Justice had been Served

By Babydicklover.

Warning: While this story does not contain any gay sex, it is about men humiliating men.


My name is Mark Lewin. I am an average sophomore at the University of Southern California (USC) studying Computer Science. I am also on the Football team as an Equipment Manager. Most people would describe me as your typical nerd because I dressed like a traditional geek and wore thick-framed glasses. Because of my off-putting appearance, I was bullied severely in high school.

Sometimes, I would come home crying because it was so terrible. The high school wouldn’t do anything about it. Hence, the university was my brand-new opportunity to be myself and live a new life away from everything. This was my fresh start.

I loved watching the football games because, at USC, football was a huge deal. I had a blast meeting new people and trying different things during my first year. It was a completely new experience, and I wasn’t going to shy away from anything new. Toward the end of my first year, I saw the football team was looking for an Equipment Manager. This position would support the team and ensure all the team members always had everything they needed.

Being the oldest brother out of five siblings, I knew how to manage people well. It was something in my blood, and my mother taught me well. I was independent and could handle any conflict or challenge.

After an interview with the coach, I was accepted to the team. Everyone seemed friendly except for Brian O’Connor. He wasn’t unnecessarily mean to me, but his vibes felt particularly off. He was a huge jerk to everyone else. Because I was new, I think he was giving me leniency.

This wasn’t the case for long. During the summer season, he would constantly treat me like dirt, like I was below everyone. I knew equipment managers were brutalized, from what I was told, but I never imagined it would be this traumatic. He was the only one who would consistently demean me at every turn.

During one of the practices, he yanked my shorts and underwear down to the folks watching or walking by. They were laughing at my naked body. He was too busy pulling down my clothes; he didn’t see what I was packing. The team members never did anything to help me. They would just laugh and go with what Brian desired.

Beginning of my sophomore year, I was looking forward to this new adventure. I loved what I was doing. I felt like a real asset to the team, except for Brian’s asinine selfishness. He had a real undiagnosed case of assholeism.

He wanted to be treated like royalty, and it was exhausting. I didn’t understand why everyone allowed him to act this way all the time. Didn’t these guys have an ounce of a backbone? I was this guy’s assistant or enslaved person. I did everything for him.

One day, I was having a horrible day after I didn’t do well on my Statistics exam. Brian was scolding me like normal, but I didn’t have it that day. I snapped at him to do his laundry and flung his shirt right in his face.

He turned tomato red like he was going to kill me, punched me in the stomach, and threw me to the floor. I was utterly shocked. What the hell just happened? I stood speechless with tremendous fear. I knew he was a huge jackass, but I never knew he would be a tormenting, violent monster.

He told me never to talk to him that way again. He kicked me in the back. I let out a squeal of unbearable pain since he was wearing his sharp cleats. Before he left me, he just laughed at me, saying how pathetic I was for questioning him the way I did.

I was on the floor for a good ten minutes. No one else was in the locker room to help, and I missed practice that day. I couldn’t face anyone. After a visit to the campus Health Center, I was fortunate enough that it was just some minor bruising.

The next day, I immediately told the coach in private before practice. The coach genuinely said to my face he wouldn’t do anything about it. I had proof he assaulted me, but the coach told me it would be in my best interest not to press charges. I could have gone to the Title IX office to make an official report against Brian.

Still, I was honestly worried about something even worse happening to me. It was incredibly awkward moving forward. I didn’t want to be there because I was always concerned and intimidated. Brian would just smirk and wink at me. He would slap my back for emphasis, knowing I was in pain. I didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want them to worry. I was at a loss for words and was utterly defeated.

I researched and discovered his family was a legacy at this university. They are also big-time donors to the football team. It was clear what was going on. Nobody would support me because they would lose out if they undermined Brian. I couldn’t believe this ego-filled senior was calling the shots on everything. I couldn’t let this guy act like this anymore. I needed to do something.

I noticed he never showered after practice. He was hiding something. I just needed to discover what precisely that was. He always stayed later in the evening, so I decided to pretend to leave the locker room. Thankfully, I had my key if I ever needed to get anything.

As planned, in the evening, I stood in the locker room from afar quietly and observed this awful human being. Luckily, he was showering and singing like a complete fool. He put me through such agony I needed some ammunition against him. While I watched him, I crept closer and finally caught him from a decent angle. It was beautiful knowing he was completely vulnerable, unaware of my presence.

My jaw hit the smooth floor after witnessing a moment that will be captured in history. This was a historic moment Brian will never forget. Oh my goodness, I was in a perfect position. I was staring at the smallest penis I had ever seen in my entire life.

The little guy didn’t even pass his baby-sized balls, and I couldn’t help it. A colossal smirk grew on my now ego-filled face like I was the grinch up to no good. I had something against this tiny-dicked bastard. It was so delicate, tiny, small, and fragile.

I pointed my camera phone in his direction, but it was too difficult to take a decent picture. His teeny weenie little dicklette was so small it didn’t even appear in the image. It looked like he had a flat front, like he was packing a little clit.

He didn’t have blonde hair, but if he did, they could easily cast him as Ken in a live-action Barbie movie. I almost felt bad but remembered what he did to me. His actions couldn’t go unpunished; this little one-inch penis needed to be shown to the world. He would be known as the little-incher assaulter with his microphallus.

I just kept staring closely at his small-scaled crotch. I don’t even know if a microscope could see what this scathing jock was packing. What a tiny willy. I started giggling to myself. I held my hand to my face because I didn’t want him to know I was seeing him in his nublette state. At one point, I thought he noticed me. I swiftly left the room. My heart was racing. I couldn’t be foolish; because I knew the uncomfortable reality, I needed to be strategic and stealthy about this.

Later that evening, I went to a sex toy shop and purchased two pairs of real-life handcuffs. Brian had a huge body compared to mine and was mighty against me. How was I going to be able to photograph him from up close? I needed to be near his soft, naked body to capture every detail of his tiny, undersized pee-pee.

What a little diminutive member he had attached to his underdeveloped balls. I don’t even know how he could have sex with something so small. I would have felt bad because I knew no one would ever sleep with him. After all, he had such a small, delicate penis. I would need to hide close to him and handcuff him to his poles near his locker.

A day later, I felt the nerves rapidly swim through me. I had one chance to do this. One move and my life would be over forever. I did not doubt he had the darkness to potentially kill me if he found out what I was doing. The practice was excruciating, as usual.

My mind was elsewhere because this plan was filling my mind. The time had come. I waited by the field, pretending to work out for a couple of hours after practice. I entered the locker room very slowly and carefully.

I hid by the sides of the lockers, where he couldn’t see me. He finally finished his long shower. I saw him walk to the mirror as his small, shriveled penis bounced around like Jell-O.

I don’t know what took him so long. He doesn’t have anything between his legs to wash. There was a huge mirror by the locker. He was admiring his body and playing with his little penis. He flexed his muscles and talked to himself about how hot he was. I was disturbed by this cringe. I rolled my eyes at his confidence.

Where did his spirit come from when he only had a little stub for a penis? A toddler would even be embarrassed for him because his little wee-wee was highly pathetic. It took everything in me not to burst out laughing. Anyone would involuntarily laugh because it was like human nature. It was an innate reaction to absurdly laugh at something so embarrassing. He put his towel around his waist.

He was finally standing by his locker, grabbing his clothes. This was my first and final chance to make him pay. As his back was to me, I launched myself at him and quickly handcuffed his hand to the pole near his locker. He looked stunned and puzzled. It took him a good second to realize what had just happened. He wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed, but he had a tiny-sized tool that no one would ever want to use. He shouted at me, and all I could do was laugh at his teeny predicament. I like to think of it as a little screwdriver.

He was cursing and screaming at me and asked me what the hell I was doing. He called me a faggot. He said he would kill me for this. I told him to try. I assured him no one would be in here until the next day, and I threatened this piece of crap. I walked up to him and yanked his towel off his big, smooth body. His little nub bounced in my view. I pointed at his little guy, burning with absolute joy. I started laughing unnecessarily loud at the tiny dick exposed so close to my face.

I used what I learned in my Introductory Acting class to accentuate how tiny he was. I embellished the laughter so he would be even more horrified. I chuckled at this large man’s little baby carrot poking between his legs. It was hilarious to see this macho jock exposed with a teeny tiny dicklette. It was almost wholly hidden underneath his public hair. He looked down at his meager genitals and gasped. He turned beet-red, even redder than when he punched me in the stomach.

He covered the little stumpy with his other hand. He needed his pinky finger to cover the shrinking tee-tee completely. He tried to kick me. I punched him in the face, and he winced with pain. I handcuffed his other hand to the other side of the pole. I kicked his legs so that he would spread them apart, so his nude, little boy penis was in my view. After all, it was a little pinky.

I told him he was horrible for treating me like shit since the day I knew him. I just stood there dumbfounded. It felt like I was in an ethereal dream. He kept babbling cuss words and threatened to end my life. He said I better not tell anyone about his little secret. I asked him about his little secret. I claimed I didn’t know what he was talking about. I yelled at him to tell me his little secret. He said he didn’t want anyone to know about his little microcock.

I laughed and told him to shut up; he had no room to act like a hyper-masculine jerk with nothing to show. I flicked his little acorn and watched it bounce from side to side. I told him my plan would be for everyone to see what he had in his pants. He challenged me and told me I wasn’t any different.

I didn’t think I would do this, but I thoroughly stripped all my clothes. Brian looked shocked to see I was packing a soft six-inch dick. I smacked his little nub with it. It was unmistakably humiliating for Brian to see me with such an impressive-sized cock compared to his small-scaled, little wee-wee. My large dick dwarfed his little compact screw. The head of my dick was larger than his entire penis. He said it was all about the motion of the ocean. I told him only guys with little churros say that.

This man probably hadn’t had any action in a while, or if ever. I’m convinced he has disappointed many girls in the bedroom after he showed them what’s hidden between his thick legs. This makes sense because I didn’t know anyone who would want to fool around with him after experiencing his disgusting behavior and seeing his nuclear button.

His little prick started to harden relatively fast. It was hard at like 1.5 inches. I measured it with a ruler I brought because I was curious about the actual measurement. This guy must have enjoyed being made fun of. I asked him if he wanted his little dicklette humiliated and chastised.

He looked at his tiny, erect pint-sized penis and said he enjoyed having it laughed at with shame. I looked at his mini hard-on and chortled after learning about this revealing secret. He had a little fetish for small penis humiliation. I told him that since he wanted it, there would be no harm for me to take this up a notch. I took my phone out of my pocket and started taking pictures of him and his under-sized schlong.

He wouldn’t shut his yap, so I used duct tape to quiet his annoying mouthpiece. I took several close-ups of his tiny penis and started to baby-talk it. I captured every detail of the little pink worm. I looked at his pretty, little feet. His pinky toe was bigger than the beauty mark between his legs. What a little goober.

I grabbed the peanut with two fingers and stroked it. It was so damn tiny because it kept slipping out of my fingers, and it didn’t take long for Brian’s little dingle to explode. Barely anything came out, which isn’t surprising. I had two theories. Either his baby balls couldn’t produce much semen, or he was a chronic masturbator who probably already jacked off several times that day. I watched it in real-time shrivel up to a bite-sized innie. I filmed the entire event.

I asked him what else I could do to him with a sinister accent. I looked at his locker and saw his phone. I had a brilliant idea. I took pictures of his little penis with his phone and sent them to everyone he was in contact with, including his mother and father. With the message, I also put: “What do you think of my huge dick?” He received many replies asking why he would send something so horrible, some with the laughing emoji.

His father responded. He couldn’t believe it was his flesh and blood. How could his son have the smallest penis he had ever seen? He claimed it hadn’t grown since he was a little toddler. I posted the video and photos to his social media accounts with the daring caption: “Do you like what you see, ladies? How many of you would ride my enormous cock?” I made sure to record the video close enough so you wouldn’t see where he was. I could not have anyone knowing it was me.

I undid the duct tape on his stupid-looking face, and there were no words. I ripped it off hard, so it would be painful. He was utterly overpowered. I never felt more satisfied in my life. My dick was very hard. I learned I had an enchanting lust for dominating little pee-pee boys. Something about controlling them and humiliating their little boy-clits excited me so much.

The big balls were in my court now. I wanted to keep scolding this loser but needed to go home. I didn’t want to get caught. I was excited for the other team players to see him like that in the morning. I left him there to think about what he had done. I stole his clothes but left everything. I knew the other guys would see him when they would show up for early practice. I walked out with a stupid grin on my face. I scrolled through social media, admiring the comments on the posting:

– Thank the lord I never slept with this asshole. His little prick wouldn’t satisfy me. ðŸĪ

– How can anyone feel anything with that little thing between his legs?

– I know newborn babies with larger penises.

Brian, honey, nobody can ride that small penis. ðŸĪðŸ―

– I was larger than him when I was six years old. 😂

– That can’t be real. I didn’t know they came that small.

– Did his momma get knocked up by a midget?

– Anyone else in the mood for a little gherkin now?

– Motion is definitely not in the ocean. 🌊

– Umm… is it cold here or just me? ðŸĨķ

– Sexy body… too bad about the micropenis. Hopefully, Brian finds someone who loves the heart because that little thing isn’t enough.

– I hope his tongue works well.

– This is the type of guy who says size does not matter.

– I don’t believe the saying “small things come in big packages” anymore.

– Where will he be able to buy condoms? He needs to order XXXS.

– Grandpa said he should put you over his knee for trying to show off without owning anything to show off.

– Even the nudists wouldn’t believe how tiny Brian’s dick was. ðŸĪ­

– Hell yeah, I just won a bunch of money. Thanks, Brian, and your tiny dick.

– I was always that one uncle who teased the kids. I can’t wait to see little Brian soon. 😝

– I have a craving for a cocktail weenie.

– Who knew Brian was so damn microscopic.

– No wonder he acts like an asshole all the time. 🙄

– No wonder Brian loves shrimp so much. He understands them on a physical level. ðŸĪ

– There aren’t enough laughing emojis to convey how I feel right now! 😂ðŸĪĢ😅

– LMAO, poor Brian’s got no dick. ðŸ˜ģ

– Wow! Guys with small dicks tend to compensate. Brian here has been massively overcompensating because he has the smallest penis I have ever seen in my life, and I am a certified ho. 💅

– These photos should be plastered everywhere under “abnormal anatomy.” ðŸĶī

– My dude never went through puberty. ðŸĪĢ

– Oh man, you might as well get the Penectomy at this point. Better to have no penis than one so tiny.

– Who needs tweezers to pull it out?

– Anyone needs a telescope because I am having trouble seeing it? 🔭

– God really fucked little Brian up.

– I am a 63-year-old woman, and I am bigger than him.

– I am sure a bottle cap can cover that entire thing!

– Put this man in a diaper, and there will be no difference between him and my baby brother.

– I am dying right now! 💀

– Small is the new sexy. 😎 😋

– Brian has nothing compared to those Greek statues.

– Bro, it is so damn tiny. Why did you post this? Do you have no shame? ðŸ˜Ī

– I didn’t know Brian was transgender??? 😆

– OMG! My brother is screwed in the junkular department. I will buy him a penis pump or an extender for his B-day.

– How brave to show the world how small your penis is. Respect brother. ✊

– I haven’t used my magnifying glass in years. Maybe I can sell it to Brian’s girlfriend if he ever gets one. 🔎

– That explains his gigantic truck. ðŸ›ŧ

– Talk about mother nature. She did Brian dirty.

– This generation is so screwed. You all are about showing the world how small your penises are, apparently. At my age, we never showed our junk like that. Even if expected, I would never be caught dead, showing everyone how tiny I was.

– What a cutie. I wish Brian luck with finding a girl out there in cyberspace. 😉

– I am concerned for him. He should see a doctor because that isn’t normal.

– Magnifying glasses are suddenly all the rage for Brian’s little condition.

– I never knew my cousin was packing such a little meatball. 🍝

– Poor Brian is a star football player but can’t even have sex. He must still be a little virgin carrying that with him. No wonder he is such a fast runner.

– At least Brian can focus on his future and not on girls. Girls won’t be interested in him, knowing he has the tiniest nub on the planet.

I laughed out loud at each comment. These comments were brutal, and it was trending! Who knew Brian’s baby penis would be such a trendsetter. What a glorious day for me, not so much for Brian. I returned the next morning, hearing raucous laughter from the locker room. I walked in and acted surprised by what everyone else was seeing. All the guys were filming Brian and his wittle, tiny nub of a penis as his face became redder and redder.

They asked him why he would send everyone his pathetic excuse for a penis. The entire university saw it because everyone shared it, including the Student Council President. Brian screamed when he saw me and said I did this to him. I acted morbidly confused. The acting class was paying off. I announced I would never do anything like that because I was scared of him. I shared the story of when he assaulted me.

No one on the team knew this had happened. They were shocked upon hearing this and profusely apologized since they had no idea this had happened. I told them it was okay. Everything came out, and they all admitted to being scared of Brian because the coach told them to respect him unconditionally.

I sincerely told them I had no idea what Brian was talking about. He’s assaulted me before and was trying to ruin my life. He argued, asking why he would put himself on display for everyone to see; his little-he quickly stopped himself and said dick after mumbling the word, little. Everyone laughed even more because he just admitted it was a tiny, minute micropenis.

They told him to shut his mouth and that they would report this to the Title IX Office. He told them to check my phone because I took the first pictures. I am not an idiot and made sure to upload them to my computer before I deleted them off my phone. They couldn’t find anything. He yelled the coach would never let this happen. They would all be sorry for putting him through this. My family name is honorary to the university.

The coach walked in and questioned why we weren’t already on the field. He saw what was happening. He saw Brian’s naked body with his itty-bitty penis exposed to the world. He laughed loudly, asking how his star quarterback could be like a baby. He said he had a little two-year-old who had a more impressive penis. He told us his two-year-old son could bring more pleasure to a woman than little Brian ever will his entire life.

He said he was angry because he heard Brian send pictures of his toddler-sized penis to hundreds of people, including children. The coach asked Brian for the key for the handcuffs, but Brian said he didn’t have them. The coach became angry and said he was sick because Brian wanted people to stare at his teensy-weensy dagger dick.

The coach claimed Brian was protected for the longest time. He said he didn’t want to but couldn’t do anything about it because the administration would lose a lot of funds they depend on. He said enough was enough. He called campus security to deal with Brian and his tiny weenie.

While we waited, we took selfies with Brian and gave him the universal small penis symbol to celebrate the day. Some of the guys flicked and played with his little penis. He endured countless tiny dick jokes, and his nanoscopic penis blew its load twice. His little limp pee-pee was so tired and useless.

The campus security came and uncuffed Brian but made sure to jab at his little shortcomings. They said they would never have had the balls to show their penis if it were micro-sized. The other security guard laughed and said that wasn’t a good comparison because little Brian didn’t have any balls to begin with. They looked directly down at his little grapes. After they finally uncuffed him. He covered his little member and breathed a sense of relief, but It didn’t end there as he had hoped.

Instead, they arrested and handcuffed him behind his back for distributing child pornography. He had to walk through campus with his little penis exposed to everyone. Everyone was laughing and recording poor little Brian. His little boy penis went through so much torment.

It was beyond exciting. They arrived at the station and told him to cover himself up because nobody wanted to see a fully grown man with a penis the size of an adolescent. He finally had the chance to cover up his baby-boy penis. It was too late, though.

The police performed inappropriately and were sued by the O’Connor family. The University President made a university-wide email statement apologizing on behalf of the campus security. They said it wasn’t their intention to display Brian for everyone to see him in his embarrassing state. “It was a little mistake, and we are very sorry.” I think they intentionally used the word little to emphasize their knowledge of Brian’s curse.

There would be a pending investigation for my assault and Brian distributing child pornography. Brian solicited underage girls’ photos in the inquiry, so he was charged. The university wrote an article about this incident, revealing pictures of Brian’s tiny cock and testicles. Brian was expelled from the university, kicked off the team, and registered as a sex offender.

I had no idea Brian was such an awful human being. This was a year ago. Last I heard, Brian was in jail for attempted rape. During the trial, the person described in detail how small Brian’s penis was. It was painfully obvious the jury wanted to laugh. People were giggling but not outright laughing, which was a shame.

The trial was broadcasted across every major news network. They made sure to show images of his nude body. He will be famous for being a vile person and having one of the world’s smallest penises. This was the headline of the New York Times article, “Man with the World’s Smallest Penis Sentenced to 30 years for Attempted Rape.”

He will be in prison for a long time, where I am sure he will be the infamous slut because of his girl-like clit. I can’t imagine what the prisoners will do and say about his little, tiny penis. Poor little Brian, but he brought this on himself. The once honorary O’Connor name has been shamed and ruined by the small-dicked rapist. Sweet vindication is a fantastic thing. Justice has been served.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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