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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


Our first reader decided to flaunt it in the public showers…

I’ve realized for a long time that I’m WAY on the small side – I’m an athletic guy (6’2”, 180lbs), but I’m barely 3”, hard, and about 0.75”, soft. Kind of ironic – I’m in great shape, good looking, etc, but that was one area I wasn’t blessed in. Huge (egg-sized) balls, too – but just a little acorn sitting on them.

I go to the student rec center pretty often, but never change in the locker room (it’s “old school”: rows of open shower heads, no privacy, etc). Lately, I’ve been changing in the locker room, but just swapping my regular clothes for shorts – never taking my underwear off. This environment is crazy, though – I can’t believe how many guys just strut around totally naked, and how normal they seem to act with their junk hanging out. And I don’t know if it’s just perception, or what, but it seems like every guy here is HUNG.

Well, I don’t know what got into me, but I was there a few nights ago, and there were several guys showering, and they were all huge (all looked like 7”+, soft). There was even a scrawny little Asian dude who had a frickin’ horse cock hanging half way down his thigh. They were all just laughing and talking like it was totally normal for these monster dicks to be swinging around in (semi)-public. I don’t know what got into me, but I decided to go for it. I stripped off my underwear and got into the showers, too. And, fuck, it was like a switch flipped in there – they all got quieter, and I could see them all taking glances at my cock. One of them snickered a little bit, and the guy next to him hit his shoulder and told him to “stop it”.

I tried to just shower like nothing was out of the normal, but I could just FEEL their eyes on my dick the whole time. They were all about done when I got in, so they finished showering before me, and I had taken the last/first shower head in the row, so they all walked right past me as they left. It was like they weren’t even trying to be discrete – about 10 guys each walked past me and nearly every one of them frickin’ STARED right at my cock. I was expecting maybe a little bit of embarrassment, but I was mortified by the time they had all left.
I kinda want to be “normal” and be able to shower like it’s no big deal, but damn, that was humiliating.


This reader share’s every small dick man’s sexual nightmare…

Hey, I’m just gonna share a little story I got. So I was hooking up with that girl in her place after a nice night out, we were kissing very passionately, I lie her down and remove her clothes except her panty, we continue to kiss while she remove my pants, I was going to go down on her but she reaches for my dick with her fingertips pulling me toward her. So I think shes OK with me and she wants me to go in. So I remove her panties and fill her up, been going hard for about 20 seconds and then she moans, “Put it all in.”

I stop and look down at my dick and say its already all in. So then stretches her arm and feels my dick base basically being balls deep in her and immediately starts kissing me when she realized what she said. After that we didn’t talk at all till we finished, then she asks me if I want to watch something and chill for a bit and we watched some cable for a while until my buddy come pick me up. we haven’t talked ever since. So, yeah, that’s how I got a girl waiting for the other half of the dick to (not) arrive


One reader finds things get cool between him and his dream girl after she finds his small dick…

Two years ago I ended up being first “in line” for a rebound with this hot-as-fuck girl at work. I’m pretty good looking and we talked a lot as we worked (bar & restaurant) and we would sometimes drink in a group after our shifts. One night about a month after she ended it with her boyfriend we ended up making out after everyone had gone home from the post work drinks. Important to say, this girl is an absolute minx, the little looks she gives to the customers and the way she flirts is hot as fuck. She isn’t bubbly or anything, just such a tease. Making out with her was seriously fucking hot, we were both buzzed and she was just a treat, I’d never experienced anything like it! In hindsight, I’ve come to realize that’s how a hot-as-fuck little minx tells tells you she wants a good hard but sensual dicking!

That’s where we run into a problem. I’m rock hard with her but about 4.5 long and 4.2 thick (Bronze Member). It wasn’t really much of an issue in the past. I was my longtime gf’s first and the drunken one night stands since her were a blur, rushed and satisfactory, I guess. A lot of oral as you’d imagine, but nothing verging on humiliation from the girls.

Anyway, we make out for a while before she suggests going back to my place. I play it cool as say ‘definitely’ but I’m panicking a little. We were outside before the thoughts started to really do a number on me. This girl is seriously hot and an expert cock tease but she was all over me and the cock teasing is just part of the job too. Worth noting she was 25 at the time, bout 4 years younger than me. We make out the whole time while we wait for the cab, which doesn’t take long, and once I give the driver my address, we’re right back at it.

We get out the cab and straight away I get way more physical and handy with her. The teasing of her kisses and the way she licked my mouth was close to making me cum so it kinda like my way of taking control too I guess. We make it into my room and by now shes well on board with speeding things up, ha! that’s kinda not what I wanted but within a few seconds she was standing in front of me with just her panties and a teasing look on her face that was enough to make me cum too. This was the coolest I’d be for the rest of the night cause I just stood there and gawked at her as she stared back with that smile. I’m thinking she gets off on that moment so much where most girls would be nervous. She’s basically saying ‘yeah I’m perfect and you get to spend the night inside me, fun huh??’… do you get me?

Anyway, I’m staring away at her and thankfully she gets into bed. I’m nervous as fuck but strip to my boxers, totally transfixed on her and crawl in beside her. We shuffle up to each other on our sides and begin to make out again. I kinda zone out a little I dunno but I snap back into it when I realize my fucking hips are so far away from hers they might as well be in the other room. Need to do correct that. My body takes me on my go-to move without even thinking about it – oral. Before I know it I’ve got her panties down and her beautiful pussy in my mouth. It was all really rushed and clumsy tho. A guy who was up to the task would’ve thrown the sheets off and talked about how fucking beautiful it was, but I hid under them and went at it in the dark.

After a little while and a few moans she whispered, “Come, kiss me.”

I moved up, in a hurry again, nervous. We began kissing again and my hips were keeping their distance again as made out. She started laying the sensual licks on me again with this sexy little whimper as she did it. Then it happened, she reached for my boxers and took a teasing stroke of my dick and sent my body fucking haywire. I jolted and inhaled sharply in shock as she continued to kiss me as the little smile formed on her lips. She placed the same hand that she stroked me with on my face as she kept kissing me, then she took her right hand and began jerking me off slowly. It felt incredible, it was so fucking obvious how nervous I was and she was just having fun with it. Like our hips were like 2 feet apart. When I realized that I pulled myself closer to her in a hurry and I could feel another smile forming on her lips. She kinda let out a little hushed laugh, the more I think about it the more I realize it was like, ‘oh really?’ (in a nice way).

She basically took my little guy to school with her hand ans within a minute I was twitching and breathing heavily as she worked me to the best orgasm I ever had. I came hard and mostly over myself, a little on her. she giggled as I recovered and cuddled up to me. We kissed some more and I went to finger her again but she said she was tired before I could get near her. She just cuddled up to me and went to sleep, I didn’t get to say much.

After about 10 minutes, I grabbed my t-shirt and cleaned the cum from my body and cuddled back up to her. Next morning she was up and dressed before she woke me and said goodbye with an awesome little make out session. Then she left and said she’d see me at work. I felt pretty good about everything because of the see ya later kiss. I don’t see her again until 2 days later at work, where its basically business as usual, which has me feeling good. She already worked a shift before I returned and the atmosphere was the same as always.

That night after work I get a txt from her, see her name pop up and I’m thinking fuck yes!! Only for a brief while as the txt reads something along the lines of her ex contacted her yesterday and she feels he deserves a few “talks” and so she needed her space for little while. I was bummed, but I believed what she was saying and said cool, I’ll be there for her if she needs me. I felt good about the whole thing until 2 weeks later when the topic of the day at work is about her and one of the waiters, the 20 year old who started a month ago, since both of them are off that day and so therefore they’re in bed fucking the shit out of each other because they hooked up just over a week prior!

I was fucking floored and heartbroken as I listened to the other waitresses in the kitchen laugh and joke. One of them is 18, so bubbly and raunchy and “out there” – she said she “wished she had a cock so she could feel what it would be like to fuck her”…. yeah….! Nobody was aware of our hook up and after a while I’d basically gathered from the girls that she plans to get back with her ex in a few months time, but fuck the waiter in the meantime. She never said anything to me about that night again, things went quiet between us… she would give me that smile every now and again tho and I’d get all embarrassed around her, she loved it I guess. Once I saw her and the waiter giving each other the eye and dirty looks. I jerked off 3 times at work that day, first time ever! She didn’t get back with her ex but ended up leaving work and met a much older man after. She basically reduced me to a little boy for those few months tho.


Another reader thinks it great to be replaced by toys…

Not my worst story but definitely humiliating/emasculating at first. This girl and I had been talking for awhile. Both super attracted to each other. So the night we finally get together we’re back in her dorm and getting hot and heavy. She works her had down my pants and I feel her lips smile up against mine. She rips my pants off and starts blowing me and I tell her I’m going to to cum but she keeps going until I do. She comes back up and kisses me and cuddles. Eventually, I’m ready to go again and ask if she wants to fuck. She says sure, and I start. After a minute she pushes me off. She pauses until she says, “Look, I want to be honest and this isn’t doing it for me I’m so sorry.”

I’m not sure how to I react and asked what she means and she says I’m not big enough. It’s not my fault it’s her. Anyway I say I feel bad and ask if there’s anything I can do because I want her to cum. She smiles and kissed me and says it would feel better in her ass. Fine by me! Then again after awhile she kind of pushes me away and reached into her drawer and pulls out her dildo and asks if I minded using it on her. I say, of course, and then she pulled out a vibrator and uses it on her clit while I toy her pussy. She tells me to eat her ass so I bury my mouth in her. FINALLY she cums. And ya know what? It ended up being a great time. One of my first sexual experiences more than basic sex. She was fully satisfied and I felt good for making her that way. So yes guys we may not be able to get the job done ourselves but with a little hard work, creativity, and the right girl we can have full sex lives.


This reader gets a thrill exposing his smallness to the neighbor’s wife…

I have a 1 and a half inch nub of a dick. It gets about 4 inches hard at best. I am infatuated with having a small dick, but never get to show it off. I’d like to share an awesome experience I had a few months ago.

So my wife and our neighbors were all out in our backyard drinking and having a fire in the fire pit. Our neighbors are about our age, mid thirties, and we both have kids. So one night we were all drinking pretty heavy since all the kids were in bed. Toward the end of the night my wife was falling asleep in her chair and finally tapped out and went to bed. My neighbor Steve was also fading fast and he also went inside. I made a comment about I guess I’m going inside also, and Angela, my neighbor said the same. Since my wife and Steve left the mess for us to clean up, that’s what we started to do. We put all the chairs away and cleaned up the trash and I said that I need to put out this fire. Angela made a comment, which I think was half joking, but half serious. She said, “Just pee on it.”

I kinda laughed it off and said I do have to pee pretty bad and could probably put the whole thing out. Angela then said, “I bet you can’t,” again half jokingly.

I told her if that’s a dare then you’re on. I then walked up the fire, in an attempt to feel her out and see if she was bluffing. I grabbed my zipper like I was going to pull it down and pee on the fire. Angela said, “Go ahead, I’m waiting. I don’t think you have what it takes to put out that whole fire.”

So I said, “OK, well, here I go, so you might want to turn your head.”

My blood was rushing just at the thought of her seeing my tiny dick. Angela said, “I’m not turning my head, you don’t have anything I’ve never seen.”

Now normally I would try and fluff it up a bit, as I do when getting out of the shower and I’m about to get changed in front of my wife, but this was different. I wanted Angela to see my little dick in all it’s glory. So I undid my jeans and lowered my boxers. I looked right at her as I exposed my little dick to her. She was focused right on it. The feeling was amazing. Out of pity, I guess, she didn’t laugh or saying anything right then. So, as per my plan, I attempted to pee on the fire, but I guess stage fright kicked in. I couldn’t pee. But at the same time I didn’t mind, because Angela was still just staring right at my dick in anticipation.

After a few seconds, Angela said, “C’mon already, I’m waiting.”

I could feel my tiny getting getting hard and the sight of her looking at me. I said, “I’m trying, I guess I have stage fright.”

By now, my dick was sticking straight out, as hard as it could be. All 4 inches. Angela smirked, which was incredibly hot, laughed a bit, and said, “well, you’re not gonna be able to pee now!”

I didn’t know what to do, I shoved my pathetic dick back into my pants and acted as if i was embarrassed. I said, “Well, I tried, you win.”

She said, “Well, maybe next time.”

I got a a pitcher of water and put out fire. We made our way back towards our respected houses and I said, “Hey, maybe we just keep this between us?”

She smiled and said, “Uh, yeah, I think that’d be best for the both of us.”

We’ve since hung out as group and it’s as if nothing ever happened. Although I wish she would have made a comment about how small my dick is, I’m pretty happy with the Scribner. As soon as I had a chance, I jerked off and it was great.


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