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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is outed by his mom…

I very much fall into the gold membership when hard. At its coldest (and out of the shower), it seems to look like a cross between a cocktail sausage and a baby gerbil., I have no pubic hair, so I look like I did when I was a toddler. I’d always taken care of changing in private. Although being found out and humiliated excites me, the thought of people knowing is also mildly terrifying. I was finally outed, though, by my mother!

I’d been back home working on various DIY jobs, and on one scorching and sweaty weekend after finishing for the day, I decided a shower was needed. I usually stay in the attic room, which has an en-suite, so I typically have a lot of privacy. I’d taken a cold shower to cool down and lay on my bed to dry off with a pedestal fan. The mixture of cool air and hot temperature caused me to fall into a light sleep. No idea how long I’d been out of it, but my mum awoke me. Confused, I lay there not moving while my mum talked to me.

“Time to get up and come downstairs,” she said. “Your aunts have visited, so I think they’d like to see you.” Then she said, “But, please, put clothes on. They won’t want to see your little willy,” with that, she walked out of the room and went downstairs.

I looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror on the wall, clearly visible that I looked like a baby awaiting a diaper change.

Mortified, I got up and dressed quickly, and made my way downstairs. I’d started sweating and wasn’t sure it was the heat or embarrassment. Probably both. I heard laughter as I made my way into the front room.

Then my aunt asks, “And then what?”

And my mum answered in fits of giggles, “He just lay there naked staring up at me. He is still as small as he was when I last saw him naked! Maybe 5 or 6 years old!”

More laughter and I walked into them suddenly go very quiet but blushed red, clearly holding back more laughter.

My mum broke the silence. “Ah, good you’ve put your little willy away and joined us,” and my two aunts and mum burst out laughing again.

The rest of the afternoon was awkward, but I did use the experience to jerk off too later.


Another reader likes being small…

Hey all, woke up this AM with my little soldier pointing its full silver member hard length upward. Mrs and I chose to get busy. She played with my dick in her hand (it only takes one hand) and told me how I felt smaller than usual. She asked if I liked having a small dick. YES! I love being small! Very VERY happy to be among the smallest! I played with her with my fingers till she screamed for me to put it in. I pushed my little soldier at her vaginal opening, which slid right inside. I pumped for LESS THAN 30 seconds and erupted! Then, as I am getting soft, I feel it starting to slip out. DAMN! I LOVE being SMALL!


Meanwhile, this reader has fun with toys…

I wrote a list of 10 simple dirty things I would like to do with my wife around Christmas, and to my surprise, my wife gave me ten vouchers as a present so I could carry them all out. Last night I got to use one, it was a bit of a blur because of my excitement, but I will try to recap it. My wife told me to strip completely and lay face down on our bed. After a few minutes, she told me I could look, and when I did, she was wearing a red dress that showed pretty much everything. Underneath was a lacey red bra. I could see her nipples and, best of all, a high-waisted black thong.

She covered my entire body in cream and scented oils and massaged me from head to toe. I felt so vulnerable, utterly naked, with my wife in control. She told me to flip over and rubbed everything except my penis to tease me. I heard her moving around, and eventually, she told me to open my eyes. To my shock and excitement, she was stripped down to just her thong and had her eight or nine-inch dildo in her hand and the biggest grin.

She told me I could use my voucher, stuck her dildo to the wall, and then proceeded to slowly fuck it in doggy. To get more comfortable, she stuck it to the ground, knelt over it, and slowly dropped down on it, taking the whole length. I could hear how wet she was as it pushed in, and she let out a slight gasp. I haven’t a patch on the dildo’s size, but my bronze Member dick was rock hard. She pulled me over and started to suck my dick to the base. This went on for maybe two minutes before my wife couldn’t take any more. She stood up, held her dildo against my dick, told me I was only half the size, and then ordered me onto the bed.

She blindfolded me and got on top. She first said that she couldn’t feel me after the big dildo. I was so turned on I could have cum there, but I slipped out. She got into doggy as she could feel me better in that position, so I grabbed her thong and started to thrust into her as hard as possible. I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I stopped to get a condom. All this excitement was too much, so I wasn’t long back inside when we both came.

We were ecstatic and fell asleep shortly after, so I never talked to her about the experience. I can’t wait to ask her how it felt to have a big cock inside her while she played with my small dick, just like all the times she was jerking me off and talking about it. Her only issue was that the dildo was a bit cold, so I will have to find a way to heat it for her next time. Hope you guys enjoyed it.


While this reader is caught naked by his mother-in-law…

So my wife (33) and I (34) had a rough start when we first started to date due to penis size, and I cum fast, too (a total prejac). I’m a silver member hard on a really good day, and yes, she has told her close friends and mom I have a small penis. she talked to them about our problems in the bedroom. We have been married a while and gotten into chastity and SPH, among other things. Her mom has made jokes about me being small the entire time I have known her. I am used to it now.

So recently we have been remodeling a house we are about to sell. The different town we moved from. Both she and her mom have homes there. So we would stay at her mom’s house on the weekends while we remodeled the house. We all decided to go kayaking after a long day to cool off and relax. After we got home, her mom said she was going to shower. We hear the shower turn on and the door shut.

The bedroom we stay in gets hot, so we keep the curtain pulled back door is missing because it got broken and needs replaced. We start to undress out of our wet clothes to shower in the other bathroom. Once we are naked, I grab her boobs and butt like I usually do. This gets me turned on, and I start to get hard. So she reaches down, grabs my dick, and begins to stroke it and get me harder. We start kissing and feeling each other up. I am rock hard at this point, and my wife stops, pulls away, says we will play in the shower, walks over to the bed, and grabs our towels. As she is handing me my towel, in walks her mom. She starts to say something to us about dinner plans and then stops mid-sentence as she sees me standing there completely naked and my cock rock-hard silver member dick.

I froze for a second before I covered up with the towel, but the damage was done. She had seen everything. She instantly laughed and said, “Oh, don’t worry about covering it up. There isn’t much to see anyway,” and laughed again.

She turned around and walked out, and went to shower. The wife was laughing too. I was turned on but also embarrassed. I love sph and being humiliated for having a small penis. The wife and I talked about what happened when we were in the shower. she jerked me off while she spoke dirty to me about being tiny. I loved every minute of it.


This reader also enjoys playing with toys…

Last Tuesday, the wife and I went day drinking, and she got smashed. When we got home, she was super horny and said I could do anything to her, which usually meant a strap-on and her largest dildo. After some foreplay and feeling how wet she was, I buckled on the strap-on set, and she told me to start slow because she wanted to take it all. After a while, I worked it completely while playing with her large erect nipples on EEs. The way her body moved and hips flexed as I pumped the thick dildo into her is a reaction I never get while using my dinky dick. As she enjoyed being a size queen, she told me to stop sending her pics of my little dick because it’s such a turn-off seeing it.

After several more minutes of slow pumping, she wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me, giving me a deep passionate kiss to stifle her groaning orgasm. Again, it lasted longer than anything I’d been able to provide her.

As sometimes I’ll go when wearing the strap-on, she asked me if I also orgasmed. I told her no. She replied, “You get to feel what a big cock does to me, but yours is so pathetic that I don’t even want to look at you.”

She then got on her knees and put her thick ass in the air. Her pussy was so stretched and wet that it was easier to slide in. After five strokes, I came so hard as she scolded me for being pathetic and unable to last. It was all so hot and steamy.


Another reader is a bit baggy at the front…

I sometimes wear men’s underwear instead of panties, and on this day, I was wearing some obvious briefs. I had them on and getting changed when my wife walked past me and went to grab my package but went to the lowest part of the pouch and grabbed it. Like most here, my balls don’t hang down, and my penis sits on top, so when she grabbed me, she brushed my balls and only held fabric. She laughed and said, “Oh, baby, it must be cold.”

It was the middle of the summer, so I said, “No, love. Just how it’s hanging today.”

“Haha. Or not hanging. You don’t even fill your underwear out, baby. Guess those are better for real men.”

And then we finished getting ready. I got hard, but she couldn’t tell.


Meanwhile, this reader is humiliated by hookers…

About 20 years ago, my best friend Steve met me in Las Vegas. We were staying at the Stardust hotel. He had the bright idea of getting a couple of hookers for the night. I didn’t want to because I’m a silver member hard, but my hornyness got the better of me. We ordered two hookers from a flier we found on the strip.

When the hookers showed up, they were all business and told us to strip naked after getting paid. All the lights were on in the room, and there was nowhere to hide. I took off my clothes, and my dick was already hard. I looked at Steve and saw that he was also naked with a semi-hard cock. He was already twice my size and wasn’t even hard. My hooker noticed my penis and giggled. She then turned to Steve and told him how big his dick was.

The hooker put a condom on me, which was embarrassingly loose. The hooker then gave me head and made me cum after two minutes. After she finished, she went over to Steve, and his hooker began telling him how big his cock was and joined the sex.

Steve started to fuck both hookers and made them moan. I tried to get my penis hard again, but I could only get it semi-hard due to embarrassment. My hooker saw me playing with myself and told me to get it up and join in. That got me hard, and I went to join in. When I saw my penis next to Steve’s cock the size difference was humiliating. He was over twice as long and much fatter.

The hooker said, “Give me your little dicklette,” and grabbed it.

Thirty seconds of stroking, and I bust another nut. The hooker smirked and went back to help get Steve off. I got dressed and left the room feeling pretty bad about myself.


While this readers phone outs him…

It was my roommate’s birthday yesterday, so we celebrated. She wanted to take a photo with only her girlfriends, so I volunteered to take the picture with my phone. After I took that photo, she wanted one with just the four of us roommates. So, I gave my phone to one of our close friends to take the picture.

After she took the pic, I saw this weird look come across her face. My heart pretty much just sank. I have this habit of taking pictures of my dick when it’s soft and almost shrunken because I think it looks cute. I usually save them in my hidden photos folder, but I forgot this morning. I probably had about fifteen shots of my dick looking like a peanut from different angles. I wanted to just kill myself right then and there.

My other three roommates asked what was wrong when she handed me back my phone. I think they thought they looked terrible in the picture, and we’re self-conscious. She looks at my roommates, and just deadpan says, “I think I just saw *****s penis,” and gives a little smirk. And that was it.

Everyone awkwardly laughed and then changed the convo. I was pretty relieved, thinking that’d be it, but the next night we were all watching Squid Game, and there was the scene where one of the women tells the big dude he has a small dick, and my roommate sitting next to me just put her hand on my back and started patting it. Now I’m pretty sure they all know I have a tiny dick.


This reader also has issues with his mother-in-law…

So I will start by saying I have a small penis. I cum fast and have a problem staying hard. The loser trifecta, as the wife calls it. When we first started to date, I was super shy about sex. I know I have a small cock. I was very self-conscious about it. Being so shy and self-conscious about having a small penis only made matters worse as I would build up all this anxiety in my head and make me perform even worse. So when we would start to fool around, I would always use my fingers on her and lick her pussy. I would even make up excuses and leave in the middle of sex when she would be ready for me to fuck her.

The situation was terrible, and I didn’t help it any. Sometimes when I would be licking her pussy I would be jerking off to try and get hard, and about the time I would get hard and think I could maybe fuck her, I would cum in my hand and ruin my opportunity. This did nothing but psych me out further, and it began to hurt her. She started to think I didn’t find her attractive or something was wrong with her, which is why I would not fuck her. She had not seen my penis hard yet, only just soft. So she didn’t know how big or small I should say I was.
Finally, it happened one night. I got hard and had not cum yet.

So I decided to try and fuck her for the first time. She was on her back, and I got between her legs and started to press my dick against her pussy. Her head rolled back, and her eyes closed. She moaned softly and bit her lip. It was what she had wanted for so long, and it was finally about to happen, so she was super horny and wet by this time, thinking she was about to get fucked. I slid my little dick Into her and pushed as far as I could into her. I didn’t move my hips back and forth because I knew I was not big enough to slide in and out of her. So I more just grinder into her.

After a bit, she spoke up and said, “Stop teasing me and give me your cock. I need to feel you inside of me.”

I froze with fear. I didn’t know what to say or do. I was already balls deep inside of her as far as I could go. After an eternity, she opened her eyes, looked at me, and asked what was wrong. I told her I was all the way inside of her already.

She did not laugh or make fun of me but instead said, “Oh, okay, umm, well, keep fucking me then.”

She fake moaned a bit to make me feel better about her inability to feel me. It wasn’t much longer, and I went limp like usual. So, I pulled out, not that I was really in her. But then she sat on my face and ground her pussy into me, and I licked her and made her cum a few times. I jerked off while she did that, and I could cum on myself.

So between the time of us not having sex and the first time we did, she had been talking to her mom and best friends about me not fucking her. What was wrong, and why wouldn’t fuck her? After we fucked, she spoke to her mom and friends again and told them why I wouldn’t be because I had a tiny penis. It was not out of anger or to make me feel bad but something they talked about to help her with our relationship and figure out what was wrong.

After the girlfriend and I had “sex” for the first time, we talked about it. She still liked me and wanted to keep trying. She was very understanding about why I was shy and wouldn’t try and fuck her all the times before. So we kept trying, and it got a little better. I was a little more confident that she wouldn’t leave me because I was tiny and couldn’t satisfy her. Don’t get me wrong. It was still a little tough on our relationship, not being able to fuck her properly.

She still talked to her friends and mom about the stuff every time.

So one day, we are sitting at her house, and her mom comes to talk to us. She was going on a trip to Mexico soon, and we were talking about what she would do while there. She asks if we want anything, souvenirs, or anything else while she is there. She had planned to try and get some prescription drugs there as they are like 10x cheaper there too.

Then this little evil smile comes across her face, and she asks, “Does the ‘little guy’ need some Viagra while I am there too?” She laughs.

My girlfriend laughs a bit but tries not to be mean to me. I chuckle to play it off like it doesn’t bother me. Say no, and the topic changes.

After she left, I asked her how she knew about everything. She told me that she told her mom and friends about everything because she was upset that we were not having sex and what to do about it. It wasn’t a mean thing. She was just trying to get help. I couldn’t be mad at her for that. After all, I did cause all this stuff to happen because I wouldn’t tell her what was wrong at first.

Still, to this day, her mom will make jokes about my tiny penis. They are just little jabs about being small. I have helped her rearrange things before, and jokes have come about. One time she asked me to help her move some furniture. When I got there, it was an oversized sectional couch. So I said, “Damn, this couch is huge.”

She snaps back, “Well, at least something is big around here,” and laughs.

They are just little jokes like that. she doesn’t go out of her way to make fun of me or anything, just mainly comeback jokes to poke fun at me. Her mom is a tiny little thing. She is just under five feet tall and weighs 120 lbs. so I always joke about her being short. I call her fun size. She jokes that my penis is small and bite-sized. At first, this stuff bothered me, but now that I am into SPH, I don’t mind. Now I enjoy it.

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