Measuring Leads To Denial

By 1000bp.

My wife Kate looked up from her book. “Can I just check something?”

I put my book down. “Sure, what”s up?” I asked.

“Well, the girls talked tonight, and penis size came up. And everyone seemed to be throwing figures around six inches, eight inches, ten inches, and it struck me that I don’t know how big you are. Can we measure? I’ll help you get hard.”

After some kissing and a rough attempt at a handjob, she slid down under the covers and started licking and sucking my dick. It didn’t take long for me to get as hard as I could, and sensing that, she jumped out of bed and walked over to the bedside table, where, from a drawer, she produced a plastic ruler.

“OK, let’s see,” she said, grabbing my shaft and jerking it roughly a few times.

Gripping it tightly with one hand, she brought the ruler down to the base with the other, narrowing her eyes and popping her tongue out of the corner of her mouth as she always did when she was concentrating.

“So, you have to measure right from the bottom, press down a bit, and then…along the top side and…” I held my breath, willing myself to be as big as possible.

“Ten centimeters, maybe a little more, ten and a half centimeters, let’s say. What’s that in inches?”

Maths was not her strong point, and she grabbed her phone.

“How do you work it out? To get inches from centimeters?”

My heart sank.

You divide it by 2.54. OK. So, 10.5 divided by 2.54 equals 4.13.”

There was a moment of silence.

“You’ve got a four-inch dick.” She frowned, looking at her phone calculator, my dick, and then back at me. “That’s not very big, is it?”


I decided to be brave.

“The thing is,” I said. “I think we know now that you prefer sex with a penis extender on me than without it. That’s pretty clear. You cum with this every time and never with my dick. So, I just wanted to say that I think we should have a period, maybe three months, where we only use the extenders and then we see — you see — if you want to keep it that way. I’m OK with it. It feels incredible to be inside you with nothing between you and me, but it doesn’t feel great to know I’m disappointing you, and now we have something which can make sure that never happens.

She looked at me intently. I couldn’t read her expression, but she didn’t seem shocked or hostile. “Go on,” she said evenly.

“It still feels good for me inside these toys but to be honest. It’s incredible for me to be close to you while you’re having an orgasm like this and enjoying it so much. That gets me off, both in my brain and physically, so I’m completely fine with it if you are.”

After a moment’s pause, then she leaned in to kiss me. “Thank you, thank you for being so brave and putting me first. If you don’t mind, let’s try it.”

And with that, she rolled over and went to sleep, leaving me with my mind racing about where this would lead.

After that conversation, we resumed our routine — we’d get into bed, lights still on, and then, most nights, we’d start making out. After a couple of minutes, she’d open her legs, and after stroking her pussy a little, I’d slide down between her thighs until I reached her vulva, where I’d start gently licking her until she began to sighing and wriggling. I was careful not to get too intense, licking around her clit rather than flicking or sucking on it. She wanted me to turn her on and make her wet for the big extensions, not make her cum.

After a minute or two, she’d reach into her dressing table drawer for a penis extension. They were hers, kept in her drawer, and it was always clear that she decided to bring them out, not mine.

To start with, we had three — a clear one which was relatively normal-sized, though still way bigger than me, at 6.5 x 5.5 inches; a red one with a bulbous head which was bigger yet at 7.5 x.6.5 inches; and the biggest, a black one with natural veins and a huge thick head surrounded by a prominent ridge, measuring a massive 9 x 7.5 inches.

She would select one, initially the smallest of the three, and hand it to me along with a tube of lube, which I would apply to my penis before slipping it into the extension and hooking the loop around my balls.

Once the penis extension toy was safely in place, she’d get back into bed and resume kissing me, but only briefly, much as a man might go through the motions of kissing a woman before fucking her. After a few moments, she would roll onto her back and open her legs wide, and I would position myself in front of her with the tip of the extension at the entrance to her pussy.

As I eased it in, the reaction was always the same – she would close her eyes, tilt her head back and moan. “Slowly, at first, take it slowly,” she would say, or something like that, and I would oblige, gently easing the first couple of inches inside.

The girth of all three extensions is, compared to me, very substantial, and the sight of them opening her up was incredible. The clear red ones opened her pussy up way beyond what she was used to with me, but the black one, which we used for the first time after a couple of weeks of using the others, seemed to stretch her to the point of splitting her open. I looked down at it, penetrating her, as she struggled to take it, aware that my penis had never done anything like that to any woman and never would.

As she got used to feeling the biggest extension inside her, she asked me to give her more. “OK, you can start now,” Then, as I built up a rhythm, she moaned and swore. “Oh fuck, that feels good, oh Jesus fucking Christ, that’s feels fucking good in my cunt, don’t fucking stop.”

Within minutes of taking the huge extension inside her, she began having her first orgasm, gripping the sheets and grunting as I pounded her with it, feeling nothing myself but transfixed by its effect on her.

“Fuck me with your big fucking cock. Oh, Jesus, I’m cumming,” she grunted, barely able to form words, let alone coherent sentences, as the cock extension filled her.

On that occasion, after a brief recovery period, silently nuzzling my neck, she climbed out from under me and rolled me onto my back before sitting astride me. This time entry was much easier, and before long, she was riding the extension vigorously, her head thrown back and a red flush spreading across her neck and face as it drove her to an even more powerful and satisfying orgasm. Deep grunts and moans gave way to gasps and squeals of delight as she approached her climax, her face wreathed in a huge smile as it washed over her, eyes tight shut as she bucked against the mammoth cock.

Six weeks after the initial conversation, we lay in bed after another intense session with the largest extension, and she broached the subject.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been thinking, and I don’t think we need to wait three months. I don’t want to go back to your little dick. These are just too good. I’ve never cum like this. But we can do it one more time without if you like.”

I nodded, amazed at the turn of events, shocked and horrified but also thrilled to think that I might only have one more experience of penetrating my wife for the rest of my life.

I didn’t have long to wait for it. The next evening, after my usual brief period spent with my face between her legs, rather than getting up to get the extension, she spread her legs wider and whispered to me to get ready.

Her pussy already looked slick and wet and redder than usual, probably due to the relentless hammering it had taken from the nine-inch extension the previous night.

She smiled a relaxed and happy smile. “Come on now, stick your willy inside me,” she murmured.

I gingerly pressed my small hard dick against her pussy lips and slipped right in. I felt smaller and more inadequate than ever while she felt hot and wet and looser than I remembered, hardly surprising since she had been taking penis extensions way thicker and longer than me four or five times a week for months.

“Slowly,” she warned. “Make sure you remember it. How does it feel to be in me for the final time?”

“Amazing,” I gasped. You’re so—so hot, so wet. I feel so—small.”

“It’s OK,” she replied. Then, whispering, “You know I can barely feel you, right? I never have.”

I said nothing, just nodded in reply, keeping a steady rhythm to stop myself from cumming, knowing that I had no impact on her, watching my small rock-hard penis slip in and out of her stretched-out vagina.

After a minute or two, she decided that enough was enough.

“OK, that’s all now, time to give me all you’ve got,” she whispered, “Don”t worry, I can”t feel you, so you won”t hurt me..”

Then, pulling me close, “Come on now, give it to me, give Mommy all you’ve got, big boy.”

This last line, mocking yet intimate, triggered something deep in my brain, and I held her bottom in both hands and started to fuck her faster and harder, pounding every millimeter of my slender four-inch dick into her hot, wet pussy. Her ample bottom and slack, open cunt felt huge compared to my small stiff penis, which turned me on even more.

“That’s a good boy,” she said, louder now. “Come on now, fuck Mommy’s big wet pussy with your baby dick. That’s right, give it all to Mommy. There’s a good boy.”

“I’m going to make cummies in your big pussy, Mommy,” I whispered as I buried my face in her neck as my orgasm ripped through me. It was the last time ever inside my wife’s vagina, or any vagina, come to that. She held me tightly, hands-on my bottom gripping me and pulling me into her, then stroked my neck gently as my orgasm subsided.

“OK, no more pussy for you now,” she cooed, easing me off her and moving up to cradle my head between her breasts.

“The mommy thing there, that’s just…it’s not as if I, or you…” she began.

“It’s OK,” I whispered, kissing her breasts gently.

“And I was cruel to you just then. I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s OK,” I insisted. “I can take it, and I think I need it.”

“OK, thank you,” she replied, kissing the top of my head.

We stayed in the same rhythm for a few months. The red and black extensions got more action than the clear one, as she got used to the size and the sensations they provided. The verbal abuse also steadily intensified, as if she was testing my reactions.

On top of me, her favorite position for her second, deeper orgasm, she would lean down as she ground herself to a shattering climax and whisper in my ear, “You’re small. You’re just too small. Too small for Mommy. Mommy needs more. Mommy needs her pussy filled. No pussy for you, no blowjobs for you, just your hand. No pussy for little boys like you.”

Then one night, as she lay recovering from a hard session with the red extension, she turned over and looked me in the eye.

“How often do you jerk off?” she asked.

“Depends, probably three or four times a week. I’m not cumming with you, and I get so turned on, I feel I have to.”

“It’s OK, I understand,” she replied thoughtfully. “Can I ask, where and when do you do it?”

“Sometimes in the shower in the morning, sometimes in bed after you’ve gone to work, or if you’re out. Why?”

“I’ve been thinking. I’d like you to cut down on it. Maybe once a week to start with. It turns me on the idea of you being denied, not just my pussy but even being able to cum. Would you be OK with us trying that?”

“Of course,” I replied. I didn’t want to do anything which might cause her to reconsider the turn that our sex life had taken. “How about I only do it when you’re around?”

Her eyes widened. “You’d do that? For me?”

I nodded.

“That’s an amazing idea. OK, we start tomorrow. The thought of you denying and wanting me and wanting to cum but not doing so, just for me, while I get so much pleasure from your mouth and the toys, makes me feel so bad and cruel and wicked, even though I love you so much, I can”t describe it, how much it turns me on.”

She stood and got the black extension and passed it over to me.

“We’re not done tonight,” she said, handing me the lube. “I need this now.”

Rather than lying on her back, she assumed the doggy position, her round arse in the air, legs spread, elbows on the bed.

“Do me with it,” she murmured. “Start gently, then do me hard.”

Due to my size issues, the doggy style had never been a good position for us. I couldn’t penetrate her deeply enough to avoid falling out, so I was out of practice. But the massive extension made it much easier, and once I had strapped it in place over my penis, I moved behind her and slipped the tip inside her open slit, causing her to gasp.

After a few minutes of rocking backward and forwards, making her moan as I fed more and more of the extension into her vagina, she raised her head from the bed and arched her back, pushing her bottom towards me.

“Grab my hair,” she ordered. “Fuck me like a bitch, fucking give it to me.”

I obliged and started robotically ramming the huge cock in and out of her pussy, its walls clinging to the shaft as she creamed over it. I held her long, blonde hair tightly in one fist, pulling her head up, and had her hip with the other, pounding her for all I was worth, feeling nothing myself through the thick plastic sleeve.

“Go on, harder,” she gasped as her climax approached. “This is what Mommy needs. Not your tiny fucking little dick.” She gasped, before falling into the bed, exhausted.

Slowly, I eased the extension out of her. It was coated with her pussy cream. She rolled over onto her back and lay there, panting, her legs open wide. Her vagina looked red and sore, and her hole gaped obscenely. I carefully unhooked the extension from under my full, aching balls and pulled it off my penis, which sprang up erect. A real man might have tried to fuck her, but I lay down next to her and began kissing her head.

“That was incredible. I’m so sorry I say those things. You fuck me just how I like it now you’ve got that big cock. It’s amazing.”

“Thank you, I think,” I replied.

“I want bigger, they make a ten-inch-long version now, and it’s thicker too.”


Eventually, it was time for me to masturbate in front of her. Once she had recovered from her second climax of the evening, she told me to begin. She watched, fascinated, as my left hand wrapped itself around my penis and coaxed it to hardness.

“It’s so cute, watching how you hold it like that, how it hides in your fist. Just use one finger and thumb. That’s better. I can see it now. Cum like that.”

After five minutes, I was close but still not there. “I’m sorry it’s taking me so long,” I mumbled.

“Don”t worry,” she said. “I’ll give you something to help it along,” Without further ado, she moved up the bed, swung her leg over my head, and knelt over my face. “Go on, lick my asshole. Get your face in there and clean Mommy”s asshole, you dirty little boy.”

Instantly, I grew hard and started to jerk my penis harder with my finger and thumb.

“This how you cum now, once a month with my ass on your face while you play with your silly baby dick. Come on now, cum for Mommy while you lick her bottom. It’s all you’re good for with your little boy dick. Lick Mommy”s dirty ass, you naughty little boy. Tell me when you’re cumming.”

“I’m cumming now,” I moaned.

“Right, let go, now. Let it just come out naturally. There it goes, the little thing, twitching and spurting out all that nasty spunk. Every time you cum, you let go before you start ejaculating, or you won”t cum again. Got that?”

“Think, this time last year, you were wanking off every day, cumming inside me every week, while I never got to cum through actual sex. I had to frig myself off on the loo at work. Now I’m cumming ten times a week on these huge fake cocks, you never get into my pussy, and you can only jerk off when you’re licking my asshole clean. I love it.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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  • bambiegirl

    OMG!!! this happened to me right after we got married. My wife would not let me JO unless She was there. And on our honeymoon, she stopped letting me fuck her. It is now five years this passed March since i had an orgasm. She stopped letting me JO as well. I’m smaller than 3 inches.


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