A Secret Exposed

By Embarrassed_Men.

My name is Will. I’m thirty years old, a very rugged muscular guy that acts a bit cocky and loves the fact that I intimidate people.

I got invited over to a friend’s house to have some drinks for the night. It was only about 6 of us there, which was nice.

I kept trying to show up our friend Drew and bragging about how I got more girls, am much stronger than him, etc. I kept hassling him throughout the night about being more of a man than him.

Drew finally got annoyed but kept calm and said, let’s arm wrestle. The winner, of course, is the stronger guy.

I don’t arm wrestle, I told him. I told him I knew I was stronger, so it wasted time and energy.

The other five guys called me out for being scared too, and I reluctantly agreed, unsure if I would win.

We stood at the kitchen island’s edge, and Drew explained the rules. One of our friends started video recording, which I didn’t like.

Drew explained the rules and said, “We’re about to find out if you’re such a man.”

Drew then reached around the corner of the kitchen island and dropped both my shorts and underwear straight down to my ankles with a quick force.

Before I had time to react, he grabbed my arm to start the wrestling match.

All five guys howled with laughter. They thought it was hilarious. I’d never been seen naked by another guy and wanted to ensure that never happened.

Mike could hardly breathe from laughing and said, “Dude! Where’s your dick? What happened to being such a big man??”

With Drew’s arm locked onto mine, I did my best to reach over and pull up my shorts with my other hand. My shorts were too far around my ankles that I couldn’t reach, and Drew was gripping tight to ensure I couldn’t.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that the other guys also had their phones out now. They were all commenting on the size of my dick and even commented on how small my balls were.

Drew was stronger than me and was toying with me, prolonging my embarrassment.

I looked at Drew like I was about to cry, with a look of submission and begging him to let go.

Drew’s eyes were locked onto mine with a cocky smirk that reddened my face. The look in Drew’s eyes said, ‘Sucks for you, asshole, but not my problem.’

I tried shielding my dick with my legs and hunching over, but it just made me look even more embarrassed and made my dick look even smaller.

My mouth was wide open, my breathing was fast, my face completely red, and I felt the cameras taking in my exposed genitals and humiliated face.

After a few minutes of Drew’s grip on me and enough time for all the guys to get a real good look and caption it with their phones, Drew made a small dick sign with the fingers of his other arm, flexed his bicep, then slammed my arm down on the table in triumph. The guys whistled and cheered.

Drew wasn’t done yet. He kept the grip on my arm, walked around the kitchen island corner, then lifted me straight off the floor while stepping on my shorts.

I lifted right up out of my shorts.

With Drew still holding me up in the air, he carried me over to the door, opened it with one arm, then walked me outside the house while I was still completely naked except for a sleeveless shirt.

Drew then gently placed me down on the walkway, turned around, and started to walk back in like nothing happened.

He turned around to look at me and just gave an amused shrug, then walked into the house and closed the door behind him.

I could hear the laughter from outside the house. I covered myself quickly and went to the door, realizing it was locked.

Drew decided to embarrass me more and turned on the outside lights, so I was completely on display for anyone driving by. There was nowhere good to hide.

I looked up to see a doorbell camera to my left and a security camera to my right.

It was cold outside, and I completely covered my groin.

A few cars slowed down when driving by. One came to a complete stop. I couldn’t see who was in the cars. I didn’t know if they considered asking if I needed help or just laughing at what they saw. I was assuming laughter. It was a humiliating feeling not just to be naked but to be seen and unable to see who was looking. Today everyone records interesting situations with their phones, which usually ends up online.

After about thirty minutes of covering up in the cold, Drew opened the door.

Drew told me I needed to apologize if I wanted to return inside. He told me to move my hands, look right at the doorbell camera, and explain that because my dick is so small, I act out and try to act like a tougher guy than I am.

“Please, I’m sorry,” I said.

“I’m not,” Drew said. “Say what I told you, or you can stay outside for the rest of the night.”

I moved my hands in humiliation. “I… I have a small… s-small d-dick… and that’s why I try… to act… tough.”

“Good,” Drew said. “Now turn around, spread your legs, bend over as far as you can, and say that guys with small dicks like you take it up the ass from guys because girls prefer real men.”

“Look, please,” I said

Drew then turned around and started to go inside.

A lot of cars were driving by and slowing down to look. I imagined someone I knew could be driving by. “OK, OK,” I said.

I very slowly turned around, bent over, and felt my asshole spread open and become completely exposed. I was strongly aware of my shriveled testicles being visible to the doorbell camera and Drew’s intense amusement.

“I… I… have a small dick… and… I… like to take it up the… ass.”

“From real men,” Drew said. “Say it right.”

“I like to take it… up the ass from real men,” I said meekly.

I couldn’t believe I said that while completely naked and bent over on display.

“Thanks for coming over,” Drew said. And reached his hand out with my keys and phone.

I got a sinking feeling knowing what he was suggesting. He was never planning to let me back in the house.

The cocky smirk on his face told me I couldn’t argue, and I was too embarrassed and shaken up to try.

I grabbed my keys and phone, backed away, and went to my car, covering up with one hand, leaving humiliated and without my shorts.

When I got in the car, I realized how badly the cold had shrunk my dick and balls and why Drew seemed to have an even more satisfied grin. I was mortified. I thought maybe the doorbell camera wasn’t good quality, but I was very close in front of it. Then I remembered the other security camera.

I drove home and sat awake at night, just hoping, with everything I could, that these guys wouldn’t send that video footage to anyone, but I knew that was wishful thinking. If I had humiliated Drew so badly, I would have ensured the entire world saw forever.


The next morning, I ate breakfast and logged into Facebook. My heart sank. I was on the top of my news feed, pants wrapped around my ankles, with Drew’s arm locked onto mine. I looked like Drew’s bitch. The scene’s emotion was captured through the picture. Drew’s eyes looked like, ‘This poor guy is getting humiliated and deserves it.’

My mouth was wide open, and I even looked humiliated. My face was so red that it almost looked like I was wearing makeup. The picture was censored so it didn’t break Facebook’s rules, but Drew made the censor as small as possible. If it were any smaller, there wouldn’t have been a censor.

The Facebook caption said, ‘My friend Will Franklin putting on a very *small* show for the guys last night. Check out the Twitter link and another video of my friend Will.’

The picture had only been posted two hours before and had twenty-six shares and over fifty comments.

‘🤣🤣 the size of the censor bar says it all 🤏🤏,’ one girl commented.

One of the guys I knew from school commented, ‘Damnnnn Will. I thought you were too insecure and cocky to have a hung dick, but that’s just embarrassing, brother. Hope ya publicly learned your lesson about tryna be the tough guy.’

The look on his face is priceless! Dude, don’t look tough now!’ someone else commented.

Another comment said, ‘It’s hilarious and well deserved when a tough guy gets shamed like this. I’m DEFINITELY checking out the video!! Thanks! 😆’

I quickly hit the ‘report’ button on the post, knowing it probably wasn’t breaking any rules. Two days later, I got a message confirming it wasn’t. It got hundreds of shares and became a meme about ‘things not being what they seem on the surface’ about being a tough guy walking around with a secret in my shorts.

Twitter was even worse. I was completely naked, and the entire situation and all the laughter and emotion were captured on video. On the first day, the video had gotten shared over a thousand times. There were also memes and even slow-mo comical videos of the scene. This was much worse. It was an actual video with no censor to leave anyone’s imagination guessing.

The caption was, ‘Our formerly tough acting friend Will Franklin’s secret put out on display. If this gets shared five thousand times, I’ll post the video of him outside with shrinkage and then make him bend over to get back inside.

Well, it got way more than five thousand shares. The other video was also put on Twitter and some other websites. I almost cried in embarrassment, seeing how completely shriveled up my dick looked, and the video was clear. When I turned around and bent over, even the hair around my asshole was completely visible. My balls looked the size of pebbles, and it was very obvious.

I never imagined I would get exposed so, so badly. I honestly never planned for much of anyone to even see me naked. I spent my whole life being the tough guy and even telling people I had a thick cock.

I often see memes or video clips on Twitter and Facebook poking fun at what happened. I get messages from people I don’t know who make jokes about my masculinity and new image. People will send humiliating videos or images to me that they made, like me photoshopped naked next to another guy with a large dick, showing the huge contrast.

The town I live in was posted online, and people created a game to record me getting completely pantsed in public if anyone ever saw me. That people deserve the entertainment of seeing a cocky tough guy get his dick exposed in public. So far, it’s not happened again, but I’ve had people ask me if I’m the guy from Twitter or Facebook.

I regularly watch videos of me getting humiliated. Maybe it’s a self-defense mechanism, but I get turned on now because of all the humiliation. I’ve jerked off many times to the comments and the videos, and people continue to spread me online with my name usually attached.

I feel naked in public now, and my dick always seems visible, even through my clothes. I imagine guys talking to me have seen me naked and laugh, thinking they have a much bigger cock and my outer looks don’t intimidate them.

I wonder every day what it would be like again to get exposed, but this time with more people there to watch. I’m both humiliated and turned on by the idea. Part of me wants something like that to happen again, but even more publicly, and part of me is terrified at the thought of ever happening.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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    That’s a really good SPH story that would be anyone smalls biggest fear.


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