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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s wife confesses her secret big cock love…

My wife has gotten more comfortable in saying and doing things to me that I know she would never have even considered a couple of months ago. Her instinct was not to ‘hurt’ me in any way by saying/doing things that are rather necessary for SPH.

It took me a long time before I finally was able to work up the courage just to have an honest conversation with my wife about my fantasy and desire for her to humiliate me about my size, but I’m happy I finally did and the way things seem to be steadily progressing. (If you’re interested in more details on this feel free to DM me)

About two weeks ago, my wife and I were in bed and started to fool around a little. (I had only talked to her a few weeks before that about my need for SPH. She was stroking my hard bronze member dick-long cock, and I was nervous still about bringing anything up to her even though she had told me more than once by then she liked doing it to me actually and that it turned her on doing it.

It began with me asking her if she needed a bigger cock than mine. She told me, “Yes, your tiny cock doesn’t satisfy me,” and continued with her telling me, “I deserve a bigger cock than yours. My pussy deserves a bigger cock than yours.”

I asked her if I was the smallest cock she ever fucked, and she replied, “No, well, actually it’s really about a tie between you and one other, but you’re definitely around the bottom of the list.”

We eventually started having sex (missionary), and I whispered in her ear that she doesn’t need to say names or anything, but to tell me a true store about fucking a guy that was bigger than mine. There were about ten seconds of silence that seemed like forever, and I started second-guessing if I had pushed her too far by asking, so she was shutting down. Fortunately, she was thinking.

She said the biggest cock she’s had was one guy with a huge cock she fucked about a year after graduating high school. He was only the 5th guy she ever fucked, and she hadn’t had a whole lot of sex in general with the previous guys. Average or smaller guys had only fucked her young pussy before him.

“He was bigger than the dildo I peg you with (for reference, the dildo is 8” long x 2” diameter) and longer and thicker than like three of your dicks put together. Almost like a soda can. His limp cock was thick, and longer than yours is fully hard. I really couldn’t suck it and barely fit the head in my mouth, and it wasn’t a black guy, he was white.”

She had to take her time as they fooled around so she could stretch her pussy open a lot by working more and more of her fingers into her hole because his cock was too big to even get the tip inside her if she didn’t. I asked if he got it in, and she said yes. I then asked if at that time she wanted to get something so big in her, and again she said yes.

After stretching with fingers and using a lot of lube, he was able to get his cock inside of her tight pussy. She said there was some pain as it entered and went in more while stretching her pussy. She said her pussy felt so full because of it.

“Nothing your cock could ever do.”

I asked her if she was able to take all of his cock in her pussy, and her reply was, “Yes, I was in the doggy position, and we slowly went until he had all of his cock balls deep into me.”

I asked how it was, and she told me, “There was some pain, but I wanted to have all of him in me, and for him to see I could take it all, every inch.”

After that, I asked if he fucked her or just went slow. “He fucked me doggy, and I felt his balls slapping against my pussy with each thrust.”

I couldn’t hold off any longer, and my silver member dick exploded in her pussy.


A couple of days later, we talked about how hot some of the things we’d done in the bedroom had been. I reassured my wife there’s no need to worry about anything she says to me or does with SPH, whether she believes it about me or not, and even better if what she is telling me is honest and what she believes. As we talked, she told me, “Everything I told you about the biggest cock I’ve taken the other night is completely true.”

I was a little amazed and shocked because I assumed she had to be embellishing or making most of it up. But I asked her about a few details, and I could tell she was totally honest about it with me.

I also asked if she fucked him on more than one occasion. (I assumed it was only once until I heard her answer). She paused and turned her head to look at me and said yes. She said it still would involve a little pain taking it, but it was a good pain. I tried to get more information about how many times or how long it lasted for them. All she told me was he wasn’t a long-term thing. She did tell me that she wanted to take all of that cock even at times it was more painful than pleasurable, and there was a drive inside of her at the time needing/wanting her pussy to be able to take all of him as he fucked her any way he liked.


Another reader got caught naked by a friend’s mom…

When I was growing up, our neighbor Danielle had a swimming pool, and it wasn’t unusual for my mother and me to go swimming during the summer. Danielle was a heavy-set woman who was about my mother’s age (late 40s) with shoulder-length brown hair. This time I had gone swimming, it was just me, my mom and Danielle. This day, I had brought a change of clothes as I was meeting up with friends later in the afternoon. I set the alarm on my watch for about the time I needed to leave, and once it went off, I got out of the pool. I told my mom and Danielle (who were both still in the pool) that I was leaving.

I picked up my things and exited the backyard through the garage. In the garage, there was a small bathroom with a toilet and a sink. I needed to pee badly and went to the bathroom in the garage. I didn’t bother to lock the door before I stripped off. I peed, flushed the toilet, and laid out of my clothes to change. There wasn’t a lot of space, so to get dressed, I was facing the door, which opened outward. I was unfolding my underwear when the door swung open. Danielle was standing there, and she jumped back a little with surprise, and I froze like a deer in headlights.

It probably only lasted less than two seconds, but I could see her eyes wander down and then slam the door shut. After the pool shrinkage, I was maybe an inch, poking out of my light brown pubic hair. She apologized through the door, and I told her I wanted to change her before I left. She said she’d go into the house to use the other bathroom. She never said anything to me or anyone else, but I know that she knows about my little dick. At the time, I was super embarrassed about it (as she was the first girl/woman who had seen me naked since I started puberty), but I look back on it fondly now.


Rickyspanish420 tells us of his most embarrassing moment…

When I was in ninth grade in my high school, I was what you would consider a late bloomer as I was 15 and still hadn’t hit puberty. However, I was one of the taller freshmen, so people never assumed I hadn’t hit puberty yet, so my penis wasn’t even an inch flaccid. However, as a member of the swim team, my teammates never saw my actual exposed penis in the locker room because I changed in the bathroom, but I’m sure they had made some assumptions based on my bulge or lack thereof.

The swimming team was a pretty big deal at my school because we had some of the top-ranked swimmers in the state on the team, which meant that the stands were always packed with Familiar faces. As a freshman, I typically went unnoticed in the Mets, performing in the middle of the pack in the meets. However, in one of the last meets of the year, the stadium was packed, and for some unknown reason I had to fill in for a missing teammate in one of the last races of the day (the race right before our best swimmer’s race), so naturally, that was when the stadium filled.

After already swimming earlier in the meet, I was tired, so my performance was horrible and quite memorable. At the end of the race, I climbed out of the pool, exhausted to hear roaring laughter. I looked around confused and saw most faces looking at me and a couple of phones seemingly taking pictures. I looked behind me in the pool and saw my swimsuit in the water. I gravely looked down to find my shrunken penis had shriveled up so that only the very tip was outside my body, and my balls almost entirely retracted.

Now I realized what the phones were doing. However, no matter what I tried to do, I was frozen for what felt like an eternity but was probably only fifteen seconds—giving almost everyone a chance to take my picture. I then ran off to the locker room, which led to a few videos of my tiny baby dick slightly bouncing as I ran with my ass also on display. I was tormented throughout high school with these pictures and videos.


This reader’s Best Man’s speech reveals all…

This story is about how my best man’s speech at my wedding told EVERYONE about my shortcomings. Well, last weekend, the wife and I went over to his place for a party he was hosting. It was a slew of new faces I haven’t met yet and a couple of familiar people. It was one of those parties where groups of friends fuse due to one mutual connection.

There was one couple there that my wife and I hit it off with, they were super sweet and fun. The bf is around 6’ 2,” which is a lot taller than I am, and the girl was a cute petite 5’-3” They were both super fit and slim. Come to find out they do cross-fit for fun. The night went great, and of course, being a party, the drinks flowed liberally.

Later on, my wife and I sat on the couch while the fit couple sat on the love seat next to us. There were also a few other people sitting on the floor in front of us. It was another couple we know, and two single women, who I later found out were neighbors of my best man. We were all playing a drinking card game, having fun when my best man comes up and sits at the edge of the couch next to my wife and me.

He was drunk from what I could see, and without hesitation, he throws his arm around my shoulder and says, “Did you all know I was in [My name]’s wedding? I was the best man.”

Others who did know us gave a simple. “Oh, that’s cool.”

Then my best friend slaps me in the back hard and starts laughing then said, “I made a tiny dick joke in my speech too! HAHA. Well, not a joke, mostly, I just told everyone about [My name]’s small dick.” Then he got up and walked away. He didn’t even give me a chance to respond.

The group was split between shocked faces, not knowing what to say to others laughing at the randomness of his statement. I looked over to my wife, and she was in the deepest facepalm I have ever seen her do.

The cute petite girl leaned towards me and whispered in curiosity, “Oh my god, did he do that?”

I just laughed and said, “Yup! He sure did!”

She sweetly said, “Aw! That sucks, I’m so sorry.”

I guess her sympathy for me triggered her boyfriend because he then pulled her back towards him on the love seat and followed up by saying, “Damn man, I would’ve kicked his ass for that. I would be so pissed to be called out in front of everyone for having a tiny dick.”

His GF leaned against him and said, “It’s OK, baby, it’s not like you have ANYTHING to worry about there. I’m sure the best-man was roasting him.”

The boyfriend said, “Yeah, baby, I know, but now all those people are going to wonder if he does or not, and now all of us here are going to wonder too.”

The girl said, “Babe! That’s rude! Plus, the only person who needs to care or know is his wife.”

Maybe it was the confidence best man had or maybe not being able to read the situation but out of nowhere the guy, from the couple we knew who was sitting on the floor next to the neighbor’s bursts out with, “The best man’s not wrong. It’s fucking small! I saw it that one time in the sauna at the gym. Remember that, [My name]? It was fucking tiny!” Then he erupts in laughter.

It caused the tall BF, the petite girlfriend, and the two neighbors to start laughing out loud. My wife even started laughing and pats my knee. Then even my lovely wife chimed in with, “Sorry, babe! HAHA. I guess it’s public knowledge now, “ while continuing to laugh.

Then tall BF says, “OH, fuck, damn! Even your wife, dude! That suuuucks!”

His GF just covered her mouth, trying to be nice and not join the group in laughing. I smiled, not knowing what to do. It was one of the neighbor girls who changed the subject back to the drinking game, and we left it at that. Funny enough, I did get a ‘follow’ on social media from one of the neighbor girls. I don’t dare message her, but I guess she thought I was cool.


stubtail shares some SPH moments…

It was my first month of marriage, and already my hot wife was fucking sick of my tiny gold member dick. Most times, she would talk dirty to me and jerk me off, mainly talking about how big her ex’s dicks were and how much she wanted to be fucked by some well-hung stallions. Then one night, she says, “Hey, babe, I have a deal that I bet you will love. I’ll let you jerk off as much as you want even looking at other guys big dicks if you let me fuck other guys.”

At first, I was skeptical, but she worked on me. She said, why don’t you take a nice hot bath, then put your jammies on and come to our martial bed and I promise it will be lots of fun. Well, I did as she instructed, and she slipped me some ‘E’ (MDA) and told me to look at all her Playgirl mags and play with her makeup and big black rubber dildo’s will she went out on a date with a guy with a ten-inch cock. I was so horny it was crazy, and as she left, she said: “Play with your tiny pee-pee and think about your wife fucking someone else with a man’s cock, not a little boys doodle.”

Since my penis is ridiculously small, she never refers to it as a cock; it’s a pee-pee, wee-wee, or clitty. She said beat off and have fun thinking about what I’m doing, and if you’re a good little boy, I’ll let you lick my pussy when I get back from my date and even tell you how big the other guy’s cock was. If you give me a hundred bucks, I’ll even bring back the rubbers he used to fuck me and let you lick the sticky spunk out of them. That’s was our new routine every weekend, and I loved it.


I was 36 years old and met this babe online that was only 19 years old, she said she was bisexual and loved to fuck plus she said she didn’t care if I had a tiny little pee-pee. She was pale and a bit on the chubby side, but she fucked like a whore and loved getting all freaky and getting high and drinking. We hung out at her parent’s house every weekend, and she watched her little brother and sister while her parents worked at the local mall. Her little sister liked to intimidate me by talking about sex stuff and bragging even though she was a virgin.

Once her big sister told her how small my dick was, she loved talking about how much she loved well-hung guys and how she loved playing with cute guys big boners and jacking them off till they squirted in her hand. She invited a dozen or so boys from school to go swimming in her parent’s huge swimming pool. My g/f and her little sister both wore very skimpy bikinis and flirted like hoes with the schoolboys. She told my g/f, “Hey, let’s play ‘Marco Polo,’ and my big sister is it.”

Then she whispered something in her ear, and they both giggled and laughed. Well, my g/f had her eyes closed and was saying, “Marco, Marco,” but when she got close to one of the boys responding polo, she put her hand down the boys bathing suit and play with their fat boners.

The two sisters her laughed, and the little one said. “Hey, guys, her boyfriend has such a little dick he likes watching her play with your big dicks. One of you studs should fuck her right in the pool with your long cock, and if he complains, you guys should bend him over the side and corn hole him.”

That gave me such a stiffy, and her little sister knew she had me. She smiled and said, “These bulls will constantly harass you, needle dick, and they’ll fuck your tight little ass so hard it will discourage you from fucking my sister.”

It was too much for me, and I started beating off right there in front of her, she smiled and looked down between my legs saying, “You like jerking off the best, don’t ya, stubtail?”


Another reader doesn’t get a happy ending…

It happened yesterday during my first visit to a day spa. A friend recommended that I go for their private sauna and Korean body scrub. If you’ve never had a Korean body scrub, you are lying on a table shower completely nude while the therapist scrubs your entire body with exfoliating gloves. I couldn’t pass this up. When I arrived, the therapist (an Asian woman, mid-30s) escorted me to a private changing cubicle and personal sauna. She left, and I changed my clothes for a robe and got in the sauna.

I sat in the sauna for about 30 minutes before she came back and escorted me to the table shower. She told me to disrobe and lay face down fully. I completely stripped, but she turned away while I was getting onto the table. She wet me down and scrubbed my back, legs, and butt, while the entire time, I could feel my penis shrinking up. Finally, the moment I had waited for: “OK, turn over.”

I lifted myself and rotated, glancing down to see what I was about to reveal. My soft penis (about 1.5” on a good day) was in full button mode. I saw her eyes glance down, and she let out a little laugh. She held up a little hand towel: “You want to cover or no?”

“No, that’s OK,” I replied.

She glanced down again as she put the towel away. “OK, not much to cover anyway,” she said matter-of-factly.

I wanted to cum as soon as she said it but had to endure 15 minutes of her scrubbing my front side. The entire time, she had a full view of my button penis. She didn’t even need to move it out of the way when she was scrubbing like I’m sure she did with average-sized men. In the end, she had me sit up so she could rinse my back. I glanced down, and the way I was sitting had made my shrunken penis sort of retracting behind the fold of skin at the top of my balls (like a frightened turtle lol). As she rinsed my shoulders, she glanced down one last time and gave a soft laugh.

“I would give a happy massage but have to charge you double just to find it.”

I couldn’t get home to rub one out fast enough. I am already looking forward to going back!

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