Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 143

By Our Readers


Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This Reader hurts his back and later his pride…

This happened last week, and I’m still a little red thinking about it. Earlier that week, I slipped at work and had some back issues. Nothing serious, but my job insisted that I get it looked at, so I go to the nearest non-emergency hospital. It’s a smaller hospital, and the staff was pretty friendly. Right off the bat, I noticed that 2 younger-looking nurses are around my age. Maybe 22 or so. Both very attractive.

One of the nurses guides me to my room, and I wait for like an hour for the doctor to come. Eventually, the other nurse comes in. She was around my age, really pretty, on the shorter side, and curvey. My type to the T. She asks me to explain my reason for visiting. I mentioned my recent fall at work and figured I would ask about the frequent urination issue I’ve been having while I’m there. The nurse writes all of this down and gives me a physical. She gets my weight and height. Eventually, she asks me to take down my pants for the ‘turn and cough’ tests. I was a bit confused because I thought only doctors did physicals (she could have been a doctor, just wearing the nurse scrubs, I suppose), and I also assumed only males did that test to other males. She turned away and took some notes as I took down my pants.

She turns around and says, “Oh, you’re standing.”

I was confused by that statement and embarrassed being pantsless with my 1-inch soft boy around this insanely beautiful nurse. I quietly and shyly say, “oh… sorry, I thought I you said stand.”

As I say that, she sits in her rolling chair and comes in close to my boys. She then looks at me somewhat confused, not hearing what I had just said, and goes, “Oh. Um. Ah. It’s okay, it’s pretty cold in here anyway,” while having an uncomfortable smile and gently grabs my jewels with her thumb and index finger.

I have no idea what she thought I meant, but I was red. To make matters worse, later on, I had to get x-rays. The x-Ray tech dude tells me to put on this gown and Meet him in the room at the other end of the hallway. I was pretty annoyed that I had to walked almost naked, besides a gown and underwear through the hall. I shuffle down the hall to the open room at the end. In the room, it’s the attractive two nurses in a printing room. They both look at me, then at each other, and then smile as if they’re holding back laughter.

One points to the room next door and giggles. “I think you’re looking for the room next to us,” and then proceeds to face each other with a grin.

Totally unorganized hospital overall but truly a thrilling SPH experience for me


Another Reader’s girlfriend’s BFF sees him in all his tiny glory…

Well… This all happened in my girlfriend’s flat. She shares her flat with a friend of hers who studies at the same university as my girlfriend. Both girls know each other for years, and they are pretty close. This week I was there to visit my girlfriend because we live in different cities to study. Today morning my girlfriend left early and headed to the university. I could sleep longer and do so. I took a shower, and as usual, I use ice-cold water at the end of showering to vitalize my body. After I was done showering, I left the bathroom. I was still naked ’cause I thought I was alone. My girlfriend told me that her roommate had the same lecture as she, and I thought they both left together. Sadly I was wrong…how wrong I was… I left the bathroom and stood in front of my girlfriend’s roommate. Naked. Completely naked. My cold shower ritual had its effect. Hence I shrunk. My manhood shrunk to a minimum. By a minimum, I mean about to 1,6″. (Hard I can reach Bronze Member, on good days)

We both froze as we weren’t prepared for this situation. She broke the silence with a cute but very humiliating giggle, trying to hide it behind her hand. “I see you had a short cold shower,” she said, and I blushed. “No reason to be ashamed it’s not a big deal. It really isn’t. Even though I saw clits bigger than that shriveled dick,” she kept mocking me.

I headed to my girlfriend’s room and tried to forget the whole situation.

Later the day, I sat with my girlfriend in the kitchen. After a little time, her roommate came in. My girlfriend asked her: “Where have you been today? I haven’t seen you in the lecture.”

“Well, I overslept… Nevertheless, I learned something about a ‘minor detail,’ I guess,” she answered and giggled again as she did in the morning.

I was ashamed, and my girlfriend was confused, asking: “What do you mean by that?”

Her friend replied: “Honestly, how on earth can you live with such a short dick man? I mean, I know I am a size queen, but that clit is too small for every girl to get satisfied.”

My girlfriend hasn’t had a guy before me, so she didn’t get any comparison. She replied, “well, I don’t feel so much during sex. I know he is on the smaller side. How big is your bf’s dick then?”

Her roommate showed us with her hands about 7.5 inches. I was shocked and really embarrassed at that moment. My girlfriend was shocked as well but also curious about it: “How does it feel?”

“Amazing, you should really try a big dick instead of that tiny dicklette!” Both laughed. “honestly, you’ll never want a small dick again. I swear for well-hung men, they drive you crazy and give you the best orgasms you can imagine!”

“I always wanted to try one. You know. A real man’s cock,” my girlfriend replied and squeezed my crotch with my now erected dick.

I was embarrassed and jealous but horny at the same time. The morning incident and the conversation made me rock hard, and the squeeze brought me to cum in my pants. My girlfriend laughed, her roommate laughed, and now they both know about my small dick and my fetish as well, I think.


Meanwhile, this reader’s girlfriend takes him condom shopping…

My girl took me to the local pharmacy about a month ago. I wasn’t exactly sure what she was up to, but I was pretty sure it was an SPH opportunity for her. We had been talking about being more open in public about my little Weiner. She had grabbed a box of smaller-sized Condoms from the shelf and a box of those little rubber finger cots (you know, the ones that look like little Condoms). I followed her to the pharmacy in the back of the store, and the woman at the counter, probably in her fifties, ask what she could do for us. My girl said it was a slightly embarrassing question, and the woman assured us to feel comfortable asking. She put both boxes on the counter and said that we couldn’t find Condoms small enough to fit him because he is really tiny, and asked her if the little rubber finger cots would work because that’s the size he needs.

The woman looked shocked and said she would have to ask the pharmacist, so she called over the pharmacist, an attractive woman, mid-thirties, and my girl repeated everything she had told the other woman. She was very professional and said that they wouldn’t be effective for birth control. She thanked them for their time, and we walked away but heard faint giggling in the background. It was a very humbling but invigorating experience.


While this reader learns his wife’s lack of enjoyment of sex has everything to do with his small dick…

My wife and I were each others’ first, and she always said my penis was “Okay,” or, “Fine.” But I began to wonder why she didn’t want to have sex more often. She enjoyed it when it happened, or so I thought. I would usually try to do a bit of foreplay, and she (as she later admitted) faked her moans and orgasms when I easily slid into her and came a few seconds later.

The first time I got her off with a vibrator was when I realized that she had faked every orgasm and had mostly just pretended to enjoy sex with me. It dawned on me that she liked sex and having orgasms and that the reason she didn’t want to have sex with me more often was that it wasn’t that enjoyable.

So I did some research on penis size and (re-)learned that I was pretty small. I bought her some more toys, nothing too big at this point, because I didn’t know what she could handle. I’ll never forget the first time I pushed an average-sized dildo into her, the way she shook and moaned and essentially lost control of her body and vocalizations. She was swift to admit that much of her enjoyment came from the fact that she could enjoy the dildo longer, unlike my penis, which almost always came in under a minute and often in seconds. But she hesitated to call my penis small and insisted that the dildo was just huge.

Until I proved to her that it was actually just average, at which point she was surprised to learn I was well below average. After a few more times with that dildo, she was able to admit that she thought I was a little small. Then I bought her a bigger one, and that thing drove her wild. Before long, she was insisting every time that I get her off with the dildo or strap-on before I was allowed to put on my snugger fit condom and hump at her stretched-out pussy for a little bit before I came.


This reader gets a little wrestle…

My girlfriend after high school and I play wrestling like we always do, except this time out in her yard. She reached for my cock, and I said, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

Meaning that we might be seen.

“Trying to find something tiny,” she quickly quipped.

As her words bounced in my ears, I felt her fingertips find my stiffening acorn.

“See. You don’t mind hearing that, do you.”

Within a moment, as I was straddling her waist, her hand up my shorts, looking down at her smirking while knowing her mom could pull up at any moment, I came. The next few weeks were full of me binge researching small penises, penis size, and SPH.


Another reader’s small penis is exposed by a bully…

Difficult to remember the chronology, but it was a few events in high school. I was at a party and went to take a piss along a chain-link fence line. An older bully girl came up behind me and shoved me hard into the fence. I was buzzed, and she caught me completely by surprise. I looked up, and she and a few of her friends were standing over me, laughing and making comments about me having a tiny dick.


Meanwhile, this reader’s day goes from sexting to SPHing…

I was curious about it a few years back and always knew that I was on the smaller side of average. I didn’t realize how into it I really was until I was sexting a girl I had a crush on. She’s very open about sex and loves to tease, so I’m not surprised we got to this point, but the aftermath was not what I expected.

One day we were talking, and eventually, she sent me a quick video of her in a really sexy bra. I knew where this was going, but I was at work. I told her I was getting turned on and whatnot, which prompted her to ask for a picture.

At my desk, I pulled my dick out of my zipper and sent her a pic. You could only see about 2 inches of it, so it wasn’t super flattering. But it was there. She didn’t comment on the size or anything, “I can’t believe that short video got you so turned on!”

Fast forward to when I got home. I knew things were going to escalate again because we’d been sexting all day. I started sending her Snapchat of me at home and one for every piece of clothing I was taking off. She’d respond 1 to 1. Eventually, we were both naked, and I was jacking off.

That’s when she dropped her first comment on size, “I want a video of you stroking your little dick for me.”

From there on, it was all, “Your dick would get lost in my thick ass,” and, “Even my tiny tits could swallow that little cock!”

I sent her a video when I came, and she responded, “Aww, I loved watching your wittle pee-pee cum! It’s so cute and teeny tiny.”

From that day on, it’s been all small dick teasing and fun. We’ve been doing it for like 2 years now, and we both enjoy it. The only difference from that day is that I don’t get to see her nude anymore, and my name on her phone is now just a couple of shrimp emojis. It’s honestly a great time, and I’ve never second-guessed it since


While this reader loses his clothes at a party…

It was a Fourth of July to forget. I was invited to a college dorm for a small party at my friend’s girlfriend’s place. He and I were the only guys with 7 girls there. So obviously, the girl to guy ratio was way off. 5 of them were single, so I was hoping to leave with a girlfriend.

As the day went on, we’d all been drinking, playing games, and stuff, and eventually, and 4 of the single girls were chilling, just having a conversation. Someone brought up the topic of dick size. They all went around talking about the biggest and smallest they had, and none of them seemed too massive or small until the last girl spoke up. She showed the girls a picture of her most recent ex, who she claimed was the smallest. They all died laughing, making jokes and insults toward the guy, so I figured he was tiny. Then she showed me the pic, and I felt my heart sink. This dude had to be packing twice as much as me and around 5-6 inches. They asked what I thought, so I bluffed, agreeing he was tiny and I was way bigger.

Of course, I’d come to eat my words later that night. We were playing a strip drinking game, and I was actually doing really good. I had resisted playing but was talked into it. My friend had fallen asleep so it was just the girls and me and I was getting really nervous. It was down to one other girl and me with our clothes on, and I was started to get excited. All the other girls had already stripped, showing off their beautiful bodies of their early 20’s. Of course, the scene had me rock hard downstairs, but at best, just under 3 inches. I tried to talk my way out but to no luck as 3 of the girls grabbed me and another yanked down my shorts. It came down to the last shot, and I hardly missed, and the other girl sank it, meaning I had to expose my secret.

The situation couldn’t have been worse. I had recently shaved, not expecting anyone to see down there anyway, making me look like o hadn’t even hit puberty yet. I had also completely forgotten I was wearing tighty whities, and there was even a skid mark in there. But the worst was what was between my legs. My small dick was clearly rock hard at under 3 inches, sending the girls into roaring laughter. They blared insults and jokes, like: “Baby seal,” and “Shrimp stick,” and “AAA battery,” and “Mosquito dick,” and more. Then the only girl still clothed came up to me, making fun of how turned on I was seeing them, and then pulled up her shirt, asking if she’d make it get bigger. It didn’t, but something much worse happened.

I immediately squirted 2 small loads making the girls go wild again and then laughing at how I was a premature cummer without even touching it. And yet, it still got worse. After I came, it shrunk back to a flaccid state, where it basically went all the way inside me, with maybe half an inch of the tip sticking out. The girls could not contain their laughter and were literally on the floor laughing. I’d never been so embarrassed, and they’ve sent me messages every day since, mocking me and asking if my “pimple has gone away yet.”


This reader discovers his girl is sexting with big cock men…

She got home a couple of hours after I wrote that last post in the morning, and I was pretending to be asleep in bed (having already jerked off). She walked into our room, saw me sleeping, and then took a shower and came to bed as nothing happened.

I pretended to wake up when she slipped into bed and ground on her for a bit, but she eventually pushed me away and said she wanted to sleep. I got up and got ready for the day while she slept for the next few hours. I noticed while she was sleeping her phone was blowing up with notifications, mostly from her friends, but I didn’t bother trying to read them.

When she finally got up (around like 4 pm), I asked her, “Did you have fun last night?”

She just said, “Yeah,” kinda annoyed and laughed.

I knew something was up but didn’t want to cause a fight, and things went on like this for the next several days.

Since then, she’s been on Snapchat and insta a lot more, and I’ve noticed her talking in DMS with multiple different guys. This made me pretty curious, so one night in bed, I saw she had snap notifications from two different guys’ names I didn’t recognize and asked who they were. She said, “Just Friends,” predictably, and I figured I wouldn’t ever get more of an answer than that.

Later that night, after we had already fallen asleep, I woke up to see her scrolling through her phone. She was chatting on snap with one of the guys I had noticed a notification of earlier, and then another notification from the other guy came in, and she opened it.

I watched her screenshot it and then looked at it a little more. This whole time she had no idea I was awake and able to see her screen, and when she opened the pic, it was a pretty big white dick (I’d say at least 7 inches but possibly more) filling the screen. I swear she even started touching herself for a second, but that could’ve been my imagination.

Stupidly, I piped in, “What’s that?”

She shook, not knowing I was watching. At first, she didn’t want to say anything, just said, “Nothing,” and, “Oh, you weren’t supposed to see that.”

I got annoyed and asked why she never screenshots my dick pics, and she laughed and said, “Because you don’t have a dick.”

I muttered some half-ass argument about him not even being much bigger than me, and she just laughed and turned over and kept going on her phone while I tried to sleep despite being super turned on. She’s been even more brazen since then, taking her phone and toys into the bath with her and locking the door for an hour+ at a time.

One time I unlocked the door and walked in naked, and she looked me up and down, suppressed a laugh, and said, “What do you want?” as I turned around and left.

All of this is making me way more into SPH, even though I feel like such a beta for it.


Another reader goes skinny dipping, and everyone turns on his tiny dick…

In high school, a friend named Emily had a pool, and she threw a small party for our group of friends. It wasn’t a lot of us, just the main group, and we all decided to skinny dip. I really liked this girl there, and she, more than anyone else, teased me for the rest of the night because of my small penis. She also told everyone in school, and from that point, any time I got into an argument with someone, it always ended with my little dick being brought up. I actually found this really traumatizing at the time, so I didn’t get any pleasure out of it the way I do now.

*Conditions Apply.

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