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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets to feel what it’s like to be the bull…

I like to share my girlfriend with other men. We have done this since quite early in our relationship. Until recently, she was with seven other men while we were together. I like to watch her too. My dick is average-sized but thick, but it’s enough to get her off. However, I love seeing her stretched and struggling to take a huge cock. The other guys she fucked during our relationship were always much bigger than me. They often made me feel small with their porn star cocks.

One night we went to a bar to drink and meet friends. While I was in the queue to get us drinks, a guy started to speak to her. He was good-looking, even taller than me, and ripped. He wore a tight shirt that looked like it could rip if he flexed his muscles.

Before I got back, they hugged, and he went away. My girlfriend told me that it was someone she had known for a long time and that they almost dated shortly before we got together. He lives in a different city now and was just back in his hometown for a visit.

I thought nothing would happen with him since we usually don’t find guys in the places we frequently visit. She often had another man on holiday in a different city or country. So we just continued drinking and talking to our friends until most of them went home. My girlfriend was a bit drunk already when it was just the two of us sitting outside, deciding to finish our drinks and head home.

We could see inside the bench where this guy was standing, talking to the barkeeper. My girlfriend told me she still thinks he is hot and started caressing my thigh. I suggest she invite him outside to hang with us for our last drink. We look at each other briefly, and both know where this could be going if he is interested too.

So she went inside, talked to him, and motioned outside to where I was still sitting, then she returned with him. She introduced us to each other, and we talked briefly about the usual stuff. My girlfriend got flirtier and flirtier with him, and I noticed he thought it weird that she acted like this while I was right next to them. When all our glasses were empty, she placed her hand on his thigh, caressed it, getting pretty close to his crotch, and asked him if he wanted to come to our place.

He looked at me, I smiled and nodded at him, and that was when he realized that I was okay with all of this and that he could fuck her tonight. When we arrived home, she excused herself, and it just was me and him for a few minutes. I told him we had done this before and that he did not have to hold himself back because of me.

When my girlfriend returned, she had changed to just a white but very transparent night dress, a white lace thong, white stockings, and the high heels she had worn before. She looked super hot, and he could not take his eyes off her. She went to him, helped him take off his shirt, and guided him to the couch, where he sat down while she knelt. I sat in the armchair from where I had a good view of the show.

They kissed shortly before she went further down with her mouth while admiring his impressive body. Then she unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans and underwear simultaneously while he got up to help her.

His dick was rock hard but tiny. This beast of a man was a silver member of the small dick club. I was shocked and held back a laugh. I was twice his size.

My girlfriend did not react to its size in any way, but later, she told me she was as surprised as I was. She was still super horny and started to suck him. She had no problem at all deepthroating him. And he enjoyed it a lot. She gave a very sloppy and slutty blowjob spitting on it, sucking his decent-sized balls, jerking him off with her spit, and talking dirty to him. He moaned a lot.

Then she stopped and stood up. She bent over, facing me, and pulled down her thong, her round ass facing him. While bent over, she smiled at me and told me to get some condoms. I went to the bedroom to get some, and when I returned, she was on her knees again, sucking his tiny dick. Her ass was in the air and looked so good, barely covered by the nightdress, and her pussy was incredibly wet. A string of her juice leaked from it down to the floor.

She noticed I was back and took the condoms out of my hand. Then she unwrapped it and pulled it over his dick. She looked at it and giggled. “It’s so so loose, baby,” she said to me while jerking his tiny dick, the condom not gripping it at all. “Can we do it raw?” she asked the both of us.

I was okay with it, and he was too horny even to think, so she took the tip of the condom and pulled it off with ease.

Then she climbed over him and sat down on his little dick. It went inside very easily because of its size and because she was so wet. She started to ride, but he moaned, grabbed her, and twitched before she could even go hard on him. He came inside her after like ten seconds. She continued moving for a bit before she stood up. His cum was a lot. It flowed from her pussy, down on his legs and the couch. She kissed him, looked at me, and told me she needed me now.

I fucked her hard for the next thirty minutes while he was watching and slowly getting hard again. When he was ready for the second round, we spit-roasted her, and after like two minutes sucking him while I pounded her from behind, he came again. I then came on her ass. Being that much bigger than him and fucking her so much better was a nice feeling. Usually, I was the cuck when she was with another guy, but the whole dynamic changed this time.

He slept at our place this morning, and we had sex again. He could last much longer this time, and his little dick even had its benefits because he could easily put it in her butt, which I could only do after much preparation and lube.


Another reader has an understanding girlfriend…

My girlfriend and I were getting ready to have sex, and she was very comfortable with my small penis and SPH fetish. She’s wonderful, and despite my many shortcomings in the bedroom, we have an amazing sex life based solely on our mutual love getting each other off.

All this is to say she genuinely, without a thought or intention of humiliation, initiated our foreplay by pinching my penis between her middle and ring finger and went up and down my shaft with the rest of her hand fanned palm side down. I was immediately extremely aroused and beat red in the face and couldn’t help but laugh, saying, “Don’t do it like that. It’s so demeaning.”

She immediately realized what she was doing, started laughing hard, and leaned into the SPH aspect. She said, “It’s easier this way with a dick as small as yours. It’s not like I can fit my whole hand around it. Not your little pee-pee.”

I got her going with my fingers. At the same time, she intermittently laughed again between moans when my girl remembered she was stroking me like she was holding a cigarette. I was so emasculated and turned on that I had to enter her and, to confess a second shortcoming, came within seconds, causing more laughter and glee from my partner. I did my part to reciprocate and got her off several times after that with my mouth.


Meanwhile, this reader gets no cheers for his pee-pee…

In my senior year of high school, I had a crush on a girl from the cheer team (we were both 18 when this happened). We had been good friends for a long time, but I started developing feelings for her, and for a time, it seemed she was too. One night she cuddled up next to me and started holding my hand. After a few minutes, she said, “I never realized how small your hands are. You know what they say about guys with small hands, right?”

In my mind, I was shocked but outwardly tried to play dumb and said, “No, what do they say about that?”

She looked me in the eye and said, “Usually, it means the guy has a small penis.”

I chuckled and said something stupid, and she asked me how long it was. I gave what I thought was an accurate representation of its length with my fingers (Silver member), and she went silent. That night after she left, she texted me and said she couldn’t be with someone that small.

At the time, I was extremely humiliated and felt humiliated anytime we spoke after, to the point that I avoided her at all costs to where we never spoke. Years later, I have found much joy in that humiliation and masturbate my tiny weenie to it often.


While this reader has a date, he’ll never forget…

This happened during my senior year of high school. I knew this girl in my class, and we were always flirty. She was on the thicker side for a cheerleader but had the confidence of the sexiest ones. I had not had much experience sexually before this. It was the night before the season’s first game, and she and her boyfriend just broke up. We were chatting back and forth, and she talked about how sad she was and seeing me would cheer her up.

We decided to meet in an apartment complex parking lot. Once we got there, I got into the back seat of her SUV, and we started chatting, which turned to flirting, which quickly turned to making out. My penis was already testing throbbing. Next, she asked if I wanted to see her boobs and slowly opened her shirt to reveal them, looked at me, and said, “Are they the biggest you’ve ever seen?”

They were, and I couldn’t lie. I began sucking on them immediately, and my penis only grew harder. I looked at her and said, “Want to see what I’m hiding?” She agreed, and I pulled down my pants, looked at her, and said, “Is this the biggest you’ve ever seen?”

Now using her line against her, she chuckled and said, “I mean, it’s nice, but it’s not the biggest I’ve seen.” She grabbed it and continued, “It’s different. It’s wide but not that long.”

I blushed as I had not discovered my love for SPH yet, and she sensed and said, “It’s nice!”

I asked if she would blow me, and she said she wanted to but had to leave to meet curfew in a few minutes and knew her ex took 10-15 minutes to cum. “Please, I will be quick, I promise,” I begged, but I couldn’t have known how true that statement was. She agreed and licked my head. From there, she put my penis in her mouth, going up and down twice before I moaned, “That’s amazing. I’m going to cum.”

She giggled, thinking I was joking about her need to be quick, and looked up and said, “Very funny. Now quiet down so we can make curfew.”

As she said, I started shooting cum straight up, my orgasm ruined by my admission.

She burst out laughing, “Oh my God! You weren’t lying. I didn’t know it could happen that fast! I barely touched you.”

“I’m sorry!” I pleaded. “You told me to be quick. I normally last as long as your ex.”

She laughed. “My ex wouldn’t even be hard yet.” She looked down at my soft dick, “But maybe little dicks…” she caught herself. “Um, average ones go quicker.”

I spent the next two minutes before she had to leave, begging her not to tell anyone.


This reader’s wife kills the mood…

My wife occasionally engages in small penis humiliation, usually at my encouragement. Still, sometimes she says something on her own out of the blue, and it cuts too deep.

She was in the bathroom doing her makeup in a short untied robe. I walked by, and her amazing tits were slightly exposed. I could see her ass peeking below the silk, with the rest of the fabric clinging to the curves of her body (my wife looks a lot like slightly tighter Christina Hendricks).

I was instantly hard and very horny. I walked in, stood behind her, slowly lifted the bottom of her robe, pressed against her, and whispered, “I need to be in you right now—you look incredible.”

“Okay,” she said.

I pulled my shorts down and slid into her. She was still half doing her makeup.

After just a few fast hard thrusts, she said, “Why don’t we slow down and go to the bedroom?”

I said, “No, I want to fuck you hard right here until we both explode!”

She said, “I think it will be better for both of us if we go to bed. I like how into it you are, but you don’t have a ‘fucking-type cock.’ You’ve got a cuddle and make love dickie; neither my clit or pussy is going to get much this way.”


Another female reader gets a kick out of SPH…

I’m very into SPH, and sometimes when I take a guy home, I enjoy making it a part of our encounters. I recently met a guy online, and things were going well, so I invited him to my place for fun. He went down on me as I expected, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I stopped him and opened my nightstand to show him the collection of dildos I keep there.

“I want you to use a toy on me while you eat me out,” I said, and I grabbed my big 9” favorite.

When I handed it to him, his eyes widened, and his hand almost seemed to sink under the weight. When I came twice, I invited him to take his pants off. He seemed hesitant, but I reached for his fly. When they were off, I could tell that he couldn’t compare to the dildo on the bed next to us.

“Underwear, too,” I said, and he removed his boxers to show me a penis that wasn’t even half as big as my toy. “On second thought, you can just keep eating me out. With the dildo.”

Embarrassed as he was, I knew he would enjoy hearing what real pleasure felt like.


Meanwhile, this reader is examined in the ER…

In my early 20s, I had to visit the local emergency room before I developed a fondness for SPH. I was headed out to dinner with friends when my right testicle started to hurt. Kind of like someone kicked me but constant. As the night went on, the pain gradually got worse. I did feel down there. It only felt tender to the touch. I decided to head to the ER at my parent’s suggestion, as they mentioned it could be serious. The nurse asks me to remove my pants and put on a gown. I do so and wait for the ER doctor to arrive.

I had assumed up to this point that the doctor was a man, but nope, this young attractive doctor walks in walks. She asks me what’s happening, and I explain the night’s events. She says, “Well, is it okay if I take a look?”

Now mind you, up to this point, I haven’t even bothered to look at what’s going on down there. The first glimpse of my junk was when the doctor asked me to look at it and pulled up my gown. The doctor pulls up my gown, and I can see the shock in her eyes as she sees my very swollen scrotum and only a tiny piece of the head of my penis. I look down to see what is so shocking to her and realize I’m barely registering on a ruler.

At this point, the nurse walks back in, equally shocked at the lack of a visible penis. They keep giving each other these looks that can only be described as ‘Look how pathetic his penis is.’ She ordered an ultrasound to see what was going on down there.

I was sent off and met with a middle-aged woman who conducted my ultrasound. She covered me up and didn’t react like the nurse or doctor did. As she scanned my scrotum, the towel got pushed off my penis, and she moved it back. This kept happening, and she said, “Guess your little guy doesn’t want to stay covered.”

They found that I had a blockage of sperm that was causing the swelling, and it would resolve with time.

I got dressed, and as I walked out, it felt like all eyes were watching me, like they all knew I had a tiny weeny. This was probably my most humiliating moment regarding my penis size. This has become a permanent fixture in my masturbatory fantasy bank now that SPH is a huge turn-on.


While this reader is outed by a cousin…

Years ago, I was sitting on a porch swing after going swimming. I had my legs spread and my wet trunks on. Sitting opposite me were two cousins, a male and a female. I was not paying attention to them but heard her giggle. He said, “My dick ain’t never been that small, even at birth.”

They continued to discuss my lack of manhood, and I became even more uncomfortable.

Fast forward 20 years later, and I’m on another porch when someone brings up fucking a girl that used to date a guy he knows. The guy asked how that used pussy felt, and he said it felt brand new after the first three inches. Everyone had a great laugh, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the male cousin from all those years ago whisper something into the ear of the guy next to him. The guy then glanced at my crouch. I know he told him about my tiny dick.

It used to bother me, but my SPH kink means I know all the girls there now know how small my clitty is, and that makes me stand rock hard.


Lastly, this reader finds himself a keeper…

When I was a lot younger, my then-girlfriend of two years decided to end our relationship. She got a new job. I was heartbroken. A few months after we broke up, we got back together. She told me she had been dating her boss at her new job.

I asked, “Did you have sex with him?”

She said, “His cock was fucking huge. Way too big for sex. I couldn’t accommodate him in my pussy cos it hurt so much. All I could do was jerk and suck him off,” she said. “I prefer your little dicklette for sex. It doesn’t hurt me.”

The moral of the story is that BIGGER is sometimes better.

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