Wife Bumps into Her Ex 2

By underdrive

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Part 2…

A week went by. We were both too busy with work to talk about what happened, but I would be lying if I hadn’t jerked off half a dozen times a day thinking about it.

I was incredibly conflicted. On the one hand, it would eat me up inside whenever I thought about them together, but then I would get turned on by the very same idea, and it became all I thought about when I jerked off. I began searching for porn about it and only got off to porn that featured women similar to my wife. I would fantasize that it was her in the porn getting the piss fucked out of her.

I was currently stroking as I watched this guy drilling a woman with a body type similar to my wife’s from behind. I watched how he just maltreated her in a way I had never abused a woman in my life.

I thought back to all the women in my life; none of them had ever reacted that way to my dick. Almost all of them had cheated on me at some point and later told me how small my dick was.

It occurred to me that maybe I was better off letting my wife fuck him. Perhaps if I were a part of it, it would be better than her sneaking around behind my back which would create resentment, and eventually, she would just pity me and move on.

I knew she would never get back with Colin because he cheated on her non-stop and treated her like shit. Sex was the only thing that she saw in him. Maybe there was an agreement we could figure out where I could also benefit from her fucking him once in a while.

I couldn’t deny that it turned me on more than anything else in the world, and if it was inevitable, it’s better if I had some level of control and made it like something we were doing together. I didn’t like Colin insulting me, though. When my wife did it, she knew what to say, and it turned me on, but I would feel almost too pathetic when he did it.

As the video continued, I felt myself getting closer to orgasm, and suddenly I heard: “So this is what you’ve been doing every night instead of coming to bed with me!”

My wife had entered the room, and I hadn’t noticed. I thought she was asleep. I scrambled to pull my boxers up, but she sat down on the couch beside me and stopped.

“It’s okay!”

I sat there staring at her. My erection was throbbing. Not sure what to do. She reached out, slid her hand into my shorts, and held my erection. I shuddered.

“You rather watch porn than come upstairs with me.”

I shook my head.

“Then why didn’t you come upstairs and at least try? It’s Friday night. Guess what I was upstairs doing, hoping you would come up?”

She took her hand off my dick so I could smell her pussy on her fingers. My erection twitched.

“That turns you on, doesn’t it?”

I nodded my head.

“I already came, but I was thinking I would let you fuck me since you’re the best husband in the world for letting me fuck Colin.”

“Did you?”

“Oh no! Not yet.”

“But you will?”

“I think so. It turns you on. And it’s just sex, baby. I would never leave you for him. I said some nasty things, but that was just to turn you on. He may have a huge cock and know how to fuck me, but he is half your man.”


“Yes. You’re so brave to let me fuck him. It shows how strong our bond is. Do you want to fuck me tonight?”

“Yes, but will you feel it?”

“Sure. If I’m on top, it will be… nice.”

That word. Nice. That’s how she described sex with me. I’m sure it isn’t a word she would use to describe how Colin fucks her.

“Or you can use the dildo if you like.”

“I like hearing the sounds you make with it. The sounds you make with him.”

“They fill me up. They stretch me, so it hurts, but in a good way.”

“I don’t…”

She opened up her hand. We both looked at my cock. The exact length of her palm.

“Not the same. But we have an emotional connection that makes it good too. Just different.”

“Tell me how it’s different.”

“And make you cum right away? Don’t you even want to fuck me?”

“I do. But I also like to please you, and you look so bored when I fuck you.”

“I’m not bored! Let’s go upstairs, and let me give you some pleasure!”

Just then, her cell rang. I deflated. Who could be calling her this late? If it were Colin, I would be disappointed and a little angry.

“It’s Kelly! We were texting earlier. It will just take a few minutes. She saw me leave the club with Colin and get into his car. She wants details.”

I looked at her, shocked. “I can wait upstairs.”

She squeezed my dick in her hand and said, “Stay here. I won’t be long.”

“Are you going to tell her?”

“Sure. Why not? She knows about Colin’s dick and how I cheated on you when we were dating. She’s the only one I ever told and never told anyone else, so it’s okay. Besides, we both know that she already knows about your size.”


“Relax. It’s okay.”

And with that, she turned her body but kept her hand on my dick. Not stroking, just holding it as she accepted a FaceTime call from her best friend, and I sat there naked and out of sight.

“Hey, Kelly!”

“So, what the fuck? You went home with him?”

“Not exactly.”

“So what? What happened? Tell me you didn’t fuck him again.”

“I did.”

“Oh my god. Does your husband know?”

My dick twitched in her hand, and she gave it a few casual strokes before just holding it again.


“Holy shit. Tell me.”

“I didn’t go home with Colin. I brought him home with me.”

“Oh my god. Was it amazing? Can I get details?”

“Well, as you know, I was very, very drunk. I can’t remember much about it, but apparently, he fucked me so hard I passed out.”

“What did hubby do?”

“He helped. As I said, I don’t remember much. You could ask him, though.”

I looked at her, shocked. She stroked me gently, just a bit, and I almost melted. My eyes pleaded with her to hang up the phone, but instead, she said: “He’s right beside me. He can probably tell you everything in great detail!”

And then she held the phone up to my face and put it in my hands. She smiled at me devilishly as I blushed and struggled to look Kelly in the eyes.

My wife started to stroke me more consistently, and it felt amazing.

“Tell her! Tell her what happened last weekend.”

I could barely get the words out; I was so embarrassed. “He fucked her.”

“She already knew that! How did he fuck me?”

“Hard.” Was all I could muster.

For some backstory, I had known Kelly longer than my wife. We had never dated, but we had fooled around long ago. One night, we were drunk and tried to fuck, but I was so drunk I couldn’t stay hard and ended up making her cum with my mouth. Hearing her cum made me super hard, and she was nice enough to give me a handjob as my wife did. But I was drunk, and as hard as I was, I couldn’t cum, and her total disinterest didn’t help either. After a while, she told me her hand was tired, and I could finish myself if I wanted to.

I asked her if she wanted to fuck again, and she sighed as she let go of my cock and said: “Not really. You’re half the size of all the other men I’ve been with.”

Which, of course, turned me on insanely. No woman had ever spoken to me like that. I was young enough that I didn’t want to jerk off in front of a woman, but my dick was throbbing. I was just too embarrassed to touch it.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m drunk.”

“It’s okay.”

“Are you going to finish up?”

I stroked faster and focused on cumming as I looked at her near-perfect young 32C breasts.

“It’s so cute how you hold it with your two fingers and thumb. I’ve never seen that before!”


“Most guys I’ve been with hold it in their hand like this.”

She reached out and took hold of my dick and stroked it softly.

“But with them, you can go up and down along the shaft. Yours fits all in my hand!”

She continued to stroke it as she stared at it with a curious smile on her face.

“And I can get my hand around it fully too! In my last guy, my thumb and fingers barely touched when I held him. Like this.”

And she loosened her grip so that her thumb and finger barely touched and kept stroking. It drove me crazy for some reason, just hardly being stimulated. It almost tickled.

“I just thought all men were that size! I didn’t realize a dick could be this small!”

And that was too much. I couldn’t take it. The embarrassment and humiliation caused shivers down my spine, and I came so hard. It shot up and hit me on the chin and kept shooting all over my chest and stomach as she stopped stroking and watched me lose control.

She held my penis in her hand as it softened and shrunk to near nothing. She didn’t say anything. She just wiggled it back and forth with her fingers and thumb and exhaled as a person does when containing a laugh. I looked at her, and she was politely stopping herself from laughing.

“I’m gonna go to sleep now.”

She rolled over and passed out pretty quickly. I laid there naked and covered in cum until I knew she was completely asleep, and then I got up out of bed and cleaned myself off, and went home.

She was nice enough never to bring it up again, and she never told anyone about it as far as I knew, but I lived in fear of that night when I started dating my wife. If she told her, my wife never said or never mentioned it.

But now, here I was. Again hard and wanting to come and look at that same coy smile on Kelly’s face. Only this time, it was my wife’s hand on my dick.

“So, what did you think about them fucking?”

I couldn’t answer. What could I say?

“Cat got your tongue? I remember that night we tried. We never fucked, but I can imagine how it must be with your… disability.”

My wife laughed loudly, saying, “It’s not a disability!”

“If that were true, would you have brought your ex home and fucked his huge dick all night? Sex certainly isn’t his ability.”

They both laughed, and my cock twitched. I was thankful she hadn’t been stroking because I certainly would have orgasmed.

“I can’t believe we’ve almost shared two men!”

“Both extremes.” My wife replied.

“You’ve been with Colin too?” I asked sheepishly.

“Yes, but there was no way I could handle that thing. We tried, but there was no way to get it inside me. Your wife must be able to handle a lot! I don’t know how she tolerated your little guy!”

That was it. I couldn’t take it anymore. My dick exploded in my wife’s hand, all over the back of her phone and my chest.

“Did he just?”

I was still collecting myself from cumming when my wife just reached over with her free hand and flipped the camera so that it revealed my drained limp penis in her hand and my cum covered stomach.

The girls giggled, and Kelly said, “I remember that thing. It looks a little smaller, even. Wow.”

“We were supposed to have sex later too!” My wife took the phone from me and told me to clean up while she talked to Kelly, “and get the toy out. The one the same size as Colin. I still need to get fucked tonight.”

I nodded and headed upstairs as I heard my wife giggling with Kelly. As I showered, I thought that was the closest I would likely ever come to a threesome with two women in my life. Even just thinking about the humiliation made my dick itch a little.

This turned me on more than anything else. Why couldn’t I just admit it and accept it? Why did humiliation turn me on so much? My wife also seemed to enjoy it but still loved me, so why shouldn’t we just get off this way? I looked down at my tiny penis and knew we would never get off that way. So as I sat there pep-talking myself into accepting it, my wife joined me in the shower. In her hand — her favorite dildo.

She said nothing to me. She kissed me deeply, placed the dildo in my hand, then turned away from me and guided it into her pussy. She ground against me and moved me, so I held the dildo and fucked her as if it were my own.

“Fuck me, baby. Make me cum.”

I obliged. I moved with her rhythm, and we fucked as the hot shower water rained over us. She moaned and groaned the way she did with Colin, and I fucked her harder with no pressure of cumming too fast. Heck, I wasn’t even hard!

She reached out to the shower wall for support.

“Oh, fuck, baby. Fuck me like that. It feels so good. This is the dick I wish you had!”

And then she came. His legs seemed to vibrate, and I had to hold her to keep her on her feet.

When she collected herself, she turned to me and said, “I love you.”

Then she looked down, and I did too. I didn’t realize I was hard again. She looked back at me and said, “Are you going to be okay if I fuck Colin again? It is just sex.”

I swallowed hard and said, “Yes. I love you. I want you to be happy.”

She smiled at me, lowered her knees, and put my dick in her mouth. A warmth I hadn’t felt in years. She never gave me a blowjob. It felt amazing. Her hands traveled up and gripped my balls. The feeling was too much. I reached out to the wall for support. I thought about what I had just said yes to. I felt her hand travel past my balls to my ass, and a wet finger slid inside me.

I gasped. It was something I had never felt before, and it felt good. I couldn’t catch my breath. Her finger pulled back and probed deeper, and I couldn’t control it. I just came into my wife’s mouth uncontrollably.

I could barely stay on my feet. It felt so intense. As I regained composure, she pulled her finger out and stood up. Without a word, she leaned in and kissed me. She pushed all my cum from her mouth to mine and kept kissing me until I swallowed all of it.

“I’m glad you want me to be a happy baby. You make me happy, and I think Colin will make me happy tomorrow night too. But I will always come home to you.”

She smiled, turned her back to me, and reached for the soap. My wife told me she would fuck another man tomorrow, and I felt pleased about it.


To Be Continued…?


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