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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is embarrassed on a bus…

This happened to me a while ago. I was sitting on the bus and playing games on my phone. Suddenly, a lady in her 40s appeared and sat beside me. Because there was no seat left. I wanted to stop playing mobile games, so I did stuff on my phone.

After a while, I was scrolling through some photos in my gallery, and suddenly, I saw a dick pic of my hard gold member dick appear that I had taken and forgotten about. I was super embarrassed and looked at her to see if she had seen it. To my horror, she looked at my phone, looking me straight in the eyes, and smirking. I had to be super red at the moment. She let out a little giggle and laid her hand on my shoulder.

She said in a friendly tone, “Don’t worry, it can still grow,” and then giggled.

The rest of the drive was awkward. And when I had to exit the bus, I had to ask her if she could stand up, so I could leave the bus. When I did, she looked at me and said, “And remember, your little dick can still grow, kid.”

I was trying to get as fast out of the bus as possible. That’s the end of the story. The woman tried to be nice and give me confidence, but I would be happier if she didn’t discuss it. I have never seen her again. When I think back, it was pretty hot, but I was trying to get out of the situation at that moment.


Another reader has a thing for crustaceans…

Last night was a little different. We were supposed to have sex, but my wife got her period, so after asking, she said I could have a handjob instead. I negotiated to a minute handjob with some dirty talk. I got naked and sat on the couch close to her with my legs over hers so she could reach my penis. She grabbed it and started rubbing it up and down with her two fingers. I asked, “Can you just say some dirty things?”

“Well, I don’t want to hurt Shrimpy’s feelings if I say a lot,” my wife said with a smirk.

“You won’t,” I laughed a little.

She used one of her fingers to play with the top of my penis, teasing my urethra, and I said, “I really like it when you do that.”

“What play with your little hole,” she asked.

“No, when you use two hands.” I smiled.

On that comment, she grabbed my dick in her hand, put one finger on the top, and said, “Oh, like this. Using two hands on your little penis feels good?”

“Yes, ma’am, it does,” I said, and she kept rubbing slowly.

“Is it OK that I like for you to poke fun at my penis?”

“I mean a little, but if it makes you happy and cum, I’ll do it. It’s not like little shrimpy has that much to make fun of.”

“Oh ya. Well, you couldn’t handle more than me anyways,” I said and smiled.

She stopped and stared at me. “Well, I can’t now because you’ve conditioned me only to take a little penis, so an average penis would probably hurt. But I definitely could before you.”

“Well, I’m glad because you feel wonderful. And you love feeling my penis inside you.”

“Yes, love. Shrimpy feels good. I guess he’s a jumbo shrimp, so that should make you feel good,” she said as she measured me with her fingers.

“It does. At least I’m jumbo size!” I smiled.

“Ya, we can go with jumbo but not colossal shrimp. Those things, I bet, are twice your size.” She laughed.

“Wait, there are legit shrimp bigger than me?”

“Yes, love, and that’s going to make you cum in 5, 4, 3…” she said, rubbing me slowly.

“No, please, I’m not ready. My penis is big. Please say it,” I begged.

“Two… Come on, my little shrimp penis. Cum for me and show me your little shrimp load. One…”

With that, I came and moaned. I thought I had cum a lot since it had been a few days.

“We’ll just one little squirt and then a little dribble. Not much cum from Shrimpy today, huh?” she said.

I apologized and said thank you. My wife said anytime, and then we got ready for bed. Another good time and fun genuine SPH. I love my wife.


I realized I never wrote how my wife started calling me shrimpy when I referenced the above experience. So one night, my wife went out with some friends and returned a little tipsy. She decided to continue drinking, so she had more and got a little tipsy. I knew I had no chance to have sex with her, so I accepted it and was getting ready for bed. She got naked in our bathroom, started reaching for my penis, and spanking my ass. I played along but tried not to get turned on until she ran over to the bed and bent over completely naked.

“Well, will you come here and give it to me good, or do I have to beg?” she said, looking back at me.

I stripped my clothes off and started running over when she said one of the hottest lines ever.

“Never mind, we can do it this way. Your way too small, and I couldn’t even feel your little shrimp,” she said as she laughed and climbed up on the bed.

I was so turned on, and so after that comment, I pushed a little more. “Oh, ya baby, are you ready for the big dick to fill you up and make you stretch!” I said, starting to put my dick inside her.

She laughed hard and said in a sultry voice, “Oh ya, baby, give me that super hard tiny dick. I want to be stretched. Too bad you’re four inches too short for that.”

I pushed deep inside her and said, “How full do you feel now that I’m so deep inside you?”

“Don’t tease me, shrimpy. Give me all you got,” my wife said seriously.

“Babe, that’s it. Im all the way inside.”

She reached around and checked by grabbing my balls and frowned. “Well fuck. Oh well, just fuck me hard, and maybe it’ll feel bigger.”

I started thrusting hard and fast, and she closed her eyes and moaned slightly.

“That better, babe?” I asked.

“Ya, a little bit. Just wish you had at least an average-sized dick but oh well. I married you.”

With that, I thrust a few more times and came.

She looked slightly disappointed as I pulled out and said, “A little stamina would be nice instead of a thirty-second race.”

She smiled and got cleaned up, then passed out. So now she calls me shrimpy and sometimes does a little shrimp sign with her pinky finger. She also sent me a shrimp emoji in a few of our texts.


Meanwhile, this reader discovers that his girlfriend’s friend Lilly knows about his tiny dick…

My girlfriend was Facetiming with her best friend Lilly, as they do almost daily. I was half listening and laying in bed. Before the phone call, we were messing around, so I was naked, but her friend couldn’t see me. Lilly was getting dressed and was hot, so I peeked a little and started to get hard. Lilly looked sexy, trying on different outfits. Slim with perfect tits. Tattoos. Just hot. So my dick was getting hard. My girl felt it and started to play around a little until her friend noticed something was happening and called us out.

Lilly asked if we were fucking around, and my girl got embarrassed and denied it, and then the friend said possibly the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.

Lilly said, “It’s not like I haven’t seen your dick a hundred times on her phone. You send it to her every day.”

I wasn’t aware Lilly had seen any dick pics I had sent to my girl until she said this. Still, at that moment, I realized that this sexy-ass girl knows my dick is tiny and has probably discussed it with my girlfriend a few times. After the phone call, my girl admitted they talked about dicks and shared pics that guys sent them. She showed me their text thread, and there was a picture of a huge cock that Lilly had sent her. Like massive.

The dude had a lighter next to it, and it was ridiculous. This inspired my girlfriend to grab a lighter and snap a pic for comparison. My dick wasn’t much bigger than the lighter. She said she would show Lilly the next time they hung out, and they would laugh about it together. This was enough for me to cum on the spot. No hands or touching or anything. My girlfriend was surprised and said it was cute, but I’m sure she thinks it’s pathetic.


While this reader has a public shower experience…

Hi everyone, I’m 26 and have a very tiny dick. I became interested in SPH and humiliation fetish three years ago and am now addicted. This is how everything started. I was a skinny 22-23 yo guy who spent most of my time inside the house and didn’t have many friends. My mom, to help me, convinced me to start a new sport. It was a group activity, and I enjoyed it. The problem was always at the end of the training when all the guys were having a shower together naked.

Due to my size at the beginning, I was having my shower at home not to show my dick, but soon I started being mocked for it, so I decided to shower with the others. To do that, I always went to the bathroom before going under the shower, and I jerked off for a bit to make my dick semi-hard and not look too tiny. It worked for a few weeks, but once, I had an injury during training and had to end the training sooner. I was in pain and didn’t think about my penis size.

I started having a shower, but it took me quite a while to get undressed and to have a shower due to the injury. I was still under the shower for this delay when the others came and saw me with my soft dick. We are talking about 10-15 guys because when the first ones saw me, they started laughing and called the others to watch and laugh too. It was so embarrassing. I tried to cover myself, ended the shower, and left the team quickly. I was humiliated but couldn’t stop thinking about that experience. I started jerking off thinking about that and wanting more and more humiliation.


This reader enjoys public nudity…

First, I’m 30, and my family is from Berlin. There are several lakes and places to go naked, and in puberty, I liked to peek around while cycling or walking around these places. As I grew older, I enjoyed going there naked. I liked the little SPH moments when girls or older women grinned at the look of my little soft dick. Sometimes, a few youths mumbled things like, “Don’t laugh. It’s rude.”

I now have a girlfriend (22, very skinny) who likes to go there with me. Sometimes she says things like, “Please put the foreskin back! It looks like a baby dick!” when others are around (it always falls back, only if I have half of a boner, which she manages).

So, last weekend we went with my sister (35) and her son (13) and before we asked him if it was OK to go naked ourselves and he doesn’t need to yadayada… At first, he was enjoying the show, so to speak, bathing and swimming, and after a few hours, we put on new suncream, and somehow he got the hang of it and put his trousers away… And oh my god, he was so hung. My tiny shrunken one was so childish against this. Even his head was lurking out a little bit. It didn’t look like he was hard (and it was like that until we left).

It was the first time I felt that humiliated since I finished school.


Another reader is pantsed at the pool…

This happened to me when I was 19. I was at a swimming pool with my older stepsister, whom I had pissed off all day, and she saw her chance for revenge. I was dripping wet after being in the pool and was called to a small group. It was in a corner away from strangers, but it was a group of my stepsister’s friends. They started asking me embarrassing questions like if I was a virgin and if I was gay, or if I preferred tits or a nice bum.

They realized this was making me flustered as I was a virgin, something everyone knew but I never admitted to. As I went to turn away and leave to go back to my friends, my stepsister knelt behind me and pulled down my swimming trunks. Everyone gasped. The girls tried hiding their smirks.

But one of the guys shouted, “Dude, that is the tiniest dick I’ve ever seen!”

And then everyone just exploded with laughter.

My stepsister said, “Wait, what?” And walked around me to see my tiny willy, and then she couldn’t stop laughing.

I bent down and picked my trunks up, and ran off. I hoped no one would mention it, but the car ride back with my stepsister, and her friends were awkward and embarrassing.


Meanwhile, this reader nearly had sex…

It was the last year of university, and we attended a three-day conference. Uni couldn’t afford single rooms, so we shared a double room with separate beds. My roommate was a girl I had met a few weeks before, we started talking, and we became pretty close. I consider myself pretty good-looking, and it might have started something with her if it wasn’t for me being shy around girls due to my small dick size. The conference was good. We stopped in a bar on the last day, drinking a few cocktails after the lectures and the poster’s exposition. We had dinner and then drank before going to our hotel rooms.

I was in bed when, probably thanks to our drinks, she joined me and started cuddling and kissing. I felt like I was in a dream. I was so hard and almost there to explode since we kept cuddling for quite a while. At some point, probably because she saw I wasn’t going to do any move, she started going down with her hand reaching my dick outside the pants. She started touching it and thought I was soft due to the size.

“Why are you still soft?” she asked.

The situation was embarrassing, humiliating, and exciting, and I had a powerful orgasm. I started shaking and moaning a bit, and she noticed it. She immediately jumped outside the bed and looked at me with disgust.

She said, “I cannot believe what I was doing with such a loser,” and returned to bed.

I froze, but the most embarrassing thing was that I was so turned on. After a few minutes, I jerked off again, thinking about it.

The next day she came to me. She looked embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry, it was the alcohol’s fault. But never talk to me again or come near me if you don’t want me to tell everyone what a babydick loser you are.”

After a few months, I graduated and left the country, so this signed the end of the story. I am still a virgin; this is the closest I’ve been to sex in my entire life.


While this reader flashed some girls while swimming…

Once, I was in a very cold river, swimming and sunbathing. I felt my penis through my swimsuit, and with the cold water, my dick was incredibly small, like an inch. I almost got scared for a few seconds. As you can imagine, that was the perfect opportunity. There was a group of 20-30-year-old girls, so I sneakily untied my swimsuit laces to loosen them. I let the river’s current pull them down (thanks to a position I conveniently adopted). All the women put their hands over their mouths like they had seen a ghostly apparition. It took me three seconds to pull them back up. I thought they would start laughing, but they seemed sorry for me. I think it was one of the best experiences in a long time.


This reader is put in his place by a dildo…

So one of the benefits of being ‘openly small’ with my partner is that we’re both at ease with using larger toys and have no issue acknowledging they do things and reach places I can’t. Pleasure-is-pleasure, at the end of the day.

In any case, my girlfriend has a couple of go-to toys, one slightly longer than me but roughly the same girth and another considerably larger than me in both respects. Recently I was using the larger one on her, and we were talking afterward, and I mentioned how large it is. I’ve made remarks in the past about it, and in retrospect, she’s always been somewhat neutral in her response.

This other night she said, “You know, it’s only five or six inches?”

Which I genuinely could not believe, always assuming it was seven or eight. It wasn’t until the next day when I was putting it back, that I checked the box to find it was only five inches. I confessed later to my girlfriend that I checked. I confirmed that this dildo was and always had been substantially bigger than me. Yet the toy was itself below average in size. She cracked up laughing at me, saying she told me so.


Another reader has a great vacation…

So I am on vacation staying at a resort on the beach. Some friends decide to pay for a tubing activity. The tube can hold up to six people. We get one, and the boat takes out. It was four. It’s not bad holding into the tube, then the boat takes off and hits the waves created by other boats. The tube is bouncing all over the place. I am holding on with all my strength.

As I was holding, my trunks came flying off. I am a slim guy, so I ensured my drawstring was tight. But needed to be tighter. And the boat driver didn’t realize, and I didn’t let go. My trunks are lost at sea. I eventually let go of the tube. I jumped back on the boat, and someone yelled, “Looks like we caught a shrimp.”

Everyone is laughing at me when I get back.

Someone else said, “Dude, the water isn’t even cold.”

We got to shore, and I wrapped up in a towel. I told my friends I was returning to the room as we passed the pool area. It’s crowded, music playing, people dancing. As I pass the pool, two friends grab me, and we jump into the pool. I am trying to get out, and they keep pulling back. Because of all the action, everyone was looking at us. My cold, shrunken penis is on display. Laughter, shocked faces, the little motion with the hand.

I finally got out, went back to my room, and when I entered the pool area, the DJ started playing the ‘Short Dick Man’ song. Fuck, what way to start a vacation.


Meanwhile, this reader lost his virginity…

I went to a girl’s place I had known for a couple of years. We had been talking for a while, and we decided to hook up. She was a year or two older than me, 22 or 23, experienced and aggressive at sex while I was shy and a virgin, but she didn’t know that or that I had a tiny penis. I was very nervous, not knowing how it would go.

I got over there, and we were chilling, watching Netflix, when she started kissing me suddenly. Eventually, she stripped naked and told me to do the same. I reluctantly did, and as I pulled my underwear down, she started laughing at my tiny penis. I was extremely embarrassed, and it reminded me of when I was pantsed. I covered myself up, began getting dressed, and was going to leave. Then she stopped me and said she still wanted to have sex. I was relieved but still nervous, but I would finally lose my virginity.

But the whole time, she was still laughing but trying not to. I put it in and began to pump, but it kept slipping out because it was too small. She would laugh every time but also get frustrated. She grabbed it with two fingers to put it in herself. It was all very awkward and embarrassing. She then told me to fuck her from behind, and I tried, but I couldn’t get past her cheeks. After that, she gave up and told me to eat her ass and pussy. I did for a while as she laughed and made jokes. I didn’t talk to her much after that.

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