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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader enjoys the cage of his desires…

So my girlfriend and I have been playing around with chastity, and for the first time last weekend, I wore it on a night out with friends. We made one rule, I couldn’t use a cubicle all night, and I had to chance getting caught if I needed a pee.

The night went well. She wore my key around her necklace, and nobody seemed to notice, one guy gave me a weird look at a urinal, but that was it till we moved on to the next bar. Before we started dating, my girlfriend had a friend-with-benefits situation with a guy who lived across the road from where she used to live. We’ll call him Callum. She was candid about it when we first started dating and even said she doesn’t think she’s ever seen a bigger dick in her life and never will. I met him a few times on nights out when we randomly bumped into him as there are not many bars in town, and every time I saw him, I could never get the idea of a cock that’s probably twice the size of mine and could fuck my girlfriend 10x better was just stood there.

At this next bar, we started playing pool, but the place was full of people, and I needed to go to the toilet. Just before I reached the toilet door, Callum walked in front of me and said, “Oh, hi! Good to see you.” He held open the door for me.

I panicked and went towards the cubicle, but somebody was already there. I reluctantly turned around to see out o three cubicles, and two were free, so I walked over to the one in the corner and hoped he would wait or he needed the cubicle. As soon as I pulled my cage out, he stood next to me, and I couldn’t help but look down. His soft cock was nearly as long as my forearm. It was huge. I immediately started thinking about him fucking my gf and the pleasure she’d get from it. Before I realized he had noticed, I looked and smirked, looking over at my cage. He was speechless for a second, then chuckled and commented on how my girlfriend’s taste in men had changed. At this point, I was bulging in my cage and couldn’t pee anymore, so I laughed, finished up, and went back out to see my gf and friends.

I immediately went over to her and quietly told her what happened, she didn’t say much at first, but then she grabbed the key on her necklace and told me that is why I was locked up. Later that night, when we got back, she had promised to unlock me if I went the whole night out with her rules, but I think me bumping into Callum changed that. She went under the bed, pulled out one of our cock sleeves, and told me to put it on over my cage. Now that I looked at this sleeve, it was nearly identical to Callum’s SOFT cock… I slipped it on and couldn’t stop thinking about how big he would be hard. We had sex for about 40 minutes, and she constantly compared me to Callum.

She said, “If Callum fucked me again, I wouldn’t feel you for a month. It’s disappointing that this is all you can do with an eight-inch sleeve. It’s sad. You have never made me cum (true), even when you use huge toys on me. Callum’s cock was even bigger than this. How hard do you think he made me cum? I want you to watch Callum fuck me so you can see how a real cock fucks.”

Long story short, this happened Saturday night, and I’m still locked up. I have no idea when she will let me out, and I love it!


Another reader has enjoyed life after confessing he likes SPH…

My penis is small, and my partner of over a decade had made subtle comments about my lack of size in the past. Things like don’t stretch me out too much, saying I have a little dick, and making sure I give her at least one and sometimes two orgasms with my hand or mouth before my dick goes in her pussy (I’m a fast cummer too). This has always turned me on, and I figured out I was into small penis humiliation. I was afraid to tell her, but then I did, and it’s been great!

She took charge in the bedroom, telling me how to please her and openly mocking my little dick. Telling me things like she can’t feel it, my dick won’t reach, and my favorite is telling me to stretch her out with my hand so my dick will fall out of her. It’s been great!

We’ve been pushing our sexual boundaries more too. I like spending more time at home nude, so my little dick can be out in the open, talking more openly about our kinks and sexual things we want. Looking forward to sharing more of our stories as we expand boundaries and maybe even sharing some SPH stories from the past too.


Meanwhile, this reader enjoys getting pantsed…

In my first apartment as an adult, I had a roommate who had a cock at least twice the size of mine, and he knew my dick was barely half the size of his. We had ‘accidentally’ seen each other naked in the apartment a few times, and I was always fascinated by how big he was. Which probably made what he did more humiliating.

We were at a drinking party outside of our apartment building. There were maybe 50 people there, some I knew and others I didn’t. I was talking to a woman with a group of her friends when my roommate came up behind me and de-pantsed me. Except he didn’t just get my shorts. Somehow he got my boxers too, and I was standing there with my soft little dick exposed to the group. I covered my little package with one hand and tried pulling my pants up with my other hand as the group started laughing, but I couldn’t get them up with one hand. So had to let go of myself and use both hands to get my pants up. I’m pretty sure I heard one of the girls comment how little my dick was, but that might have been my imagination.

I ran back up to our apartment and shut the door to my room. I realized I was as hard as I’d ever been and got my little dick out and quickly jacked off.

As soon as I finished, my roommate knocked on the door, asking to come in and apologize. I didn’t have time to clean up my mess, so I just pulled my pants up. As I went to open the door, I could feel my cum soaking through my pants.

After he apologized for getting my boxers, I told him it was an accident and all right. He looked down, noticed the wet spot from where my cum leaked and commented that I must not be too mad about everyone knowing I had a little penis. It was undoubtedly a mix of emotions.


While this reader is caught with his pants down at work…

I work the front desk at a hotel. I was in a hurry because Im not supposed to leave the desk, so I rushed to the restroom to pee. Out of hundreds of times I use the bathroom this time, I forget to lock the door. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club hard, but I’m a grower, not a shower. My penis looks like an acorn sitting on my balls when I’m soft. One of the housekeepers opens the door and sees me peeing. She told everyone. We have a large staff, and everyone is amiable. Now every lady knows my penis is small. The looks I get from them are a huge turn-on. They don’t look at me like a man anymore. They speak Spanish, and I know they are saying things to my face, but I can’t understand them. One of the hottest experiences. I’m thrilled it happened.


This reader is told he has a real problem…

So, to start. I’m an incredibly quick cummer (a prejac). I last less than a minute usually. Since then, I’ve been able to last better, but by no means a long time. Now it’s generally around two to three minutes with the help of medication. Add to this, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club hard, so I’ve gotten some interesting responses from girls.

So I was a senior in college and was in bed with a freshman, so I was 22, and she was 18. We had been dating for around a month, but our sex life was not satisfying for her due to my prejac problem. It was around two AM, and we were in her lofted bed, lights off. She was in a thong and sports bra, and I was in my boxers. Suddenly the door flies open, and her roommate comes in with a guy, making out. They don’t notice us or don’t care as they make their way to her bed. My girl and I try to stay hidden. After a few minutes, we hear zippers and clothes hitting the floor. I sneak a peek over the side of the bed and see her roommate, on her back, unbelievably sexy bra and thong on. Her friend is kneeling between her legs on the bed, at full mast. He was bigger than me.

What followed was 30 minutes of them hard fucking. I’m not sure, but it sounded like she came four or five times, maybe more. The size of this guy’s cock was enormous. I saw a silhouette of it at one point, and it looked a good eight to nine inches long and very thick. When they finally finished, they got up and left. When the door closed, my girl started rubbing herself. I was rock hard, about to tear through my underwear and leaking pre-cum like a faucet. I pulled my underwear off and rolled onto her, my small dick between her legs. I thrust forward, my dick tip hitting the soaked fabric of her thong. The realization hit me as I pulled back and thrust again. I began blowing my load on her thong and legs.

She gasped, feeling it spurt onto her, and looked at me and moaned, “Again?”

I did the usual ‘I’m sorry’ thing, and she got up, changed her panties, grabbed her phone, and left for about 25 minutes before returning and getting back in bed. A few days later, she dumped me, saying bluntly, “I can handle your small dick. I don’t mind it. What I can’t handle is your premature ejaculation. I need a man who can last longer than ten seconds. I suggest you see a doctor about it because you have a real problem. A loser problem.”



Another reader helps a guy live his SPH dream…

My wife and I did some kayaking over the weekend. At the same time, we were setting up right by a nearby dock. We saw another couple on the docks going for a dip. They started taking their clothes off, down to their underwear. It was an unplanned swim since they both were not in swimwear. I didn’t mind them since it looked like a normal thing to do. Although I did notice the girl, despite being short, had a pretty banging body.

A few minutes went by, and my wife and I noticed the guy was being a little awkward. He was standing around wet and cold on the dock. He is wearing nothing but his black boxer briefs. He’s about 6’2 and 260 lbs, but just like me, it looked like he doesn’t have that much dick. ‘Small dick alert,’ my wife texted as I couldn’t help but glance over his crotch. I noticed his girlfriend smiling as we saw his man’s lack of endowment. ‘I feel he wants to expose himself,’ another text from my wife.

It was probably obvious how we were talking about them via texting while just standing beside each other a few feet away from them. As far as we could see, we were the only people in the area. “Let’s cater to their SPH,” my wife says urgently.

Then my wife, the queen of small talk, managed to get them into a conversation. She commented on how the water feels nice and how pleasant it is to swim on. My wife kept glancing at the guy’s tiny crotch the whole time. Her partner did not seem to mind her doing it. I think she also enjoys it. I pretended to get something from the truck back at the parking lot, leaving my wife behind. I noticed a little tent on the man’s crotch when I returned. He was a silver member of the small dick club. He had a pencil dick. He got excited that my wife was taking notice of his tiny dick. And also because my wife’s hard nipples are poking through her bikini top. My wife gave the ‘look at it’ eye roll, to which the man took notice and quickly apologized for his tiny hard-on.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s not a ‘big’ deal. Happens to the best of us,” I said.

His partner burst into laughter. “Yes! It’s really not a ‘big’ deal,” she says.

More laughter from the rest of us. He was red as a tomato, but this was his SPH dream unfolding right before him. “Right! It’s just a ‘small’ issue,” my wife added.

His girl couldn’t contain her laughter at all. “We best get going. Nice to meet you,” I said as I pushed my wife’s kayak off the shore.

“It’s so tiny,” my wife whispered.

We were not even six feet away from them, and they heard her say those words. I dared to look back, and I kid you not. The guy just creamed his underwear. Underneath his tiny tent was a throbbing little dick jizzing so much cum it oozed out on the other side of his briefs.

“James!” his partner roared.

She was trying to pull him into the water with both her hands. It was futile since he had no knees after jizzing his pants. She was trying so hard that her left breast slipped from her bra. Finally, he garnered enough strength to jump from the dock. Hiding away all the embarrassment and humiliation in the water.

I certainly was jealous, wishing I was the other small dick guy.


Meanwhile, this reader has a wardrobe change…

My partner has wholly embraced the SPH lifestyle. I can’t think of a better way to describe how our sex life and all interactions have changed since we openly discussed SPH.

For example, she purchased my new underwear. I had always worn boxer briefs in the past, but she bought me a package of brightly colored tight boy briefs because she said the smaller underwear would highlight my tiny dick. The briefs are so tight that they barely cover my ass, which is uncomfortable. I think they really are little boy underpants.

We also decided on a new home dress code. We have an’ underwear-only’ dress code for the evenings when we don’t have anything else going on. For my partner, this means no bra, just her lacy boy short panties (she’s never been a fan of thongs), and me in my brightly colored tight boy briefs. She says she likes my little dick being on display, knowing that her naked boobs and panty-covered ass keep me constantly horny. The new home dress code has undoubtedly increased the number of small penis comments she makes.


While this reader had the time of his life…

We were working on the house we have been trying to sell. Around lunchtime, we go over to a friend of hers place for lunch. Every year they have a huge cookout, tons of food, and just hanging out. This year it was at the friend’s mom’s house because he has a pool. So after we all ate, the wife and I decided to get in the pool. I didn’t bring swim clothes, so I just took my shirt off and left my shorts and boxers on. The wife says we will dry them later when we return to the house we are working on. So we return to the house after the party, and I strip down to my boxers and shirt. My wife takes my shorts and goes and puts them outside on the vehicle to dry faster. It’s like 110 degrees out. They will dry fast.

So I continue to work on the house in my boxers as they slowly dry. Suddenly the front door opens, and it’s one of my wife’s friends. I get shy about not having pants on and being in just my underwear, so I put down the paintbrush and bowl of paint I have and cover myself up. She laughs and says, “Don’t worry, I have already heard about the little guy.”

The wife is standing beside her, and they both laugh and giggle. I give a fake laugh, and they walk out the door. The wife tells me they are leaving to get some coffee. I stayed and worked on the house. They eventually get back, and I ask about my shorts. She said they are still wet and are out-drying. Her friend is staying the rest of the day to help us work on the house. Now I should say her friend is beautiful and has a sexy body. She loves to wear revealing clothing. Rarely has a bra on, with big perky tits. So can always see her nipples. Has a nice fat bubble butt and always short shorts. Bottom of ass hanging out.

This time she had on some shorts and a tight tank top, so s so that could see her tits pretty well through it. The house was empty, so they sat on the floor to talk and drink their coffee before returning to work. They brought me a drink, so I stood there talking to them. We are chit-chatting about everything. Now her friend was sitting in a butterfly position, so I had the perfect view of her pussy. I have seen it before over the same type of situation. Her sitting in weird positions and her shorts reveal her beautiful pussy. Always completely shaved and so yummy looking.

I start to get hard, so I have to try and hide my little dick from them. I told them I had to use the bathroom. I went and jerked off fast. I came in under a minute. I returned, and my wife asked if I was already finished and started to laugh. Her friend laughed. I got a little red in the face but responded with a chuckle and said, “Yeah, it didn’t take long.”

Her friend responded, “Small and can’t last long,” and they laughed some more.

“Are my shorts done drying yet?” I asked.

“Are you shy about showing your little dick?” my wife asked.

Her friend said, “Well, he probably should be. From what I’ve seen and heard about it, it’s tiny. All my exes have had big cocks.” She laughed and said, “Only a big cock can satisfy me.”

My wife laughed and said, “Yeah, me too.”

It’s true. My wife is a size queen. Then she got up, got my pants, handed them to me, and said I could cover up my little guy. It was an extremely hot situation, and I loved it. Later that night, when the wife and I showered together, we talked a little about it, and she jerked me off in the shower. That was probably the most SPH I have ever had in one situation.


Our last reader finds some fun home videos…

While scrolling through some old sex videos, I took a few months back during our vacation. I came across a gem snippet of SPH. The context here is she is in between my legs with my cock in hand (W is wife, M is me):

W: “You are the worst, with the tiniest penis.”

M: “How big is my penis?”

W: “It’s fucking tiny. It’s fucking plankton.”

M: “Show me.”

W: shows SPH finger sign.

M: “How big should a penis be?”

W: Uses her whole hand with her fingers extended.

Just thought I’d share!

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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