The Tribesman

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In Another Time – by AronB


They traded them. Frion and his best friend, for two of this tribe’s weakest hunters. They had three months to prove their usefulness.

Frio was about average height, skinny, with brown hair and a not-quite-full beard. Gisho, his best friend, was as skinny as him, but a full head taller, and less hairy, which was odd among even their own kind.

He felt unnecessary among his own people. But now, as he looked around at the men of this tribe, he felt especially weak. These hairy, muscular beasts were massive, although slightly shorter than him.

As far as he could tell, his tools were slightly superior. These people lived in tents, not mud houses. They grew no crops, and they had none of the red metal. However, on the first hunting expedition, they moved faster than him, and he brought back nothing.

The second, he brought back nothing.

The third established a pattern.

The first month was horrible. He was left behind, in status and usefulness. He could feel the tribe talking about him behind his back. The women stayed far away from him.

Luckily, Gisho was still with him. They went out and caught rabbits and birds for extra food, though it wouldn’t feed their new tribe.

The two of them were eighteen years old. They had been born on the same day, to different mothers, and had stayed together since. They went hunting together, foraging with their female friends together, and they even told each other who in the tribe they wanted to “get to know.” But of course, their under-performance as hunters made them the males only fucked if the more virile specimens were not around.

There were always more virile specimens.

They were on one of their silent expeditions, far from camp, when they came across a tiny clearing at the base of a cliff. A waterfall trickled down the fallen rocks at the base of the ridge, and a dozen deer used the watering hole that had built up at the bottom.

Gisho looked at him, excited.

The two of them were weak, not stupid. They knew what to do. A few hand motions, and they were going to work. Gisho worked his way to one end of the clearing, while Frio notched an arrow on his bow. He waited for a few minutes, until he saw Gisho make a motion. He breathed deep, and waved back.

Gisho charged out from the underbrush, yelling. The deer scattered in all directions, one coming straight towards Frio. He aimed, and let an arrow fly straight through the animal’s eye.

It was a pain to haul it all the way back alone, but they managed. The people of the tribe were surprised to say the least.

They didn’t tell the other men about the spot, and they used it sparingly, so as not to alarm the creatures. But they still brought back food regularly, from the pool and the area nearby.

“What do you think of that girl Miko?” Gisho asked, still carrying the back-end of the stick from which the dead deer hung.

They didn’t often converse casually, so Frio took a while to respond. “The one you were looking at yesterday? She’s pretty.”

Frio shrugged his tired shoulder, shifting the stick from one sore position to another.

“You don’t like her? I think she’s nice,” Gisho said.

“Maybe… She’s a bit small.”

“Oh, you like ’em big? I thought you liked Kaymin back home.”

Frio chuckled. “She showed me her pussy once, so I thought I might have a chance.”

Gisho laughed loudly. “Really? Wow, she never even talked to me. Uh, if that happens again, you should go for her.”

“If we have to go back,” Frio said and grunted.

“Stop… Let’s rest for a sec.”

The two of them slowly lowered the deer, and leaned it against a tree. They sat with their backs against other nearby conifers. They were quiet for a while.

“You really don’t like the bigger women?” Frio asked, feeling a bit awkward about the conversation.

“Tits are nice,” Gisho said, smiling. “These women cover up too much.”

“Yeah…” Frio said and leaned back closing his eyes, thinking about nothing in particular. The image of one of the women from the new tribe came to mind. “Miko’s aren’t very big though.”

“They don’t need to be big,” Gisho said and smiled. “She flashed them to me when we first got here. They’re firm, and the nipples are small, but long.”

Frio started to laugh. Gisho soon joined in, and they were soon gasping for air. “Long nipples,” Frio finally rasped out, and they were laughing again.

After that, they were content with their friendship, and comfortable with the silence between them. Frio wondered how it took eighteen years for them to get here. He stood up and stretched. “Ready?”

“Yeah.” And the two of them finished the return to camp.

Were the people of the tribe ever so surprised, as when the two of them strode into camp with a deer that big? Were the two of them ever so happy? They ate well the next few nights.

They went out again, almost eight days later. They stayed far from the pool, and after a while, found a deer eating berries off a bush. They returned again, triumphant. They grew closer.


Over the next few weeks, the men started to develop a grudging respect for the scrawny men, and a few of the women even started to show some interest.

One of the women, Bea, a mature mother of about thirty years, gave Frio eyes, and once he found her washing clothes by the stream. She bared one of her massive breasts towards him, and looked at him seductively. He looked around awkwardly, and her laughter rang loud through the cool, crisp air. He left her to her work, ran as far as possible, and undid his loincloth. His dick was already mostly erect, and he gripped it in his hand and started to stroke furiously.

It didn’t take too long, as he thought about Bea and her undeniable curves. He came onto the tree, spurt after powerful spurt flying onto the bark. He picked up his loincloth and returned to the camp.

Gisho sat with Miko in the cooking area, helping to prepare the deer they caught that morning. He smiled at the girl and handed her tools when she needed them. She looked frustrated by his efforts, and sometimes shook her head. She handed him a bowl and motioned towards the stream. Frio watched his friend as he walked to it and filled the bowl. He returned, and stood next to Miko as she worked on gutting the animal. He spoke her name, and she spasmed, surprised. She looked up angrily at him… and her expression turned to one of surprise.

His loincloth-bound crotch was a few inches from her face as he held out the bowl. She stared at the prominent bulge that Frio had never noticed until now, as he hid behind a tree twenty paces away.

Gisho asked what was wrong. Miko looked around like a deer who had just heard something, before reaching out to Gisho’s loincloth. She undid it while the young man watched excitedly. The piece of cloth fell away to reveal a thing the likes of which Frio had never seen. It was a penis, he knew, but it was LONG. It drooped low, halfway down his friends thigh. His own dick grew hard watching Miko gawk at the long tool. She wrapped her hand around it and squeezed. It instantly started to respond by GROWING even more.

Frio looked down at his own dick, which he had pulled out from his own loincloth. It was normally quite small when soft, easily covered up by a finger or two. Gisho’s dick was… bigger soft than his was at its most erect. It wasn’t done growing, however. As Miko stroked the fleshy snake, it continued to add length and even GROW in thickness!

He tore his eyes away from his friends cock and noticed that Gisho had seen him, and he grinned at him. Frio nodded at him from behind his tree. Then, Miko did something strange. She hefted Gisho’s now-incredibly fat member and guided it into her mouth. Frio could see her lips straining around the large girth, forcing in only two hands length of the tool before she gagged.

He looked down at his own dick, where one hand already fit around the base. His thumb wrapped around the shaft and past the tips of his fingers. The addition of his other hand over the rest of his length showed that his penis was only half the length of that of his best friend.

Miko continued her wet, energetic work, pumping her head up and down the shaft. Saliva drooped out from around her lips, as she seemed incapable of pulling off of Gisho’s dick.

Frio noticed that he was stroking his own dick. The scene further down the hill was incredibly arousing, and he imagined Bea doing that to him, then mounting him, and covering him with her warm legs and breasts.

He was cumming, just as Gisho’s dick was becoming fully erect. He continued to watch Miko slobber up and down, up and down, up and down, with an increasing pace.

Two more women came walking through the forest, entering the cooking area. One was an old woman, almost sixty years old, and the other was a tall, attractive woman of about 25 years, with long legs and a large pair of breasts. They both stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the scene laid out before them. Miko stopped instantly, both hands around Gisho’s cock.

All was silent for a few moments, as both women stared at the huge tool standing at attention from the tall man’s crotch. The older lady shook her head, and sternly told Gisho to leave. He picked up his loincloth, and tied it around his waist. However, the large pole sticking between his legs didn’t allow the cloth to cover anything, so it continued to swing wildly as he left the cooking area in the direction of the camp.

The tall brunette giggled as she watched him leave, and immediately started whispering to Miko as they started work on the deer. Frio quietly left, careful to not disturb the women working below.

That night, they ate one of his deers. They gave him the usual honors of eating first, and they all had a good time. Frio had a better time than usual, making a few humorous looks when the tribesmen were joking around in their own language. Bea laughed, and sat next to him. She pressed against him.

He felt confident, so he reached over and felt her thigh with his hand. She moaned quietly and groped his butt, urging him on.

Most of the other people started to leave, going back to their tents. Frio reached over with his other hand and grasped one of her massive tits. It was the first time he had felt one, since his own mother, of course. He loved it.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Gisho getting physical with a woman, the tall brunette from the cooking area. He was excitedly pressing his lips against hers.

It seemed an odd thing, but he tried it with Bea, who immediately got into it. She pulled him in ever closer, and he climbed onto her lap to continue.

Pretty soon, he had got her going in a frenzy. He pulled himself off of her, and she looked like a madwoman. She grabbed him by his hand and pulled him into her tent.

She was immediately on her knees.

“Cock,” she said, one of the few of their words he knew. He undid his loincloth and dropped it. She shuffled forward, and in the dark, groped around for his dick, eventually grabbing it at the base. She wrapped her mouth around the short length not covered by her hand, and stopped.

“Continue,” he said seductively.

She pulled off his dick and looked up. “Small?” She asked.

He was confused. “Continue?”

She continued her sucking, and he grabbed her hair, enjoying every moment.

She pulled off. “But… why small?”

Frio felt a bit worried. “Problem?”

“Uh… I’m not sure.”


“Yes.” She smiled up at him, though she looked worried as well.

She got on all fours, wiggling her massive ass back at him. He spread her butt cheeks apart and found her big labia. He reached down, found her clitoris, and rubbed her for a while, enjoying her moans.

“Fuck!” She yelled out. “Now!”

He smiled, and placed his dick against her entrance. He pushed in.

The interior of her vagina felt nice. Not too tight, but still nice. he started thrusting, his hips making repeated contact with her big ass.


He thrust faster.

“Fuck more! All of cock!”

He groaned as he continued to go all the way into her vagina and out again.

Bea was quiet still. I was then that he heard slapping sounds and loud moans from outside the tent. Frio pulled out and tapped her on the shoulder.


Bea turned around to face him, her expression of disappointment visible by way of the light filtering through the tent door.

“Uh…” She started. “Small cock.” Now she looked frustrated. “Can’t feel.”

The moans continued outside. Frio looked down at his penis, which was still hard. He reached down and loosely wrapped his slender hand around the shaft. It covered most of it, two-thirds, maybe.

Bea shuffled to the door of the tent on her knees and looked out. Frio stayed where he was, looking down at his dick.

“Come,” she said. He followed her to the opening and looked out. The woman from before bounced on Gisho’s dick, her mouth wide open, her ample breasts bouncing in time with her forceful attacks.

Frio looked at his friends shaft. He was momentarily breathless. It was twice the size of his own in length and thickness. He looked at Bea, who rested on her elbows and knees, watching the spirited intercourse from a distance.

He noticed her hand slowly move down her body, and she started massaging her pussy. His face quickly reddened, and looked down at his penis, which retained its firmness.

“I could use…” he pointed to his tongue.

Bea pulled her attention from the action outside, and looked at Frio. She shook her head almost imperceptibly. “Don’t want small cock,” she said. “Gisho cock big.”

What were these feelings? Jealousy? Envy? Why couldn’t his cock be big? Gisho made his woman moan. Why couldn’t he? More sounds outside. Female sounds, of pleasure. Frio was worried. Could he please anybody?

He looked down at his dick. It was half the size of Gisho’s dick. “Am I a good man?” He whispered.

Bea turned her head back to look at him. “Small cock. Men have big cock.”

Frio’s head reeled. He was small. Small was bad. His friend was big. Big is good. He couldn’t speak or think. His mind was a mess. “Why… is small bad?”

“Can’t feel small.”

“Small is bad.” He muttered. He couldn’t believe it.

“Small is bad,” Bea repeated, entranced by the scene outside.

He felt a sudden determination. Frio moved around to her backside, and felt her pussy from top to bottom. It was wetter than before. He scooted towards her on his knees, preparing his dick yet again. He paused, looking over Bea’s head. Outside, Gisho had bent the woman over one of the logs around the campfire, and was tapping his cock against her ass cheeks.

His hand was firmly wrapped around the base of his rod, and there was still a long portion of meat making loud, wet contact with the thick ass of the eager tribeswoman.

Frio held his own tool similarly, and tapped it against Bea’s butt cheek. There was no length with which to slam satisfyingly against her expansive behind. He looked back outside, and copied Gisho as he aimed his cock at the entrance to his partner’s pussy and slowly pushed in.

The woman, who had been waiting impatiently for the arrival of the thick shaft, closed her eyes and gripped the log tightly, her toes curling around the dirt in which she stood. Her knees wobbled as Gisho started to thrust, slowly…

Frio got no such response from Bea, as he started his own movements. He stopped only to bring his leg up, planting his foot past Bea’s knee. He thrust, hoping his new position would renew her excitement. The only reaction was the jiggling of Bea’s plentiful ass.

He listened to the moans from outside and closed his eyes, keeping up his thrusting. He felt himself getting close. His eyes opened with surprise, and he pulled out, clenching the muscles in his dick tightly. The waves of pleasure faded, and he sighed, relieved.

He looked back again, at Bea and the scene beyond. She was still entranced by the semi-rhythmic thrusts of the hung young man, and the grunts produced by the woman, who had now completely wrapped her arms around the log, her hair fallen around her flushed face.

Gisho began letting out grunts alongside his intermittent panting. He slowed down, and rammed his cock deeper and harder. Frio noticed Bea rubbing herself furiously. She sucked in air through her teeth, and back out again, and repeated that.

Gisho closed his eyes and moaned, ramming his large shaft a final few times into the nearly motionless woman in front of him.

A few moments passed, and Frio could see the haze lifting from the two lovers’ eyes. The woman pushed herself off the log, in a daze. She looked back at Gisho, and a wide smile formed on her face. Gisho grinned back at her. She started to brush her sweaty hair off her face, but stopped as he pulled each inch slowly from her hole.


Gisho’s smile reached ear to ear as he watched the woman slowly push-off the log, her legs shaking violently. She giggled, and he laughed with her. Then, he approached rapidly with a mischievous smile, reaching out to grab her breasts. She giggled as he played with her body, slapping her ass and pulling her hair. She reached down and gave his flaccid but still-long cock a squeeze. They started kissing passionately.

Frio reached down and grabbed Bea’s own large breasts, squeezing the flesh and twisting her nipples. She moaned lightly, and he increased his efforts, even rubbing the tip of his dick against her clitoris like a third hand, replacing her own.

Gisho and the woman parted, and she motioned away, towards the washing stream. Gisho nodded happily, and she turned to leave, enticing him with a quick slap of her ass.

Bea moaned loudly. Very loudly. Gisho and his partner turned to look…

Bea was already back inside the tent, straddling Frio, breathing heavily.

“You like?” He asked a bit nervously.

Bea said nothing, but backed up carefully on all fours. Frio’s erect dick brushed against her chin, and she stopped. She breathed in, hesitating. After a few seconds, she lowered her head and took Frio’s entire penis in her mouth. She started to bob her head up and down, using her tongue to great effect across Frio’s entire shaft.

Slurping sounds emanated from Bea’s lips, tightly wrapped around Frio’s slender tool. Muscles tightened and waves of pleasure returned, pulsating around it. He groaned, and started shooting ropes of cum into Bea’s mouth. She continued sucking, ignoring the copious amounts of jism filling her mouth.

It took a while to finish cumming, at which point Bea pulled her head away from Frio’s crotch. A drop of cum fell from her mouth onto Frio’s belly as she pulled her head back and started to swallow, gulp after gulp.

“Not inside?” Frio asked, pointing at her pussy.

Bea scooted towards the corner of the tent, stretching out on a blanket. “Not for baby, for pleasure,” She said, curling up.

“So… small cock bad for pleasure?”

There was a pause, and Bea turned her head around to face him.

“Small cock very bad for pleasure. Can’t feel.”

Frio was quiet for a while, looking down at his shrunken dick. Then, he noticed he was shivering from the cold. He looked at Bea, whose back was turned towards him.

He followed her to the corner, and pressed against her back, embracing her from behind. After a while, she turned around and put her arms around him, holding him in close to her warm flesh.

The End.


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