Little Jon

By EyeWriteAboutMyLife.


I married to Jackie for less than 2 years ago. She’s a beautiful 44-year-old woman with long red hair, clearly fit body, d cup tits, and a firm round ass. She has 2 kids, a 13yo son that lives with her ex-husband across the country and I’m told is a complete asshole like his father, and an 18yo daughter that up until 2 months ago, lived with her aunt in England studying abroad, now lives with us.

I don’t have any kids, though I was married once to a woman that bore a child while we were married. Her boss was his biological father. Clearly, you see why we’re divorced.

Jackie’s daughter, Sarah, is stunning. She looks like a younger version of her mother, although her hair is closer to blonde. She’s gorgeous and has that same strong personality, like her mother, that honestly intimidates me a little.

To wrap up the introductions, I’m Jon. I’m also 44 years old, I’m muscular but not chiseled, I’m above average looking, and I make quite a good living. I own a CNC machining business that my grandfather started in the 1940s. So it sounds like I have everything going for me, but there is one big issue. Or should I say, small issue?

I have a small penis. When I’m soft, it’s maybe 1/2″ long. If I were to let the hair grow out, it disappears in the bush. On the other hand, when I do shave, which is most of the time, it looks like a toddler’s weenie, smooth and tiny. When I’m hard, I hit the tape measure at just over 3.5″. I’m not particularly thick either, if you were wondering.

Jackie knew I was small before we married. We started having sex almost as soon as we met. I remember the first time when Jackie told me to put it in her, and I had the embarrassment of telling her I’m already inside of her. The look on her face was something I’ll never forget, and she annoyingly said, “just go back down there, eat me then,” with no regard to how that might humiliate me. I have become really good at oral sex, knowing that I’m certainly not going to knock anyone’s socks off with intercourse.

Obviously, Jackie married me regardless of my shortcoming, probably because of my hefty bank account. And truthfully, I don’t care. I get to have sex with her almost anytime I want, I get to be seen with her in public which makes me look like a ladies’ man, and I have someone to grow old with. She has embraced my small penis, calling it cute or sweet looking, which is humiliating, but a humiliation that I have come to like.

When we have sex, Jackie will say things like, “Honey, you know I can’t feel it, so just finish, and then you can take care of me” or “I can’t imagine anymore what a real man’s cock even feels. Like.” Once she told me she and her friends were talking about giving their husband head, and she told them how easy it was to go all the way down on me. I was mortified that her friends knew how small I was but turned on by the humiliation at the same time.

Because of this new turn on I was developing of being shamed and humiliated. I started looking into porn of that ilk. I first found cuckolding videos, which did turn me on a little, but I wasn’t interested in having other men pleasure my wife and certainly didn’t want to be forced to clean them both up afterward.

Then I came across these SPH videos. For those that don’t know, that’s small penis humiliation. There were videos of hot, scantily clad women talking to the camera as if they were talking to me. They were laughing at how pathetic my small cock is, saying how it could never satisfy them and that they’d clearly need a real man to take care of them sexually. This turned me on considerably, and I started to jack off to them regularly.

From here, I found CFNM SPH videos. These are “clothed female naked male – small penis humiliation” porn. This was the absolute jackpot. These so turned me on I could often cum 2 or 3 times in a row while watching them. I loved the idea of being exposed naked in front of a woman or even several women while having my little dick laughed at. After finding these videos, I asked Jackie to be more degrading to me in bed, which she gladly and easily stepped up her trash talk. After that, our sex got even better.

Now on to a weekend day last month. I came home from shooting at the range with a few friends. Jackie was out shopping, and the house was empty, or so I thought. So I decided to head to my home office to pull up some porn and stroke my tiny cock. To my surprise, when I reached the office door, Sarah was sitting at my desk with my Mac opened up. “Oh, Sarah, I didn’t know you were home,” I said, startled.

“Mom said I could use your computer to finish up my resume.” She responded. “You have some interesting things here.” She added.

“What do you mean?” I asked, hoping she was referring to the various photo editing software.

“Your choice of porn. It’s interesting.” She said while looking me dead in the eye. “So, do you have a small dick? Does my mom make fun of it?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond or if I should respond. “That’s none of your business, Sarah, and I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t go through my computer.”

“Can I see it? I’m curious what my mom has to work with.” She smirked while looking over the screen of the laptop to see if my crotch showed any sign of movement. “Maybe I should get her a nice vibrator for Mother’s Day.”

“No, she doesn’t need anything.” I stuttered out. “Now, please…”

“Take your pants off!” Sarah interrupted. She is very demanding, like her mother. “I want to see. Now!” She stood up and walked around to the front, and leaned back onto the desk.

Her eyes stared right into mine, and I knew she was serious. “But your mom…”

“Take them off, tiny!” She barked the insult, assuming that I would like being talked down to that way. But, she was in total control, and she knew it.

I slowly unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and pushed them down to my knees. I stood there for a few seconds, not sure if I was going to continue.

“Wow, I can’t even see it through your underwear. This is going to be funny!” Sarah exclaimed. “Keep going!”

I couldn’t help it, but my small penis was rock hard. These were the videos I watch coming to life. What happens next changes my relationship with Sarah for sure, and possibly with Jackie as well if she finds out. I was afraid, but at the same time, I was so excited to expose myself to be humiliated by this 18-year-old woman that probably hadn’t even seen many penises in person.

“Come on, Jon, show me your pathetic little dick! You know you want to!” Sarah was having a good time with this. ”

I grabbed my underwear from each hip and pushed them down to rest on my jeans. Then, I stood up straight with my fully erect 3.5″ unit at full attention and waited for Sarah’s reaction.

“Oh my god! It is so small!” Sarah said as she leaned in to get a closer look. “Holy shit. Can my mom even feel you inside of her?” She asked, very seriously.

“I do everything I can to satisfy your mother, Sarah,” I answered, not defending myself at all, really.

“Lucky you have money because I can’t imagine any woman would settle for you otherwise,” Sarah said matter of factly while she still studied my small dick. “It looks like one of those small-scale replicas of something else. You know what I mean?” She asked.

I was so embarrassed by this beautiful young girl critiquing and laughing at my dick, yet at the same time. I was as hard as I’ve ever been in my life. Feeling humiliated in bed with your wife or even from watching SPH porn is one thing. Having a gorgeous woman in front of you laughing at your cock is another, and it’s exhilarating.

“Jack off for me, Jon. I want to see how you do it.” Sarah said without any consideration of whether I wanted to do it or not. “I’ve watched my boyfriend stroke his dick, but it’s much bigger.”

I stood there and looked down at my penis. I was so turned on that the head was engorged and slightly purple. I wanted to cum so bad but, as turned on as I felt, I was unsure if I should do this in front of what was essentially my stepdaughter.

“Come on, Jon. Jerk, your tiny prick for me!” Sarah laughed as she put her thumb and index finger together and mimicked what it might look like when stroking a small penis.

‘Fuck it,’ I thought. Sarah’s already taken me this far. Therefore, I put my first 2 fingers and my thumb on my dick and began to stroke it in my normal way. At this point, I also figured I’d take full advantage of the opportunity and stare at her tits while jerking the little guy.

“Oh wow, you can’t even use your whole hand! That’s amazing. It’s so cute, though,” Sarah said while enjoying the sideshow. “Do you cum as much as normal men?” She asked, probably not realizing that was as degrading as anything she’s said up until now.

“You’ll find out soon. I’m close to cumming,” I informed Sarah.

“Don’t get any on me, you pervert!” She blurts out as if I was the instigator here.

Not wanting to shoot all over my floor and rug, I cupped my left hand to catch the load of hot jizz. Instead, I spasmed and clenched and shot my wad into my hand.

“That seems like a normal amount of cum that a real man would have,” Sarah said as she studied the contents of my hand. “Now lick it off!” She looked up at me, and her expression changed to one of seriousness. “Lick your cum up. Every drop!” She directed.

Again, I was embarrassed and humiliated, which made me all the more excited. It’s not like I haven’t tasted my cum before. I’ve gone down on my wife after cumming inside her, so this wouldn’t be that bad.

I brought my hand up and poured the bulk of the load into my open mouth. I swallowed it down and then began to lick my hand and between my fingers to clean up my mess.

“Clearly, that’s not your first time licking up cum!” Sarah accurately observed. “Look, my thumb isn’t much smaller than your dick.” She noticed by holding it up within a few inches of my still hard member.

“Thanks for the education, Jon. I think I’m going to enjoy living here. Oh, did you want me to send you this video?” She asked, holding up her phone.

My heart skipped a beat. I didn’t realize it in the excitement, but Sarah had videoed our encounter with her cell phone. Was she going to show my wife? How could I have not noticed? What the hell do I do?

“Oh, and Jon, instead of me finishing up that resume and looking for a job, I think you can just take care of me. You know, financially and stuff.” Sarah smiled, but we both knew she wasn’t kidding. “Thank you!” She said loudly as she walked out of the office, ignoring any response I might give.


“A real man would mount and fuck his wife if he saw her laying on the bed naked with legs spread. Your first instinct is to use your mouth because your tongue is longer than your dick!” Jackie barked as my face was buried between her legs. She was really getting into the degrading talk lately. “Of course, a real man wouldn’t be wearing panties with cartoon characters on them either.” She added.

Since I had asked Jackie to be more degrading to me in bed, she has stepped up the humiliation exponentially. It hasn’t been a week yet, and she already came home with a set of panties that were clearly designed for a chubby 10-year-old girl for me to wear—size XL white cotton panties with things like Rainbow Butterfly and Spongebob on them. I was told I have to wear them when I’m at home at all times. ‘Not that bad,’ I thought. Then she handed me several lacy thongs and told me I have to wear them all day at work. “If you’re only covering up that little clit this is all you’ll need,” she told me when she handed me my new undergarments.

I continued to lap at my beautiful wife’s wet pussy for nearly an hour. Humming and nibbling on her swollen clit. My small penis was rock hard but still barely showing in my little girl panties. Truthfully I could do this all night long.

“I’m cumming again, tiny!” Jackie shrieked while grabbing the back of my head and pushing it into her vagina.

My nose was pressed hard against her clit, and my mouth sealed on her pussy. I couldn’t breathe at all, but no matter, she is the queen of this castle, and her pleasure is of first importance. Her body jerked and shuddered, and I felt her vaginal muscles contracting. Her hips bucked as she ground her pelvis on my face. She had a couple of smaller orgasms already, but this was the big one that had been building.

“Aaahhhhhh!” Jackie screamed while pushing my head away from her now sensitive clit.

I leaned back and sat up at the end of the bed, looking over my gorgeous wife’s naked body. Her face was flushed, large heavy d cups laying off to each side, one arm up with a hand over her face and one down with a hand on her stomach just above her small neatly trimmed pubic hair, her legs still straight and spread.

“Can I get you anything, darling?” I lovingly asked.

“Just let me lay here and don’t talk.” She told me. “You may stand next to the bed and jack your little dick off now. You can touch one of my breasts but do not get your sticky cum on me.” Jackie instructed.

I got up and stood next to the bed on the side that Jackie laid closest to. I pushed my little girl’s panties down far enough to expose my tiny hard dick and toddler-like testicles. I reached out with my left hand and began to feel my wife’s right boob while I began stroking my dick. Her heavy tit was still warm, and the nipple still hard from the excitement. It wasn’t long, and I was ready to shoot my load.

I cupped my left hand in front of the head of my small prick and shot my load into it. This new life of humiliation has been more exciting than anything I’ve experienced and gazing down, and I was proud at the man-sized load that filled my hand, almost spilling over the side. That is until I remembered that I have to clean this mess up.

“That’s all for you, tiny,” Jackie said as she now laid looking over at me. Tiny had become my name as of late. “You know you aren’t allowed to leave a mess and especially one that big.”

I brought my hand up to my face while keeping the other hand under the full one in case any warm jizz overflowed. I poured the hot milk into my mouth and quickly swallowed, although if you’ve ever had semen in your mouth, you know, it doesn’t just go down. It sits on your tongue and in your throat. I licked at my hand to make sure I cleaned it all up.

“Go run my shower tiny!” Jackie ordered, seeing that I had finished cleaning my hand. “While I’m showering, you need to empty the dishwasher and iron that blouse I laid out that I’m wearing to work tomorrow.”

“Yes, dear,” I responded. I walked over to my dresser and grabbed a pair of pajama pants to throw on.

“What are you doing?” Jackie asked.

“I’m going to do the chores you told me to do,” I answered, somewhat confused.

“And you’ll do them in your panties. I didn’t say to put on pants, did I?” My naked wife stared at me, waiting for my response.

I looked down at my little girl’s panties. My now soft dick was nearly impossible to detect, although there was a small wet spot on the center butterfly from some semen that had leaked out. “No, I guess not. But I thought Sarah might have been home.”

“And if she is?” Jackie asked, but I could tell it was rhetorical. “I thought we established who was in charge of this relationship. If there were a man that lived here, it would be him, but since there isn’t, I’m the one in charge.”

Wow. This was scarier than I thought it might be. Yet with every step of taking away my manhood, I grew more in love with my wife and the idea of pleasing her. Even though I had just orgasmed, I felt my small penis tingling again in my panties.

“Sorry, dear. You’re right.” I lowered my head to show her my humility.

Jackie went into the on-suite to shower, and I headed out of the bedroom in nothing but a cotton bikini bottom to do my chores. I peeked out into the open living space, which included the kitchen, and it appeared no one was home—no lights, no sound of a television, no noise at all. So I headed over to the kitchen.

I began putting away the dishes, and to be honest, and I like doing it. Aside from my fetish for humiliation, I’m actually a person who likes neatness and order. So I feel like I put dishes away very well. I was kind of laughing a little at myself, thinking about a grown man in little girl panties putting away dishes. It made me look over to the window, wondering if a neighbor could see in.

Just then, I heard the door entering the house from our attached garage open and female voices. I looked around for anything that I might use to cover myself up and settled for a dishtowel. I held it in front of my groin area and stood petrified as my stepdaughter and 3 female friends entered the kitchen.

“Hey, Jon. Whatcha doing?” Sarah asked with a huge smirk on her face seeing me trying to hide behind a dish towel. “These are my friends Peyton, Jen, and Macy. Ladies, this is my mom’s husband, and he has a tiny dick.”

The words echoed in my head as she spoke them. I was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond. Instead, I felt a rush of adrenaline which caused my already small dick to shrink.

Assuming I was naked, Sarah said. “Drop the towel Jon and show them.”

“Sarah, your mother, has told me to empty the dishwasher and iron her blouse. I don’t have time for this right now.” I almost pleaded with her to let this go. If Jackie catches me out here with these girls, and especially if it causes me to not finish my chores, she’ll be pissed.

“Did you girls hear me ask Jon to drop the towel or tell him to!” Sarah inquired of her friends.

One particularly sassy friend said, “You clearly told him to. Maybe having a small dick affects your hearing.” Her attempt at being clever.

Sarah stepped forward, grabbing the towel, and pulled it out of my hands. There I stood, hands still upholding my imaginary towel, naked except for the white cotton little girl panties with butterflies on them.

I don’t think I need to tell you the roar of laughter that immediately broke out. One girl covered her face as if she didn’t want to look. One stepped forward to get a better look. Still, another was bent over, holding her stomach and cackling, and Sarah stood staring at my crotch, giggling with her hand over her mouth.

“You bought panties?” Sarah asked, motioning for the girls to quiet down so she could talk to me.

“Your mother got them for me. She prefers I wear these at home.” I stammered out as the laughter was subsiding.

“She prefers?” Sarah said, pointing out my white lie. “You mean she told you that you’d wear these.” She more accurately observed. “Well, whatever, show my friends your small dick.” She stated matter of factly.

Again, the humiliation that I craved and had asked for has now taken on a life bigger than I imagined. I never thought I’d be exposing myself to 4 beautiful young women in the middle of my kitchen. All four ladies had their attention aimed at me, their eyes moving from my crotch to my face waiting for my response.

I lowered my head again to show them my humility in obedience to the women in my life and put my hands on either side of the bikini panties. I slowly pushed them down to mid-thigh and stood back up to be on display for them.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t even laugh anymore!” Macy told the others. “It’s so small it’s like not even a penis.” She said, leaning in to look closer at my flaccid recessed penis.

“It looks like the little boy I babysit for!” Jen mused.

“Why is it like that?” Peyton asked, looking at me for an answer. “Were you in an accident or something?” Not knowing how this could be real.

All the girls had their cell phones aimed at my mid-section, taking pic after pic of my tiny dick. This generation has to capture every moment of those dam things.

But now that the initial shock had worn off and I returned to a normal heart rate, I felt my groin start to stir. I was becoming turned on by the situation. And my little wiener started to slowly grow in front of the women’s eyes.

“Hey, it’s moving!” Peyton noticed.

“He loves this shit, ladies,” Sarah said, talking about being humiliated. “Don’t feel bad for him. He gets off on this.” She winked at me.

“Is that all there is?” Macy asked when my now fully hard dick had stopped growing.

“Yes,” I said. “That’s it. Three and a half inches or so.” I proudly claimed.

“Should I make him jack off for us ladies?” Sarah asked her group, trying to excite them for what she had already decided.

“Yes!” Her friends squealed in unison.

“You heard them, Jon. Stroke that tiny dick and don’t leave a mess.” Sarah said, giving me a devilish look.

So I put my thumb and first two fingers on my dick and began to stroke myself for my young audience. Having just expelled a good size load, I didn’t think this venture would have the result Sarah was looking for. But as I looked over the bodies of the sexy young ladies in front of me, I felt my little balls working up a batch of spunk.

The 4 women were all focused and intrigued by my miniature dick and my style of masturbation. They made comments about how their bf’s use a fist and still have room to pump it up and down. One of them said her bf is 3 times my size in length and girth.

The shame of the situation had me so worked up that I was ready to cum again. I cupped my hand like normal and put it in front of my dick, waiting for the deposit. The girls leaned in to observe as if somehow I might ejaculate in a different way than a man with a full-size dick.

My ass cheeks tightened, and my body jerked as my insignificant penis shot its load into my hand. It was a much less hearty amount than just 20 minutes earlier.

“You even have small loads. Awwww.” One of the girls said empathetically.

“Yes, and lucky for him because he has to clean them all up.” Sarah chimed in. “Don’t you, Jon?” She asked.

“Yes, Sarah.” I now ritually raised my hand up and poured the cum into my mouth. This is my new normal, I thought to myself, both happy and scared about what that means. I continued to lick my hand clean to show the girls my level of dedication.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Jackie barked at her daughter as she entered the kitchen. The room turned quiet. I stood still with my panties at my knees, having just finished cleaning my cum covered hand. The girls look surprised and not sure what to do. We were all stone-faced, looking at Jackie.

“I was showing the girls Jon’s little dick, mom,” Sarah answered, breaking the silence. “And I figured I might as well make him jack off too.”

“I’m sorry dear, it’s just…” I tried to explain to my wife.

“Okay, that’s fine. But you will finish your chores before you come to bed.” Jackie had cut me off and turned her attention to me.

My wife stormed back into the bedroom, talking under her breathe, “My blouse better be ready in the morning.”

I looked at Sarah, and she smiled like a Cheshire cat. Clearly, she would be the princess in the kingdom my wife was ruling with me as her jester. I found out later that she had already talked to her mother about the other day in my office and had Jackie’s permission to use me at her disposal so long as it didn’t interfere with her mother’s needs.

The girls giggled and meandered out of the kitchen and headed down into the finished basement. “Thanks, Jon!” Someone yelled halfway down to the laughs of the others.

I pulled my little girl’s panties back up and finished my chores. By the time I got to bed, my wife was sound asleep. I hung her pressed blouse on her closet door handle and climbed into bed next to her. I lay thinking about what could possibly come next in this adventure. I had asked for this direct humiliation and degrading of my biological shortcoming. And I loved every minute of it!

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t always mean the flaws in a story are always fixed.

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