Humiliations in Shower (CMNM/Sissy SPH)

By pink4bbc.

So, the other day, a perfectly normal conversation triggered the memory of when I was in my early 20s and, at the time, didn’t even realize that I was starting my journey to becoming the sissy faggot that I would eventually turn myself into. It’s funny because I say I’m a sissy, faggot gay boy, but I’m unsure how I should be tagged. Maybe you guys could tell me what you think.

So, I’m attracted to women, and I don’t find men sexually attractive, not even black men. And I’m not attracted or turned on by cocks in general, but oh my god, a big black cock just does something to me, and I just can’t help myself. I’m not straightforward because I love to wear women’s clothes. And apart from a tiny square inch of hair above my little member, I’m hairless from the neck down. The only reason I have the little patch is that I saw a black dude with a tiny little patch above his cock, in a porno. It looked so sexy, so I decided to try it for myself.

But makes me look and feel even more like a sissy faggot. My partner was all for me doing it at the time as she thought it looked sexy on the Black man. When I showed her, she laughed, saying how pathetic I looked. I was humiliated. She told me I should keep it like that to remind me how pathetic I was. So, I’ll let you guys and girls decide, and I hope you all voice your opinions in the comments.

So back then, I would regularly go swimming alone even though I was very self-conscious about my tiny dick.

I would shower naked instead of keeping my shorts on in the large communal shower in the changing room. Despite my embarrassment, I got a kick out of being naked in a public place and always went naked. I would always tell myself that I wouldn’t do it again and would cover up, but I never did. I would continue to go naked.

Not only that, but I would always get this strange feeling whenever someone else went nude. I couldn’t help but try to have a good look (why I tried, I didn’t understand), and I would see some look at mine every so often. I would turn around and try to hide or get myself out of there as quickly as possible, so if I had realized all those years ago what a faggot I was fuck things would’ve been so different.

In my mind, this is something I fantasized about happening, and you never know, I might still attempt to make it happen now my mind has expanded, and I have accepted my place in society. So, I would have picked a leisure center in the part of town that was more common to the black race. I would be hairless and silky smooth everywhere below my neck. I would wear a pair of too-small speedos, so anyone who took notice would be under no illusion I had a tiny dick. Not only that, but I only hoped that the extreme shame and humiliation would not make me run straight out off there with my tail between my legs.

If someone noticed and they couldn’t hide their natural reaction, the thrill would be a million-time better. I would always ensure I got out of the pool when other people were around the edge, even better if there was a black man. I would always get out directly after someone, hoping to be in the showers with them. Today, I couldn’t believe my luck as three dark black men in their mid-20s entered the pool. I knew I’d be hanging around to make sure I left at the same time as them.

It felt like forever before they got out, and I followed them straight away. I can’t even begin to describe all the mixed feelings and emotions that rushed through my body. I dropped my speedos to the floor and walked into a communal shower. I was first in. They were probably chatting by the lockers. So, I started washing under one of the first shower heads, which would guarantee they would have to pass me. Therefore, I closed my eyes and faced away from the wall so I was on full display. I could hear people chatting, getting louder as they approached the showers.

Suddenly, it went dead, quiet, and after a pause, there were roars of loud laughter. One of them spoke loud enough to make sure everyone would hear, saying, “Holy shit, this white boi has a clit, not a dick. Look how tiny he is.”

Then one of the others said, “He has no body hair, so he must be one of those sissy faggots.”

“What the fuck is a sissy faggot?” one asked.

“It varies, but commonly it’s a tiny dick loser that dresses up all in slutty girl’s clothes to serve well-endowed men. Especially us niggas,” came the response.

Hearing him use that word, for some reason, gave me an extra thrill as such a taboo and made me feel even more like a slutty, sissy. As I’m trying my hardest to face the fear forcing open my eyes to face my humiliation. I start to gain my focus as they start to open, disappointment I feel when I see that they all still have their swimming shorts on. Due to their loud voices, others started to gather around. I was so embarrassed and ashamed, and it was just getting started.

Then the one standing closest asked me, “Is that true? Are you a sissy faggot that craves big nigga dick?”

I bowed in shame as I said, “Yes, I love it.”

“So, you want to see what real men have between their legs, eh?”

I nod my head.

“Then repeat after me, sissy. ‘Please, master, show me your big nigga dicks,’” he states loud and clear.

I told him, “Please, master, show me your big black dicks.”

Smack straight across my face. “We have nigga dicks, not black dicks,” he said. “Now say it again, but the right way, faggot.”

“I can’t say that word. It’s too offensive,” I said.

“Well, you better learn quickly. We don’t use black. We say ‘nigga,’ so will you if you want to see them?

I was conflicted and frightened about what I should say now because I didn’t know if it was a trick. What would happen if I used that word and didn’t use it well? My lust for black cock won. I stated clearly and loudly what they wanted me to say.

“Please, master, show me your big nigga dicks,” I said.

I can’t deny that it made me even hotter saying it.

I heard someone gasp. “Oh my God, he said it.”

It felt like time stood still, but in reality, just a couple of seconds, big smiles washed over their faces. My pathetic little tiny dick was twitching at the humiliation.

One of them said, “You’ll have to beg each of us to show you their real man meat, so everyone could see how desperate you are to see nigga cocks.”

So, emaciated, I proceeded to humiliate myself even further, if that was even possible. (it was possible) I started to beg the first black man. I noticed a few more people were enjoying the show and even a few women in their 40s. They must have heard him shouting as they got out of the pool, and instead of entering the female changing room, they were still standing in their wet swimming costumes.

As they were laughing, I heard one of the women say, “See. I told you he would have a little one. I could tell there was no bulge when he walked to the pool in his Speedos. He was flat at the front. He’s got a baby dick.”

So several more minutes of begging to see them and all the snickering and comments I was hearing from everyone around to my absolute shame, I was beyond desperate, if that is possible. I also noticed that the three of them were getting off over this because I could see the bulges in their shorts getting bigger and bigger. I thought to myself fuck it, and I asked them if they showed me. I would go straight to my knees and let each face fuck me as hard, fast, and deep as they wanted.

Then a middle-aged woman who works here shouted, “That’s enough. We can’t have that going on here. But I want to see how it pans out, so this party must happen! I finish work in half an hour. I would love to continue this at my house. Five minutes down the road, I live in a big house with a massive pool in the back garden. My hubby is away on business, so get your favorite drinks and anything else you desire, and meet at this address in forty-five minutes. The more, the merrier.”


To Be Continued…?


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