Demonstration Day

By Demongooo

“Are you nervous?” asked Josh.

“Not really,” said Marissa, as she and Josh walked down the hallway towards their class. “The chances of being picked for the demonstration out of a class of five hundred are minimal.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” said Josh, as he stopped in front of the doorway of the classroom. “I don’t know, even if the chance of being picked is low, the thought of it is still scary.”

“Josh, you’re ridiculous,” said Marissa. “You have to think of this as another day. Now let’s hurry up before someone takes our seats.”

The two then walked into the auditorium where the class was held. It was a giant room. It shaped like a movie theater, except a stage where the screen would normally be with two small screens on both sides of the stage to display videos or powerpoints. Marissa and Josh quickly made their way to the usual seats they sat in. Third row from the back, back right corner.

The two sat down, and Josh tried to process his feelings on today. He knew Marissa was right, but the thought of being picked still scared him to death. Josh and Marissa were both in their first semester of college, and the sexual education class they were sitting in was mandatory to take for all students. The only requirement was that you had to be over 18. Even though it was mandatory, the class itself was easy. It was a guaranteed ‘A,’ so most students didn’t mind taking it.

The only issue was the demonstration. Held once a semester, being chosen for it was the fear of all incoming freshmen. It was the kind of thing that sounded like an urban legend, but a simple Google search and every upperclassman testimony would tell you it was very real. It got so bad that almost everyone would skip demonstration day, so the teachers made students sign a waiver at the beginning stating if a student was selected for the demonstration. They skipped class. They’d be expelled from the university. It was because of this that the 500-person class was full today.

Josh glanced at Marissa. He had always had a thing for her ever since the two were young but was too nervous to say anything. She had medium-length black hair, and her Mexican heritage gave the petite girl’s skin a golden tone. Marissa’s boobs were on the small side, but they fit her body type, and her gorgeous legs more than made up for it. She had worn a black v-neck and jean shorts today to accent her legs. She had a lot of attention from guys back in the small town that she and Josh were from, but Marissa had flown under the radar as far as guys go now that they were at a university.

Josh was wearing a Radiohead t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Josh was a good-looking guy, all things considered, but he never had much confidence and didn’t really pursue other girls back in high school because of that.

Josh tried to calm his nerves as the bell rang. The professor, a blonde Swedish woman, walked to the front of the stage as a nervous hush fell over the class.

“Now, we will begin the random selection for the demonstration,” said the professor. “I trust no one needs me to go over the requirements if you are selected?”

The class was silent, which the professor took as a yes. Then, she walked over to a laptop on the side of the stage and pressed a button, which displayed the name of the chosen student on a screen behind the stage.

“Josh Miller… You have been selected for the demonstration.”

Josh felt like he was going to throw up. His mind went completely blank as it slowly set in what was about to happen. Marissa put a hand on his shoulder and tried to say something to him, but Josh had no idea what she was saying.

Josh stood up and started walking down the stairs to the stage as if in a trance. He heard the murmurs from the other students as they got a good look at him. Most of the girls seemed excited at the prospect of seeing a guy, while the guy’s reactions were a mix of disappointment and occasional excitement. Then, he was startled by a flash and realized someone had just taken his picture. Josh remembered how easy it was to find videos of past demonstrations online and realized that today would be preserved on the internet forever.

Josh reached the stage and moved to the center facing the rest of the students. He noticed two video cameras, one pointed at his front and another at his backside. He realized his whole body was being projected onto two screens. A camera to the right side of the room showing his front, and the other on the left showing his back. Everyone would be able to have a good view of the demonstration. The crowd was silent as Josh bent down and removed his shoes and socks.

Josh slowly removed his shoes and socks. He knew he wasn’t showing much, but knowing where this would lead made the removal of the items way worse.

Josh looked out at the crowd who stared at him in dead silence while on the edge of their seats. Josh then slowly reached down and undid his belt. He then pulled the belt out of the belt loops before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. He slowly pushed them downwards and stepped out of them.

Josh now stood in front of the crowd wearing only his shirt and a pair of grey briefs. To his horror, his penis was already at full mast. Not that the audience had noticed.

Josh’s fingers quivered as he reached for the bottom of his shirt. He took a deep breath and lifted it up and over his head. He heard clapping at the sight of his chest. Josh wasn’t the fittest guy, but he made a habit of jogging, so his body was pretty good-looking.

Josh’s face burned with humiliation as he reached down to the waistband of his briefs. His head felt light as he looked at the crowd and spotted all the camera phones. Recording all this forever for people to watch back whenever they wanted. He couldn’t stop shaking. He then looked at the professor with a desperate look on his face.

“Please, don’t make me do this,” he pleaded, but the response he got was nothing but a cold look.

Marissa watched in anticipation with the rest of the crowd, conflicting emotions running through her. She could tell how scared he was, and she couldn’t blame him with all these cameras. She truly did feel bad for him. At the same, the thought of seeing someone that she had known for so long naked while knowing that he wouldn’t get the same privilege was giving her a rush she wasn’t expecting. She was weirdly excited about seeing Josh’s most private part. She glanced at the rest of the crowd and saw all the cameras on her best friend.

‘What’s one more?’ she thought as she pulled out her phone to capture Josh’s humiliation.

Josh tucked his thumbs into his waistband. He did his best to ignore the cameras but couldn’t get them out of his mind. He took a deep breath, realizing this would be the last moment before his little secret was exposed to the world. He pushed his briefs down to his ankles in one fluid motion. He kicked his briefs into the pile of his other clothes and stood to face the crowd completely naked. All 3 and a half inches that Josh was packing were being shown to everyone.

A hush fell over the crowd as they tried to process what they were seeing. Josh was so small that even though he was cut, his foreskin didn’t actually peel back all the way. On top of that, it didn’t get big enough to stand up like most dicks. If someone didn’t know better, they might even assume that Josh didn’t have an erection. The camera showing him up close made it clear that he was hard, though.

The sight of a bit of precum dripping from his penis made that much obvious. The crowd burst into laughter. Josh desperately fought the urge to cover his tiny cock with his hands, knowing it was against the rules. The professor hushed them, but Josh could have sworn he saw a giggle escape her. Josh tried to fight back the tears as he remembered the last part of the demonstration. He gripped his tiny member and started stroking in front of everyone.

Josh tried to ignore the audible giggling from the crowd as he continued jerking off. The professor didn’t seem interested in shushing the crowd again. He knew how ridiculous he must have looked up there. His dick isn’t big enough to grip with his whole hand, so he used 3-fingers and a thumb to jerk himself off. He couldn’t believe what he was really doing in front of all these people. He tried to imagine he was at home watching porn, but the constant giggling from the crowd made it impossible to. His face showed a mix of humiliation and pleasure as he continued to stroke.

Josh’s was glistening with sweat caused by the hot stage lights. His face was flushed red with humiliation. The waves of pleasure coursed through his body. Josh started bucking his hips, and he and everyone else realized how close he was. He looked out at the crowd again. With all those cameras showing every inch of him, he knew he would never be able to live this down. Nearly everyone he talked to from this point on would be aware of the baby penis he was packing.

The laughter of the crowd was slowly starting to rise in volume. Josh glanced at the crowd. He has almost completely forgotten that the girl that he had liked for years was watching this. Some part of Josh knew that he wouldn’t like what he saw when he looked at her, and he tried not to look, but his eyes naturally moved to the position of his best friend, Marissa. His heart sank as his eyes found her. There she was, the girl of his dreams, laughing along with the rest of the crowd while recording the humiliating display that Josh was participating in.

She would never consider Josh as someone whom she would want to be with after today. Josh finally exploded. His dick erupted as he started shooting cum directly on the ground in front of him. The crowd cheered as Josh shot 3 strings of cum. Finally, he fell to his knees, exhausted. A string of Josh’s juice hung from the tip of his penis. Josh knew his life was over. It wasn’t just Marissa. No one would ever want to be with him after today.

His tiny penis cumming was going to be on the internet for the world to see from now on. The demonstration was over. Josh could cover up and get dressed, but he couldn’t bring himself to. So he just stayed there frozen in place. The crowd resumed laughing as they continued to film his penis as it shrunk down to only one inch soft.

The End.


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