Stories from the Dutchess


SPH Dick Tax

You’ve come to me for your dick tax? Perfect. You’re require to pay me for having an insufferable and disappointing penis. The smaller you are, the more you pay. Embarrassing, I know. If your cock is eight inches, you may send $35. If your cock is seven inches, $45. You may increase $10 per inch subtracted. So if your cock is 4 inches, $75. You’ll pay on your knees in cash. Handing over the monetary value that gives you significance because you’re too tiny to matter otherwise. You pay me so I don’t tell anyone else just how disappointing it was to see your cock! I get paid every time I’m forced to see it because no one else would look at it otherwise.

Now that you’ve paid me for having a tiny, pathetic cock I can tell you all about how disappointing it is! It’s embarrassing enough you have to pay me to keep quiet about it, haha! Your monthly fee. It should be a bi weekly, weekly or daily fee. It’s a small way of making up for having a BIG flaw. You should constantly compensate for the big inconvenience you pose to women, not being able to please and having such a small, beta, inferior cock.

You know essentially you can’t please anyone with a cock so small and insignificant so you pay women to make up for your lack of value. You are pussy free. No pussy for you, because no one would want to fuck such a tiny fucking penis. A shrub in bush, barely sticking his head out. Mushroom penis at best. Your embarrassing excuse of a cock compares smaller than shriveled up raisins.

Disgusting and deplorable. The thought of something so small anywhere near me is enough to make my gag reflex convulse. Shriveled up, tiny, skinny and small. A worm, maggot, fruit peel. Curled up and wrinkled. Hiding from the world in a desperate attempt not to be ridiculed. Your balls are bigger than your cock, honestly. How does it feel to have a third ball?

Women don’t want to be near you let alone your cock. Imagine the disappointment painted across a beautiful woman’s face as she suppresses a chuckle at the tiny thing you’ve presented to her and called a “dick”. Haha!

The humor in this is that you pay me to tell you how fucking tiny and pathetic it is. Humiliating and hilarious. Paying me your Dick Tax and eagerly awaiting instructions on how to tug it, like the worthless little dicklet it is.

Tugging your dicklet for me because it makes me laugh how hard you try to pleasure something so small. Your little droplets of pre cum are tears because it can’t get hard enough to even grow. So tiny and insignificant. Your loser precum tears are used as lubrication to two finger tug.

Depressing dicklet limp and loser like. Deserving of all the ridicule it gets! The only thing you are allowed to do, is use your thumb and pointer finger to grab it, and two finger tug. Two finger tugging is your life now, your reality, with your thumb and index finger as your new girlfriends. They’re the only women who would come close enough to touch you. Your fingers stroke in desperation begging to release the pathetic puddle you delude yourself to call an orgasm.

Two finger tug that worthless, vile baby dick. No one’s EVER going to fuck you or your baby carrot. Smaller than a grape. You fail the toilet paper roll test. You’re not a man, you have a tiny clit dick. Small enough to be flicked but you two finger tug for me amusement. It doesn’t even go past your fingernails!

The giggles and laughs I let out are so worth tugging for me like a loser. Two finger tug like you’re playing tug of war. That teeny flimsy flap of fat skin doesn’t deserve pussy, ever. It wouldn’t even fit. At best you could rub against the outside and stimulate her clit.

No one would be able to feel you’re even inside them. You’d make girls laugh as your dick “tickled” them. They’d laugh seeing you frown and realize you’re “all the way” inside her and it’s stilll not enough. Instead you two finger tug for me and pay your dick tax. Cumming all over your clit dick like a shriveled up cinnamon roll at the thought of my laughter ridiculing you and your pindick. Your glaze only decorated your failure.

The End.


Cuckold Humiliation Story Time

If only you were a real man and not a cuckold loser. Then maybe, just maybe someone would actually want to fuck you and I wouldn’t have to tell you about my amazing sex every night, haha! Clearly an impossible reality. A cuck likes you gets to sit at home and circle jerk his cock to the thought of me getting fucked by a real man. Honestly, you could never fuck me. You couldn’t fuck anyone. That’s why you’re a cuckold bitch meant to serve couples.

I spend valuable time getting touched, kissed, licked and fucked by a man. A cuckold like you gets to clean up if you’re lucky! Cleaning cum out of pussies and asses is what you’re meant for. Lick up all the cum you’re not allowed to produce. Humiliating for a cuck like you. Hearing my get fucked and cleaning me up after.

You’d love to hear how a real man grabbed me and threw me on the bed…of course I was naked and bent over for him, eager. A sight you’ll never see unless you’re in the corner with us allowing you to watch. A beautiful woman on all fours ready to get penetrated by a real cock.

His hands rubbing all over my as he grabs my waist from behind. You watch as I’m pleasures and touched. Getting my pussy rubbed as you watch, denied and pathetic. In a corner where you belong, watching me drip as your pride and cock leak.

You wish you could come that close to a pussy. The smell of sex overwhelms you as you watch him finger fuck me. You don’t even get to finger fuck me. You’ll lick his fingers and thank him for tasting me, the only way you will unless you’re sucking his dick off.

A cuck deserves to taste my juices off of the cock that gets to fuck me. A real cock from a real man. You wish you could’ve been there to taste how you’ll NEVER make me feel. You wish you could be been there to watch a real man fuck me. Spreading my ass cheeks as he fucks me relentlessly. Pounding the pussy you get to clean. Watching his cock go in and out of me while you sit in your shameful corner watching.

You’re a hand humping cuck. Watching the woman you worship get fucked. My multiple moans and faces of pleasure only remind you that you’ll never elicit pleasure out of me. You’ll never make me feel good, or any girl for that matter. The only way you feel good is when we laugh at you, reaffirming your place as a pathetic cuck meant to serve and worship couples. Your purpose is cleaning up. Clean up cuck.

Crawling on your beta hands and knees with your eager mouth open waiting to receive your load. You don’t get to blow your own load, just swallow his, out of me or off me. You’ll lick up every last drop. Then you’ll be forced to look at his cock up close and you’ll worship that, too. Worship the dick that pleasures me like a loser cuckold. Humiliating that you’ll never get to fuck me so you have to thank him for fucking me instead. Thank him for pleasuring women like you’ll never get to. For being able to make me feel good, tell him you’re jealous of the privilege he hasn’t over you. He gets to touch me. You don’t.

A cuckold loser is pussy free, always. You sit in silence listening to my moans of pleasure while he has me bent over, laughing at the pathetic man in the corner while he fucks me. When he pulls out and flips me over I’m laughing at you too. You watch my legs spread and gaping hole wishing you could fuck or feel. But you get to watch him instead!

You’d be better off used as furniture to fuck on. Cuck bitch for a real couple. Stepped on by the man fucking the woman you crave. You’ll never have me. Just the images and sounds of me getting pleasures and satisfied by a real cock. Someone who pleases women.

You’re an insignificant cuck whose place is to clean out his load when he’s done. You’ll watch me get fucked like a good cuckold and suck every last drop out. Like you do every night when he fucks me and I tell you this story.

You’re a pussy free cuckold loser. Repeat it.

Repeat it til you’ve accepted that story time is the only opportunity you have to please me while I humiliate you. My pleasure comes from your denial.

The End.


Total Power Exchange

You, who is always in a position of power, crave to be brought to your origin. Your real place in life, where you belong and recognize yourself. The false image you intoxicate yourself with is a short lived high. Real addiction manifests with power. Power you crave to have taken away from you and used against you. Giving all your power up for me and submitting to your weakness is euphoric. Freeing and releasing from the constricts of life and society that bind you. Submitting to beautiful women is sexy. Knowing a beautiful woman can bring you to your knees and make you vulnerable.

Vulnerability makes you tremble and shake with anticipation and excitement. Something you’re not used to when you’re always calm, collected and in control. But I’ve taken your control panel and switched it to manual. I think and act for you now. You’re under my pristine control. Ready to obey, serve and worship. To assume your new place in the life you’ve dreamt of. Fantasizing about being at the feet of a beautiful woman. Her curves towering over you like a Giantess as her eyes peer down at you, deceiving and wicked smile radiating with what she took from you. It sucks away at your life force while you stare in awe, mouth agape ready to drool like the weakling I’ve reduced you to. My mere presence sends you into sub space. Drifting along with your limbs. Relax.

Feel your power leave you and radiate through me. I glow with Superiority, feel yourself becoming weaker and more vulnerable to my words. To yourself. Betraying your thoughts and body as you let me guide you with my words. I take whats yours and make it mine. Repeat it. It’s mine, and has always been mine. Just like your power. I took it and made it mine and now I’m using it to infect you. Relax. Feel yourself overcome by my power as you fall deeper into submission. Deeper I push you and deeper you take it for me. Giving more. Feeling emptier as I fill you with purpose.

It’s mine and has always been mine.

I take from you and fill you at the same time. Leaving you empty and weak, but full of purpose and want for me. You crave me, like an addiction. My infection is spreading through you like a virus and your need for a beautiful, dominant woman seems vital to your functionality. You need me, to feel like this. To be happy and feel at peace. To be in a euphoric subspace. So weak, eager and vulnerable for me to keep taking from you. The desperation in your face is unknown to you and foreign but you welcome it, pleading and begging me to take from you. To take what’s mine, and has always been mine.

I take from you as I fill you.

You’re filled with a sense of purpose. A need to serve, worship and obey me. You cling on to my every word waiting to give me what I ask for next. You want me to completely take over and control you. So used to barking out commands and having people listen to you. The only thing I’m listening to are your pleas for me to take more. To make you feel more. To fill you with purpose and remind you that beautiful women reduce you to a nervous puddle of sweat. I want you to drip in desperation for your power loss. Beg to give me everything. The only way to make yourself happy is to empty yourself completely. Allow yourself to be empty, so you can fill yourself with purpose and revel in the feeling of being where you should be. Powerless at the hands of a beautiful woman. Weak. Looking up at your Superior and the power She radiates.

You crave for me to make you squirm. To render you useless. Take everything that gives you value. But you have no worth unless you’re contributing to my power. With your cash. You give me your hard earned paycheck. Working so hard for my money. I’m your Boss. You have no power. I control you and think for you, your purpose is working for me.

Tell me your purpose. Thank me for putting you to use. For making you feel empty and then filling you with purpose and sense. It’s so much easier now that you’ve submitted and relinquished your power. Watching me make decisions for you is natural. You’re beneath me. Weak. Silenced by my power and eager to serve.

Thank me.

The End.


CEI Office Coffee!

Jack was always late for work. He hated his Boss, the Big Bitch as he liked to call her, with big tits who wore tight pencil skirts. She always got what she wanted, especially from Jack, an average loser working a full time office job and catering to her needs all day. Jack knew if he was late again he was fucked. He usually stopped at Starbucks to get them both coffee and her favorite cake to get out of it. He’d get a slap on the wrist and then taken advantage of all day.

But today when Jack was in line for his Coffee he couldn’t stop the nervous tick in his leg. There had only been so many times he’d be allowed to arrive late before his Boss would surely fire him. He wasn’t that good at his job anyway. Admittedly, Jack even had a few previous offenses at work. His Boss caught him looking at porn at work. Poor old Jack wiped his browser clean but little did he know a small system restore led his Boss to find out about alllll the dirty cum eating porn Jack was watching. She thought that was disgusting. Eating your own spunk after you cum?

She could understand girls with their sweet stickyness. But men, with their vile nasty glaze, that’s torture. Exactly what she had planned to do next time Jack was late. His Boss had secretly been plotting on Jack. Waiting for the day he arrives late.

The nervous tick in Jacks leg had made its way to his cock. Lightly pulsing and throbbing as it did everytime he stood outside of her office door. He took a deep breath, cleared his throat and shook off a nervous laugh before opening the door. His Boss was on the phone, her long hair pinned back by glasses as she was bent over a note pad scribbling something the voice on the other end was telling her.


She had on her usual white blouse and pencil skirt. Her curvy big boobs always seemed to be sculpted just for it, the way the curves push and jutt them outward like big jugs. Milk jugs, almost. It was now that Jack realized he’d just been staring, holding the Coffee.



Jack had trouble averting his gaze as he walked around the side of her desk, holding his breath as he bent down next to her and setting her coffee down. Her tits bounced with every world she wrote. Left, right, up and down. He quickly looked away, placing the bag with her lemon pound cake next to it. Jack has had fantasies of cumming on it and eating it. The clear glaze would blend right in.

“Yeah sounds great.”


Wiping off his hands and taking his access key back out his Boss held up a hand signalling him to stop. Then to sit. She hadn’t even looked up at him, a fleeting hope wished it wasn’t for him, but of course Jack knew better and just sat in the cushion, feeling himself sink with his fears.

“Yeah, okay see you then. Bye bye.”

Jack’s Boss finished scribbling something as she put the phone back in its place, her red lips finally coming to a stop. Their fullness had the full Boss Bitch effect.

Jack nervously tapped at his thigh, adjusting slightly as the constrains of his pants grew tighter at the thought of those lips instructing him to swallow cum down his own. How sexy being called nasty, disgusting and gross would be from those red lips.

“Swallow your pride and start showing up on time. You’re slower than a fucking snail, honestly there should be a trail of slime behind you.”

His Boss filtered through some papers as she picked up her coffee, taking a sip and then spinning around in her chair to put the stack of papers in a folder and spinning back. Her tits bouced and her cinched waist slimmed, tightening the pantyhose and pencil skirt hugging her thighs. Her slim fingers tapped at her red lips.

“What to do with you. You know, I’ve always liked giving people a taste of their own medicine. When kids cuss, you wash their mouths out with soap.”

She slid a hand down her thigh and crossed her legs, smiling at me with devil red lips and an intense gaze.

“I’m sorry Miss it won’t happen again. I overslept. It’s a guy thing, we don’t really wake up in the morning and have time to look like…that” Jack said as he pointed his figure at her and made a gesture to her ensemble.

“But you have time to get me coffee, walk into my office with a tiny boner and stare at my tits, Jack,” she said, her lip curling up in disgust as she motioned to the print of my cock in my pants.

“I think its time to give you a taste of your own medicine. With the coffee that will forever be a reminder to never be late again, and it’ll give you a reason to get up early in the morning. Believe me.”

Jack watched as she took one last sip of her coffee, making careful note of how they delicately hugged the cup and stained them red. His Boss then stood up and walked around the desk, sitting on the front end of her desk in front of Jack. Jack felt his legs eased apart by her heel as her busty tits panned into view, the coffee cup held out in front of him.

Jack eyed her outstretched hand, the coffee, then her. She smiled wickedly before guiding it to his lips.

“Drink. I taste sweet.”

So Jack took a drink. He felt his cock throb and pulse as he placed his lips onto the red stain and took a small gulp of her coffee.

“Good boy, Jack. See how easy it is listening to your Boss.” Her lip curled further as she leaned back, setting the cup beside her and moving her pointed heel to run across Jacks cock.

He flinched but remained eye contact.

“Now take out your dicklette and stroke it for me. I wanna see you cum.”

Jack was in disbelief. His tiny dick hardened at her words instantly. He undid his belt buckle and freed his restrained cock.

“It’s not very big, is it,” she said with a smirk. “You barely need two fingers to jerk off.”

Gripping his cock firmly, he shyly stroked, semi hidden from her as he leaned forward grope her breast.

Jacks Boss swatted his arm away, uncrossing her legs and sitting up. He could see underneath her skirt as she giggled.

“Nope. Baby dick manboy’s don’t get to touch. Just look. You listen to me and cum for me. Because I let you and I’m telling you how to.”

She made no effort to cover her panties and even removed two buttons on her shirt. Her busty breasts were spilling over. Soft and bouncy. Jack just nodded and stroked. He was mindless.

This made Jacks boss laugh even more.

“You’re such a simple, dumb boy. Stroking your little pee-pee to me makes you feel good, doesn’t it? You want to cum all over my tits. I bet you’d lick it off, if I asked you to.”

Jacks grip on his small dick tightened as his breath caught in his throat, eyes wide as he looked at her and began to pump furiously. He wanted to cum so bad at that thought. Licking his own dirty, disgusting spunk off of her tits.

“Yes. Can I cum on your tits, Boss? It feels so fucking good pumping my dick for you. I wanna lick it off after.”

She crossed her legs and brought the coffee cup to her lips, taking a long sip as she stared at him deviously.

“That’s fucking disgusting, Jack. You’re a loser for having such a tiny pecker, but real loser likes eating their own spunk.”

Jacks Boss stood and squatted, bringing the coffee cup in front of Jacks cock and removing his hand.

“What are you doing?” Jack began to protest and move away but he was swatted again. She held a finger up to her lips and grabbed his dick firmly.

“You listen to me, remember? I do what I want with you. You’re my nasty little dick cum slut now. It’s disgusting, but it makes me laugh.”

Jacks Boss began to stroke his cock and it took everything in him not to cum right there.

Her perfect tits, red lips and cunning eyes were going to make him cum. And he wanted to eat it and taste it down his throat. Like her nasty cum slut.

“You’re going to cum in this coffee cup, Jack. Then you’re going to mix it real good with your finger and suck it off. You’ll take your dumb little boy dicklette, put it back in your pants, and drink your cummy coffee all day. You’ll do this everyday.”

Her strokes and words sent him overboard. He felt his balls tighten as the head of his small dick swells and he spurted straight into the tilted cup she was holding. He watched his loads of cum make little splashes in the coffee.

Jacks Boss stated for at him as he brought his finger down to mix it, eagerly sucking his finger off after and putting his dumb boy cock away. She was shaking her head in protest and laughing in amusement he had really done it.

Jacks Boss sat at her chair, blouse already buttoned and his untouched coffee already in her hand, smiling devilishly.

He grinned as he took a big gulp of coffee in front of her and finished dressing then walking out of her office.

Jack felt like a dumb, cum slut boy dick man for the rest of that day and everyday that followed.

Drinking loads of his cum in his coffee. Feeling thick, salty, slimy and sticky gunk with bittersweet coffee glide down his throat. All over his tongue. He’d even lick his lips and smack them.

His finger was always used to stir it and he was always eager and on time for work to make his special coffee.

The End.


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