My Little Brother was BIGGER

By donaldelliott11.

My younger brother was two years behind me. That was just enough that we were sometimes in the same school, sometimes not, and never had the same interests. His friends didn’t know mine. He was basketball, and I was swimming and tennis. He played well on teams; I was a loner, competing for best only against myself. I got much better grades. He consistently had more luck with girls. He was the stud, even at 18, a tall high school senior dating all the hottest girls. I was a virgin until 20, the beneficiary of a drunken community college frat party hook-up.

Because we were so different, we loved each other ‘like a brother.’ We didn’t, couldn’t, compete with each other. He was always going to get Cs while I got As. He would always be the better athlete and the big man with the girls.

High school gets pretty mellow the second half of senior year. All the grades and test scores that will matter are on the record. Senior Spring is for fun, and Kendrick had fun. He had female classmates in his bedroom all the time when he and I were the only ones home. Yeah, I was a commuter student at community college, still living with my parents, and he was headed towards a sports scholarship at Ohio State. I’d be home, studying, mid-afternoon when he came home from school. He always had a girl.

I met them all, sitting in the kitchen, doing my work. They’d make a lot of noise coming in, dropping backpacks inside the front door, and come in for a couple of cold drinks. It was always “Hey, Don. This is Becky.”

“Hi, Becky.”

“Don, we’re gonna take our drinks upstairs and listen to some music.”


“Little privacy?”

Becky or whoever would giggle and blush, and my brother would smirk at me. He had just told me that he would fuck her, and she got a little damp in her panties at how blatantly he had exposed her for the slut she was.

“Sure thing. Privacy. I’ll stay down here.”

Kendrick would have his hands all over Becky’s ass as they left the room, laughing. It was sometimes only 10 minutes later that the sex noises would start to be audible — bed moving, moans, and whimpers were coming down the stairs in the small house. Kendrick never quite closed the door all the way because he got off on me watching them from the hallway.

So did I, and more often than you would think, so would the girl, especially if she was a repeat visitor. Eighteen years old and starring in her own little porn production. Her number one fan in the hallway, with his own small bulge paying her tribute.

It wasn’t just sex, either. My kid brother was a born exhibitionist, proud of his body. He was the first guy in a group to peel off a T-shirt on a hot day. He had a terrific physique and flaunted it, even to other guys. Even to me, watching his dick in Becky, or Karen, or Debbie. He’d whisper in their ears that they were “so hot that my brother is perving on you,” and they’d both turn their heads and watch me watching them.

A few girls got all creeped out and tried to cover their breasts, but most just turned back to my brother, dug their heels around his hips, and turned on the heat. Happy to show the loser what he would never get from her. Some of his trophies loved being watched in action. I was four-and-a-half inches rock hard, and he was eight and thick.

They whimpered and cried as he worked it in and out, whipping their juices to froth. Once in a while, I’d see fear in their eyes. He was too big for them, and they could feel his shaft rearranging their furniture down there. Those were the girls who came the loudest.

By the time they were done, I’d be gone down the hall to the little bathroom to masturbate.


Despite the distractions at home, I aced all my tests and got a transfer scholarship to Ohio as well. He had to live in a first-year dorm, and I got a small off-campus apartment. We both thrived at Ohio, me taking to the more advanced courses like a fish to water, and my brother getting known on the soccer and basketball squads. Things were great for both of us.

Except for that first-year dorm requirement, my brother hated sharing one room with another guy. A dorm room isn’t a jail cell, but the students had little room and no privacy. They’d mostly had better accommodations back home! So, by the third week, when he had a girl lined up for a hook-up, he brought her to my one-bedroom apartment. I’d be downgraded to the futon for the night while Romeo and Juliet took my bed. Those noises again – now I got to listen for hours and fall asleep to their noises. His hard body was pounding hers.

His weapon had its own reputation, and the beneficiaries were often my age, not his. I’d be in the same classes as the Juniors and Seniors my kid brother would send home sore and satisfied. Or worse, being instructed by graduate student teaching assistants I’d seen naked and spread under my brother.

Kendrick wasn’t selfish and often hit up his conquests for a friend to blind date me. We had pleasant evenings, the four of us in my apartment until usually my date caught a ride home. Then I’d do my own version of a walk of shame, fetching linen from the hall closet to make up the futon while he undressed tonight’s “Becky” and took her to my bedroom. Me in the dark, peeking and listening, trying not to make a wet spot on the futon. The door always opens a little bit. Kendrick knew what I wanted to see.

And once in a while, I’d get lucky, too, and my date would spend the night in my bed, my brother happy to take the futon for once. I didn’t score as often as my jock brother, but my pipes weren’t backing up, either. I was kind of one and done, and my partners would fall asleep listening to my brother doing it better out there in the living room.

Kailee was the first girl I loved. All the young women before her had been short-term hook-ups. She and I could enjoy each other’s company and talk in bed at night about what we would do with our lives after college. She was far and away from the most beautiful woman I’d ever dated. It’s not like I imagined marriage and kids or anything, but I could see us together for a long time.

But one night after I fell asleep, my not-quite-satisfied girlfriend heard those noises down the hall and went to investigate. She climbed in bed with her friend Jenni and my brother and never came back to me. I woke up alone and listened hard again when they had a wake-up triad while I made coffee.

Kailee and Jenni dated us regularly, and Kailee always had sex with me in “our” room first before joining Jenni and Kendrick. I sometimes went with her, holding hands, taking her for a serious dicking by my brother. I sat in the corner, hard again but too little too late to distract Kailee from her mission.

Jenni went her own way eventually, and Kailee stuck around, enjoying us both whenever my brother wanted. He dated many other girls, and usually, Kailee would not join them, depending on the other girl. Neither one of them ever teased me about my size or bedroom skills. They each loved me in their way. Sex with me was tender and loving, kisses and licks. Sex with my brother was sweaty and physical, her fingernails raking his powerful shoulders. Kailee needed a little extra every few days. Kendrick gave it to her and then gave her back to me. She slept in my bed until the next time she strayed down the hallway, my cum already leaking out, ready to ease his entry.


We’re four years married now, Kailee and I, with one child and plans for a second. My brother used to come by once or twice a month to visit. They always left the door open for me, so I could watch. Neither one of them ever humiliated me for being such a cuckold. But they never once invited me to join them in bed, either. I sat in the corner, the insufficient brother.

Covid recently cost my brother his job, so he’s moved in with us for a few months. He’s never rubbed my face in what we have, but two or three nights a week, my wife spends the night with him in the guest room. I get up those nights to give the baby a bottle, and then I watch them from the hallway. She looks so beautiful, under him. She always has.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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  • bambiegirl

    Great story.. Funny that I am the younger brother except it’s my older brother that takes my girl friends every time. I don’t even get to cum in them before he entices them with his massive cock. i’m not sure why his cock is over 8 inches, like my dad’s, and i don’t even make 3 inch erection. I’m basically a cuckold and my brother is the Bull.


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