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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has trouble with condoms…

Back when my wife and I were dating in college, the first time we had sex was without a condom. We weren’t planning on having sex, and since I have a small penis, I was not thinking about it happening and was unprepared. We agreed ahead of time that I would not get close to cumming inside her. I didn’t care. I was going to have sex. It was a few pumps, and then she finished me off with a hand job. After that, we talked about it, and I would be prepared for the next time, which I desperately wanted now. (this also happened to be my first time having sex, but I did not tell her that. I just wanted whatever I could get being a horny college-aged guy. I actually think of the next time as my first.)

I had not bought condoms before, but as a silver member hard, I knew I was small and steered well clear of the magnums. I bought a box of typical condoms and was fortunate to find a box of snug-fitting as well. Thank you self-check-out. I had purposefully gone to a store I knew had it to avoid any embarrassment. When I got back home with my first condoms ever, I naturally had to try them. It had been hard just shopping for them. When I tried the two options, I honestly could not tell the difference between the fit of the two, so I was prepared to keep the normal fit type in my pocket for my next date. This way, if she saw them, she would not see the snug fit.

Later that week, we went out. We got back to her apartment, and she asked if I was properly prepared, which I was. I proudly displayed the condoms that I had brought with me. Once we got out of our clothes, I started by rubbing her clit just enough to get her wet. Foreplay was not something I really knew about then. I ripped open a condom and prepared to use one for the first time. I put it on and rolled it down as far as I could. I got between her legs and sunk my penis slowly into her.

As I began, I could tell the condom was not staying in place. The bottom roll kept creeping up my dick. I knew why it was happening. Every chance I got, I was sliding it back down, but I was determined to keep going. This was not going to stop me. As I got close to cumming a few minutes later, I was not thinking about it any longer. All I wanted to do was cum inside a girl for the first time, which is exactly what I did. I pushed in as far as I could and cum in her. Holding there, I could feel my penis pump five or six times as I finished.

When I looked down as I was pulling out, the first thing I noticed was the condom was no longer on me. I saw it hanging out of her pussy. I told her what happened, and she pulled out the condom, zero cum inside it. We talked a little, and the plan was to get the morning-after pill the next day and move on.

The next time we had sex, I literally held the condom on with my fingers as I came, but the third time, a near-carbon copy of the first would play out even though I had switched to the snug fit. She told me that I needed to find ones that fit me better and that she would look into birth control.

This was the only time that we really even got close to talking about my small penis. I was able to go online and find some brands of condoms that I had not heard of before, but they had a size that fit me much better, and we began to have regular sex.

At the time this happened, I was not aware of SPH, but I knew I was small. I was never ashamed of my size. Nervous and embarrassed? Probably. But in my limited experience with hand jobs from one girl before my wife, no one had ever told me I had a small penis. Now I look back at this and think it’s hot as hell.


Another reader runs into someone who knows all about his small dick at his new job…

So I just started a new job at a huge cooperate office. Over a hundred in our office alone. That doesn’t even include the others in my city. On my first day a couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to a few people and shown around the office to get a vibe of the place and to see where all of the different departments are located. Everyone’s cubicles all have small photos and their names to make communication easier.

While walking along the marketing department, I saw a face that looked VERY familiar. At the time, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew I knew this woman. At that time, she happened to be away from her desk, so I didn’t get to say hi. Flash forward a few days. I am eating in the break room when a group of women come rounding the corner. Half from marketing, the other half from my department. I cordially say hi and nod in their direction. That’s when I met eyes with the woman from the cubicle. You could feel our collective hearts stop at the same time.

My direct manager stopped and said, “Oh, hey, [my name], have you met Meg and Sarah?”

Sarah was the woman. I didn’t know how to play it at the moment, so I stood up and shook both of their hands, waiting for Sarah to make a move.

She broke first and said, “Nice to meet you. Hope you like it here so far.”

I nodded and politely talked to them for a brief moment before they let me continue with my lunch. I think I was holding my breath the entire time.

You see, I finally remembered how I knew Sarah. A short busty, mid 30’s woman with a big ass and long blonde hair. She and I are friends on Fetlife. We met at a meet-up YEARS ago, and as part of that meet, we exchanged profiles and even liked each other’s photos right in front of each other. Sarah and I drunkenly talked about kinks, and she saw all of my pics of me wearing panties, jerking off, and just outright naked. My tiny dick was on full display for her at that bar.

Meanwhile, I saw all of her pics where she likes to get spanked until she is red and tied up. None of her pics were of her naked, but ALL of mine, you could see my flaccid and hard tiny dick. So even though I don’t know what she looks like naked, she knows what I do. I am very curious to see where this relationship goes. I went to check out Sara’s Fetlife, and it says it was deleted. I don’t interact with her as part of my job, and I won’t dare message her directly. I will have to leave it up to fate.


Meanwhile, this reader’s sex life has ground to a halt…

I have a very small penis, not as small as some guys here but still not big. Flaccid, I’m literally an innie. It just looks like a small circle where my foreskin shows the hiding place of my penis. Hard, I’m a silver member of the small dick club.

My girlfriend has been with many guys, some with real monsters and some average. Still, she admits that I’m by far the smallest she’s ever had, and to her credit, she got with me despite knowing this beforehand, as years ago, I had slept with her friend who went around telling everyone she knew how small I was, and making fun of me every chance she gets. She actually stopped having sex with me quite a while ago due to her not enjoying the sex.

Not only am I small, but she’s very big, over 6 feet tall, and my penis just is not big enough for a woman that size. She has a female FWB to mess around with for her sexual needs but still occasionally enjoys playing with my penis for fun, even if we no longer have sex. She likes to wash me in the shower and talk about my ‘little pee-pee’ and getting him hard to wash him better, though I never cum. She cracks a lot of small penis jokes, often talks about past lovers, brags about getting more girls than me, and lots of little stuff like that.


While this reader has a naked encounter with his friend’s girlfriend…

Shared a big villa recently with some friends on a couples getaway. I think there were 8 of us in total. The villa has a little courtyard where you could dry your towels and swimwear as it caught the sun well. You had two entrances to the yard from a room to the top and bottom of it. On this trip, we had the bottom door, and my mate and his girl had the top.

One day, after a pool day, I walked out in my shorts to take them off. I checked the coast was clear, and like I always did, I dropped my shorts to hang them up and then switched to my towel that dried in the sun for a shower. As I did, and I was totally naked, my buddy’s girl walked out topless to do the same thing: hang up her bikini and get her towel that had dried. She’s a petite brunette with quite big but very realistic fake breasts.

At first, she didn’t notice I was naked, but as she got two steps closer, I froze with a red face. She saw my 2-inch soft dick sitting on top of my balls on my skinny body.

Her interaction was something like, “Oh, hey, hun… I’m sorry, I’m just…” She then sees my small penis as I try to cover it up with my towel. “Oh, I’m…. Um, sorry, I didn’t… I was just…”

I mumbled, “Oh fuck, sorry,” as I awkwardly got my towel around me, and she stood there topless for another 20 seconds taking her time to rest her bikini top on a chair and get her towel.

I was mortified but so turned on; I told my girl, and she found it all hilarious. What’s hot is that the girl who saw me goes out with my best friend who is hung like a donkey. You know she’s mentioned it to him. Still didn’t stop me from standing there naked again to change my towel the next day.


This reader meets another SDC member in the changerooms…

Some context: I’m 29 from Australia. From an early age, I didn’t really know that I had a small penis, especially when flaccid. It wasn’t until high school and the communal change rooms and showers that I realized. This was also when I realized the difference between circumcised and uncircumcised penises. I was cut, and 99% of the other guys at school were uncut. Just another thing for me to feel self-conscious about, that and my small penis.

I remember being so scared to get changed in front of anyone. I didn’t want them to see how small I was or that I was cut. I hid from it for years and years until recently, I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of hiding, and it’s time to let it out and show off what I have! I’ve started going to the local pool, fitness, etc., but to be honest, it’s the common change rooms and open showers that really have my interest.

On my most recent trip, I finished up my laps and headed to the rooms. There were two other guys just finishing getting changed. I sat down and started to unpack my things as they left. I started to get undressed, dropped my swim shorts to the ground, and sat down on the bench, laying a towel over my very cold flaccid penis. Still getting my things ready, another guy walked in. He was maybe 40 and placed his things down not far from me. He started to get undressed, too, he looked over at me, and I looked away. But I looked back, and he was standing totally nude, facing me, his penis in full view. This is what surprised me. He was small, too. The only difference was he was uncut.

He definitely noticed me looking but didn’t try and hide. So, I thought this was the best time for me to find my new confidence and stand up. So I did. I stood up, dropped my towel, my shriveled-up little penis on full display to him, and he definitely had a look. I watched him casually watch me walk past fully naked to the showers. They’re totally open. He soon followed and stood one shower away from me. We both did the polite hey before hitting the water, I kept getting a look at his uncut dick, and it was so nice!

He looked over at me and said, “The water is definitely not hot enough for guys like us.”

I went pretty red and followed it with, “I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

Unfortunately, two other guys walked in, and that was the end of it. I’m still hoping to bump into him again!


Another reader goes skinny dipping…

I (m20) once went skinny dipping in a river you can only reach by a forest path, so it is quite a hidden spot. When it’s hot, many people go swimming there. I went at 7 a.m., so I didn’t expect anyone to be there. When I was swimming in the cold water, a woman, probably in her late fifties, came by and sat down right where I left my pile of clothes. She took off her clothes, and she was wearing a swimsuit underneath. She was quite fit for her age.

At first, I was a bit nervous, but I somewhat enjoy being naked in front of others (I don’t do flashing or anything like that) when it happens. So I got out of the water, not covering anything. She had a full frontal view of my shriveled 1-inch soft dick. I looked at her and noticed a big grin on her face.

When I took my towel to dry myself, she looked at my crotch and said, giggling: “The water must be really cold, huh?”

I tried to play it cool and said: “It’s actually not even that bad.”

Which made her laugh even more. Because of the full exposure, I got hard pretty soon and was now standing at my bronze member hardness.

The woman noticed and said, “Well, at least it grows a little bit” (with an emphasis on little).

After that, I put my clothes on and went home still hard. I still jerk off to this sometimes.


Meanwhile, this reader is exposed in the Lab…

I am a graduate student in chemistry. I came from India and moved to the U.S. in 2019 fall for my Ph.D. When I moved to the U.S. owing to the internet, I already knew a lot about U.S. culture. The thing that I was specifically worried about was locker rooms where people showered and changed in the presence of others, and this was seen as not a big deal. However, it was a big deal for me because I am the owner of a micropenis. This was something only my parents and doctor knew.

I made sure nobody else would know, so I never even thought about dating. With the locker room situation in the U.S., I decided I was surely not going to the rec center (gym and sports center), and even if I did, I was surely not taking a shower. Though through the internet, I had found sph and sissyfication content which I enjoyed and based on which I created scenarios in my head where I was in them, I was determined as hell not to make my penis size public knowledge.

I joined a research lab in Spring 2020 under an assistant professor. She had five other students, with four women and one guy, when I joined. Another lady (also from India) joined the Lab the next year. The first year went well research-wise, and I made friends really quickly, but the pandemic hampered a lot of our work.

Fast forward to February 2021 (4th of Feb, to be exact). I was performing a reaction, and I just pulled out the rb flask, which was on the hot plate from the fume hood, to check if there was precipitation. Just then, the round bottom completely broke in my hand (it must have had a crack, which I missed). The entire contents of the vessel were all over me, and it had a lot of toxic substances, including a strong acid. I immediately let out a cry of anguish, which made my other lab mates rush to check on me. The acid had started to burn through the lab coat and also my clothes.

One of my lab mates immediately shrieked and shouted, “Safety shower, quick.”

Now, anyone here who has been in a chemistry lab would know the proper way of using a safety shower is to get completely naked as quickly as possible and stand under the shower for 15 minutes. Also, these showers don’t have modesty curtains or anything.

I immediately stripped down completely, and to be honest, it was such a critical safety situation that I don’t think modesty crossed my mind even for a second. I jumped in the shower, which was located centrally in the Lab, for easy accessibility. Someone immediately went to inform the professor, who rushed in from her office because, to be honest, having FTO use a safety shower is rare. Accidents of such magnitude rarely happen in the Lab.

After everyone was over the initial shock, my sense of surroundings came back all at once. I immediately looked down. The cold shower had made my dick almost disappear, and my balls had shriveled up close to my body. I always shave down there as manscaping isn’t optional with a micropenis (other people who have it will know why). I felt if only I had not shaved, maybe it would have protected my modesty a bit. I looked up and saw all my labmates and my professors standing around and completely froze.

I think a couple of my lab mates were definitely trying hard to stop a grin (maybe not, but I felt that way). My professor started shouting orders. She asked me if I had a change of clothes, and I just shook my head. She then asked the other guy, ‘J’ in the Lab (who was the senior student), “J, do you have a set of clothes?” And he also said no. “Can you go grab something from your apartment?”

He quickly ran out. Then, she instructed another student to call EHSS (health and safety) and specifically asked them to bring a towel. Of course, now they had gotten a glance at my tiny package as well. I had about 5 minutes left in the shower. Probably the longest 5 minutes of my life. Then, after that, EHSS took another 10 minutes to arrive with the towel and do their investigation. I am guessing at the 20-minute mark.

Finally, I was able to go home after that. Of course, I was shaken for a few days but gradually got over it. No one mentioned it in the lab, but as I got over the trauma, I started to fantasize about the situation and probably jerked off many times. After some time, I got a bit bolder in my thoughts and kept hoping someone would bring it up, but no one did, and that was probably for the better. I hoped someone would, but I realized that may not happen.

That changed end of the spring semester when J was graduating. After his dissertation defense, it was party time. We partied at his place, and once everyone was drunk, suddenly, another grad student (let’s call her M) hugged him and said, “It’s so sad that the only guy in the lab won’t be there anymore.”

I immediately said, “Hey, I’ll be there at least for four more years.”

She looked at me, rolled her eyes, and said, “Oh please, remember we all saw what you have down there. Trust me, it’s an all-girls lab now.”

After this, my professor immediately intervened and made her apologize to me. But I realized I had an erection.

P.S. After this interaction, no one said anything anymore, but I planned something. On Halloween, I enlisted the help of a friend of mine and cross-dressed for the Halloween party held at my professor’s house with all my lab mates. I didn’t want anyone else to see me cross-dressed, but it was only my labmates who were there, and they had already seen me naked.

I still remember I was the last one at the party, and I announced right away, “Now we are an all-girls lab.”

I had a lot of fun that night, and I realized how much better panties are for me, both fit-wise and texture. I continued to wear them at home. Didn’t cross-dress again (in public, that is), but I am thinking about pulling off something similar this Halloween.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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