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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has had a bad run…

Has anyone at The Small Dick Club ever had to deal with someone who knows you have a small dick and constantly makes a big deal of it all the time as if it gives them some kind of power over you? For most people, it’s going to be an ex-girlfriend or something, but for me, it’s my stepdad and my best friend’s mom. I’m not going to go into detail on the stories, but both of them have seen my dick (on two different occasions, obviously), and they never seem to want to let me forget about it.

I’ve always hated my stepdad (well, he’s not my actual stepdad. He’s my mom’s boyfriend, but he lives with us), and he’s always hated me, and it just fucking seems like seeing my dick size has made his life complete. He seems to love mentioning it to me in private and seems to think it’s funny to keep bringing it up.

My best friend’s mom has seen it too, and she’s acting the same. Obviously, I don’t see her as often as my ‘stepdad,’ but he would be in her house like 2 or 3 times a week, and she always makes things awkward as fuck. Here’s why:

A few months ago, I was at a hotel for my mom’s friend’s wedding, and during the evening part of the reception, my best friend’s mom sat at our table, and we ended up just talking about all the usual stuff.

I’m 18, and my best friend’s mom is a full-on MILF with big tits, fantastic body, great ass, tattoo sleeve down one arm. I’m into blonde women, but even though she has black hair, she still does it for me, and I legit lost count of how many times I’ve thought about her when I’ve been wanking. She once put a picture on FB of her in a bikini on the beach, and I swear my dick nearly exploded.

So yes, we’re just talking, and she asks if I have a girlfriend (because her son was out with his gf that night) and when I said no, we ended up talking about girls and stuff. She jokingly asked if I liked what she was wearing, and I jokingly said yes, and I suppose we were kind of flirting without meaning to.

She got out her phone and showed me a picture of her in another dress that she would wear and asked what I thought. I said it was OK, but the one she was in was better. So she scrolls to another pic of a different dress, and I said the same thing. Then she scrolled again, and it was a picture of her topless but with her hands over her tits. I thought she’d scrolled to it by accident and was going to pretend I hadn’t seen it when she said, “How about that?”

I said it was hot (or something like that), and she just came straight out and said, “Does it make you hard?”
I panicked a bit because I didn’t know wtf was going on. But then she said, “I’m in room 20, give it five minutes, so it’s not obvious and come up,” and she got up and left.

LIKE WHAT THE FUCK? The MILF I’d fantasized about just said she wanted me, and my dream was about to come true.

Those 5 minutes felt like years, but eventually, I just casually got up and went to her room. I knocked on the door, and it took her a while, but she finally opened it, grabbed my hand, and dragged me in, and slammed the door behind me. She pinned me to the door, and we kissed for ages. I don’t know how long it took me to notice she wasn’t wearing her dress anymore. She was just in a dressing gown with a bra and thong underneath.

I don’t know how long we were kissing. Still, she was ripping at my clothes and ripped my buttons off my shirt, and eventually, we’re both standing there in our underwear, and I know this is a weird thing to say, but I’ll never forget how much it felt like a dream at that point. I legit thought there’s no way this is real, and I’m going to wake up.

She comes over to me and says something like, “So, sir, are you ready for a blowjob?”

She said it in a jokey way. The way we had been flirting earlier and slid her way down, my body got on her knees and pulled my boxers off. I’ve never had a blowjob before, so I didn’t have a clue what to expect or how it would feel at first, but I just heard her say something like, “Seriously?”

She started laughing, and I knew it was because of my dick size. Even though this was my dream sexual fantasy, I think I must have been too nervous because my dick wasn’t hard, so she was just laughing at it in front of her face.

To be honest, I thought that was harsh, but then she just straight away turned into a real bitch about it, like asking if I’m 18 and saying her sons (my friends) were bigger when he was born and shit like that.

I said something like, “Just start sucking, and it’ll get hard.”

But she straight away said there was no chance of us doing anything and then a lot of comments about how she wouldn’t let something that small near her and shit like that. Just real fucking bitchy comments and laughing hysterically. It was a fake laugh, but she was trying to make me feel like shit.

Then she’s like: “Put your pants on and get out.”

I’m trying to say she should give it a chance, but she starts opening the door (which I see as a threat, as if she gonna push me out naked), so I put on my clothes as quickly as I can and leave.

So fast forward into the present day. Obviously, my friend has no idea that I almost fucked his mom, so I’m in his house a few times a week, and when he’s not in the room, she ALWAYS makes comments about my dick size and has even made jokes about it in front of people but in a way that they wouldn’t know it was aimed at me.

Now my stepdad:

So, I woke up one Tuesday morning around 11 AM, and my house was empty. My mom works until 7 PM on a Tuesday, and my stepdad works until at least 6 PM every day.

So yes, I’m in the house alone, and I’m horny, so what else am I gonna do but have a wank? I got fully naked and sat in my gamers chair in front of the pc, and went into a chatroom that I use from time to time when I’m horny

I got lucky that I found a girl my age (18) inside about 15 mins, and we went into our private chat with our cams on to start getting dirty. I didn’t want my neighbors to hear the dirty shit she was saying to me, so I put my headphones on, and we got down to it.

She was hot as fuck btw. She’s naked as well, and we’re saying all kinds of dirty shit to each other, and it lasts for about 20 minutes or so until I cum.

What I didn’t realize was that at some point, my stepdad (he’s my mom’s boyfriend, but he lives with us) had come home early to pick some keys up, and when he couldn’t find them, he came into my room to ask if I had lifted them.

I was facing my pc at the time, so I had my back to the door and didn’t see him come in. I had headphones on, so I didn’t hear him open the door or hear what he said when he first came in. So he stood behind me the whole time while I was jerking off and saying all kinds of dirty shit to this girl.

He and I have never got on, and to be honest; I’ve always hated him. I always just thought he was a c*nt. The way he acted that day proved my point because instead of just turning the fuck around and leaving, he stayed where he was and just waited for the worst possible moment to let me know he was there.

The fucker waited until the exact second I started to cum and tapped me on the shoulder and was like, “Hey, Gary…” (not my real name, obviously) and was laughing his head off

So obviously, I’m in a kind of panic because I’m naked, I’ve got cum dribbling out of my hands as I cover my dick up, and there’s a naked girl on my screen who’s wondering what the fuck is happening and shuts her webcam off

I’m shouting at him to get the fuck out, but all he’s doing is laughing, and then he says something like: “How tiny is your dick, mate?” and making all kinds of comments about how small it is (I’m a Bronze Member).

I’m trying to push him out of the room with one hand (because my other hand is covering my dick and balls), but he’s bigger and stronger than me, so I can’t exactly make him move, and he’s still just laughing and taking the piss. It was 30 seconds later, but it felt like hours before he eventually left, but I could still hear him laughing downstairs before he went back to work.

He always mentions that day (not in front of my mom, though) and always makes comments about my small dick size and sends me messages of the things he heard me saying to the girl, just constantly reminding me of one of the worst moments of my life.


Another Reader’s girlfriend makes a comparison…

Funny anecdote: I watched ‘Five’ (a French movie) on Netflix with my girlfriend. At one point, the hero is waiting for his friend in the locker room, and there is a joke about the fact that he’s surrounded by cocks and leaves.

This is th moment in the movie

At that moment, my girlfriend said, “Hey have good packages. It’s not the same when you get out of the shower.”

And she laughs a little.

I’m a bronze member of the small dick club.


Meanwhile, this reader has a run-in with a cousin…

So, this happened around three years back when I had gone to another city for work and was meeting up with a cousin of mine (female and three years younger than me) after work.

This cousin and I are quite close and have always stayed connected and met up whenever we could. She is a pretty girl with a tomboyish flair, quite open, and fun to talk to and hang out with. She was working as a costume designer’s apprentice at that time. Her boss had been calling her intermittently for work-related stuff, and she was doing that on her phone on the side. I didn’t mind since work is work. I understand that.

Her phone battery runs low, and she tries to find the battery bank in her purse. It turns out she put it for charging at her place and forgot to bring it. Now she is panicking because she has like 2% charge remaining, and she still has a few reference pics that need to be sent to her boss. So, I just told her to take my phone and do her referencing and finish the work.

I went out for a quick smoke in the meantime. I finished the smoke, went to the loo (all that beer), and came back to find my phone on the table and my cousin unusually quiet. I make nothing of it and continue the conversation. After about 5 minutes, my cousin says she wants to tell me something if I promise not to get angry. I said, of course. And then she proceeded to say something that made me wish for a giant gaping hole in the ground right next to me so that I could jump into it and end the torment.

So, here it goes. Me being a careless idiot had done a not-so-perfect job of clearing up my nudes from my phone. There were still 3-4 of them remaining in the gallery, and I had NO clue. To top it off, all the pics were of my soft penis, which is only an inch long and even less than that sometimes. So, it turns out that my cousin saved a bunch of referencing pics in the gallery and then opened it to select which ones to send to her boss. And guess what she stumbled on to.

Coming back, she told me what had happened and what she saw. She kept on apologizing repeatedly and told me that it was just by mistake. I blushed with embarrassment and didn’t know what to do or say for a long time. Eventually, she said it was OK and that her ex too had a small one (Bronze Member), and there was no need to be embarrassed at all. Little did she know I’m a silver member of the small dick club hard and only just at that.

It took me some time to digest this shock of her seeing my soft and small penis but eventually, I came around, and things got light again. She even asked me a few questions about it. It was light-hearted and fun-type questions.

When we were done drinking and started to say our goodbyes, she hugged me and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t talk about this to anyone,” and winked.

I still keep in regular touch with her. I kept meeting her often as she shifted to my city before COVID. Thankfully, she hasn’t mentioned the topic of my tiny dick again.


While this reader wants to buy some new hard wear…

Well, last night, I finally built up enough courage to ask my nurse wife if I could get a chastity cage. After explaining my thoughts and why I wanted it, she agreed.

She then asked if I knew what I would get, so I showed her a cheap one on Amazon as a tester. My wife said that was fine, was looking through the pictures, and asked what color I would get, and I asked her what she would want, and she just said no pink or purple. So, I said I would get the clear one. She said that was fine.

Then came the real kicker. She asked what size I would get. And I said that it was supposed to fit me when soft.

She said, “OK, so the nano would fit you perfectly.”

I surprisingly responded with, “I’m like 1 to 1.5 inches when soft, so yeah, I guess.”

“Well, I guess nano or small. It’s your choice on how little you want to go.”

So, I ordered it, and we had sex later that night.

She asked right before, “So, if we had your cage, I could just say no to sex and for you tonight and lock him up, and you’d do it?”

“Yes, ma’am. If that’s what you wanted, I would.”

“Well, we can have sex tonight then. We will have to see about it later.”

Once I put my penis inside her (I’m a bronze member hard), she said, You have 3 seconds.” She waited for a second and then laughed and said, “I’m just kidding. That’s a little unrealistic. But you do have 35 seconds.”

I started getting after it, and she reached around to grab my balls. Something she knows I like. “Ah, I can’t find them!”

She found one of them and lightly squeezed, then went to the other one, stared into my eyes, and squeezed hard. Harder than she ever has, and I came. She had a deviant smile on her face and kinda giggled.

After coming down from my orgasm high, I asked how I did.

“A little longer than 35 seconds, but we will work on it. Maybe your little cage will speed things up a bit.”

I simply responded with a “Yes, ma’am,” and then we got ready for bed.


This reader finds he’s not the only fan…

My wife had several of her girlfriends over for playing Uno and drinking wine. My wife is a little on the fluffier side, but she has nice big tits and a large ass. She has tan skin and pretty eyes. She has known about my SPH fetish for a couple of years and is willing to indulge me now and then.

I have become a member of OnlyFans. Due to my SPH proclivity, I have ordered SPH customs from several models on there. The video clips are usually individualized in which I’ll send them pics and get a 2-5 minute video back of them saying how small I am, how they would need bigger, etc. I’m sure you know what I mean.

I had just pulled a new playlist together on Spotify, and my wife asked that I put it on while she had her friends over. I connected my phone to the speaker and got the music going. I greeted everyone when they came in but was only able to stand so much girl time. I retreated to my office and closed the door. I sat down on the couch without even thinking about it and pulled up OnlyFans on my phone.

I had a new message from one of the models I’d ordered a custom video from a couple of days prior and was excited to see it. Without even thinking about it, I pressed play. I was getting audio, but no sound came out, so I raised the volume—still nothing.

Like a second later, I heard HOWLING laughter from the kitchen, and my wife came running into my office. She looked partly mad and partly amused.

“Your phone is still connected to the speaker! We heard everything!”

I quickly disconnected my phone from Bluetooth and realized the magnitude of my fuck up. The women in the kitchen were still cracking up. I later played the video, and the video starts with the model looking directly into the camera, saying, “Hi, (my name), I looked at those pictures you sent over, and there’s no way to hide it. Your dick is fucking tiny.”

Then she goes on for several minutes about how pathetic my dick is.

My wife had to explain to her friends that hearing that is something I’m into and that I wasn’t cheating, which is what one of them thought. She had to explain about OnlyFans and SPH. The ladies were still cracking up when I came out to say goodbye when they all took off


Another reader is the lap of the goddess’s…

When I was younger, I visited a sex shop that had a section where you could go in a booth and put in money to talk to the girls about getting a private lap dance. I must’ve not understood this, though, and asked if I could just have a show where I jacked off in front of one of the girls in the booth. It all quickly happened for me to remember the exact sequence of events, but I’m pretty sure she wanted a big tip from a private dance and was not pleased I just tipped to stroke in the booth.

As soon as I had dropped my pants, she laughed at my semi-hard small dick and called over the other girls to see. I pulled up my shorts quickly and left as they all continued to laugh at me and my pathetic bronze member dick. At that moment, I realized that I was small (Bronze Member) and, in retrospect, realized I enjoyed SPH because I must’ve cum in under a minute from the sheer shock and excitement of that situation that I wasn’t expecting to unfold in that way.


Meanwhile, this reader realizes he needs a smaller rubber…

I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, with an overly sensitive cock that fails to satisfy my wife. Part of why she chooses to be fucked by her toys, bigger men, or my cock sleeve. I always knew I was small, I’m about 1.5″ soft, which is pretty embarrassing, and was always laughed at in the locker rooms at school.

But I thought I’d try some smaller condoms. Difficulty with normal ones is they slip so easily, and sex becomes even more difficult. Trying the smaller ones (Durex close fit) fit perfectly, and I’ve never had a problem with them slipping. I feel like I humiliated myself when I told my wife I bought smaller ones. She told me it looks like it fits better. And I blew my load after she said those simple words.


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