Our Readers SPH Experiences 92

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got a month free pass to our member’s area for this submission…

Growing up we all took showers together after gym class, and when I was in the eighth grade I was getting undressed and noticed, the guy next to me had hair all over his junk. I was hairless, and at that time, I didn’t know guys grew hair down there. Looking around the locker room, I saw it was just me and one other guy who had bald private areas, but even then, the size wasn’t an issue to me.

I finally started puberty in the last half of my first year of high school. I could tell that my penis had grown because it started getting hard and became loads of fun to play with when it did. I no longer had a gym or showered with the guys anymore, so I assumed everything was normal and I was just like every other guy. Then Joann, my best friend’s sister, and I began going steady

One day Joann and I were getting pretty hot and heavy on the couch. Everyone else in the house was sleeping, and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I came out I was naked, and Joann saw me and began laughing. I thought she was laughing because she’d never seen a guy naked. After all, I’d never seen a girl naked. She told me to go put my clothes back on, and I did, as I was now embarrassed. I thought I’d be getting lucky, but instead, I’d been laughed at.

It started to bother me why she laughed. Sitting on the couch next to her, I suggested that she had laughed because she hadn’t seen a guy naked before. She told me she had four brothers and she had babysat the neighbor’s two sons. A pressed her on why she’d laughed, but she refused to say.

I kept persisting, and finally, she gave me a note at school that said she really wanted me to stop asking her about why she laughed, so she explained that she had been so shocked to not see a penis that she laughed. I read and re-read that note, and finally, I got a chance to talk with her. I asked her if she really couldn’t see it and she agreed. Red-faced and clearly not wanting to talk about it, she told me that she thought she might have seen the tip, but she couldn’t be sure.

We broke up before the weekend was over. However, here was the thing, she never would come out and say that I had a tiny penis. She left me thinking something was wrong, but this was before the internet so I couldn’t just get on Google and find out I had a micropenis.

It was unthinkable to just walk up to any woman and ask her to tell me what was wrong with my privates, so I grew a fear of being with a woman. I went into the Army as a virgin and found personal ads in adult magazines. Maybe it was the wrong thing to do, but I took a Polaroid of my penis, and I sent it to one of the ads and asked for the truth about what she thought.

I wasn’t prepared for the truth. I’ll never forget her telling me that I was ‘excruciatingly tiny’ and that she wished me luck and to get good at eating pussy. I got hard reading her letter, and something inside me shifted so that I began to focus on my own humiliation. It’s uncommonly hard to put yourself in positions in which you’re exposed without being a flasher or a creep, but I did manage a time or two to do it without being obvious.

The internet came along, and I soon found ways to show girls my tiny pee-pee getting off on the scant references to my size. Then I sent my pic to Jillian who came instantly back with, “I thought you were a boy…”

I couldn’t get enough of her comments, and I egged her on for more. I showed her pics of me hard measuring myself to be just less than three inches, and she would come back with how she and her girlfriends laughed and laughed at me trying to have a real dick.

The more she gave, the deeper I got. Eventually, I needed so much that I put my picture up on Wikimedia Commons and eventually saw it on the Wikipedia page for micropenis where it still is today. I get off on knowing that any curious woman looking it up will see my button.


Another reader has a dick slip…

A few months ago, I went on a camping trip with my friends, there were 4 guys and 5 girls, all of us between 20-21. We stayed at my friend’s house that had two bedrooms and a bunkroom, and some couches. Naturally, my friend whose house it was got his own room and the other one we gave to our two friends were dating. So that left the other six of us to the couches and bunkroom. The bunk room has four beds. The car I was in got there first so I got first choice of where to sleep and I took the bunk room with two of my female friends.

Let’s call them Morgan and Sarah.

One night we had just gotten back from the lake, and we’re hanging out in the living room, it was also raining, so all we could do was watch a movie, I quickly started to drift off and decided to go to bed. I headed up and took off my shirt and shorts, leaving me in boxers. The bunkroom doesn’t have any air condition, and sleeping bags are used for each bed. Being a little tipsy and hot, I opened up the sleeping bag, so I was just on top of it, not in it. Lying upright as I started drifting off, I felt that I was getting hard but didn’t think much of it. Little did I know that my dick had slipped through the slit in my boxers?

At this time, I heard Morgan and Sarah coming up the stairs. At first, nothing happened; then I hear Sarah gasp and say, “Ahh, Morgan, Tim’s dick is out.”

Morgan says no way, and they both start laughing. They both think I’m passed out asleep. Morgan then said, “It’s the smallest I’ve ever seen.”

Sarah then turns on the light to get a better look, which I woke up too, and then they headed back downstairs.


While another read lives the old saying, ‘Take a picture, it lasts longer’…

So about two weeks ago, my family and I went out of state for a vacation to the jersey shore, for the beach and the boardwalk and all of that stuff, but for me, I had many things in mind. Just for my own pleasure. Therefore, as a male who swims with just shorts and not an actual swimsuit, we all know that it sticks to your skin like a suction cup. I was the first one to go into the pool at our hotel. I hopped in swam around all alone and had a very pleasant time at the pool until a woman came in I would say 30-35 but definitely a mother just the way she portrayed herself. Me, being very kinky, got out and laid down across the pool parallel to her.

Now with me getting out of a cold pool and my swimsuit being skin tight you could obviously see my little thing. However, that didn’t stop me. I was on my phone but secretly looking at her when she had her phone out and then finally it happened.

A subtle phone turns close to me so she would think I won’t notice, but I was looking at her, and she didn’t know it. SNAP, the sound effect of the camera app goes off, and she instinctively tries to turn it off, but then I notice what she was doing. I looked at her, and then we locked eyes, but I look back down at my phone not knowing what she did. Then I see what she took a photo of my small dick, essentially skin tight because of the water. I look back up, and she’s looking back at her phone with a slight grin.

I leave immediately and pretend to be embarrassed. I get back to my room, and I have a full view at the pool she leaves right after I go into my room and I can see her giggling to herself. This has been one of the best experiences of my life so far, and I will not forget it any time soon.


This reader goes from ‘friends with benefits’ straight to the friend zone…

Summer going into my sophomore year of college, I moved back home with my parents. At the time, I was dating Melissa, who I met in school, and things were going great. Unfortunately, she was from another city and moved back home, so that meant three months of being long distance. This would be a story about how I was faithful and true to Melissa, but I would be lying. Not even a week later at a house party, I met Courtney.

Courtney and I knew of each other by mutual friends, and since high school, there was always something between us. The next day after reconnecting at the house party, she came over, and we fucked twice. My parents worked a lot, so I was home alone more often than not. She was cute. Courtney had just graduated high school and was on her way to the state university on a cheerleading scholarship. She was five foot one and petite, she had to be a college-level flyer. The sex was great, and she had no problem at all with my size. I think her smaller body made it all okay.

The next weekend I invited a close group of friends over. Three males and one other girl plus Courtney to drink and swim while my parents were both on work trips. Our house backed up to a greenbelt, so it was extremely private. At this point, I couldn’t tell you who suggested it first, but skinny dipping became the topic of discussion. No one would budge, and no one wanted to be the first to take off his or her clothes. I was surely not going to offer with other dudes in the pool (never seen them naked before)

Corey was the one who broke the ice and said, “Fuck it!”

He stood front and center on the diving board and dropped his shorts and cannonballed into the water. Corey’s dick was big. There’s no lying about that. The two girls covered their eyes in shock, and we all laughed. Then Brandon followed suit and climbed on the diving board, took off his shorts and jumped in. Brandon was about average but thick for sure. This left me, and Mike left on the other side of the pool. Steph, the other girl also got naked and jumped in. She was also very thin but taller she is about five foot seven. Steph had a set of super puffy nipples, which was super hot and in contrast to Courtney’s dime-sized dark nipples.

Steph, Corey, and Brandon all stayed in the deep end floating egging the rest of us to join in. I looked over at Mike and Courtney and gave them a head nod. I counted aloud, 1…2…3…and Mike and I dropped our pants under the water while Courtney flipped her top off and pulled at the strings of her bottoms, revealing her little bush that I had gotten to play with just hours before. I looked at Mike’s cock and noticed he too had a small dick. He was maybe a little bigger than me but just slightly. The cold water did not help either of us, and it was noticeable. Courtney swam to me and hid behind me in embarrassment. Steph, Corey, and Brandon broke out laughing once Mike and my cocks were out.

Steph literally said, “What the fuck are those!”

Then Corey jumped back up on the diving board, dick-swinging proudly for all of us to see and said, “Are y’all gonna come jump off the diving board or stay over there in the kiddy pool with your baby dicks?”

This made Brandon and Steph laugh even more. The whole time Corey was bouncing up and down on the board, causing his big dick to slap loudly against his thighs. Even Courtney was laughing at us by this point. Courtney let go of me and started swimming away the more everyone joked. Corey jumped in again and swam over to us. He grabbed Courtney by the arm, and she swam to him wrapping herself around his chest. I was jealous, but no one else besides Courtney and me knew we were fucking so I couldn’t make a scene. Through Steph’s suggestion, we moved to the hot tub. Mike seemed pleased because the bubbled hid our cocks pretty well from laughing eyes.

Well as you can imagine Courtney and Corey stayed in the pool while Me, Brandon, Steph and Mike got in the hot tub. Steph sat across from me in between Mike and Brandon. It didn’t take long before I heard Steph begin to moan. Brandon was fingering her under the water. Then Brandon started to tilt his head back in pleasure. I assume Steph was returning the gesture under the water. Mike and I watched as the two played.

My voyeuristic show was cut short by a wave of jealousy because in the pool behind the show Steph and Brandon were putting on was Corey and Courtney. There she was, my crush, my secret friend with benefits. She was now bouncing on my good friend’s cock. They didn’t even try to hide it. Courtney was clearly riding him splashing water as she bounced on his cock. She started moaning loud too.’

Then we all heard her clearly say, “Oh, FUCK! Damn! I’ve never felt one this big. FUCK!”

That cut through me like a knife since just two hours before everyone showed up Courtney and I fucked upstairs so clearly she knew what I felt like compared to Corey.

Courtney started finding reasons not to come over to hook up, and we never fucked again. Then funny enough her, and Corey started dating not even a month later. You guessed it. Corey and Courtney are actually married now and have a kid. Guess she didn’t want to let go of that one.


Another reader enjoys some indirect SPH…

I work at a fancy restaurant, but it’s also pretty quiet. A girl I work with was talking to another female co-worker and said something along the lines, “So, I was in maths the other day, and you know those little six-inch ruler things? Well, one of the guys from the weird group was messing around with it and said to another weird guy, ‘My dick is almost as long as thing but probably an inch and a half shorter.’ They burst out laughing together. My co-worker then said, “I only like them bigger than six inches.”

I was instantly turned on because I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, but you wouldn’t think so because of my stature.


While this reader needs to put a lock on his bathroom door…

All of my fantasies involve my being brutally SPH’d. It doesn’t have to even be an actual ‘in your face’ SPH. It’s really the thought about it that brings shivers down my spine. One of the two times I simply learned – I was told – that a woman had spied on me while I was showering, and she had made a comment to my girlfriend after she had seen me in the nude.

“How can you possibly be satisfied in bed with that baby dick?”

The bitch laughed in that way that sends chills up your spine. There was no recovery from that or any way to laugh it off. Of course, I replay that memory of my girlfriend telling me about it, and I’m turned on by it like crazy. However, at the time, I felt psychologically kicked in the balls. As the woman who had spied on me also implied to my girl that her boyfriend was a real man and I clearly was not.


This reader also got judged while skinny dipping…

The day after a group of friends went skinny-dipping in college. Long story short, I was walking to lunch with one of the girls that were there who was a friend of mine, and she just randomly says, “So… You have a small dick, eh. You know that, right?”

I’m totally caught off guard and said, “Um, really? I guess. I don’t know.”

Then she said, “Yeah, I guess it’s not a big deal if your girlfriend is OK with it. Is she OK with it?”

“I think so, I’m not sure. I’ve never really asked her,” I said blushing.

She said something like, “Huh… OK, then,” and that was it.

That was twenty years ago, and I still think about how blunt she was and how it wasn’t even in the heat of the moment. It was the next day, and she brought it up out of nowhere. I’m still friends with her, but she lives on the other side of the country. We see each other every few years, but neither of us has said anything about it since that day. The girlfriend she was referring to is now my wife, so I guess she was OK with it.


Another reader enjoys his notoriety as the college baby dick…

My first year of college, I was quite the drinker, I was on a dorm floor with 21 other males so naturally, we drank heavily as often as possible. One night, I had a little too much, I was peeing outside in the open, and my friend was taking a Snapchat video of me. I was so drunk that I didn’t even realize that he was filming me so after I was done I just turned around and walked back inside.

The next morning, I woke up and went to go get breakfast with my normal crew, and they were all looking at me and chuckling a little bit. I remember so clearly one of my friends saying, “Yikes, he doesn’t remember.”

Another one of my friends told me they have to show me something. He pulled up a video that clearly shows me peeing, and I don’t think my cock has ever looked smaller. What made it even worse was that I was holding my little dick with two fingers because it wasn’t big enough to grab, so it looked like I had to pinch it to aim. They then tell me that drunkenly my friend had sent that to almost everyone on the floor.

From then on, they called me ‘shrimp dick’ or ‘baby dick,’ and none of them knew I secretly loved it. Word eventually got around and even got to the point where some girls would ask if the rumors were true before we would hook up and I LIVED for that. The fact that everyone knew turned me on so much and these people had no idea it was one of my biggest kinks.

I wish I could go back.


While this reader is experiencing the SPH dream…

After my 21-year-old neighbor saw me naked and made fun of me along with my sister (That story is in ‘Our readers SPH Experiences 82’) she has been calling me little boy from then on. She had also told my sister that she would like to have a CFNM session with me.

She knows a couple of girls, whom I am friends with, and threaten me to reveal my shortcomings to them. I pleaded for her to keep it secret, for which she called me to her house at night. She demanded I shave off my pubic hair before I see her in the night. I reach her home at night; she glances at my crotch and smirks a bit. She takes me to her room and asks me to remove and fold all my clothes into a basket.

I was getting horny; remember she is a sexy woman with an ass to die for, and she was wearing a tube top and jean shorts. After removing all my clothes (except my underwear), I stand in front of her. Her assertive look and smirk confirmed the control she had on me. She was so commanding with her eye contact. When I removed my underwear, she burst into laughter.

She was like, “Your thing has got even smaller.”

Since I had shaved my pubic hair, I literally was looking like a five-year-old boy. She was cracking up for a good five minutes. She then brought a measuring tape and started measuring me. I’m fully turned on and was on my maximum erection, and the number said I’m a gold member of the small dick club.

She laughed aloud and was like, “This is too good to be true.”

She was laughing so hard at me and started comparing my hard dick to her lipstick, pinky finger, and anything she could find. All these items were bigger than my hard dick.

She then told me, “You should start wearing panties from now on, and I’ll inspect you daily to make sure.”

She gave me her panties and made me wear them in front of her. She burst out laughing again as she saw that it fitted perfectly. She asked me to turn back and patted my ass. She told me to go now and called me her own little boy. She literally owned me now. Don’t know what’s next.

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