Our Readers SPH Experiences 162

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind…

I’m living with my girlfriend [32F] for the last eight months. My penis is 1.5 inches flaccid and a Bronze Member when erect. Recently we started talking dirty but no SPH. We always shower together at night, and I mostly stay naked afterward. So one month ago, she got out of the shower and was drying herself, and I was standing in the tub facing her.

She said with a smile, looking at my penis, “You’re small.”

I looked down, and it was just as its flaccid state, 1.5 inches. I lied smilingly, “It’s because it’s cold in the shower.”

She replied that the heater was on, and the water was hot, which was correct.

So, the next day after sex, I asked her whether size mattered. She tried to avoid it, but as I forced the issue, she said, “It does. But anything above five is OK.”

I asked, “What’s the smallest dick you’ve had?”

She replied, “I once had a boyfriend who was three inches.”

Then I asked, “What’s the biggest you’ve been with?”

At first, she didn’t reply but eventually said, “Anything above eight was too much for her.” She didn’t elaborate any further.

The next day, as we were lying on the bed, I put her hands on my penis, and she said, “It feels like a worm.”

I was curious to check her phone, and I found her conversation with her best friend with whom she shared her sexual experience. So her best friend had asked her who satisfied her most in sex. She said she met a guy with a fully shaved 10-inch penis while on vacation. She used the word Daks which means big penis. Then she said that the best sex was with another guy about eight inches long but could instantly get rock hard. He was her car lift guy who later became a friend with benefits.

The lady asked how I was, and her reply was: ‘He’s small, and he’s not ashamed to be naked around me. Men with bananas and snakes used to cover up after sex or a shower but with his little worm stays naked with pride.’

The lady replied to this with 🙈

My girlfriend added at the end that she wanted me to be her last guy.

I’m trying to get more things out of her and hopefully get a picture of her holding my worm.


Another reader remembers his small dick journey…

My journey started a long time ago in a Christian School in a small town in Wisconsin. I was taller, a little chubby, had some gyno boobs. I guess I was in sixth grade, and we were all told that we had to join the basketball team. I had little or no athletic ability but was forced to be on the team if nothing else, so there was a bench. After practice, we were told we had to take a shower. I was desperately afraid of joining the others as I hadn’t entered puberty. I had no hair, and I noticed that everyone was much larger than me.

For a week, perhaps I was left alone but then, as the others grew more confident in their bigger dicks started to tease me about my shyness. The coach, who was a good-looking man with a huge bulge, the girls in the school even talked about it. He forced me to shower with the others. I became a laughing stock. Everyone in the school knew and talked about it openly. My coach would even tease me. It hurt, and I cried often. I was picked on mercilessly and mocked. A boy there who had been my best friend started to stand up for me, Billy.

He lived a few houses down, and we walked home from school together. Later, my parents got me a girl’s bike, used from the dump, and we biked together. It seemed that this torture would never end. I was called faggot, sissy, gay, home, etc. teachers did nothing. Billy would come over and watch TV and smoke my mom’s cigarettes. Sip alcohol, careful not to get caught. My parents were gone. I don’t remember my mom working; she was just gone. In about eighth grade, things changed. Billy somehow managed to get me to lay on my bed, dry hump me, and kiss me till he came. We continued until he was fucking me almost daily as time went on.

He would tell me I was pretty, that he loved me. It was the first I remember being praised, being told in as good as something. He never touched my penis, nor was it in conversation. This went on till high school started. He got himself a girlfriend, and I wasn’t needed. I finally went through puberty and got some hair. I guess I was cute as a sophomore girl. Jeri Jean asked me out. She was short, cute, big boobs—everything a boy could want. We made out, and I felt her big boobs, loved it. Then the fateful day, she pulled my jeans down. She stared and guffawed. She said, “What a tiny pencil dick.”

Really. It hurt. I wanted to take it back so she wouldn’t tell anyone. So much for that. She told every girl at school and, frankly, anyone who would listen how little I was. The jokes, at my expense, were open and loud. I had another girlfriend who probably only went out with me as I had a car and money, I suppose. I was cute and bought her things. She let me fuck her, but I don’t remember her ever cumming. She fucked around on me many times, and I pretended I didn’t care.

The guys who fucked her teased me often. She was such a whore no one else would date her full time. Billy would sometimes call late at night when he was between girlfriends. We’d go out, ’d suck him off, fuck. Just talk, laugh. He told me he loved me and wished we could date in the open. The years quickly passed as they do. I got out of school, got a job. I didn’t date too much as I was self-conscious about my penis. For a good reason, as every time I tried to have a physical relationship, it didn’t work, as I usable and no woman it seemed would put up with my micro self, a cruel thing to be cursed so. I supposed I’d be lonely and consider checking out. It was then that I went on my first and only blind date. She was 5’ tiny and skinny. We got along like peas and carrots. We fell in love and were married a year after we met. One night a drunk Billy came to my house telling me he loved me, wanting to be with me.

I had to pull a gun and force him to leave. I wanted him too but wanted an everyday life. And so, I did. My wife and I had a family and have been together long. So strange now, after all these years, I find it a kink. I think back to those times of humility, and it turns me on. A goal is to shrink back to the size in eighth grade. I think of the feminization, a connection to my past with Billy. I was his girlfriend off and on for five years. He still sends me a birthday card saying he loves me. I moved 3500 miles away, or I knew I’d not stay away. That’s all for now. I know not too erotic, but I wanted to tell my story.


Meanwhile, this reader’s girlfriend has him cucked…

My girlfriend and I were spending time together, and she said she wanted to be nice and give me a blowjob for once instead of fucking her roommate.

But when she pulled it out, she put it in front of her lips, and she could not stop giggling. She even actually put it in her mouth for the first time, but it just made her laugh extra hard. She pulled it out while laughing and just said, “I’m sorry, sweetie. I feel like I’m sucking a little kid’s dicklette. So, I can’t do it cos it’s too funny. ”

Then she gave me a very clearly forced awkward smile, trying to keep her laughter in, and gave it an awkward pat on the head and pulled my pants up.

She left the room, and then I had to listen to her get hard fucked by our roommate and clean off his dick. She didn’t even brush her teeth after she just came back in, threw her cream-pied panties away, kissed me, giggled again, and went to bed.


While this reader wants an orgy…

Last night my wife and I watched Lucifer on Netflix, and there was a scene showing the morning after a huge orgy. Sexy bodies were lying everywhere.

I joked, saying, “Babe, we should host an orgy. I want to be cool like Lucifer.”

I only expected her to say no.

She laughed and said, “Well, he can host an orgy because he has a big cock. I doubt people would come for your little dick.”

We laughed, and I just said, “Well then, you’re not invited.”

She laughed and said, “Trust me. I wouldn’t be missing much.”

I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club.


This reader is also cucked by his girlfriend…

My current girlfriend loves sex, which was not necessarily the case for my exes. I thought my exes had no problem with the size of my cock, but I was wrong. At the start of our relationship, my sweetheart talked with my ex on a night out, and they both said I was the guy with the smallest dick they’ve known. My girlfriend later confessed this to me when we were in the shower. I had to force myself not to have an erection.

My girlfriend has told most of our friends that I have a small dick (Silver member). Everyone knows about our sexual problems like I’m not tough. She told me that when we have sex, she doesn’t feel much. She told me several times that my dick is too small and I cum too quickly to satisfy her entirely, but luckily, she sees other men from time to time who can give her what I cannot.


Another reader is outed by his friend…

A few years ago, we were drinking with several people. I think we were four guys and two girls. Let’s call the girls Isabell and Pia. Isabell was in a relationship with my buddy Robin at the time. After a few drinks, the discussion arose whether women or men are more superficial. Pia explained that women could also be very shallow, but they don’t show it as obviously as men. Isabell agreed with her and added that women discuss all kinds of topics, for example, penis size.

I was also in a relationship and said that my girlfriend certainly doesn’t talk that superficially. I still remember exactly how Isabell stared at me. She was already very drunk and said, “I hope so for your sake because Robin told us that you have a little dick.”

Everyone had to start laughing immediately. I looked over at my buddy Robin who was grinning at me sheepishly. He must have told her what he saw in our gym’s locker room. I tried to take it with humor, although I didn’t have a good line ready at the time.

Later that evening, I could overhear a conversation between Isabell and Robin. He angrily asked her why she had said that. She didn’t think the whole thing was so bad and said to him, “Calm down, or do you believe he doesn’t know he has a small dick? Trust me, he knows.”


Meanwhile, this reader decides to buy a cage…

This week I was driving around town doing errands, and while I was in the area with multiple sex shops, I thought to myself, what the hell? I might as well stop in and see what they have. I’ve always wanted a chastity cage and have fantasized about being humiliated in the store while I shop for one, and I was pretty horny then, so I wanted to make it happen.

I started at a store mainly for clothing and leather, but they did have some toys. As I walked in the door, an attractive woman welcomed me in. She was tall and fit with tattoos, and dark hair had the goth/alt vibe. She asked me if there was anything I was looking for and was happy to help in any way she could. At first, I was still nervous and said I was browsing, but as I looked around the store, I finally got the courage to ask where the chastity cages were. She said they were pretty low on inventory currently but pointed me to a corner of the store that might have some.

As I walked over there, she said, “Oh wait, we have some in this glass case over here!”

I excitedly hurried over to where she was to take a look. They only had a couple of cages, and they were HUGE! I could have fit my entire dick and balls just in the tube. There was another metal one that I wouldn’t have even filled out halfway if I were hard. I can get pretty small when flaccid, sometimes less than an inch, and I’m a bronze member hard. The cute woman pulled them out and, as she apologized for not having many options, asked me what I thought. I looked her right in the eyes and said, these are WAY too big for me.

I was hoping she would ask me more about my size or even ask me to take my little guy out, but instead, she said to come back tomorrow, and she could help me pick one out when their shipment comes in. I was pretty bummed because I knew this was a spur of the moment thing and probably wouldn’t be back, and I really wanted the humiliation, but then she told me there’s a shop down the street that will have plenty of options and that I could try them on there. I was shocked by that news, but it sounded exciting.

I quickly walked down the street and thought, what am I getting myself into? But I walked into the second store and was greeted by a naked man wearing leather assless chaps and a tiny chastity cage right out there in the open. He asked me what I was looking for, and I nervously said the same thing, “just browsing, blah blah blah.” After getting some courage, I walked back up to the guy and said I know what I’m looking for, and I pointed at his tiny little pecker.

“I want one of those!”

This was a reasonably busy sex shop for the middle of the day on a weekday, and there was a couple with a cute blonde looking at vibrators right across from me. He walked me to the glass counter at the center of the store and started showing me the collection. As he showed me the cages, I asked him about his cage and experiences with male chastity. He told me he was wearing the smallest cage series (the nub) and locked up for five months. He filled it out well, though, and there was absolutely no extra room to grow. He asked me about my size to pull out some models and went for the medium ring and cage sizes, but I said those are probably too big.

Surprisingly he said, “You can try them on if you want, either in the dressing room or right here. Obviously, we’re not shy here,” as he pointed to his tiny dick.

I was shocked but thought this was the perfect opportunity. As I looked around at the other people in the store and the cute blonde across from me, I pulled my pants down to my knees and let it flow out. Let’s say it didn’t do much flopping because my penis is so tiny it sticks straight out and doesn’t even think about falling past my balls. I was maybe an inch, and it was looking skinny. I couldn’t judge the people’s reactions in the store, and I was honestly hoping for a ton of laughter, but I could see the guy who was helping me eyes widen. He moved his hands from the medium cages to the smaller options right away. After seeing my little guy, he presented two of the smallest rings and two of the smallest cages.

I picked up the smallest rings and started squeezing my balls and dick through. It fit nice and snug but wasn’t too small, even though it was the smallest out of five options.

Then I grabbed the second smallest cage and started to slide it on. It was obviously way too big, and my tiny penis didn’t even reach the end of it. I looked around the shop and could see the cute blonde shake her head at me and look back at her purchases.

The man helping me said it was too big and handed me the smallest cage in the entire store. In the middle of this store, with multiple people looking at me with my pants pulled down, I put on this tiny cage, and I still didn’t fill it out! My tiny penis was barely touching the end of the cage, and there was room on all sides of it. I can’t tell you how embarrassing it was to compare to this worker standing right across from me who was half my size and was maybe only as tall as my shoulder but filled the cage out way better than I did. I could tell he was surprised but was nice about it and said it looked good. I told him I wished I filled it out as he did, and we laughed together.

Overall, it was a great and humiliating experience, but I didn’t end up buying anything. Maybe I’ll go back to the first store where that woman was now that they’ve restocked.


While this reader doesn’t compare well on a nude beach…

Some years ago, my wife and I casually went to a nude beach in Spain. At first, she was surprised and quite annoyed. “what a shame,” she said. “Why don’t we get away? If I knew before, I would have never come here.”

Me: “What’s the problem?”

She: “OK, but I’m quite embarrassed.”

Anyway, 70%-80% were gay couples and only a minority of heterosexual couples. After our swim, we started to walk along the beach hand in hand among dozens of naked men of all shapes and sizes. My wife pretended not to see, but I realized she was intrigued. Whenever she saw something interesting like bags, jewels, persons, etc., she has a habit of squeezing my hand, which she did that afternoon when we walked next to a well-endowed man. I got annoyed, of course, but at the same time quite excited. When we came back to the hotel, she said, “I have seen more cocks this afternoon than in the rest of my life. A few had a cock similar to yours, but the others had huge ones. Seeing so many cocks turned me on a little, I must admit.”

Me: “I realized it, but what matters is the size of the erection. The soft size means nothing.”

She: “No, you’re wrong. A long flaccid cock is also a long cock hard. It’s automatic. I know it very well (and surely, she was thinking about her ex-husband and his 9-inch cock). I know it bothers you but my ex-husband having a horse cock wasn’t my fault.”

We came back to the hotel, and after a shower, she said, “Fuck me hard.”

I was amazed because she was super wet, and in fact, she did cum in less than a minute.


This reader brings the cocktail weiner to the party…

One night we were having a party. My buddy (a black guy) invited over his girlfriend and her friend, both pretty light-skinned girls. The friend was definitely on the thicker side. At the time, she would be considered fat, but she was just nice and thick after getting a bit more wisdom looking back on it. Short, light-skinned, real pretty, curvy. Throughout the night, she made advances. Being young, I tried to act uninterested since she was had a little meat on her. Although as the night progressed, I got drunker, she got more aggressive. At one point, she hit a blunt and then came over and kissed me and blew the smoke into my lungs.

At that point, I stood up, yelled, “Wooooooo,” and smacked her ass, and she took my hand to guide me to my room.

I will say, I always tended to shy away from any sort of mixed or black women because I felt they more than likely had more experience with black men, which hold the stigma of being well-endowed. Anyways we got into my room, shut the door, and she got on her knees. I remember whipping out my dick like it was a real hog just to present a semi-erect, probably three and a half inches, just ready for her to devour it. I was drunk, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I distinctly remember her unimpressed, extremely disappointed face. She gave it one grab in her hand out of courtesy and stood and immediately walked out of my room. Leaving me to put my cock back in my pants, zip them up and walk right back out to the party.

I remember a group of three girls in the kitchen, right outside my room, snicker when they concluded what happened. I walked outside, lit up a cigarette, and bitched to my friend about how having a small dick, once again, got in the way of my losing my overdue virginity.


Another reader likes a girl out of his league…

It was my friend’s birthday a few days ago, and one of the gifts she received was a ‘Grow A Boyfriend.’ It’s like this little red man around the size of the green army soldier toy you get, you put it in water, and it’s meant to grow over time.

Fast forward to now, and she posts him on her Instagram story saying that he’s now meant to be almost fully grown, but he was still only four inches. It was hard to tell he’d fallen over, but he was still fairly small. The caption was: ‘Apparently nearly fully grown. You’re a real disappointment.’ We started chatting, and I commented on how all her boyfriends have been disappointments (she’s got a real knack for managing to pick assholes every time), to which she responded, ‘That’s true, but at least he grew more than your little dick.’

All I could respond was true, and then she complained about how there’s no pinky finger emoji.

I’ve been obsessed with this girl for half of my life, and to know that I’ll never have a chance with her due to my size (Gold Member) is such a disappointment but such a humiliating turn-on at the same time. She did porn for a little while, but unfortunately, I was never able to find any of her stuff. I’m still looking, though.

*Conditions Apply.


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