Getting What He Deserves

By Robert_West1138.

Kirstin awoke to the sort of hangover she hadn’t experienced since college. Her head felt as if it were actually splitting down the middle, and her mouth felt like she had gone down on a sandcastle. She laid in bed for at least half an hour, hoping the pain would dissipate on its own. No such luck. Begrudgingly, she opened her eyes and set her feet on the cold, wooden floor. She grabbed a hair tie from her nightstand and tied her curly brown mop of hair back into a lazy ponytail. Her next move was to grab the bottle of ibuprofen she had at the ready and down three of them. After starting a pot of coffee and allowing herself to drift into the world of the living slowly, she sat down in front of her computer screen, not excited about what awaited her.

Being a woman online was never easy, but it had gotten even worse since she had begun doing online sex work. Endless men sending her pictures of their weird genitals, hoping for some free stimulation. Usually, she tried her best to delete and ignore them, but lately, it had begun to grate on her more than usual.

She took a sip of her coffee, taking a moment to savor the bitter warmth, before opening Twitter. Before she could even take a second sip, there it was, her first unwanted dick pic of the day. Something about this one really pissed her off. In hindsight, she would say it was arrogance. This was no ordinary picture of a penis. This man had the audacity to send a full body pic of himself laying on the bed, holding one of the tiniest cocks she had ever seen. It would actually have made her laugh if she wasn’t so annoyed. The caption was the worst part. Above the pic, he had typed the words ‘Worship my BBC.’

Kirstin actually did let out a laugh, but one of incredulity. “Nope,” she said to herself, opening the sender’s profile and beginning to search for details. “Not this time…”

Within twenty minutes, she had tracked down the offender’s actual Facebook page and sent a message to his sister, Maria.

KirstinHey… is Ricky, your brother?

MariaYeah. What did the little douche do this time?

Kirstinlol, well, I guess this won’t be a surprise then. He sent me a rather inappropriate picture without my consent.

MariaOh hell no! That’s a new one, but it’s gonna be the last time! Lemme see it.

KirstinYou sure?



The Picture she sent.


MariaOh my god, LMAO! I didn’t realize Ricky had a baby dick.

KirstinLol, yeah, not exactly how I expected to start my morning.

MariaI know exactly what to do with this. Do you mind helping me?

KirstinI’ll do whatever you need.

And just like that, Kirstin’s annoyed grimace turned to a mischievous grin. Before Kirstin went back to her Twitter messages to reply to the poorly endowed harasser, the two women hatched a plan.

KirstinOOOH, nice! I want to play with you… I have a couple of requests for pictures of that BBC you got.

The reply was unsurprisingly quick.

Ricky Whatever you want, baby gurl. I knew you’d like what you see.

KirstinYou know it, big guy. Well, first of all, I wanna see how big that monster gets. Get it nice and hard, and measure it for me. Then, I want you to be a naughty boy for me and steal a pair of your sister’s panties. Put them on and take a pic for me. Did you get that? Do that, and maybe you’ll get some free attention.

She waited for a few moments, worried that he would get scared and back out.

RickyOkay. Gimme just a few minutes, baby.

Kirstin smiled as the pictures slowly came in. She saved them, threw her head back in laughter, and blocked Ricky’s account. She took a moment to gloat to herself before switching back over and sending the pictures to Maria.

MariaOh my god! This is fantastic! I know exactly what I’m doing with these. Hey, his birthday is in two weeks. What are the odds you can be here?

KirstinYes! My school will be on a break by then. I’d love to see what you have in store.


Ricky woke up two weeks later, having not even thought about Kirstin’s odd interaction since it happened. He blinked a few times, letting his eyes adjust to the light, before climbing out of bed. Normally he would lay in bed for a while flipping through Twitter and Reddit, but Ricky was excited. This was his twentieth birthday. He was no longer technically a teenager. He slipped on a pair of tight boxer briefs and took a second to survey himself in his full-length mirror. Ricky had always had a lot of confidence in his body, but it had grown lately as he had started to see gains from his weight lifting regimen. His eyes lingered on his chiseled chest, the muscles accentuated by his dark skin.

Ricky jumped, mildly startled by a knock at the door. “Who is it?” he said, quickly sliding on a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt.

“It’s me!” came Maria’s reply from the other side of the door. “Hurry up and get dressed, little guy. We have a surprise for you.”

Ricky rolled his eyes at being called ‘little guy,’ something Maria had started doing in the last couple of weeks. Trying to make sure turning twenty didn’t go to his head, no doubt. Ricky finished getting ready and stepped out of his room, walking down the stairs to find a dining room full of people. It took his eyes a few moments to take everything in. A number of his friends and a rather large group of his sister’s friends, and even a few faces he didn’t recognize. On the table sat a large cake box, and in the back corner of the room sat two easels, both covered with sheets.

“What’s going on?” he stammered, staying paused in his spot midway up the staircase. Maria took a couple of steps up to meet him, her smile speaking of something more sinister than her words.

“Your twenty-first birthday is a big deal, LITTLE brother!” Maria said, grabbing his hand and dragging him down into the crowd of people. “I figured a proper celebration was in order.”

Ricky’s face went from confusion to a cocky smirk as Maria seated him at the head of the table. “Well, I suppose my birth is something to celebrate.”

Ricky looked around and noticed that most of the crowd was made up of women, including many of his sister’s friends that he very much had a crush on, and they all had their phones in their hands.

“You know it,” said Maria, smiling through gritted teeth, letting the looming reveal keep her from smacking her little brother in the head. “Now, I know it’s a little early for cake, but I had this one specially made, and I absolutely can’t wait for you to see it.”

Ricky rubbed his hands together and licked his lips. Maria pulled the lid off of the box, and Ricky looked down at the cake in confusion. It took him a few seconds to realize he was looking at a naked selfie he had taken a few weeks ago. Once he realized that everyone else was seeing the same thing, it was too late. The entire room burst out in laughter.

“Oh my God!” came a voice from the crowd. “It’s so tiny!”

“What?” shouted Ricky. “No, it’s not!”

This only brought another wave of laughter, as blood rushed to his cheeks. He tried to grab the lid from Maria and recover the cake, but she tossed it away with an evil grin. She then threw her hands up, quieting the crowd.

“The little guy is right. Maybe it was just cold when he took that picture. Or maybe he’s a grower…”

With that last word, Maria walked over to the easels and pulled off the sheets. What Ricky saw made his blood run cold, as the crowd’s laughter grew to a deafening level. On the boards were two pictures he had taken for a woman on Twitter. One of him measuring his erect cock, and one of him wearing a pair of his sister’s pink lace panties. Ricky buries his head, but it can’t quiet the room enough for him not to hear everyone start chanting, “Baby dick Rick!” as they record his humiliation.

He couldn’t take it anymore. Ricky jumped up and tried to rip down the easels, but someone in the crowd was ready for this. They grabbed him from behind and put him in a full nelson, holding him in place with his hands over his head. The crowd cleared a little room so everyone could see what was going on. This was when Kirstin stepped forward. Ricky didn’t recognize her at first, but his eyes went wide as soon as he did.

“That’s right, little guy. I really hope you’ve learned your lesson.” She smiled, taking a powerful stance in front of him, and lightly twiddling the front of his jeans.

“I did! I have! I’m sorry!” he pleaded, his eyes darting around the room as all the cameras pointed in his direction.

“Well, good! I’m glad. That is what this was all about, after all.”

Ricky breathed a sigh of relief as she started to walk away, but his heart dropped once more when she stopped in her tracks.

“Problem is… your sister and I promised these people a show…”

“Please. Please no.” Ricky begged, but it was to no avail.

The person behind him ripped Ricky’s shirt off and quickly put him back in the restraint hold. He had no time to contemplate how exposed he felt with his shirt off before Kirstin dropped to her knees and began unbuttoning his pants. He tried to resist, but another member of the crowd held his legs still as she grabbed his jeans and pulled them down, revealing his blue boxer briefs.

Another faceless voice came from the crowd. “Look at his tiny bulge!”

Everyone tried to crowd around to get a good shot. This was when Maria spoke up.

“No need to crowd! You’ll all get plenty of time. Besides, we’re not finished yet.”

Kirstin hooked her fingers in the waistband of Ricky’s underwear as his eyes made one more attempt to beg for what little dignity he had left. It was to no avail. Kirstin ripped his boxer briefs to the ground with glee, causing his tiny cock to pop out to the crowd’s delight. The chants of “Baby Dick, Rick” started up again, much to Ricky’s embarrassment.

Whoever was holding Ricky made sure to turn him back and forth, letting everyone and their cameras get a solid view of his diminutive member. The chanting was only stopped when Maria’s voice shouted above the crowd.

“Alright! I think maybe baby dick Rick has learned his lesson… But that doesn’t mean his punishment is over.”

“That’s right,” added Kirstin. “At my college, when we want to teach a cocky guy with a tiny prick a lesson, we make him do the minute man challenge. I’m going to start playing with Ricky’s little peanut while Maria times him. If he can last more than a minute, we’ll let his run-up to his room and finish himself off while you all post your videos and pictures. If he can’t last a minute, there’s going to be a little extra punishment.”

Ricky closed his eyes. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. He hoped silently that he would be able to last but knew deep down he probably wouldn’t. Kirstin slowly started to massage his cock, which took no time to reach its full length of four inches. More laughter.

“Don’t look so sad.” Kirstin teased as she stroked his little rod. “Isn’t this what you wanted when you messaged me? You should try to enjoy yourself, little guy.”

Ordinarily, he would’ve lasted close to a minute, but even with him trying to hold back, Kirstin was good at what she did. His little cock twitched and shot his load while the room was filled with more cruel laughter.

“Oh Jesus, Ricky!” shouted Maria. “That was twenty-two seconds!”

She showed everyone the stopwatch on her phone as Kirstin grabbed a towel and cleaned Ricky up before removing his pants from his legs completely, leaving him entirely naked.

“Well…” said Kirstin, as the crowd stopped laughing, now allowing their anticipation to build. “Since you only lasted twenty-two seconds, a number I’m sure nobody in this room will ever forget, we have to punish you.”

Before he could get out a word of protest, the person holding him bent him over the table, leaving him completely exposed from behind. In seconds he felt Kirstin slowly lubricating his asshole with a cold gel.

“W-What are you doing?” he shouted, to no response.

Once she was finished lubing him up, she reached into a bag and pulled out a butt plug with a long pink tail on the end. Ricky tried to beg her not to, but she quickly slid it into his tight hole, causing him to yelp and causing everyone else to renew their laughter. This was when the hands let him free. He thought of trying to escape but knew it would be no use.

“Now,” said Kirstin, “Tiny Ricky here is going to be our butler for the day. He’s going to do whatever you want, and if he refuses, he’s going to go for a jog around the block just like he is. Do you understand, baby dick Rick?”

“Y-yes.” came his reply in a humbled whisper.

“Good, now get to it. We need drinks.”

The rest of the night was a blur. People forced him to get them drinks and food, often making him carry so much that he couldn’t cover his shrunken cock. People would post the videos and pictures on various social media outlets and force him to read the humiliating comments out loud for everyone through the night. He was even made to dance around for everyone at the end of the night.

After a while, most people left, leaving only Kirstin and Maria, still more than happy to giggle at his embarrassment.


“Alright, the party is over. Can I please get dressed?” he asked, all of the fight gone from his voice.

“Not quite yet,” answered Kirstin as she winked at Maria, who began setting up one more camera. “On your knees.”

At this point, Ricky was too beaten down to fight, so he immediately got to his knees. Once he did this, he got a little excited as Kirstin began to dance seductively around him. Slowly, she removed her shirt, revealing her large, round breasts inside a black lace bra. This sight was enough to make Ricky instantly go rock hard once again, but she wasn’t finished. She slid her jeans down, revealing a matching black lace thong, before rubbing her sizeable ass in his face. Ricky whimpered as his little cock twitched. Kirstin quickly popped her bra off, and this was almost too much for Ricky to take. He began absentmindedly playing with his tiny erection as Maria hit record.

Kirstin slid her panties off, revealing her trimmed pussy, as she laid down on the ground in front of Ricky. His eyes widened in excitement, but Kirstin was quick to dash his hopes.

“Oh no, no, little guy. Baby dicks don’t get to fuck goddesses like me… BOBBY! You can come in now.”

Ricky’s eyes turned to the hallway, and from the darkness came his best friend, Bobby James. They were roughly the same size, though Bobby was slightly more bulky, a linebacker for their old high school football team. He grinned at Ricky, and without saying a word, took off his clothes. Underneath was a ripped chest, muscular legs, and a thick cock that hung halfway down his thighs.

“Holy shit!” said Ricky, still playing with his dick as Bobby laughed and got to his knees near Kirstin’s naked body.

He quickly got his huge cock hard, making it even bigger. If Ricky had to guess, he would say it was at least nine inches long. He slid it inside of Kirstin, who began moaning instantly. He slid himself in and out of her with a slow, deliberate rhythm, leaving her in obvious ecstasy. Watching this, it took Ricky no time to shoot his load on the floor, as his best friend and the gorgeous woman laughed at him and continued having sex.

Once they had both finished, her multiple times, they allowed Ricky to go back up to his room, where he lay in bed, trying not to check the several notifications on his phone and drifting in and out of a nightmare what the following weeks would hold.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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