive sex with Grace, and we both enjoyed it. I still needed to eat her out because my little guy could barely penetrate her, stimulating her carnal cravings even more.

Again, she enveloped me like a baby, “You must have been so embarrassed by the doctor and nurses gawking at your little guy.”

“It was very humiliating, but I secretly enjoyed it.”

“Hmm. We will need to explore this exhibitionist side of you.”

“That sounds fun and a little scary. Why do you like my little wee-wee?

“Don’t be scared, cutie, because they are so cute and fun. Maybe, I’m just a closeted lesbian because you practically have a clit down there.”

Do you really like my tiny ding-a-ling?”

“Yes, honey, I love your delectable, scrumptious petite little cocktail, smokey. And cocktail would imply a cock was involved, but none on your end. I have such a mindless lust for masculine men with little toddler-sized gherkins. Yours looks like a little skin tag. I couldn’t help but laugh when you told me you had a micropenis. The fact that you were so oblivious to how small you truly were was hilarious. Even now, it’s almost completely buried. Only your tiny mushroom head is visible. Your microscopic, almost nonexistent testicles make it even funnier. Your under-endowment is just incredibly hot. Remind me of the measurements.”

“0.3 inches soft and 2.3 inches hard.”

“Oh, my poor baby, but that is just gloriously hilarious. If I were in your doctor’s position, sitting there stoically would have been a challenge. I would have started laughing the moment your pinky-toe-sized jewel was exposed. Nothing is sexier than a confident man strutting the runway with his little bouncing dicklette. But yours barely moves when you walk because it is such a tiny innie clitty. It would be best if you count yourself lucky you found me. I’m not sure most people would not want to suck a little tiny nub, no offense. They aren’t sentimental about the small things, like me.”

“Does it bother you that I can’t pleasure you?”

“Aww. I am sorry your little penis can’t satisfy me. I don’t mind because you have an unbelievably hot tongue no one could replicate — not even a man with a giant dick. And your massively undersized little ding-dong doesn’t define you; I love you for being your authentic, tiny, micro self.”

We both giggled and fell asleep in a sleeping peace.


The End.


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