The Little Discovery: Part 2

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By carlyle2


“Hey guys, hey Lise. Hey Mike.” Hearing the familiar voice, Mike looked up with a start.

Until a few seconds ago he’d been enjoying a quiet night out at the bar with his friend Lise. Lise was his best friend in college. Mike and her met at orientation, and almost immediately they’d gotten close. She was spunky, very boyish but also very cute. She was 5’6″ but in her blocky high boots she almost always seemed a little taller than him.

Today she was sporting her usual look, his favorite – black jacket over a grey t-shirt, her black hair cut in a short bob with a streak of pink down the side. She was white but tanned despite it being late in the fall, and she was very thin with almost no breasts at all.

But now he saw Karen standing there. She looked beautiful as usual. She was 5’8″ with long legs and was wearing tight black yoga pants and a green windbreaker. She was quite thin. Not as thin as his friend Lise, but still very slim. But despite that she had quite large breasts.

“Wait, you two know each other?” Lise asked.

“Yeah. Mike and I both grew up in the same town. We’ve been friends since we were little.” She gave Mike a smile. Lise slid over a bit and Karen slipped into the booth next to her. Lise glanced from Mike to Karen, finished her beer and ordered another round for the three of them.

Lise and Karen did most of the talking for the next half hour. It turned out they were getting to be quite close also. They were both computer programming majors and had a lot of classes together. Karen had seen him on campus a few times but had never had the chance to say hi.

After several beers and a few trips to the bathroom, Karen was now sitting on the one side and Mike and Lise were on the other. Then the conversation suddenly got a bit more interesting.

“So Mike,” Karen started, suddenly blushing a bit. “I’m glad to see you got in to U of M. They must have paid out pretty good then, right?” She knew Mike’s family didn’t have a lot of money.

“Wait, I knew he was smart but I didn’t know Mr Poly-sci was that smart,” Lise said, startled. “So are you some kind of genius?” She was looking a bit tipsy now, and had taken off her jacket. Her teeny tits pushed against the fabric of her t-shirt that looked like it was almost a size too small for even her. She was also a bit sweaty – the place must’ve had the heat on for some reason. He often masturbated thinking about what she must look like nude. He imagined her tiny perky nipples, and instantly was rock hard.

Then he felt it, her hand on his his. He had been resting his hand on his right leg, and she put hers on his. He could feel her rub his hand just barely with her finger. His cock was now raging hard, which made him suddenly very aware of how tiny it was.

“Mike? A genius?” Karen looked at her. “Yeah, I guess he’s a smart guy, but not that smart. I was talking about the special scholarships they give, you know, for…” she trailed off. She looked at Mike, and then back at Lise. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to say…”

There was silence for a second. Mike turned beet red, and his cock shrank down. He said under his breath, “Karen!” but didn’t know how to finish the sentence. He was so embarrassed, and his penis shrunk even more, smaller than usual.

Lise turned to her left to face Mike. “Um… what the hell are you two talking about now?” she asked, looking back and forth between the two. She still had her hand on his, but wasn’t rubbing it any more. Karen had seen Mike at the clinic where he’d gotten his penis exam and knew he had a small dick.

“It’s nothing,” Mike stammered.

“Well, if it’s nothing, why not tell me?” Lise said, giving him a smile. She lifted her hand still under the table and when she did he pulled his hand away. But when she put her hand back down, it was resting on his upper leg, almost on his cock. As if to emphasize her point, she rubbed his leg a bit. He was very aware now that the tips of her fingers just barely brushed the tip of his tiny cock. But she didn’t notice the small member she was touching.

“It’s not important. I just got a little financial aid, that’s all.” Lise didn’t seem to be satisfied by his reply. She took another drink.

Suddenly lost in the moment, Karen said without thinking about it, “A little aid? Didn’t you say outside the clinic you might be small enough to get a full ride?”

That was it. The tiny dick laws had been on the news enough that Lise immediately knew what they were talking about. She didn’t say anything. She just looked Mike right in the eyes. He looked at her, his face still quite red.

Karen went on. “Can I see it?”

“What?!” Mike and Lise said simultaneously. He almost spilled his beer but caught it at the last second.

“I mean your ID card. What did you think I was talking about?” She asked coyly. “I’ve never seen one. You have it, right?”

“Yes, I do. But…”

“Well, do as the lady says. Whip it out!” Lise said playfully. She was looking into his eyes again. There was a silly smirk, the one he liked a lot, that she always got when she was being sarcastic or playful… but there was also something else in her look. She squeezed his leg again. With that touch Mike became very aware again of how close his penis was to her hand. He also noticed that because she was leaning a bit forward in his direction he could see down her shirt clearly. The tops of her tits, along with the green lace of her bra were visible. Her tits were tiny of course, but very nice.

He could feel his cock rising, getting harder and harder. Almost perfectly timed, she rubbed his pants again, and this time her pointer finger came in contact with the tip of his dick. Lise looked down now, and could see a slight bulge of his erection sticking out. She ever so subtly moved her pointer and middle fingers so they caressed the tip of his dick. She smiled again and said to him, “Come on Mike, it’s not a big deal. Not big at all. Just show us.”

Mike looked up at her again. She moved her finger again around the tip of his cock. It felt incredible. He’d been touched before but never by someone he was attracted to like this. He glanced at Karen again and she smiled back at him.

Abandoning all restraint now he pulled out his wallet, fumbled a bit and produced the card. It was a white piece of plastic that said “Undersize Penis ID Card,” and had his name, address, height, weight and a picture.

It also had at the bottom the words: “Penis Category: exceptional tiny.”

He decided to hell with the consequences and set it down in the middle of the table. Both Lise and Karen leaned in to see it.

“Exceptional?” Karen said, reading.

“Tiny…” Lise finished. She grinned again and took a drink.

“Wait, is this one of those new smart data cards? It looks like it is. Hold on,” Karen said, grabbing the card. If it was, then you should be able to access any other data on it with a click.

Sure enough, under Mike’s pic was a small black space that you could click on. When she did it the data changed. The card itself, you see, was a mini tablet computer, and it contained more info than you’d see at first glance.

Karen read the card aloud. “Now it says… holy shit, Mike… ‘Notes: The holder of this card has an exceptionally small penis. It is undersized in all factors – length, girth and testicle size. It entitles the bearer of this card to all the benefits…’ and it goes on… ‘for more information, click once again…'”

By now Karen was giggling slightly but hiding her amusement fairly well. So she clicked the button again.

“‘Penis Data:’ Shit, I can’t believe they have this on here… ‘Erect Length: 8cm/3.25 inches. Flaccid Length: 2.8cm/1.16 inches. Girth:…'” She said, trailing off. “Mike! Wow, you really are small!” She slid the card over the table back to him. “All right, I have to go to the restroom. I’ll be right back.” She got up and walked away.

Lise picked up the card, glanced over it, and handed it back to him. He looked at the data now visible on it. He’d never realized just how much info they’d got at the clinic, and there it was, easily accessible by anyone.

Just as he was putting the card away, he felt Lise lean in close, “It’s okay. I don’t mind,” she said, whispering in his ear. Then she gave him a kiss on the ear, and started to lick and play with his earlobes. She then put her hand back on his cock and started stroking him through the fabric of his pants.

“Mike… it is tiny,” she said, now rubbing her fingers up and down the length of his small shaft. “I want you. Show me it. Show me your little cock.”

“But… right here?”

“No, let’s get out of here.”

“But what about Karen?”

“It’s OK. She’ll understand,” she said, dragging Mike away from the booth. “I’ll text her.”

She lead him from the place, back into the parking lot and found his car. They were both way too drunk to drive home, but a car at least gave some privacy.

Mike sat down in the back seat, and almost immediately Lise was on top of him. She kissed him on the lips, deep and hard. It was incredible. Her tongue played with his, and she rubbed his chest, then pulled up his shirt. Mike kissed her back, deeply. Then she pulled away. She could feel his hardness press into her through their pants.

“I have to see it,” she said, and reached down to unbutton his pants. Then she undid the zipper, slid her hand inside and grabbed his cock. She stroked it up and down, her slim fingers wrapped around it. He was very aware of how thin his cock felt, how tiny it was in her hands. But she didn’t seem to mind at all, as she continued to kiss him and suck on his mouth while stroking him the whole time.

“Mike, touch me,” she said, and slid his hand up to her left breast. He fumbled with it a bit, but it was obvious he didn’t know what he was doing. So she stopped him, leaned back and slid off her shirt. She smiled because his cute grin made him look like a little boy who’d just gotten a new toy for Christmas. Lise was tanned, but her stomach and chest were pure white.

She paused for a second, then unfastened her bra. When it fell down, he could finally see her tits. They were absolutely tiny – Lise was a 34A – but they were just perfectly formed. Her pink nipples were just a bit puffy and pointed straight out.

Mike reached up and put his hands on her breasts. He instinctively put both thumbs on her nipples, and caressed them in small circles.

“Ohh,” Lise faintly moaned. “That’s good.”

Mike leaned in and put his mouth over her right breast. He licked the nipple with his tongue, while he continued to rub her other breast with his hand. She was moaning softly at each touch. Each lick, each flick of his tongue sent shivers of pleasure down her spine.

“Mike, mmmm, Mike, more. Kiss me more.”

Mike licked her breast again, and opened his mouth wide. He could fit her whole tit inside his mouth almost, and he cupped her tit like that while he worked the nipple with his tongue. The whole time Lise was moaning and whimpering quietly.

“Mike, Mike.”

“Yes?” he said, pausing.

“Let me see you. Let me see your cock.”

Mike stopped licking her. She leaned back a little. He reached out to grab her tits again but she stopped him, and gave him a look that said, ‘wait, just a second,’ and they both watched as she slid down his pants and underwear enough that his cock popped into view.

It was absolutely miniscule. Mike was hard now, probably harder than he’d even been in his life, but still his barely 3 inch dick looked so tiny. It was nice shaped – his head was fairly large for how small his cock was at about 1 inch in length – but the thinness and lack of length of his shaft made it seem like it only barely peeked out of his pubic hair.

“Is it… too small?” he asked when she didn’t say anything.

“Yes. Er, I mean, no. It’s small Mike,” she said, and she reached out and grabbed the little shaft with her right hand. “But not too small. Not for me.”

She pulled her leg off of him, and helped him slide down his pants completely. Then, kneeling on the floor beside him, Lise slipped his tiny cock into her mouth.

She licked and kissed the length of him. It was the first time he’d ever felt anything like that. Now it was his turn. He couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

“You like that, honey?” she asked, slipping off of his cock for a second.

“Mmm, yesss. So good,” he said.

She continued to jerk him off and lick the minuscule length of his cock while she directed him to play with her nipples again. His cock was by far the smallest she’d ever seen, but he was so hard now, hard like a small steel rod in her hands.

She leaned down again and sucked his cock once more. He could feel her tongue roll over his dick, sliding up and down on it as she licked and sucked. She was enveloping him. For a few seconds he thought she might take in his whole penis and balls, too.

Then, just as he felt the warmth rise up in him, like he was about to explode, she let off.

Lise leaned up just enough to undo her jeans and slide them down. She had on matching green panties – flimsy lace with just enough cloth to cover her, but in a few seconds she had those off as well. Lise didn’t shave, but she didn’t need to as her hair wasn’t so thick anyway.

It was the first time he’d ever seen a woman fully nude in real life and he almost cummed just thinking about it. Here she was – his Lise, the girl he’d fantasized about since the first day of school – naked in front of him, holding his tiny cock in her fingers.

Before he knew it, she’d slid a pill into his mouth and she was handing him a bottle of water.

“What’s this?” he asked, but he sort of had an idea.

“It’s a Safety Pill, you dummy. I don’t want to get pregnant. Not now.”

He swallowed the pill. Then she kissed him hard again on the mouth. “Thanks,” she said.

Then she sat back onto him, and wrapped her long thin leg over him. She was so thin, he could really see now, and she weighed almost nothing. She was above him, her wet, dripping pussy hovering a few inches above his tiny shaft.

“Do you want me?” she asked.


“You want to fuck me?”


“With your little baby cock?”

He was surprised at the comment, but even more surprising was that it gave him a shiver of pleasure. Like at the clinic before, her direct comment about his small size made his cock throb, made him blush but at the same time turned on a switch he’d not realized was there.


“Say it,” she said.

“Say what?”

“Say you want to fuck me.”

“I want to fuck me. Er, I mean I want to fuck you.”

“That’s better. But say you want to fuck me for real. Say you want to put your 3 inch cock in me.”

“I want to fuck you,” he said, the shudder of pleasure when she said ‘3 inch cock’ again almost making him cum. “I want to fuck you with my 3 inch cock.”

“Mmmm, well all right,” Lise said, and slid down onto him. Without any effort at all his tiny shaft disappeared into her.

Lise was tight, but his tiny cock was able to go inside completely with barely any friction at all. She slid up and down, but couldn’t feel anything almost.

She frowned. “Wait a sec.” She pulled off of him. His wet, teeny cock again popped into view, and she couldn’t help but giggle a bit at the sight.

Then she adjusted her position so instead of just straddling him her legs were bent at the knees, so she was kneeling above him. Then she lowered again onto his waiting cock.

The little penis slid in again, but this time Mike could feel her all around him. And Lise could feel his shaft enter her as well. And the thought of it, her strong Mike below her, his muscular body and manly shape, his smile, his voice, and also despite all that his penis the way it was, so tiny, so immature, so different from the rest of him. That made her almost cum right then.

“Ohhh!” she moaned, sliding up and down. She took care to not move too much, or his 3 inches wouldn’t be enough to stay inside.

God, he thought, this was the best thing he’d ever felt. He could feel every move of her body. He slimness around him, her thin legs, her pale white skin. Her beautiful tiny tits in front of his face. Her smile. Her black hair, and the streak of pink almost matching her nipples.

Mike reached up and squeezed her nipples. She squirmed a bit at it. Fingers of ecstasy reached up. He clenched the muscles in his ass and pushed up with his cock. It felt for a split second like it was just a little longer, and reacting to that she thrust down onto him.

Up and down.

Up and down.

“Yes!!” he said. “Yesss!! So good.”

“Tell me,” she said. She slid up, almost all the way off of his tiny penis and then back down. “Tell me when you’re going to cum. Say it. Tell me when your tiny cock is going to cum.”

“Mmmmh, my cock…” he whimpered.

“Say it. Tell me about your tiny cock, honey,” Lise said.

“My cock… is…”

“Say it, tell me how small it is.” Lise slid up and down on him, she reached around and gripped his ass, pulling him inside. The thinness inside her. Her body around him. They were both so close.

“My cock… is…”

“It’s so tiny, Mike. Your dick is so tiny.”

“My dick… my dick is 3 inches…”

“Mmmmmhhh, yess. Your 3 inches… Where are they?”

“Inside you.”

“Tell me.”

“My 3 inches. My tiny cock… it’s inside you, Lise.”

“Yes, it is. It’s inside me. Can you feel me Mike, can you feel my pussy.” She gripped her legs together. Now it felt like she was all around him, squeezing into his cock.

“Oh yesss. Yes, I feel you. I feel your pussy. I feel it.”

“Mmmmmhh, yesss, cum for me. Cum into me Mike Cum!”

God, he thought. He couldn’t take it. Her body, wet and warm and all around him. His tiny dick, thrusting upwards. Each time, Lise pushed downwards. Yesss, yesss.

“Goddd! I cumming!”

“Yesss! Cum, mmmm cum into me! Lise said, and then it hit her too. She could barely feel it, just feel the flow of juices come out of his tiny cock. “Yess, you are. You’re in me. Your 3 inch dick. You’re shooting out into me. Mmmmhhh”

He squeezed her to him, but it almost was too much to take. He almost blacked out from the feeling of her body on him, on his cock.

His tiny cock. Inside her. Pumping out its juices. Into her.

She almost blacked out as well…

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Mike could hear the sound of his phone. He glanced down. It said he had 29 messages. He leaned over and looked at Lise. She was still fully naked, laying next to him on the back seat of the car. She smiled, and looked down. His cock had shrunk down so small now you could only see just the end of the tip through his damp pubic hair.

He glanced down at his own cock, at her tits, and then back to her.

“God, Lise, that was…”

“Shhh,” she said. Buzz, buzz, buzz. “Maybe you should get that. Tell her… something.” Lise smiled again, reached her long, thin arms around him, and gave him a big kiss. “This can be our little,” she said, grabbing his tiny dick with her thumb and finger, “little tiny baby… secret.”

The End.



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