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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is floating by in life…

So, now I’ve accepted I’m a member of the small dick club. I did have an experience in a water park that made me laugh inside. I was floating around on a tube on a lazy river, but to make it more relaxing, I sat on one and put my feet up on another. I realized it did nothing to hide my small penis standing straight up (not big enough to hang down), which was clearly shown against the wet swim shorts stuck to my body. I thought, ‘Hey, ho, I’m relaxed, and only I will notice this.’

Nope. Cue two late teens suddenly giggling away to my side as they floated by me. Looking my way, I only heard half the comments that included:

“You can see it.”

“It’s tiny!”

“Are you sure that’s it? It’s too small.”

They kept on slowing down to let me go by them, which prompted more glances, looking at each other and bursting out laughing. Well, at least it amuses some 😉


So, I started to look at penis lengthening surgery. After sending photos by email to the clinic, embarrassing in itself, I finally had my online consultation, which was embarrassingly short. Within seconds, the Doctor started by saying he thinks I’m too small for surgery, and after getting it out for him, he goes, “Yep, that’s not big enough.”

I quizzed him more, and he said it has to be 4” flaccid—3” at a push. So, having not measured properly before, I ran (bottomless) around my house to find a tape measure to prove to him I was OK. But nope, he wouldn’t let me push to the bone, so I wasn’t even half the minimum requirement.

His response was simple. “Yep, see, that’s too tiny for my surgery. Sorry.”

If ever I needed confirmation I was small, then here you go. 😢


Another reader gets pantsed in front of a crush…

I work at a large tech company, and we have great benefits, food, a gym, etc. For some time now, I have been flirting with a woman at work. Her name is Caroline, she is gorgeous, tall, with dark curly hair, green eyes beautiful body. I really felt the attraction was mutual. Once, I was at the work gym working out with my mate, and Caroline and her girlfriend came in. They were wearing super tight workout gear and looking super hot.

I walk over and start chatting with them. It was going pretty well until my mate snuck up behind me and yanked down my shorts, fully exposing my 2-inch soft dick. At first, they looked shocked, and then they started to laugh. Caroline was busting a gut. She said, “That is the smallest dick I have ever seen.”

They walked away laughing. I was totally humiliated. As I reached down to pull up my shorts, I realized I was erect. I am assuming the whole company will know by Monday.


Meanwhile, this reader is quick…

My wife was getting in the shower, and we were limited on time, so I asked for a quick handjob. Her being naked stared at me, and she was like, what the fuck. “You literally have 15 seconds,” she said.

“I can’t cum in 15 seconds,” as I stare her down.

“Ya, OK. I could get you in 5 if I really tried,” my wife said.

I lay on the bed hard as a rock, and she walked over and started stroking me with two fingers. “Ten seconds,” she said.

“Talk dirty to me,” I begged.

“You’re small. Now cum,” my wife said, not enthused.

“Come on. Tell me what size you really want.”

She looked at my dick. Put both hands and moved her hand so her fingers didn’t touch and put both hands on top of each other and said, “That would be good.”

“Babe. That’s like twice, almost three times my size and thick!”

“OK. You asked. Don’t be mad at me.”

“Well, I don’t think you could handle that,” I said.

“My ex David was that big, so I definitely can. He just wanted to get off and never cared about my feelings. But he filled me up,” she said.

I came. Immediately.

“There’s my little shrimpy—cum.”

“Sorry, love,” I said.

“It’s OK. I’m used to you cumming fast. Kinda your MO,” my wife said and laughed.


While this reader thought he had it all until…

My first experience happened when I was 17 and a junior in high school. The girl I was dating at the time, who was my first real girlfriend, had a bit of a reputation for getting around before me, so naturally, when we first hooked up. She saw my below-average dick, I was pretty nervous. I became almost certain she would not only notice but point it out. To my surprise, not only did she not say anything or awkwardly pause, like I was expecting, she almost eagerly started jacking me off and eventually finished me off with a blowjob.

It was amazing and eased my fears, at least for a bit. We had been dating for a couple of months when a close friend of mine started dating her best friend. One day, while we were eating lunch, my friend and I started talking about what the sex was like with them. I told my friend that I had gotten really good at eating her out, and he blurted out, “Yeah, I’m not surprised,” laughing out loud.

We were sitting with a couple of other close friends, and they both stopped eating and looked at me. I knew what he meant but foolishly decided to ask anyway. He was reluctant at first, clearly realizing he should not have said that. After I became a little annoyed and kept prying, he reluctantly told me that she had told her friend that I had a really small dick and that it was the smallest she had ever been with.

There was an uncomfortable silence as I went through embarrassment and arousal at the same time. My friend felt bad and tried to make up for his fuck up by saying, “But whatever, man, she clearly likes you. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Later that day, my girlfriend and I were talking on the phone, and I was still turned on, decided to confront her about it. She denied it at first, but I was persistent enough, so she finally gave in, telling me, “Fine, yes, I said you had a small dick. Girls talk about that stuff, and you’re good at other stuff, so who cares? It’s not a big deal!”

I remember what she said verbatim because of how turned on I was at the time. I said it was fine; I was just curious. After I hung up, I immediately started jerking off, replaying what she said in my head. I wish I could have recorded it.


This reader loses the respect of his students…

Let me preface this: I used to teach government to high school Seniors. There was this one girl, Samantha, who I did not get along with and who was always difficult. She was a popular girl. One day, I caught her cheating and made a point to embarrass her, calling her stupid for trying to cheat in my class. She gave me a look like she wanted to murder me, and I did my best to ignore it and move on, although she kept it up for most of the class.

A few weeks later, she got her revenge. Every year, we had a field day, where the grade levels competed against each other in different competitions. At the same time, the teachers supervised to keep it civil. I chose to wear pretty thin track shorts, which seemed appropriate given that I was expected to move around a lot. I had worn similar shorts in the past without issue. I do have a very small penis, and sometimes the shorts don’t dry a great job hiding it, as the material is really thin.

On the day of the event, I was supervising the seniors during the tug of war. One of the teams was short a person and asked if I would join, which I had no issue with. This was common, and we were expected to join at times as part of the fun. Of course, Samantha was watching, and I could tell she was glaring at me and giggling with her friends. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Unfortunately, during the tug of war, I slipped and fell on my back, and my shorts got wet since they had a mud pile in the middle.

I got up and laughed it off with the other students. As I was walking away, I noticed Samantha staring straight at me, doing a subtle pinky finger symbol. I thought it was weird and was hoping she wasn’t implying anything, as I, of course, knew what that sign meant for girls. I went to the bathroom and was horrified to see that my penis was sticking straight out, and my shorts were clinging to it, making it even more visible. I immediately knew she meant that sign for me.

In the next few weeks, I tried not to think about it and even began to convince myself that I was seeing things and that I was overthinking the whole thing. Then, on a random day during my lesson about fascism, she raised her hand, which I thought was since she rarely participated. I asked what her question was and was completely caught off guard when she asked about the rumor that Hitler had a micropenis and if that affected his decision-making. I was flustered and tried to deflect by saying that was not the focus of the lesson, and I reminded her to stay on task and ask appropriate questions.

She then blurted out, “Sore subject for you, I guess,” while trying to stifle a giggle.

I was so embarrassed and shocked that you didn’t know what to say. I did my best to counter this since I could not let such disrespect fly. I said, “Samantha, please try to keep your mind out of the gutter.”

Unfortunately, I could not have predicted how quick she was. She responded by saying, “It’s OK, Mr. J, you’re not alone.”

I then noticed a friend of hers, Kaitlyn, a tall blonde, clearly making the small penis sign while laughing hysterically. I was so mortified that I moved on and pretended not to hear it. For the rest of the period, I couldn’t help but notice the class laughing randomly. I even caught one girl, Denise, staring straight at my crouch while making a sad type of face like she felt bad for me.

I again tried to put the whole thing out of my mind until a few days later, when I walked past Samantha and some of her friends in the hallway, I pretended like I was on my phone, but as I walked past heard one of her friends say, “He’s the one with the baby dick, right?”

While laughing. I kept walking, but now that’s what I heard. It was more trouble to address this than it was worth, especially given the subject, so I let it go. The rest of the year, Samantha constantly belittled me when I tried to discipline her, and I would let it go for fear she would make another comment. I even noticed other classes making similar jokes. During another American history class with juniors, a girl who I didn’t ever have to deal with randomly said, “I think most wars are because guys have tiny penises, Mr. J. What do you think?”

She asked this while grinning, and as students around her were impressed like she had done some dare. I said that her question was inappropriate and not relevant. And, of course, her response was, “Seems like you did not want to talk about this topic. Any reason why, Mr J.?”

I had to address that, which was out of line. “ASHLEY, YOU CAN GO TO THE OFFICE AND PICK UP A REFERRAL FORM,” which was our form of punishment at this catholic school.

Three referrals were a detention. As she left the classroom, she was looking at her friends laughing, making the small penis sign. It seemed like my secret was out, and all the students were spreading the gossip like wildfire. Definitely made being an authority figure difficult.


Another reader’s wife drops him in it…

Once, my wife went farther than she’s ever gone while referencing my small dick openly. My friends and I had taken a trip to Colorado with all of our wives and some other friends, including a couple of my friend’s sisters-in-law. It was a glamping-type trip, camping but with all the amenities. My wife knows about my fetish, and now and then, when she’s feeling in the mood, she’ll get into it. But she rarely says anything about it around others, and if she does, it’s very subtle.

We were playing cards against humanity in the cabin we rented. During one of the rounds, the card was something like Lifetime presents the story of ‘blank.’ To my horror, one of my friend’s wives used micropenis as her answer. I immediately became self-conscious and laughed along awkwardly, trying not to draw too much attention to myself. I guess my wife was drunker than I thought because of what happened next.

After the laughter died down, she blurted out, “That sounds familiar.”

Of course, it became silent until one of my friend’s wives said, “OK, a little too much information, C.” (C is my wife).

She must have realized what she had done and maybe had a looser tongue because I had been encouraging her to play into my fetish. She turned red and gave me a look like she was sorry.

Of course, it became a running joke throughout the trip. At one point, we were grilling food, and one of the sisters-in-law picked up a shrimp and said, “Hey, C., is this about right?”

My wife just said, “Guys, leave it alone. I was just kidding,” while not sounding very convincing.

Then, when we went hiking, we all walked past a centipede. Of course, one of my friend’s wives, who I always found attractive, saw it and joked, “Hey, J. (me), does this guy give you a run for your money?”

I just pretended to laugh. I told her to fuck off, trying to hide that it was getting to me.

The worst of it came when some of us took an Uber to a local brewery in the area where we were camping. I was in the front seat and ended up in the car with all the girls. We had already been drinking heavily, and as we were driving, a big truck drove by, and one of my friend’s wives said, “That guy must have a small dick, no offense J.”

At that point, I let my pride get the better of me and decided to defend myself finally. I snapped back and said, “You guys haven’t even seen it, so I don’t know why you’re talking so much shit.”

What I did not expect was my drunk wife whipping out her phone and saying, “Well, I do have photographic proof.”

I, of course, immediately panicked and hoped she was joking, only to be mortified that she took out her phone and opened up her photos. Before I knew what was happening, I turned around and saw her showing her phone to the girls and laughing. I felt helpless and knew she was showing them something I had sent her. I found out later it was a photo I told her to take when I was coming out of the shower, when we were fooling around, and when I knew I looked like a toddler down there.

I distinctly remember one of the girls saying, “Oh my God, it looks so cute.”

I told my wife to stop, which she did after giving everyone a glance at me at my smallest. My wife, still drunk, said, “It’s fine. We’re all adults here. They had to see it.”

I just sat in silence for the rest of the ride. When we got to the brewery, everyone was definitely looking at me funny. I asked my wife if she really showed what it seemed like she did, and she just said, “It was only one picture. Relax, they know you weren’t hard.”

The rest of the trip was definitely awkward, and I noticed the other girls grinning every time they looked at me. One of the most embarrassing moments I’ve ever experienced


Meanwhile, this reader had to ask…

Firstly, when I had my vasectomy, my urologist was a tall woman, around 6 feet or so (the same height as me). She was doing her vasectomy stuff and commented that she didn’t have a lot of room to work with down there, so it was a lot more difficult than usual. I jokingly said sorry, and she said she knew it was going to be like this when she examined me beforehand because nothing was very big or saggy.

Then, a friend of mine from work went to lunch together. She’s about 26 and was telling me about her recent dick appointment, and we joked about cumming too fast. I joked (though not really a joke) that anything over a minute was prime time for me, and she laughed, saying if a guy actually came in like 5 minutes, she’d be mad. So I asked if she would rather have a well-endowed man who came fast or an under-endowed man who lasted long, and she, with no hesitation, said, “A well-endowed man.”

Then she told me the smallest penis she’d ever seen and turned down was five inches hard, which is bigger than my hard-on as I’m a silver member of the small dick club. Ouch.


While this reader gets a triple inspection…

It was for my yearly physical. I went in thinking it would be a regular day, but that was not the case. I have a female Doctor who is pretty attractive. Her nurse is actually a friend of mine. But on this particular day, she had another lady shadowing her for hours to get her medical license. She was a very fit and busty redhead. She was what I think of as very hot. So my Doctor starts the exam. Here’s the fun part: she was checking me, and then the shadow would check me.

This is when I realized what was about to happen. I know that when I have a physical since my Doctor is female, there has to be another person in the room. So my friend, who’s a nurse, had to stay in the room since both would be checking me. So I heard it. “Remove your pants, please.”

It was cold, but it didn’t really matter to me. My balls were hanging a little, but my dick was shriveled less than 2 inches. I turn my head to the left to cough. When I turn my head back to the right, my friend and the hot redhead both have a smirk on their face, and then the redhead looks directly back down at my exposed penis. My Doctor steps back, and the shadow does the same. “Turn your head and cough, please.”

Again, when I turned around, my friend was looking down with a smirk. I look at her after I cough, and she looks at me, and I kind of half-heartedly smile back to make her think it was OK, but I was devastated. Three women in one room with me, all attractive, know that I am a member of the small dick club.


This reader makes a new friend…

After finding out that one of the hung dudes at my gym was an ex of my girlfriend, I decided to strike up a casual conversation with him about the gym. I saw him coming out of the shower right as I was about to go in. So we ended up talking for a little bit when he took his towel off to reveal his huge soft cock, easily about 6 inches thick, which is bigger than me hard. So naturally, I also decided to show off my smallish 2-inch softie, which got a little smirk from him as he knew I was the guy who was fucking his ex.


Another reader loses at a party…

So, I was in my early 20s, at a house party at one of my childhood friends’ house. Everyone is drinking and playing beer games. At one point in the night, his mom (Nancy divorced for a few years. Big butt MILF) comes home from girl’s night and joins all of us. She was the cool, laid-back mom. So we got five girls versus five boys to play flip cup. So, at one point, Nancy and I was the finisher of the game. So, while waiting for our teammates at the end of the table, she says I know your secret. I was confused about what Nancy was talking about. She did the pinky wiggle. I got nervous asking how.

So when I was 13, we slept over at her house for a video game night. It was like five boys. After a late night, we were all in boxers, and tee in the living room we fell asleep. She was going to use the bathroom and checked on us. She saw the TV on, so she walked over to turn it off. I was sleeping by the TV on the floor. She said my penis was sticking out of my boxers through the pee hole. It was like half an inch. She said I hope it grew with the rest of your body. It did not,

So, back to the game. It came down to Nancy and me. I was way too nervous to flip the cup that the girls won. Nancy looked at me and said my plan worked. So, later that night, I was trying to get her to see it again, but she would not.

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