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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is dreaming of his appointment…

My(35m) wife(30f) recently attended her first dermatology appointment last week. We live in Florida and are both starting to worry about our skin due to sun exposure. She suggested I go, as well, to the same doctor. The wife said the doctor was a nice, young, hot redhead. She also has a young assistant who helped with the appointment. The wife said it was weird being naked and having these women look at every inch of her body. All I can think about is the look on the doctor’s face when I take my pants off and pull out my little nub. Hope the same assistant is there. I might get some great reactions, and down the road, I could have my wife make some comments during her next visit about my size. I’ve been horny thinking about this.


Another reader had a bigger dick when he was young, but now it’s small…

I have had an SPH kink since my now fiance admitted I’m the smallest he has ever dated and one of the smallest he has hooked up with, which shows even tops are size queens. Im 30M, short and chubby, with a hard silver member little dick on a good day. But the other day, I was sexting with a hot guy into making chub guys gain weight. Not really my thing, but he was also into SPH, so we were having fun. He points out how my little dick will get even smaller if he makes me fatter. This makes me think about how I was a skinny twink in high school and college. I thought I was average back then, but not hung.

I mentioned this to the guy, who asked if I had any pics. And I tell him that, sadly lost all my nude pics from that far back. But it later occurred to me that I still keep in touch with one friend who benefits from college. So I asked if they still had any of my nudes back then. Which they do and then send them to me. After I got over how skinny I was and wished I was that skinny again, I spent much time jerking off to how much bigger my dick was. As I have said, my fiance is a bit of a size queen. While they still claim to find me attractive, my feelings make me think they were way more turned on by my body and dick when we first met.

I was skinnier, even though I was still heavier than in the nude pics my friend sent me when I first met my fiance. Anyway, I tell my fiance that I got these pics of my nudes from before we first met by almost three years, and he asks me to send them to him to see them. That night as he had my little dick locked in a chastity cage, he laid there jerking off to pics of me nude for the first time in I don’t know how long.

He moaned about how big I was back then compared to now. He then told me to my face that if I lost weight. My dick got bigger, he would not keep me locked in chastity because the only reason he did not play with my dick was because of how small it was, and if it were bigger, he would want to play with it again. Instead, he has locked me in nearly permanent chastity because I have a tiny useless dick.


Meanwhile, this reader enjoys his cuckold marriage…

My wife and I talked about our sex life once, her recent partners, and everything encompassing that. I asked her what we’ve done that turns her on, compared to her just doing it because she knows I’m turned on. One was SPH, telling me how much better and bigger these other guys were, how much my dick didn’t satisfy her, etc.

She said that didn’t turn her on, but she loved being honest with me. She loved that she didn’t have to lie, fake it, and hide that my dick didn’t satisfy her and that she needed something bigger. She loved that she could fuck other guys or fantasize about them without feeling guilty and loved how desperately horny I got.

I was so turned on after that conversation! After our conversation, she got her vibrator out, and I fucked her with the dildo until she came three times. Then, we went to bed. The last time she and I had PIV sex was last Tuesday after she had met up with a guy and fucked. That was probably the sixth time this year that she and I had PIV sex. Since we took the plunge into cuckolding, she’s had sex six times with two different guys. Both are over twice my size.


While this reader is embarrassed in the showers…

I went on a family holiday, and my daughter asked if her boyfriend could come too. While there, we went to a water park, and once we were done, I went with him to get changed in the men’s changing rooms. We went to the showers, and everyone else was naked, so we stripped off. I handed him some body wash and noticed his cock. I couldn’t help but stare at it. It was around 5 inches soft (I’m 1.5 inches soft and a silver member hard). He noticed me staring at his big floppy cock. He looked at my small dick sitting on my balls like a turtle head, and his eyes bulged. Then he chuckled. Then he asked me if the water was cold. It was so humiliating.


This reader is suspicious of an ex…

My ex and her friend went away on a girls’ night out one weekend. My ex explained how, on that night, her friend ended up hooking up with a guy from the club. And that, as they shared a room, she watched them have sex. She saw everything, even to telling me he had a huge cock and that they fucked for over an hour. My ex had often commented on my small size and premature ejaculation problem. Now I wonder if she joined in that night. She always said she didn’t. Still, she and her friend often laughed and smirked when the topic was brought up, so I always expected that something happened that night she was not telling me.


Another reader gets inspected…

I (24M) was in senior year, gym class, sitting on the bleachers Indian style, talking to a friend’s girlfriend, when she said, “Look at that.”

I turned around and tried to get a look over my shoulder at what she was talking about when I felt an off sensation. She had reached over and gently pulled up the crotch of my very short gym shorts and was staring right at my penis. I didn’t even move. I just looked at her, her eyes just frozen. Then I remembered that day, for whatever reason, I had not worn underwear.

But before I could say anything, she said, slowly and without much fanfare, “You…don’t have a DICK.”

I said, “Huh?”

She gently, very openly, just pulled the leg of my shorts open even wider, exposing my entire package. It was so wide that anyone could have seen it, but thankfully, nobody was around. I can still see her pretty blue eyes, expressionless face, staring at my tiny dick and balls.


Meanwhile, this reader is asked if he is transitioning…

My partner likes me completely bare, so I started waxing instead of shaving a few months ago. I went in for my fourth appointment with a new person this morning. For those who don’t know, you are on a table with just a t-shirt on, your legs in a butterfly position, so everything is on display. As I’m getting undressed and on the table, the waxer has her back to me getting the wax ready.

We’re chit-chatting and introducing each other. I’m in position and at the table, and she asks me, “So, what’s your story?” As she turns around. She sees me for the first time, on full display, and she asks, “Oh, are you transitioning?”

I paused for a long time and then just told her how I was moving, blah blah blah. But I can’t figure out what she meant by transitioning. I know what I think she meant. Maybe that’s because I’m always focused on my small dick size. Or maybe there’s another rational explanation for what she meant by that question. But was she asking me if I was transitioning gender-wise because of my small size? For context, I’m generally about 1.5” soft, but the little guy knew pain was on the way, and he was even smaller than that back then.


While this reader masturbates with a friend…

Recently, I moved to a new city for a college I got into, and I’ve been meeting types of people I never thought I’d meet. I met a cool guy (no homo, he’s just chill), and we’ve been hanging out and stuff at my place of his. He’s pretty open. He doesn’t mind talking about his sex life or sexual topics, and yesterday, we were hanging out. We talked about our sex life (he’s pretty active right now). I haven’t gotten laid since I moved here, and we started reminiscing and talking about our experiences.

After a while, he told me a hot story about a hook-up. He mentioned that he had gotten horny. Jokingly, I suggested, “Me too, hah, we should jerk off together.”

He laughed, and so did I. He asked if I was serious. I got nervous, so I said, “Whatever.”

He told me he wouldn’t mind, and I told him I didn’t either. He then said if I was serious, I should put a porn video or something cause he’d go for it. I turned on the TV and broadcasted from my phone the first video that popped up.

He looked at me, laughed, and dropped his pants. He was soft, and so did I. I was semi-hard. If I had to guess, he was around 4 inches soft, while my semi was a lot less. We started stroking, he was focused on the video, but I would steal a glance now and then at his cock. He got completely hard, maybe around seven inches. He was also thick and was recently shaven, while I have a silver member boner, thin, and the pubes made it look even smaller.

When he finally noticed it, he laughed and said, “Man, do you have a small dick? No way.”

That made me even harder. I didn’t reply. I came two minutes into the video. He did after ten minutes, but he didn’t comment on that. Just chuckled when I moaned while cumming.

After we were done, I turned the TV off. While I was pulling my pants up, he asked me, “Can you even make a woman cum with that tiny dick?”

I could have lied and told him I did, but I looked down and said, “No, not really. I have to eat them out to make them cum.”

He didn’t say anything else. We pretended nothing happened until he had to go, and we haven’t mentioned it again.


This reader’s wife is turned on way more by a BBC dildo than he thought possible…

I’ve been aware of my cuck fantasy ever since I somehow stole my wife away from her High School sweetheart, who was, at the time, a starting Running Back at a large State University. I’m not sure if that situation started it or added to it. He was ripped from head to toe. On the other hand, I was a pretty slender and career-focused geek. I was super social but never excelled at sports or worked out enough to get buff or ripped. I remember hearing when we got engaged that her mom (a young widow) and aunt were surprised she was marrying me as they always thought she would end up with some ‘major hunk.’ I think those were their exact words. 😅

My wife grew up pretty religious and is super straight-edged regarding sexual things. She had never had vaginal sex until we were married (I can confirm it was true). It was a pretty big learning experience for both of us. She doesn’t watch porn or even shows/movies with nudity. The sex has always been great but pretty traditional. She’s never been one to go beyond what she thinks is traditional – which didn’t even include oral in the early days. I’ve never heard her talk sexually about anyone or anything besides me. I’ve tried little hints at things, and they don’t stick. She tried random toys but

We recently went on a little getaway for my birthday. For this birthday, I ordered a ‘sex toy mystery box.’ I knew it was the only way she might be open to some things. If I bought things directly, she might find it weird. The box had handcuffs, random little toys, cheap cock sleeves, cock rings. But then, in a separate box, it came with a super realistic BBC dildo.. like one with the right color, texture, etc., because it was this mystery box, we laughed.

I joked, “Oh! That’s why they say when you go black, you never go back!”

She was like, “It’s huge!”

I held it up to my cock, which, in comparison, was pathetic. It was really hot for me. Our birthday getaway plan was to hang out at the pool and have lots of sex. It was raining, and we had just opened the box.

She said, “It’s your birthday, what do you want?”

She suggested she get one of the toys and start playing with herself because she knows I get turned on when she sometimes touches herself when we are messing around. She went for the BBC dildo! She got into it right away. Started rubbing the head on her clit. I wanted my face right there by it as she tried to turn me on. Well, she started getting so wet. She then inserted it into herself. I couldn’t believe it was fitting as she sometimes is too tight for my bronze member hard-on.

She soon had it in ALL the way. She was thrusting it in and out. She was having me do it. She was getting into all kinds of positions we never do as she always thought it felt weird, so we’d stop. To turn me on, she told me how good it felt and how it was filling up her entire vagina. She would ask me if I could see it going in and out and if I liked it. She had me going crazy on her clit with my tongue while she continued to have the black cock fuck her. She has sometimes made little noises during sex, but this time, she was moaning and then even little screams that were so loud. Her entire body was like convulsing.

I eventually took the BBC dildo out of her and started fucking her myself. She kept telling me to do it harder (she’s never done that) and asking me to move my dick around. We finished. I was almost shaking because I was so turned on. She might feel guilty but said, “That was amazing!”

We instantly started going at it again! Did the same routine.

I now had the chance to start saying things to her, like seeing her turned on turned me on. Not being in her was like a tease that turned me on, just like when I tease her during oral (I have a great tongue).

As we continued to have lots of sex that weekend, she would automatically start with the BBC dildo each time. I didn’t tell her to as I didn’t want to push it, but she chose it, which was hot. I was able to start talking with her and sharing more and more. I would ask how it feels and say, “You deserve the best,” and “You are so damn hot.”

I would tell her how it was hot for her to choose the dildo over me, so I’d jump in early and start fucking her and ask if she wanted me or the big one.. she would say the big one. It eventually evolved to her doing it alone. She would tell me I was too small and wanted the big one in her. She would want me to lick her clit instead of fuck her.

I’ve been able to talk to her even more since I realized I got turned on by being submissive. I thought it was probably because I’m in charge of many things and people in my real life, so that might add to this fantasy. I also planted the seed of naming the dildo when packing up.

“What are we going to do with Tyrone? Throw him away or bring him?”

She smirked and half rolled her eyes but insisted we bring it home. Yesterday morning, we had the house to ourselves and had planned to mess around. We got in the bedroom, and she went straight for the suitcase and got out the black cock. We did the new routine. I jumped in early to start fucking her. She told me I was too small and to put the big one back in her. It felt so sincere and real, and I think it was.

Afterward, she told me, “I think we found our thing!”

I told her I’d find a safe place to put Tyrone. She half smiled at me.

So, where do I go from here? I’ve seen a total transformation of her sexual appetite in less than a week. I’ve gone from thinking I’ve seen her orgasm before.. to seeing 3-4 unquestionable solid and super intense orgasms each time. She is loving it! She keeps being open to my advances and evolution of things. I don’t want to mess it up or scare her off, but I’m convinced she would love to cuck me with a real cock. I’ve never been so horny in my life. 🥵

I never thought I had a chance at this fantasy or even a chance to role-play it, so this is already super exciting for me. I’m pretty confident she’s never thought about bigger cocks, as she’s often thought mine was too big. I guess she wasn’t ever as turned on as she could be. I know she is thinking about them now!


Another reader has a fun night out…

My wife told me she would tell her best friend about my tiny dick. I didn’t believe her until we were all hanging out at our house recently. We had a party, and it was just the three of us after everyone left. My wife looked at me and, out loud in front of her best friend, said, “She knows.”

I played dumb, and her best friend said, “She told me about your tiny dick, so let’s see it.”

I was shocked but so turned on. I hesitated, but my wife told me to show them. I stripped down to show them, and when my silver-member boner popped out, her best friend laughed hysterically. She said, “Aw, it’s so tiny and cute.”

I was rock hard. My wife told me to start stroking it with two fingers. I stroked to completion while they sat there watching and humiliated me. My wife’s best friend constantly comments to me about it, and we’ve had a similar experience several times.

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