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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader meets a man with a monster…

One night we went to the bar . Me my wife a guy that worked for me and his gf . We drank a lot that night and my wife asked him to fuck her he didn’t believe I was ok with it so my wife grabbed his cock he was soft and about 8 inches she was so horny at this point we went to the motel. My wife and his gf took a shower came out naked I was on couch hard as a rock he was on bed in boxers his girl sat in my lap to ride mine but I came instantly hard I’m only 4 inches and only last a couple strokes so that was first part of my humiliation. My wife pulled out his huge soft cock and started sucking him to his full thick 11 inches they kissed then he entered my wife and she let out a good sound cause he wasn’t easy with her all she could say was honey he’s huge he’s all the way in my stomach.

His girl told me you know he owns her pussy now. After about 15 minutes she asked him to go easy cause she’s can’t handle his cock it so big he said no you said you wanted to be fucked so I’m fucking you about 15 more minutes of pounding my wife he put his cum in her. She jumped up come put her pussy in my mouth he com so deep in her I didn’t taste it but now they knew and it was humiliating for the next month he didn’t say anything to me but talked to my wife and would shake his cock at her. Now all the people that knew all of us has been told he fucked her and she fed me her creampie right after, that was a great night I loved seeing her full of cocktail.


A hermaphrodites experience…

I know this seems quiet weird , but I have been through it all these years. Though for anyone I look like any other normal boy , but what I have been hiding is that I have very abnormal genitals.

I was raised by step parents and none gave me really convincing explanation for the fact of me not having penis, I pee from my anal opening. Apparently I was born with a defective penis which looked like thumb nail size, which eventually became non operative before I was one year and I was subjected to a surgical operation where doctors rooted my urethra to anal opening due to short length of the urinal tube.

When I realized the difference between my penis and other boys I started hiding my self by avoiding getting undressed in presence of other boys . I stuffed my underwear with other things to make it look like I had penis there.

However as I grew to nineteen the sexual urge over powered and started mixing with girls without letting them to be intimate physically. Once or twice there was a situation where my secret was just to be disclosed, but it stopped at that.

Last summer I visited a beach location in Venezuela and decided to go for all freedom. selecting a location with almost no swimmers I got naked and swam for quite some time . No one noticed me and I was so very happy to be in nature the way I wanted. However at some moment I was not alert about presence of other and was confronted my a group of four girls and at first they laughed and giggled staring at penis less balls. Actually I felt quite humiliated but then I decided not to be effected with their behavior and I continued confronting them boldly without any indication of discomfort. The girls could not resist their curiosity and joined me for swimming and getting into friendly conversation. It ended up in girls exploring my penis less sex and feeling it all over. Initially they did not believe me about my peeing from anal opening; though I could show them how it happens when I had to pee.
I was lucky to meet those girls; they were very curious about my sexual appearance and very friendly.

I am not sure actually what they would have told to their other friends about me after we parted from the vacation beach spot.


This reader thought it was a bet he’d easily win…

Within our large social circle, there is one man who is regularly teased for having a small cock and regales us with stories of some outrageous adventures he has as a gay man. One night, I was staying at his place when he started commenting on my current lack of a sex life, saying I must be suffering from blue balls. He then told me about a bet he often has regarding who has the biggest cock and the smallest has to give the winner a blowjob. He started laughing and said he had lost so many bets he probably gave the best head in town. He dared me to play and, being slightly drunk, I thought a blowjob is a blowjob and I can close my eyes and pretend it’s a woman, so I accepted the bet. I stripped off and was surprised how readily I got hard. I knew I was modestly endowed but he’s notoriously small, so imagine my shock when we just couldn’t decide which of us is bigger! I said it was a draw so neither of us got a blowjob, but he insisted the rules of the game meant the size of our balls decides the winner in this situation. My heart sank as I had already noticed he had a very large pair of balls and mine were tight to my body and small.

Long story short, I gave him my one and only blowjob ever and he would take great delight in telling us all about finally winning his blowjob bet without letting on it was me who he had beat! It always got a laugh and a cheer that story and I had to join in to hide my secret shame


This reader allegedly hangs out with hot young women…

Last week, a friend’s girlfriend abruptly showed up at my home in her car. I was in the middle of a jerk off session, watching porn and wearing a hot pink panty that I had taken from a next door neighbor’s hamper. It belonged to a 24 year old hottie that comes over to hang out sometimes. I am 45 and I have a tiny cock at 4″long when fully hard. My fiancee had recently just left me and has told me that she is now enjoying men with big cocks. I did some research online and I discovered that only a small percentage of men have a cock that is 4 inches and that most women preferred a large cock because orgasms were more intense. Anyway, my friends girlfriend, I’ll call her Tiana, is a short brunette with an amazing body and a beautiful face. She is also 24. She knocked on my door just as I was pulling on a pair of loose running shorts. The shorts is so loose on the sides that it showed everything underneath.

As, Tiana, came in, I saw that she was crying. She said her boyfriend had been beating her. She sat on my couch and I sat opposite of her on an office chair. Just as I sat down I noticed that Tiana had been glancing towards the crotch of my shorts and had a slight smile on her face. I immediately knew she had seen the hot pink panty that I had on. I was embarrassed but acted as if there was nothing wrong. I felt my dick begin to twitch as I remembered stealing one of Tiana’s panties from her hamper. It was a very lacy teal green panty. I began imagining what her reaction would be if I was wearing those when she looked up those shorts.

Coming out of my momentary daydream I began to hear what Tiana was saying, “We can’t be together anymore. The only thing that keeps us together is sex. He always rough fucks me, forcing me to suck his big dick and then he fucks me hard in my ass”.

I said, “Huh. What?”

She looked at me, and said, “Only sex keeps us together”.

I looked at her and said, “He has a big dick? How big”?

She said, “The kind that can keep you satisfied?”

I said, “what does that mean?”

And she said, “About 10 inches.” And then she went on to say, “But there are lot’s of big dicks out there. I have only had maybe two guys with small dicks, maybe 6 inches. But those relationships never lasted long, I eventually cheated on them.”

I was without words for a moment. I asked her, “Do you love him?”

She said, “Yes.”

I looked at her, and said, “If his cock was 4 inches long would you still be with him?”

She laughed, and said, “Oh my God, 4 inches? No way! What girl would stay with a guy who was only 4 inches?” ANd then suddenly, she stopped, glanced towards my crotch, and said, “I mean, I’m sure I could love him….but eventually I’d cheat on him.”

I could tell she was feeling a little uncomfortable, so I said to her, “I guess that explains why Karen left me, I have a small cock.”

She looked at me in the eye, and I began laughing.

I said, “Aww…it’s not that small”.

And she laughed to. She was feeling better. At this point, she told me she left and had no clothes. She asked if my ex had left any new, unused clothing behind. She said she needed bras and panties too. I looked at her and said, “Err… Yes, there’s some clothing that would fit you.”

I went into the room and got a couple of jeans, a couple of dresses and discovered that there weren’t any bras and panties. The only panties that I did have were ones that I had taken from other girls and used them to jack off in. Many were like new condition. I grabbed a few thongs that were very sexy and lacy and put them in the clothes pile. I gathered them up and brought them to her. Tiana looked through them and selected three pairs of the most sexy lace thongs and began holding them up to her waist. I was beginning to get hard in the pink panties and I could feel my precum soaking the front of the panties. I realized that two of the panties she had chosen I had just recently worn. The thought of her beautiful pussy rubbing up against those sexy panties right where my 4 inch dick had been made me light headed.

After making her selection we sat and talked for awhile. She talked a lot about sex and how a big cock was so different from a little one. At the end of our time together I had gave in and showed her a pic of my hard cock. It was a short vid clip of my ex stroking my 4 incher. When Tiana saw it, her first reaction was to giggle. She looked at my 4 incher and then just said, “Wow. You’re crazy.”

After that she had to leave. We said our goodbyes and she left with panties and clothes in hand. Needless to say, I went to my panty collection, found her panty and jacked off with them imagining her taking a 10 inch cock up her ass. I came so hard!


This reader claims his wife surprised him…

I was lying on the sun lounger in our garden wearing a tiny white thong my wife insisted I wore. It had the smallest pouch imaginable and was a perfect fit although it made it very obvious exactly how all I am, My wife came out in a one piece costume, a sarong covering her from the waist down and was accompanied by her friend from work and her husband – she had set me up for a “surprise” again!

“Sorry darling, I meant to tell you Gill and Dave are here for a BBQ and a drink!”

I stood up, shook hands and said I best get dressed, fully aware they were both staring at my ridiculously small costume and smirking. “Don’t be daft! It’s a gorgeous day,” My wife said. “We can all get a sun tan while we relax – you two don’t mind wearing our spare costumes do you? They’re freshly laundered.”

They both seemed very keen on the idea and went inside whilst I started preparing the BBQ. When they came back out I had my back to them and was greeted by “nice buns” as my practically bare rear was on display. I turned round to see three smiling faces. My wife and Gill were both in one piece costumes revealing two sets of gorgeous legs and both had ample bosoms on display. Dave, however, had a towel around his waist. I asked why the towel and both women burst out laughing and said there was a technical problem with his costume…they then went on to explain he could not squeeze himself into my Speedo’s, and finished with, “Show him Dave!”

Dave then removed the towel and had a massive pair of balls over spilling from the pouch and a fat six inch flaccid penis that he hadn’t even attempted to fit in! Both women were in hysterics when Dave asked, “Just how bloody small are you?”

It was then agreed Dave couldn’t stay like that and as there were no other costumes available he should go naked – and me too so he didn’t feel awkward! I knew Resistance was futile and reluctantly removed my thong to squeals of laughter as my retracted balls and two inch skinny softy were put on show. I then had to endure hours of Cumberland sausage/chipolata jokes from the women and Dave lapping up the admiration for his massive package. After a few hours drinking we were all relaxed and had had a great time but the finale was a measurement – Dave was measured by my wife and came in at 8.25 inches long, 6 inch girth and “a pair of tangerines”, while Gill measured me at 4.5 inches long and 4.7 inch girth and a “pair of marbles”. Apart from the measuring, there was no sex and I must admit we had had a fun day so my wife, as usual, was forgiven


This reader reveals an accidental flash goes awry…

So I gotta start this off simple. I’m six feet -185 lbs blonde white guy. My girlfriend is gorgeous with a great body. Our sex life had been good – she never complains about anything. But I always felt like I had a very small dick and I could never last long enough to satisfy her. So even though she never complained I was always self conscious. One day, after I had a little too much to drink I asked her about the size of the guy she dated before me. I essentially begged her to tell me the truth, but she only wanted to know why. Eventually I got her to tell, me she said it was dark and she couldn’t tell. And that it was her first time and she didn’t enjoy it because it hurt. They only did it that once and that was the only thing they did sexually.
I took her word for it and just assumed that was that.

Now fast forward two and a half years. We decided to get our own place to live. We had talked about getting married. We were in love.
We had a house warming party after living together for a month, we invited several close friends and others that had grown distant over time. There was good food , Kayla (my girlfriend not real name) is an amazing cook. The drinks were flowing and every one was having a good time. The later it got the more fun we had catching up with old friends. Hearing some of my single friend’s “war stories” was hilarious. Especially my best friend drew.

Actually, for the first time in a long time, he had been seeing a girl for more than a week and apparently she was going to be picking him up tonight. When most people were gone and the rest were leaving Drew was still talking to me and Kayla. Making us laugh, asking if we could take another shot, bragging about his pretty young girlfriend and his great sex life. When Drew’s girlfriend Caitlin finally showed up she did so in a taxi… which was unexpected. She had lost her phone at work, her car had broken down and there was a car wreck on the highway towards their neck of the woods that had traffic badly backed up. I think there was a concert in the area that night.

Kayla asked if they wanted to stay the night since the rest of us were pretty drunk at this point and Caitlin jumped at the idea of having a drink after her shitty day and avoiding a very long drive home. When we got inside we immediately made her a drink introduced ourselves and told her a little about us and how we were excited to meet someone drew liked. She was a sweet girl, With a dominant personality and a great body.

A couple hours had passed and we started to get tired and let the night wind down. We had a spare room next to ours that had a bed and we joked with them a little about not being too loud. just before shutting the door drew said one more shot and a cigarette before bed and somehow we all agreed. Kayla didn’t smoke so she stood outside for a second but went in early , she didn’t tell anyone but she was also going to get them a fan because the room got kind of hot sometimes. Drew went in a minute after to use the restroom and lay down. So me and Caitlin talked for a few minutes and went inside. Right as I opened the door I heard a gasp and Kayla apologizing repeatedly as a door shut.

This was the beginning of the best worst night of my life.

“Everything okay, babe?” I asked as I rounded the corner and she came into view.

I could tell something was wrong. She looked puzzled. She looked up at us and put the fan next to Caitlin and said, “Sorry, I didn’t know Drew was in his room already and I might have scared him when trying to put the fan in there.”

She looked embarrassed but it seemed like a harmless mistake I didn’t get the big deal.

Caitlin replied in an almost confused or skeptical tone, “Ohhh, uhh, it’s fine no need to apologize. I should be thanking you! Thanks for letting us stay here tonight, and crashing your party! Goodnight!”

We went into our room as well and as soon as we got in I grabbed Kayla’s hand “Babe, what’s wrong? You’re acting weird.”

She wasn’t even looking at me, “I opened the door and I think Drew was expecting Caitlin because he was standing there naked… holding his dick, and babe, I’m sorry it was an accident, but I saw everything and I feel terrible!”

I was a little scared because I had always thought I was small. And Drew was always getting laid. He was always more confident around women so, of course, I thought she saw a guy bigger than me. I was jealous, scared, and somehow excited. Maybe just to know she it would be confirmed. I am still unsure.

“He tried to cover, but he couldn’t before I saw everything, and I shut the door as fast as I could,” She blurted out.

Holding it, I thought. More fear and excitement crept into my mind.

“Kayla, it’s fine you see one all the time it’s no big deal.”

She finally looked at me, a strange look in her eye, as we sat on the bed.
“Take your pants off, I wanna play.”

I was so excited I did it immediately. Took off my pants and pulled my boxers off right away and went to kiss her but she stopped me with her hand and so I just stood there a second totally naked before she said

“Tim, his dick is huge compared to yours. I’d never seen anything like it. It’s at least 3 times bigger than yours and he wasn’t even hard yet. I’m sorry, babe, but it’d be like if you saw the perfect pair of tits on accident. You would be curious. I don’t wanna be harsh or mean but the reason I’m acting weird is that the second I saw it I was curious. I felt guilt. Not like I don’t love you, but there’s nothing you can do about your size and I just didn’t know they could be that big, so I just had a moment of weakness and I wondered what it would feel like. I’m so sorry, babe ”

I was dumb founded, shocked, and somehow hard as a rock. In that moment, there was a knock at the door. She told me to shut up. And we scrambled to the door. I had basically just thrown on gym shorts that were on my dresser and my erection had long since died in the panic. I hadn’t even had time to process.

It was Caitlin. Arms crossed and clearly angry. “You saw Drew naked. when you told me you were sorry, it didn’t make sense to me. You liked it didn’t you?”

“Oh my gosh no! I’m so sorry, it was an accident and I felt embarrassed!”

Caitlin unfolds her arms. I’m hiding mostly behind the door and I hear her say, “Would you like if it I saw Tim naked?”

Kayla just laughed and opened the door the rest of the way. “Fine,” she directed another strange gaze my way. “Show her.”

“What?! Have you lost it?” I basically whisper shout at her.

“No, Tim. She’s right it’s not fair. Just do it, we’re adults.”

But before I could say anything she just reached down and pulled the top of my shorts open and down knowing I didn’t have underwear on. I moved to cover myself but it was too late. I could see the shock in Caitlin’s face. She was clearly trying not to laugh.

“You’re right, it’s not fair. I feel better now, thank you.” Caitlin said with a hmph in her tone.

And as she turned around she said the last thing I want to hear after the conversation Kayla and I were having and in such a provocative voice, “You can join us, if you’d like, I think you need it.”


One readers wife finally admits the truth…

The wife and I hung out naked all evening last night, and she finally acknowledged my penis is small. It was a great evening of open honesty. She asked me questions about why I like being teased and didn’t hold back on her honest comments, telling me that she has only been with one person smaller. When I told her about being embarrassed in gym lockers and never seeing anyone my size at them, she said, “People with dicks your size aren’t gonna show it.”

She would watch me get hard when she was making comments about my size and would laugh at me some more. She made comments on my complete lack of bulge in a swimsuit, how she sometimes wished it was bigger when we fucked and that she was shocked I slept with so many girls in college. The best parts of the evening were when she used my dick to rub her clit while she fucked herself with a big vibrator and when we were making out and she suddenly stopped and excitedly said, “I have seen a dick smaller than yours!” and then proceeded to tell me about the guy, but she said she never fucked him.


This reader has an SPH holiday to remember…

I was on vacation with friends and we met 3 amazing Australian girls. They were really easy going and friendly and each one of us (we were 3) decided to try to hit on one of them. My girl was a hot brunette with sexy glasses and very tan. She had an amazing personality and she was very open in talking about sex. It was our last night of vacation and we went to a club near the beach where I managed to kiss her (also my friends managed to kiss theirs, so it was perfect). We left the 6 of us at 5 am and we went to the beach to chill.

At one moment, my girl said, “Why don’t we skinny dip?”

Everybody cheers and in few minutes everyone is naked in the sea. I was a little bit reluctant and my girl said me, “come on, don’t be shy, I’ve seen a lot of small dicks in my life, you won’t be the first one”.

I took courage and I pulled down my pants, revealing my little dick (2 inches flaccid, maybe even less since I was so nervous). She just grinned and she said, “It’s OK, you have to go proud of your pee-pee”.

It was just so exciting to be naked in front of a hot girl who was commenting my size.

Then we kissed in the sea and I asked her, “Have you really seen penises smaller than mine?”

“I don’t know, I have to see it erect,” she said.

We went to her room and she started sucking me until I reached my erect 4 inches and she said, “Yes, I think you are the smallest I’ve ever seen it’s so easy to deep throat you.”

Then she started fucking me and she commented on the fact that the condom looked loose and she said, “Now I’m going to make your little cock disappear inside me.”

She started riding me. I cum after 2 minutes and she said a little bit pissed, “OK, now it’s time for you to compensate your lack of girth, length and resistance,” and she gently invited me to lick her pussy.

I confessed her that it was exciting for me to be humiliated for my little cock and she said me that also her ex bf had a small cock and was like that. She teased me a lot and then she took a photo of my little dick as a memory.


This reader wanted to be in the size diary…

I had been chatting a stunning woman up all night. We were really getting along well and I had took her back to her home and let the taxi go I was so confident I would be spending the night. We were chatting outside and I asked if I could come in for “a nightcap” when she said I was a lovely bloke, she had really enjoyed the night but I wasn’t her type. This really surprised me so I asked what her type was. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I like a man with a long fat cock and large low hanging balls and you’ve got none of them!”

I was shocked and my stomach was churning as she went on to explain she knew Veronica, my ex-girlfriend, and she had told her the reason we split up was she got bored with my little dick. I was shell shocked, she could tell and took pity on me and invited me in to talk. During the conversation she admitted to being a size queen and even keeping a diary of all her lovers’ dick sizes. A combination of the drink, a surprising thrill from what was happening and being horny led me to suggesting I should be added to her list.

At first she wasn’t interested, but I convinced her that what makes the list interesting has to be the differences in sizes and the bigger the difference between biggest and smallest, the better the list becomes. This did did the trick and we both ended up naked, fooling around with each other. She was openly laughing at my cock and balls and the fact I was shaved and kept calling me Baby Dick and eventually measured me at 4.3 inches long and 4.5 inches girth which was even smaller than my ex had told her.

She added me to the diary and took great delight in showing me the other sizes. The longest was 9.25 Inches and the fattest was exactly a 7 inch girth! This seemed to get us both horny and we had an amazing 69 oral sex session and we have remained friends despite her always telling everyone that I am the smallest dick on her diary


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