Elliot’s Torment: The Wrong Door 1

By FemdomFantasist.

In his mid-thirties, Elliot was a man working in a finance department focused on women’s fashion. He had always considered himself lucky to receive such a well-paid job, even though it was obvious that he was the ‘quota male.’ He was not one of those guys you could describe as particularly masculine. On the opposite, his colleagues seemed to treat him as ‘one of the girls,’ which felt a bit humiliating and could also lead to awkward situations like the previous summer’s camping trip. Elliot had shared a tent (that was way too small for starters) with five female colleagues, so he had no privacy whatsoever when changing clothes and taking care of his personal hygiene. In contrast, the women didn’t seem even to remember there was a man in the tent. During the next couple of weeks, he had had a permanent blush at the office.

As much as Elliot liked his job and wanted to blend in, it had started to bother him that even though his position provided him probably the best chances to pick up good-looking chicks of his age and younger, he was not considered as a serious option when it came to any kind of sexual interaction. Elliot had always been skinny, and probably because of that and the fact that he couldn’t grow any facial hair, he looked a lot younger than his real age. Most women – or should we say girls – at the office were ten years younger than him, but whenever a new employee started in the company, they would always first think he was a trainee graduating from high school.

He had been arm wrestling with his low self-esteem for whether it was time to do something about the situation. He had won the latest round and was now finishing his workout at a gym so early in the morning that he managed to avoid rush hours. The gym belonged to one of those big sports centers, but Elliot had carefully picked a place that was practically empty before office hours. There were only some group exercise classes, but those were filled with women, so he could even have the whole men’s locker room all for himself.

Now he was already in a hurry. He just needed to shower before driving to the office. The morning would start with a meeting with the board, where he was supposed to give his finances presentation. Elliot came to the locker room and made sure there was nobody else before undressing. He threw his sweaty clothes on the bench in front of his locker, grabbed a clean white towel – on the house – and headed to the shower room that was behind a closed door. He showered as fast as he could and started to towel himself. He heard girly laughter faintly somewhere. The girls’ locker room was probably right next to the men’s, so he could hear them talking through the ventilation. He was almost stepping out from the shower room with his towel on his waist when the door opened. His jaw dropped when he saw four girls entering the room, only covered by the center’s white towels.

“What the hell are you doing here?” the tall blonde entering the room first screamed. “Can’t you read, moron? This is the WOMEN’s locker room!”

“I… I thought…”

What the fuck, what the fuck, thought Elliot in panic. He was pretty sure it had said ‘men’ in the door when they had instructed him there at the front desk. But had he taken the same door when returning from the gym? He should have noticed that his locker doesn’t open. Oh shit! Elliot remembered. He hadn’t even opened his locker. He had just grabbed a towel and headed directly to the shower room. Holy shit, this was so embarrassing!

“You’re a little perv, aren’t you?” the blonde said with a devilish smile and a wink. She took a step closer. She was taller than him, as most women were.

“No, I just…” the words just stuck in Elliot’s throat, so embarrassed he was.

She took another step. He was not sure if she was going to slap him or something, so he pulled back into his shower booth, but the girls followed him.

“Hold his arms, girls!” the blonde said, and before he could do a thing, two of them were holding his wrists firmly on the shower’s rear wall above his head.

These girls were strong. They could probably use Elliot’s weight for bench press warm-up without a problem.

“Nina, bring something to hold his wrists,” the blonde told the fourth girl still standing behind her. The petite brunette was almost as startled as Elliot about this turn of events but did as she was told and ran back to the locker room. In no time, she returned with a towel used to tie his wrists to the shower’s water pipe’s horizontal part above him. Elliot tried to pull his arms free but with zero results. All of his muscles were way too tired from the workout, and these girls seemed to know how to tie a strong knot.

“Come on, the… this isn’t funny” Elliot tried to stutter.

“Shut his mouth too!” the blonde told. One of those who had been holding his hands – a Latin girl with a long dark flowy hair reaching her lower back, probably in her mid-twenties as all of them – went to get something and soon came back with a pair of thong-style panties, probably hers. She took them under her towel between her legs and appeared to wipe them once more against her crotch before she stuffed them into Elliot’s mouth.

“Selena, you dirty girl!” said the blonde in a surprised tone.

The panties were sweaty and soaked from her juices. Elliot hadn’t had much luck with ladies, or actually at all, but he had been fantasizing about touching, seeing, or even smelling a real pussy. However, in this situation, being forced to taste the pussy of a stranger was too much. Elliot tried to spit out the panties, but the blonde put a hand on his mouth. The Latin girl brought a towel that was set on his mouth and tied around his head.

“Mmmmphhh” was the only sound Elliot could make.

“Well, well, it looks like we have a nice little package here. What should we do with it, girls? We can’t just let him free, running around and perving in girls’ locker rooms, can we?”

“No way,” the Latin girl responded. “I think we should teach him never to do it again. What do you think of that?”

“Sounds exciting!” the other one of the wrist holders said. She had light brown hair and the sexiest smile Elliot had seen, especially when she was clearly getting excited about the situation. She had several piercings on her ears, a ring going through the middle of her lower lip, and one small steel button on the right side of her nose. Her well-trained arms were tattooed all over.

“How about if we see what we’re dealing with here?” said the blonde. “This guy must have a massive cock to have the nerve to come here almost naked. Should we take a peek?”

Now Elliot really started to worry. He most definitely didn’t have a big cock. In fact, the size of his penis had always been one of the main reasons he was not very self-confident around girls. Was the blonde just trying to scare him? If this situation was not already embarrassing enough, Elliot couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing than being exposed in front of these girls. The mere situation, where he was getting the full attention of girls he’d never dare to approach in any way, was confusing enough. He wished he’d at least have an erection so he’d look a bit larger, but he was way too nervous about having one.

Almost everybody was now nodding and smiling with their eyes glowing. The blonde approached him and put her finger on his towel. Elliot was trying to seek mercy from the eyes of the petite brunette behind the blonde, who seemed to be the only one weighing if all this was just pure wrong. When the blonde was about to pull the towel off him, the petite girl finally opened her mouth and said: “No!”

The blonde stopped what she was doing and turned to the girl with a question mark on her face. Elliot was utterly relieved and cast a grateful look at his savior. The petite girl said: “I want to do it.”

Elliot was stunned. His only refuge was gone. He shook his head in panic, feeling at the same time betrayed and fearful, as the girl came closer, knelt in front of him so that her face was right on the height of his groin, and started to pull the hem of his towel. There was nothing he could do except to lift his leg and lean it to the other one to hide his dick once the towel would drop. The Latin girl noticed this and knelt to hold his feet apart. The tattooed girl ran to get two more towels for his feet. She bound each ankle to the legs of the shower booth’s walls, right next to the back wall. Now he was completely helpless.

As the petite girl continued slowly pulling the towel, he hoped his dick would grow a bit before being exposed, but it actually felt as if it was retreating even more, the looser the towel came. She was staring forward and waiting for the scene ahead as the towel finally came loose and dropped down on the floor.

The laughter was hysterical. Only the petite girl was not laughing. She was studying his dick closely. In front of her was a one-inch long pile of the wrinkled foreskin that stood in an almost horizontal position, even though there was no erection or hardening of any kind. A thick bush of black hair surrounded it. That was the only hair growing in his body besides the hair on his head. Elliot would have wanted to explain that his penis was normally at least twice the size it was now, but all he could do was to mumble into his panty gag.

When the laughter of the other girls had subsided, the petite girl on her knees said: “That is one small penis. Can we make it bigger?” she asked with childlike enthusiasm. “I expected to see something,” she said in a disappointed tone paired with an exaggerated petted lip.

“I think we can think of something, even though he doesn’t really deserve that, a little pervert that he is,” answered the blonde. “What about the hair? Can we do something about it? I can’t see a thing through all that. And also, now that I think of it, he does actually look like a little boy, his whole body including the shrimp down there, but little boys don’t have pubes, do they?”

Elliot realized what was about to happen. He was still so embarrassed he’d like to vanish from the Earth or wake up to find out it had only been a bad dream, but neither happened. His pubic hair was the only thing in his body that belonged to a man, not a little boy. She was right about that. Without his pubes, he’d lose the rest of that small amount of masculinity that was still left.

The Latin girl came in with a shaving foam bottle and a pink razor. Why would someone have this stuff with them at the gym? Pondered Elliot, with his eyes widened as he looked at the equipment in terror. She took a huge pile of foam into her hand and spread it around his dick and on his ball sack with both hands. Then she started to shave. She started from above his dick, and when she moved on to his balls, she took hold of his tiny penis. This was the first time a girl was touching it. She barely managed to have a hold of the penis that clearly wasn’t enjoying the proximity of a razor blade and tried to hide as deep under his skin as possible. Elliot spent the whole operation, his eyes shut and struggling not to shake too much. Finally, his pubic area was as bald as that of a newborn.

“Great! Let’s shower him.” said the blonde and, without warning, started the shower. First, the water was freezing, and Elliot tried to mumble something with a high-pitched voice. The cold water definitely wasn’t helping the shrimp effect. It took a while before the water stream got warm enough for him not to shiver.

“Yayy, I can actually see it now!” the blonde said, smiling and turned off the shower. “But still, how can you fuck with that thing?” she was genuinely wondering.

“Maybe it just needs some inspiration,” said the Latin girl with a smirk. “I wonder if…” she stopped her sentence, stood up, and with one swift hand movement, dropped her towel.

Elliot’s eyes bulged, and he was afraid he’d inhale the dirty panties altogether. Her body was fairly muscular and lean, her skin latte colored, and her size C breasts were standing proudly with round dark nipples erected. She didn’t seem to be too shy about her body, for she knew perfectly well she had a body that most guys tried to picture when fucking their average girlfriends. Her abs were clearly visible, and every muscle on her arms was distinguishable. Her pussy was shaved except for the pitch dark runway leading down directly to heaven or hell. Elliot wasn’t sure. His heart started pounding rapidly, and he knew exactly where all that blood was traveling to. His small dick started to stiffen. He was relieved that the shrinkage began to ease up and felt like a lab rat in this little experimentation, whose result the girl already knew.

The Latin girl showed herself, and Elliot was already having a full erection when his phone rang in the locker room. The girls looked at each other as if asking whose phone it was. The blonde fetched his phone from a pocket of his exercise pants.

“Looks like you have an incoming video call,” she said, showing him the screen.

Oh shit, thought Elliot. He had completely forgotten the meeting that must have had already started. They were probably calling him now.

“Maybe you should take it.”

Elliot’s eyes bulged from the suggestion, and he shook his head to decline.

“Take his gag off. If someone dares to interrupt our little session, I really wanna know what it’s about.” the blonde said and turned the phone’s screen towards Elliot. “And no tricks, you hear me! If you try to tell the caller about this situation or otherwise act abnormally, your naked pictures will go online in no time.”

What choice did he have? Elliot nodded, too afraid to say anything. After someone removed the gag, he took a deep breath, trying to gather himself. The blonde was aiming the front camera so that only his face was showing in the preview. She answered the call. The faces of his female colleagues he was supposed to meet appeared on the screen. They were sitting on two sides of a long conference table and staring at the screen on one end of the table. There were five of them: Miranda, Jane, Katie, Melissa, and Sharon. The worst thing he could do was to reveal the situation he was in. He would be the company pervert forever. No more blending in, even if they, for some reason, believed his explanation.

“Elliot, where are you?” asked Melissa with an alarmed expression on her face. Elliot didn’t remember Melissa ever talking to him directly like this, and he hadn’t had the courage to talk to her either. She was way out of his league with her supermodel looks and a body to die for. “You were supposed to give us your presentation at eight.”

“I’m at theee… I was not feeling well, so I stayed home today.”

Did they buy it? Elliot was wondering.

“You don’t look unwell, but of course, you should stay home if you’re sick. Could you still participate by video?”

Elliot had to come up with the next lie and have Melissa end the call because he couldn’t do it by himself. “I could, but I don’t have my slides.”

Good one, Elliot praised himself and got ready to say his bye-byes, have-a-nice-days, and see-you-tomorrows.

“Ummm, I actually have them here. You can just talk, and I will show the slides.”

Shit, he hadn’t thought of that. “No, I… I still can’t be… because I don’t have my personal notes,” Elliot stuttered nervously. His colleagues at the other end started to whisper something together. The leader blonde in the shower room put the call on mute but kept shooting Elliot’s face. “You’re gonna do the presentation, or they’ll begin to suspect something. And if you won’t, well, you know what happens next.” the blonde told him. Elliot watched her as she spoke. “Eyes on the camera!” she told him and unmuted the call.

“Ummm, I… I think I can do it,” he said with an uncertain voice.

“Oh, great!” said Melissa with a smile and started to do something with her laptop. “Just a sec.”

“Here!” she said as the first slide appeared. Elliot tried to focus, took a couple of deep breaths, and started his presentation as he had practiced the previous day. This would take half an hour, but if he kept a good pace and didn’t stumble too much, maybe he could do it faster.

During the second slide, the shower room girls were already looking a bit bored and started to whisper something. The blonde whispered something to the petite girl’s ear, to which she nodded and came closer to Elliot. Elliot struggled to focus on the screen when the girl went on her knees in front of him. Oh my god, thought Elliot in despair. She started to breathe heavily, probably no more than an inch apart from his dick. He could feel the breeze all too easily because his dick was still wet after the blonde had rinsed the leftovers of the shaving foam from him. And also, his freshly shaved privates were now more sensitive than ever. The girl’s breath felt warm. Maybe they actually wanted him to get caught. He tried to keep his poker face, so his pics wouldn’t end up in public. He kept talking as calmly as he could, but still as fast as possible, so this would be all over soon.

It started to feel warmer and warmer in his crotch as he kept talking to the camera. And wet too. He no more felt her breath and looked down quickly. Holy shit! he thought as he saw that she had taken his whole dick in her mouth and was now just holding it in. Focus! he thought to himself and kept on talking. She was looking up at him, holding him in her mouth and smiling with her eyes. And apparently doing something with her tongue too. He started to breathe ever more heavily as his dick felt like it was just growing and growing. He thought she would soon start gagging and give him away, but she didn’t seem to have any problem in keeping his dick completely concealed in her mouth.

As Elliot had just started to get used to her just holding it in, she started to move her head back slowly. She held his foreskin tightly between her lips, all the while applying suction to prevent him from slipping out. She pulled her head back as far as the tip of his foreskin could stretch. When she started to bring her head back forward, she kept her lips tightly together and, by doing so, slipped the foreskin all the way towards the shaft and now had her tongue against his bare glans. The sensation made Elliot’s eyes roll back for a while, and he was really trying to avoid increasing his volume. She kept on repeating this with a pace somewhere between teasing and excruciating, now and then stopping completely to just focus on massaging him with her tongue. Still, all the time keeping his dick completely swallowed.

Elliot’s presentation came finally to an end, the girl’s mouth still doing its wet and warm magic. Nobody had any questions. The torture was over, Elliot thought, relieved.

“Okay, who’s next?” asked Melissa. She didn’t even mention if it was okay for Elliot to end the call. Miranda started to show her slides. “Elliot, please stay online. We’re gonna put you next to Miranda’s presentation, so it’s as if you were here.” He was about to protest, but the blonde in the shower room signaled him to shut up.

So what now, was he supposed to watch Miranda’s presentation too with a big live image of him showing on the meeting room’s screen? Miranda’s presentation would be happening on the same screen right next to his face, so they’d notice anything unordinary.

The blonde muted the call, so his colleagues couldn’t hear them. “Okay, girls, now it’s time to really have some fun with him,” she said with a wide smile on her face. The Latin girl and the tattooed one stepped closer. The tattooed girl dropped her towel, too, showing a pair of small perky breasts with barbell piercings highlighting her nipples. She tapped the shoulder of the petite girl, who now stopped sucking him and got back on her feet. The tattooed one took her place on the floor, but instead of taking his cock in her mouth, she started to slide her tongue all the way from the back of his ball sack to the very tip of his penis. She held him up from the glans and kept repeating her long licks. Meanwhile, the petite and the Latin girl had started to tease his nipples with their tongues. This combination made Elliot let out a deep sound of pleasure that surprised him too. He had even forgotten the video call that was apparently on mute since his colleagues didn’t react in any way.

“Looks like he has a dick after all,” said the blonde. “I wonder if he knows how to come.”

Elliot felt like he would come any minute now, which also worried him because his face was still showing on the meeting room screen.

“Should we make this interesting? If you can come before her presentation ends, we’ll promise to let you go. If you can’t, well, there will be a punishment, and also you’ll be left here hanging alone, waiting for whoever will find you next.”

Elliot had never been more ready to come, but hearing about a possible punishment brought some unwelcome pressure. Miranda started to wrap up, and the time was running out! Luckily the tattooed girl now moved on to wank him. She pulled back his foreskin, spat on his exposed glans, and started to slide his foreskin back and forth. Even before the spit, his dick had been still wet from the petite girl’s blowjob. His excess flow of precum made his dick even more slippery.

“Oh, look!” the blonde pointed out. “He’s giving us some lubricate. Can we use it for something? Just to give him the last chance, you know.”

The tattooed girl took a firm hold and milked an amount of precum that felt like a whole teaspoon on her other hand’s index finger. Elliot was unsure where she was about to use it until it occurred to him when she started to reach between his legs. She continued to wank him with her other hand while taking her lubricated finger to his anus. Elliot could not make any facial reaction in fear of getting caught by his colleagues, so he had no choice but to let it happen. The finger pushed easily past his sphincter and started to do a slow rubbing movement inside him. His precum was now flowing as a constant stream.

“Look, Mia, he seems to be enjoying your finger in his ass more than your handjob. I’d find that insulting if I were you.”

The tattooed girl stopped walking and let go of his dick that kept pointing up and hanging an endless stream of precum. Elliot didn’t even notice she had stopped. The finger massaging his prostate and the mouths fondling his nipples were together, causing a sensory overflow that went straight to his dick. He was so close to coming that he could already picture how the tattooed girl’s face and tits would get covered by his semen. This would be the biggest load he had ever shot and probably the last one caused by a woman as well, considering his lack of success so far. And it was doubtful anything like this would ever happen to him again. So this right here would be his only chance. Elliot started to breathe heavier and heavier, getting ready for an explosion.

“Okay, that’s all for today,” said Melissa after a ten-second silence as Miranda had asked if anybody had any questions. The blonde snapped her fingers, and the three other girls stopped what they were doing. “Too bad you ran out of time, but maybe you can tell them you still have something to show.” the blonde said, winking at him, and unmuted the call.

Elliot was astonished as if he had just been woken up. His heart was pounding ever more wildly from his rising anger and frustration. On the other hand, he would have wanted to end the video call. He had done it. He had survived the meeting without getting exposed. But on the other hand, the only way to finish the biggest orgasm he’d ever have, waiting right around the corner, would be to continue the meeting, which would be absolutely nuts.

Before his brain had time to think all this through, his mouth blurted out, “Wait, I still have something to show!”. His female colleagues at the office turned to watch him with waiting expressions, some of them checking their wristwatches.

The blonde muted the call again and said, laughing out loud: “I couldn’t have picked the words any better than that. And no, you’re not getting to come. The condition was that you’re only allowed to come before the end of her presentation. But about ‘showing something,’ you’re absolutely right. Here’s your punishment that you’ve in fact deserved anyway for perving around.”

“What we’re gonna do here is that…” she looked around at the other girls, collecting nods, all of them now sniggering and smiling wider than ever. “We’re gonna show your dick to your colleagues!” she managed to say just before the laughter of all four filled the room.

“I bet they’ll have a completely new subject for their lunch break discussions.”

Elliot was terrified, but at the same time, surprisingly aroused by the thought of showing his huge erection to the women who normally didn’t even notice there was a man around. Maybe this would gain him some wanted attention for a change, for right now, he felt enormous.

“And no, you won’t get to show your erection! Selena, bring the hose and soak him. And I don’t think I need to tell you what temperature the water should be.”

The Latin girl winked back and went to the corner to get the water hose that was normally used for cleaning up the shower room. She opened the tap to the max, and soon the water started flowing out. She aimed the water stream at Elliot’s crotch. The water was freezing. His erection lowered quickly, and his dick was soon back to normal. She turned off the water, but Elliot’s dick kept on retracting until the only thing that was left was the same wrinkly shrimp as earlier. This time the cold water, combined with the sudden shock caused by losing the chance for the orgasm of his life, made the shrimp effect even worse than before.

“Elliot, we can’t hear you. You’re on mute,” said Melissa as she saw the movement of Elliot’s whimpering mouth but couldn’t hear anything.

The blonde started to move the phone down from Elliot’s face. All the girls were cheering loudly and doing a countdown: “Ten, nine…”

This was an absolute nightmare, though Elliot, still whimpering. He tried to struggle his hands-free but couldn’t get loose. The camera was now shooting his boyish chest with no hair nor muscles whatsoever.

“Eight, seven, six…”

He tried to raise his leg to cover his penis but failed. His feet were bound too tightly.

“Five, four…”

The camera had bypassed his stomach and only a couple of inches from his penis.

“Three, two…”

He tried to turn around, but with his feet separated, it was impossible.

“Elliot, what the hell?!” he could hear Melissa yelling.

“I’m so so sorry! I’m not doing this. Some girls captured me…”

“Save your voice. They can’t hear you,” said the blonde. “It’s on mute,” she said, shrugging. The tattooed girl stuffed the panties back into his mouth and tied them in place with the towel.

“Elliot, is that yours?” he heard Melissa ask. There was a long silence after which his colleagues in the meeting room burst into laughter, as did the girls in the shower room. When only the girls in the shower room had seen his dick, his previous embarrassment was nothing compared to this. “Ummm, Elliot…” said Melissa, trying to hold her laughter and clearing her throat as if to show the others that this kind of behavior was not very mature for business women like them. “It’s just that… we didn’t order shrimp today,” she managed to say just before bursting out laughing again. Everyone was now laughing even louder. This is a nightmare, thought Elliot, completely broken. The blonde hung up the call.

“Now that was an even better punishment than what I had in mind. Oh well, maybe it’s time to leave this sad little boy in peace. What do you think, girls?”

Thank god, thought Elliot.

“Yes, we’ll leave him right here, all by himself, tied up, gagged, available for anyone to use. I actually saw my friend going to her MMA class when our practice was starting. Maybe I’ll give her a tip that there’s a shower perv waiting for them. Those bitches are tough!”

No! Elliot tried to protest, but the panty towel gag didn’t let him.

“Just in case I can’t catch her, I think we should leave them a message. They’re so gonna kick his ass,” she said gleefully. She went to get her lipstick and her phone and wrote something on his upper stomach. By her wide smile, she seemed happy with the message, stepped further, and took a photo of him. She showed the photo to Elliot.

Elliot was horrified. It was a full-body image of him, hands and feet tied in a reverse Y position and a towel tied around his head covering his mouth. His crotch was totally shaved. He would have expected to see his dick, but his shrinkage was even worse than he had suspected. His scrotum was showing (although gathered as a very tight ball protecting itself from the cold), but there was almost nothing above it. Only a small, round, wrinkly area. On his stomach was a screaming red text:




“I’m gonna keep this as a memento. I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Maybe I’ll also share it in my friends’ Whatsapp group.” she said, laughing.

The blonde blew him a kiss with a mischievous grin on her face and closed the curtain of his shower booth. He could hear the girls shower themselves, chatting as if nothing special had happened, and finally leaving the shower room. “Happy ass-kicking loser!” was the last thing the blonde yelled before closing the door behind them.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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