Angie’s Vegas Experience

By Peitho01.


John rolled the blanket off him and looked up with a blank stare.

“John, we’ll be downstairs… But get some sleep. You drank too much last night.”

“Thanks, babe. I’ll see you down in the casino later.”

This was the first time John had been to Vegas, and the drinking got to him. His girlfriend Marie brought him along for Angie’s 27th Birthday. Angie wasn’t close to Marie, but more of a friend or a friend. She was the only single girl there, which was strange since she was easily the most attractive. John’s head was pounding, and he was glad he could roll over and get an extra hour or two of sleep in the hotel room before heading back out.

A loud bang rang out in the room, and John jumped up.

“Sorry, John, I didn’t mean to slam the door,” said Angie

“Oh, it’s no problem… what are you doing up here, Angie?”

“The girls were just playing blackjack at the casino, it was getting boring, so I decided to come back up to take a quick shower to save time before we go out later.”

” Good idea, I might do the same before they come back.”

“Yes! I’ll be quick,” Angie said as she was searching through her luggage bag for her clothes.

Angie scurried into the bathroom.

Two beds were facing a large mirror sitting on a bureau, and John was on the furthest one from the bathroom. He was lying down, sipping on water, and playing with his phone, when he heard the showerhead squeak and the water drop pattern on the bottom of the shower.

A few minutes later, the squeak returned, and the sound of the water disappeared. Soon after, the bathroom door opened, and Angie walked out. John picked his head up when the door open and noticed something odd immediately. Angie was wearing a white hotel towel cover from the top of her chest to the middle of her thigh. Angie hadn’t bothered to get dress, do her makeup, or anything while in the bathroom.

“Hey John, I’m going to do my hair over here. The bathroom mirror was too foggy… hope you don’t mind.”

“Nope, not at all, Angie, just don’t mind me dying over here.”

“Haha, still hungover from yesterday?”

“Feel like my head is gonna explode.”

“Aww, you’ll feel better soon.”

Angie walked past a chair next to the bureau and placed a small bag down. She leaned her torso over the bureau slightly to get a better look at her face. John couldn’t help but look at her ass as she leaned over. It wasn’t so much just how big it was that attracted him, but how smaller her waist was compared to it. John looked up and saw Angie looking at him in the mirror. The second their eyes met, she gave him a quick smirk. John felt slightly hot and red. He tried to play it off like he was looking at his phone. He felt bad at first but then realized the situation was bizarre. Angie comes up here by herself and decides to fix herself up in a towel right in front of him. It just did not add up.

“So, how long have you and Gracie been going out?”

John was relieved she began some small talk, although he was still perplexed by the situation.

“About 2 years, been a great time.”

“You’re a lucky man.”

“And what about you? You got someone?”

“Nope, nobody right now.”

“Well, that’s surprising.”

“Haha, well, thank you for the compliment. I can be… a little domineering sometimes… A little much for others to handle.”

“I’m sure you can find someone to handle it.”

Angie began to fix her towel by shimming it back and forth, revealing more cleavage. John couldn’t help but look at her breasts shaking back and forth in the towel. He and Angie again caught eyes. John was rock hard under the covers.

“So you haven’t slept with anyone else in two years.”

John was taken back by the question.

“No… I haven’t… been with Marie.”

“Well, people cheat, it happens, but I can tell you don’t.”

“You can tell… How?”

“Well, if you’ve been sleeping around, you would be able to keep your eyes off me for more than a couple of minutes, Johnny.”

John’s face went bright red. He didn’t want to admit it, but he had imagined fucking Angie when he saw her out last night. She was easily one of the most attractive women at the club they were at.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be, I understand. If you wanna touch yourself, you can.”

John took a moment to process what Angie had just said.

“Touch myself?”

“Yeah, you know, jerk off. I was trying to be polite.” “I mean, it’s not cheating. We won’t have sex.”


Angie tilted her hips up and leaned forward bring the towel to cover her ass. She was talking to John by looking at him through the mirror.

“You know you want to, John, and I’ll be honest, it really turns me on. I like when I have so much control over men.”

John was so horny he was having trouble thinking.

“You know John. I don’t think it’s Marie that’s stopping you.” “I think it’s something else.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I was checking you out yesterday at the pool.” “When your swimsuit got wet, it didn’t look like there was much to check, though.”

Angie smiled.

“Well, I mean, I’m not the best looking-”

“Not your looks John. Your dick looked like my little toe. I’ll be honest, I’ve checked out quite a few men before, and that’s one of the smallest I’ve ever seen.”

John couldn’t believe the situation he was in. He loved his girlfriend, but he knew his small dick was part of the reason he didn’t want to take Angie up on her request.

“It’s not that small. Plus, I was just in the pool.”

“Then prove it. I’ll drop my towel if you drop your pants. They’ll be downstairs for another hour or two, don’t worry.”

Angie couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she was watching John through the mirror. Her pussy was getting wet. She loved the power she had over John in this situation.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m going to guess 3 inches.”

“It’s not 3 inches.”

“Then take it out and show me.”

Angie tightened the towel up around her body, revealing her hourglass shape. John was shocked by the situation, but he was progressively having a harder and harder time processing it. He wanted to fuck Angie so badly, even if she was humiliating him.

“Look, John, I already know you have a baby dick. You can at least get something out of it. Marie will never know. Here I’ll even go first.”

Angie dropped her towel. She was wearing a bra and panties. Her red bra was holding up what looked like perky c cups, and a tight athletic ass swallowed up her thong. John could help himself. He pulled his pants and underwear off under the blanket.

“I know you must be hard under there, but I can even an outline of your dick from the blanket. John, you might as well take the blanket off now because, from my point of view, it looks like you might as well have a clit down there.”

John flipped the blanket off him. He was holding his 4-inch dick in his hand.

“Omg, I knew it was tiny. It’s the size of my Bic lighter. I knew that nub I saw yesterday couldn’t get much bigger.”

John couldn’t even answer. He was fixated on Angie’s body. He started slowly masturbating.

“John, I wish we could fuck because I wanna know if I could even feel that little thing inside me.”

Angie grabbed her ass and lifting it. It was so round and tight.

“You only need two fingers. That’s hilarious.”

Angie stood there watching and smiling as she began to touch herself too.

“Jerk that little dick off for me.”

They both finished at the same time.

John felt horrible but loved it at the same time. Angie grabbed her robe and wrapped it back up.

“I can have fun with you, Johnny.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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