Little Ricky: Little Dicky Part 3

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by goosebbv


Little Ricky: Little Dicky Part 1   Part 2


Part 3 begins…

When I got to my dorm room, my mind was racing. I was worried that Amber and Bryn were talking about me. I was worried they would tell other people. I was also thinking about the sexual things Amber and I had done. She spanked my like a child. She also stuck her finger in my butt. It felt great, but I am not gay. Did she think I was gay for liking that? I was up most of the night; the sun had come up before I dozed off.

When I woke up, I was in a bit of a fog. I wanted some coffee to wake me up and get me going. I was still thinking about the previous night, and just threw on a T shirt and jeans, and headed off on my own. I was so worried about my secret getting out, that I become fond of Mike’s rule. I knew it would be easy to wait two days to call Amber this time. Shit! With everything that happened, how could I still think Amber would think I was cool? Of course I wanted to see Amber again, but I figured I should not call until Wednesday or Thursday.

I got back to the dorm, and Mike was there. He was texting away on his phone, and laughing. Mike looked up and flicked his chin up to say hello. I went to the other side of the room and sat in front of my computer. I heard Mike snicker again as he received another text. I froze. Was it Bryn? Was she telling him about me? I sat there staring at my computer screen hoping to learn what was going on quickly, but at the same time, I truly did not want to know. It seemed it was hours, but maybe in reality it was a minute before Mike spoke.

“Dude, heard you hit that shit last night.”

I did not respond. I slowly spun around to look at Mike.

“Bro, that’s awesome! Amber is pretty hot. Bryn told me she likes you a lot.”

“Did she say anything else?” I was hoping against hope she had not seen anything, or that Amber had not told her any embarrassing details.

“Just that she is waiting for you to ask her out again.”

A wave of relief rolled over me. Everything was fine. Bryn didn’t see me, and Amber either did not tell her, or at least if she did, Bryn was keeping it a secret. Mike and I bullshit each other about the upcoming week for a while, then he headed out, and I started doing some homework. As the evening came, I had already started thinking of calling Amber. I kept looking at the time on my phone. It was taking all my will power not to call her, but I knew the rules Mike told me about. At about 11 that night, Mike came back and went to bed. I was tired, but was still thinking of calling Amber. I reasoned it was too late to call, so I went to bed. Just before I fell asleep, my text message ringtone went off. I looked at my phone. It was Amber telling me good night sweetie.

The next school week started, and each morning I popped out of bed feeling as though I was walking on sunshine. Hell, I could hear the damn music in my head as I walked around. I always had a big smile on my face; I must have looked like such a douche bag. Fuck it, I didn’t care. I was in such a good mood. Mike and I even got an invite to the pre-rush frat party. Deltas were the big brother frat to the sorority that Amber and Bryn belonged to. Mike was cool with some of the brothers, so they also invited me. I was excited that college life was starting to look up. I was seeing a hot girl, and getting the inside track to get into one of the best fraternities on campus.

Wednesday came and I called Amber, and asked her when she would have free time to go out. I was becoming more confident; I just assumed she would want to go out again. I was right; she told me to come over that night. I nearly dropped the phone as I jumped out of my seat in excitement. I had not thought of any plans; she just wanted to hang out and watch TV in her room. I dressed as quickly as possible, and was practically running to my car to head for her dorm. When I arrived, Amber opened her door dressed in a small pink tank top. I could tell she was not wearing a bra since the outline of her boobs were distinct. Her nipples were half hard and pointing at me. She had her lovely black hair casually pulled back in a ponytail, and while she had not put on makeup, her face was very pretty. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss.

We broke from our kiss and she grabbed my hand, and led me into her room. I looked down to see her wearing pink satin pajama bottoms. I was thinking of getting those off her real soon. Then my battleship was sunk. I heard a perky hello from Bryn. Amber and I were not alone. Bryn was sitting on her bed with a laptop, facing towards us and smiling. Amber plopped down on her bed, and patted for me to sit on the side of her. She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Amber grabbed my arm and threw it around her neck, snuggling into me. Her head was on my chest, and one of her legs was twisted around mine as we watched some Jennifer Aniston movie. We whispered quietly to each other, talking about nothing really. We were just keeping it quiet so as to not disturb Bryn as she did her homework.

As the movie ended, I wondered when I should leave. I looked over and noticed Bryn had shut her laptop down, and was curled up in the fetal position, facing away from us, sleeping. Amber clicked through the channels for a second, and then asked if I could grab a blanket out of the closet. I looked down and could see her erect nipples were rock hard and poking through her tank top. I got up, grabbed the comforter, and began to tuck her in, thinking I would make her comfy and leave. Amber stopped me though, and asked me to stay the night with her. I nodded yes, and started to climb under the blanket with her when she told me to take off my pants and get comfortable. I looked over at Bryn, making sure her back was still facing us, and then I quickly slid my pants down, leaving me in my boxers. I took off my shirt, and slid in next to her.

Amber immediately began kissing my neck sensually. She slowly slithered her little body on top of mine. I felt my boner go up right away. I was not sure what was going to happen. Surely she did not intend to have sex with me while her roommate was only a few feet away from us. We were kissing and licking at each other’s tongues. Every so often, as one kiss would end, Amber would nibble on the bottom of my lip, and plant a smaller, softer kiss on me. Amber began gyrating her crotch down on mine; we were dry humping slowly as we kissed. I reached down, grabbed Amber’s ass, and started rubbing it. I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but Bryn was right next to us. Still, I wanted to up the ante to see where this was going.

I slid my hand into the back of her pants to feel her bare flesh on my hands. Her ass was so smooth, and I got both my hands in her pants, and began rubbing one cheek while squeezing the other. Amber, slowly and quietly, slithered around on top of me. She pulled the blanket up high over us, all the way to my neck, and covered her own head. I felt her soft, wet lips kissing my chest and moving downward with each kiss. Her hand began rubbing my thigh. Just as she got close to my belly button, she stopped moving down with her kisses, and moved up to my right nipple. Just as I felt her lips meet my nipple, her hand reached my crotch. She started rubbing my crotch over my boxers. Her tongue lapped ever so gingerly at my nipple, as her lips held it in place. It wasn’t long before my dick started leaking precum. I could feel my boxers getting wet as she rubbed my hard on and balls over the top of my boxers.

Amber released my nipple from her lips, and slid up my body. We began kissing again. I felt myself on the verge of cumming. My hips popped up involuntarily. Amber stopped rubbing me that instant, leaving me humping the air, looking for her touch. I stopped kissing her for a moment, and before I could say or do anything, Amber grabbed my hand and guided it to her crotch. I rubbed lightly on the outside of her pj bottoms. I could feel her warmth through them right away, and with only a few slight rubs, I could feel some moisture. I reached for the top of her waist band and slid my hand down over the soft pubic hair to her slit. I dipped one finger in. She was quite wet for me. I wiggled my finger softly in her, and then I began sliding it in and out of her. Amber and I kissed the whole time this was going on. My raging hard on was twitching a bit. I just want to push right through our clothes, and get inside her. Amber reached down and guided my hand to her stiffening clit. Once I could feel her love button harden, she moved my hand around in slow circular motions. I was rubbing her lightly in clockwise motions. She purred in my ear softly, and pushed my hand harder into her crotch. After a little time, she steered my hand lower, and I began finger banging her again. She was wetter than before, and she was pushing her pelvis into my hand. I couldn’t wait any longer to have her.

I took my fingers out of her, and removed my hand from her pants. My finger was dripping wet. I slid my hand up under her tank top, and started to fondle her breast. Her nipple was stiff as a board; hard as soon as I touched it. I alternated between lightly rubbing her nipple, and softly squeezing her boob. Amber took her lips from mine to take a deep breath. Then I reached with my hand, and pushed my own boxers down as quickly as I could. I used my foot to push them off. Next I reached for the top of her waist band and started pulling her pj bottoms down, but just as they went over her one hip, Amber grabbed my hand and stopped me. She moved her lips from mine, and brought them to my ear.

“Not tonight, not with Bryn here,” she whispered.

I froze for a moment, thinking I ruined things, when Amber licked my ear, and moved back to kissing me. I felt her reach for my hand again, but she brushed against my now bare cock. She stopped our kiss, smiled, and whispered.

“Oh, looks like your wee wee is out.”

The words immediately embarrassed me a bit. “Wee wee” was how you refer to a little boy’s genitals, not a man’s. I looked back at Bryn, to make sure she did not hear that comment, although there was no way it was that loud. Amber used her thumb and index finger to lightly jerk me off. I looked back at her, and she gave me a quick peck on the lips. She then moved to my ear again.

“Shhh, be really quiet, and I will take care of you.”

I nodded my head yes rapidly like a little boy. Amber peeked over at Bryn, who still had her back to us. She then pulled the blanket over her head. She moved down to my dick, and I felt her mouth engulf my entire cock. She held it in her mouth, and wiggled her tongue on the sensitive underside; holding it in place with her lips, like she had done with my nipple earlier, while her tongue licked away. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Amber’s fingers began tickling my balls as she continued this treatment. She began sucking me while she tickled my balls with her fingers. I opened my eyes to see the outline of her head bob slowly up and down under the blanket. My hips popped up uncontrollably again, and my balls tightened. I felt the pressure build and build until I came in an explosion. I grunted as quietly as possible as I felt my balls release all the pressure and spurt in Amber’s mouth. Splash one, then two, then three. She had her mouth wrapped around my cock the whole time. As I finished cumming, my hips slowly came back down until my ass was back on the bed. Amber slowly came up from under the covers. She had a big grin on her face– not a smile since her mouth remained closed. She moved her lips to mine, and we began to kiss. As I opened my mouth, I felt her tongue slide into my mouth, as well as a slimy, slippery liquid. I recognized the taste from the other night. It was my own salty cum. She had not swallowed it. She was letting it drip from her tongue to my mouth.

As I felt my mouth fill with it, we heard a giggle from Bryn’s direction. Amber broke from our kiss, and we both looked over to see Bryn facing us and giggling.

“Hey love birds, behave while decent people try to get some sleep.”

I had a mouth full of my own cum with Amber on top of me. Amber responded.

“We are just going to get some sleep too.” Then she looked at me, “Right?”

I had no choice, but to take a big gulp of my own cum. I looked over at Bryn and said, “Yep.”

It was not as horrible as I thought it would be, but it was strange feeling that go down my throat. It was like mucus. Even though I just snowballed with Amber, an act I thought was a bit humiliating, I felt like a king. I had a beautiful, sexy girl laying on my chest, and using me as a pillow. I never slept better in my life.

When I awoke, both Amber and Bryn were still asleep. I realized I had not put my boxers back on the previous night. I wanted to make sure I got them on before Bryn got up. I started searching with my foot, but could not seem to find them. I was starting to panic; if I got out of bed to find them, I would wake Amber. If she made enough noise, Bryn would wake up and see my tiny unit. I figured I must go for it sooner than later.

I gently lifted Amber off of my chest, and got out of bed. Amber stirred a bit, but did not wake up. I had my naked ass pointing towards Bryn, and I started fumbling around in the bright morning sun coming in from the window. I felt like the sun was shining right on my junk, like a spot light. I found my boxers on the floor, at the edge of the bed, and started getting dressed as quickly as possible. As I finished, Amber woke up and looked at me.

“Baby, where you going?”

I told her I was going to brush my teeth and get her and me coffee and doughnuts. She smiled and told me I was sweet. She let me know where the bathroom was so I could freshen up, and she handed me her tooth brush. She let me know she was going to come with me, and we would bring Bryn something back.

As I headed down the hallway, I was thinking about the girls that took the walk of shame in our dorm so far this year. I thought it was so funny seeing them embarrassed and sneaking off. Here I was doing it in the girl’s dorm, but I felt like a pimp. I almost wanted the girls in the dorm to see me, strolling around in the same clothes as last night, with my messed up sex hair. I got to the bathroom, freshened up, and headed back to Amber’s room to get her.

We headed off to a local doughnut hut, and talked. I told her that I was going to a pre-rush party with Mike. Amber did not seem thrilled. I told her how badly I wanted to join, and that Mike was a lock to get in, so he’d help me. I also pointed out that she was in the sister sorority to the frat. She told me that she liked that we would get to spend more time together once I was in, but that during rush, I would not have time for her. She was also worried I would change if I joined the frat. She told me that some guys let it go to their heads, and they turn into real assholes. I promised her that that would not be me. We left holding hands like high school sweethearts. I dropped off Amber, and she brought Bryn a coffee and apple fritter. I left and went to my classes.

Amber texted me often throughout the week. The big pre-rush party approached, and even cool- headed Mike seemed excited. The night before the party, he was telling me about the wild parties the Deltas threw. They had the best parties; their pledge acceptance parties always had strippers, and they hosted the annual Toga party, which included Amber and Bryn’s sorority. No clothes or underwear were allowed, only white sheets turned into Togas. There was the “Pimps and Hoes Ball.” Guys that dressed as pimps, brought girls with them that dressed as hookers. There was a contest for the best dressed, or best pimp and hoe, couple. One year, the frat president had 4 girls in flesh colored g-strings, with the frat Greek letters painted on the girls’ chests. Of course he won that year. Mike kept talking about how popular we would be. Kings of campus. He kept saying that we would get more ass than a toilet seat, since all the girls on campus wanted in on those parties.

Mike always played it cool, but the day of the party, he was bouncing off the walls. I was just as excited as he was. I was not even nervous; I think dating Amber had really given me confidence. We both got ready and headed over to the Delta house. During the ride there, Mike kept blasting the radio, getting amped up for the night. He told me it would be a sausage fest, all guys, but this was step one. We needed to make a good impression here in order to get a bid to pledge. According to Mike, pledging was not that bad. He said that you had to do stupid shit, but there was none of that sick hazing stuff you hear about.

When we arrived, things were a bit formal. The chapter president, Kyle, and the chapter VP, David, greeted and shook hands with every single person that came in. Then we walked through the house, and went out back. There was a grill getting fired up, and a bar set up on the deck. We all started by getting beers, and walking around meeting the other potential pledges. The only brothers outside were the bartender, and the guy starting the grill. Kyle and David came out back with 20 of the frat brothers. The brothers all whistled to get everyone’s attention. Kyle welcomed everyone again, and told them that all the brothers wanted to meet with us. They would only pick a few guys to pledge each semester. They had limited space until some brothers graduated. As Kyle wrapped up his speech, the brother working the grill poured some lighter fluid, and a big burst of flames started the party.

We were waiting for the food when Mike flagged me into the house. We met up with Joe and Vince, both of whom were members of the frat already. Mike was friends with Vince. Joe was a pretty big, white, athletic guy, and Vince was a light-skinned black guy who was quite tall, at least 6’5″. He was stocky, but athletic looking. As we joked around, Joe and Vince offered to show us around the house. It had six bedrooms, and the president and VP had single rooms. The other guys shared a room, like in the dorm.

As the guys showed us around, Mike told me a good word he’d heard from the other brothers, saying that we’d probably get bids. There was a large living room area that was a common area. The basement was big and finished. There were Ping Pong and Pool tables down there, as well as a small bar. We walked back up to the main floor, and through the living room. I started asking about some of the parties, since the place looked great for having many people over. Joe and Vince were more than happy to point out how many girls they got from being in the frat. They also told us that brothers get a key to the two private rooms in the basement, so if you needed some privacy to get your fuck on, you could get a room.

Joe and Vince were roommates, and they offered to show us some video they had on Joe’s laptop of last year’s Toga party. Everything seemed to be going well, so Mike and I agreed. We headed up the stairs as we continued to look around. A few rooms were open, and seemed cleaned and organized, not like the stereotypical college guys’ room, and then we passed one that was a fucking disaster. Joe and Vince started going in it, but then they laughed. They were joking that it was theirs, but it was actually the next door down that was theirs. We walked in, and Joe turned on a laptop. It only took him a minute to find the video he was looking for. It was some video taken at last year’s Toga party, and it happened to be Joe’s first one. Joe had only just joined the frat last year, but Vince had been in the frat for two years now. Vince even said that the parties seemed to get better each year.

Joe started giving a little commentary as the video started playing. He explained that it was a summer time party, and that the sister sorority and frat brothers were allowed in, but that was about it. Their parties were pretty exclusive. He also told us that no one wore anything besides togas, except the Chapter President, who wore a Roman soldier’s outfit, and if they had summer pledges, they’d be covered in gold body paint, and had to wear gold loin clothes. He pointed out that they only had four summer pledges last summer. They walked around, and served drinks to the guests. It was kind of funny to see. Then, the girls showed up. Some wore the togas wrapped around their necks to cover up and bit, while some wore them over one shoulder. They were all of similar length until the sorority’s pledges walked by. Their togas were about 3 to 4 inches above the knee. Really short, so if they bent over, you would get a peak of their ass cheeks, and possibly their pussy.

I noticed Amber and Bryn were among the sorority pledge girls and both looked smoking hot in their sexy little mini togas. Amber’s legs were tanned, and looked really great peeking out under a white sheet. Bryn wore her toga over only one shoulder, her left tit threatening to pop out at any given moment. The other pledges were quite cute. There were 6 of them. Joe pointed out that only three of the girls made the sorority, pointing to Amber, Bryn, and a short, pretty Asian girl I had never met. There had to be 30 or more girls at the party, all naked except a thin white sheet. It was mostly the sorority sisters and a few of the hottest girls on campus. No guys, except frat brothers and their pledges were allowed to attend. Vince joked that there were two girls for every guy, like shooting fish in a barrel.

At one point, the frat brothers had a large inflatable pool set up under what looked like a gymnastics balance beam. It was a few feet off the ground and locked quite narrow. A person would have trouble keeping their balance and walking across it. Joe explained that this was part of the entertainment. The pledges would get pugilist jousting sticks, and they’d climb onto the beam on opposite sides of each other. The loser was the one knocked off the beam and into the pool. Then the video showed a zoomed in picture of the pools, which were 50% ice, and 50% water. Joe skipped ahead until we saw two pledge brothers painted gold. Kyle blew a whistle, and they began striking each other with these giant padded Q-tip looking sticks. The beam was narrow, so it only took a few seconds for one of the guys to fall in the icy water. The crowd went nuts, cheering on the victor. I felt a little bad for the guy climbing out, as the gold paint was running a bit from getting wet, and it must’ve gotten in his eyes. He did not even notice his loin cloth sliding to his knees as he climbed out of the pool swiftly. The camera got a full moon view of his bare ass, and the people on the other side of the pool must’ve got a view of his junk. You could see everyone on camera laughing.

Joe skipped ahead to the sorority girls’ pledges giving the game a go. This was the fun part, he told us. We got to watch the little Asian girl, whose name was Susan, Vince said. She was up against a really tall red head, who was quite pretty herself. It only took one shot from the tall girl to swat Susan off the beam. She fell into the water, and jumped up quickly once she hit the freezing cold ice-water combination. She climbed out facing the camera. In her haste, she lost her whole toga to the water. Her little brown nipples were pointing straight at the camera as she jumped out of the pool. We got a glimpse of her pussy, which had a patch of black hair. She shivered and tried to cover her nudity as everyone cheered and laughed. Susan had her arm across her breasts and one hand covering her vagina. She froze of a few seconds while thinking which hand to use to get her toga back. Finally she exposed her tits and spun around waving her little bottom at the camera as she reached back into the pool, and grabbed her soaking wet garment. This gave the camera a great view of her tiny ass cheeks.

Vince laughed, “Now that’s one fine ass.”

Susan yanked her toga out of the pool, covered herself back up, and ran through the crowd and into the house. Next up was Amber and Bryn. Both of them were laughing there asses off as they got on the beam and were handed their sticks to battle. Both nearly fell off before Kyle could even blow the whistle. The camera man seemed to crouch down a bit, attempting to look up their toga bottoms, however the lighting was not great, and you could not really see anything except legs. Kyle blew the whistle, and Amber and Bryn were still just laughing and trying not to fall off. Finally, Amber tried to hit Bryn, but missed completely, and fell face first into the pool. She learned from Susan’s mistake, and gathered her toga as she climbed out of the pool. She kept herself covered, but was shivering as she headed for the frat house. Joe was the camera man at this point, because we heard his voice call from the camera to Amber. He tried to give a mock interview, asking what happened out there. He was acting like it was a post-boxing match interview.

As Joe asked her questions with the camera pointed at her, I could see her breast clearly through the wet white sheet. Her nipples were poking through, making it clear that the water in the pool was still very cold. She shivered and laughed as Bryn came up behind her and threw her arm around Amber’s neck. They were both laughing, and Bryn was apologizing, telling Amber she was so sorry, but it was so funny. Amber finally gave the camera a little bow, and asked where she could get dried off and warm. Joe handed the camera off to someone else to video the other mock gladiator matches.

Just as the next match was about to start, we heard a voice calling Joe from down the hall. Joe told the rest of us that we could watch for a little while longer, but we had to come downstairs when we were done. Joe headed out while I went to sit at the laptop. Just as I was about to start it back up, I noticed I had an erection. It had snuck up on me. I froze. Vince and Mike were right behind me, and it would be really embarrassing if they noticed I had gotten hard in a room full of guys. Thankfully I got a break. Mike’s cell phone rang, and Joe called Vince to come downstairs. Mike walked into the hall with Vince to talk on his phone in private, and then he poked his head back in to tell me he was going out back to see his other friend, who was another frat brother. He said he would meet me downstairs.

My heart was racing out of fear of being caught, so I was relieved to see the room clear. I figured I would settle down, and follow Mike. I clicked “stop” on the RealPlayer on the laptop. As I moved the mouse on the screen, I saw a video on the playlist labeled “TogaBJ.” I assumed it was from that night, and my curiosity got the better of me. I clicked to open it. The video started in the basement of the frat house. I could tell it was the same night, since everyone was still sporting Togas. There was a beer bong game going on, and some people playing pool. Everyone was drinking, and there was some good music playing in the background.

The camera man walked to one of the side rooms in the basement. The door was cracked slightly open. The camera spotted a sorority girl on her knees in front of Joe. I could see her wet black hair was pulled back in a ponytail that bobbed up and down. She was blowing Joe. I looked the girl over, and could see most of her ass cheeks peeking out below her toga. The girl was really going to town on Joe. Joe noticed the camera man, smiled, and asked,

“You want to get in on this?”

The camera man went into the room and set the camera down as the girl turned to see who Joe was talking to. I was stunned to see Amber’s face looking back at me. She looked dazed and confused.

Then Amber said, “Wait, wait, what?”

Her speech was slurred, she was clearly drunk. What I saw next nearly knocked me out of my seat. Joe’s dick was next to Amber’s face, and it was huge. It must have been 9 or 10 inches, and thick! As thick as Amber’s arm. It was hard to miss, glistening with Amber’s spit right next to her pretty face. Amber stood up and looked at the camera man.

Then Joe pulled Amber down to his lap. She was wiggling around as Joe tickled her and wrestled with her a bit. Then she stopped moving, and I saw her glassy eyes bulge wide open. He must have penetrated her. His hand went up to the top of her toga, and he untied it from her neck. It fell down her neck and exposed her lovely breasts. Joe’s hands reached from behind her, and rubbed her breasts and nipples roughly. Amber was slowly gyrating on Joe’s lap, looking at the camera. It felt like she was looking right at me. Joe took his hands off of Amber’s tits, and abruptly pushed her down. He mounted her from behind, doggy style, and began plowing hard into her. Amber’s face contorted. Then Joe said,

“Take care of my friend too.”

The other guy stepped into view. He had an average-sized cock, maybe 6 inches, which was now exposed and hard. Amber’s eyes were closed as Joe roughly fucked her from behind. She had seemed to forget about the second guy until he began rubbing his dick on her face. Amber opened her eyes, and it looked like she was about to say something when the second guy pushed his dick into her mouth. I was shocked. I could not believe my Amber was getting fucked from behind while blowing another guy. Well, she was not really blowing him; he was fucking her face. Amber’s face was turning red, and I heard her gag. The guy that was fucking her face pulled out of her mouth. Amber spat out a lot of drool and saliva, and began taking deep breaths. The guy that was fucking her face must have gotten his dick down her throat, and choked her a bit.

Amber’s head jerked forward over and over with each brutal thrust from behind. The guy in front of her was alternating between jerking off and rubbing in on her face. Joe finally slowed down his assault from behind, and the other guy pushed his dick back into Amber’s mouth. He was fucking her face again, while Joe seemed to be taking a bit of a break, and pumping slowly. I was watching as Amber seemed to be suffocating on the cock in front of her. Tears welled up in her eyes, and her face was turning red again. When he finally pulled out, Amber began spitting on the carpet, and making choking sounds again. She looked back up, and it looked like she was about to say something, when I heard a loud smack. Instead of saying any words, she groaned loudly. Another loud smack, and I saw it was Joe spanking her ass. It seemed to catch Amber off guard.

The other guy slid his dick back into Amber’s mouth. This time Amber was moving her head back and forth on it slowly. She was only taking about a quarter of it into her mouth. Joe was pumping slowly behind her, and he appeared winded, or like he was running out of steam. Things appeared to be settling down until the guy in Amber’s mouth shoved his dick back down her throat. He started fucking her face roughly, and then he grabbed the back of her head, and held it as he grunted loudly. He was cumming down her throat, and she could not push him off. My heart sank. I felt like my Amber was being mouth raped. The dick drooped out of her mouth, and cum burst from her lips, and onto the ground. Before she could really catch her breath and settle herself, Joe began plowing away at her. It was only a minute or so before he grabbed her hips tightly, and collapsed on her back. He just came in my Amber.

I could not get my mind around what I was watching, and I heard Mike shout for me to come downstairs. I should have quickly turned the video off and shut the laptop down, because I did not want Mike to see this, but I froze. Before I knew it, Mike was right behind me, telling me to come downstairs. I knew he got a look at Amber being fucked from behind as I shut the laptop down. I didn’t want to face him, so I just got up and walked out of the room as he patted me on the back, and said something.

Mike was talking the whole way downstairs, not getting the message that my love life just crashed in front of me. We walked around the party, meeting the other brothers, but I just could not relax and pay attention to what people were saying. I answered people with as few words as possible, and I did not initiate any conversations. I really do not even remember who I met, or what we talked about. When the party was winding down, Mike let me know it was time to go.

On the way back to the dorm, Mike asked me if I was all right, and I told him I was fine. Other than that, we did not talk. When we got to the dorms, Mike got out of the car, and I decided to take a drive. I drove around for hours, just thinking about it. Over and over in my head, I saw my girlfriend getting guerilla fucked by some huge-cocked frat brother. Plus, she was sucking some other guy off at the same time. My girl was being split roasted, which is something I thought only porn stars did. Did she bang the whole frat? Fuck, was I a joke or something to them? They all banged my girl? How could she be happy with me and my little pathetic dick? She called it a fucking wee wee, while thinking about Mighty Joe Young’s damn guerilla cock? How could she be satisfied with me and my wee wee? I parked in an empty office parking lot, and just kept running things through my head.

I passed out from being tired in the car, and woke up the following morning when some asshole blasted his horn at my parked car. Apparently my slumber was interfering with the start of his day. I headed back to the dorm. My neck and back ached from my unpleasant couple of hours of sleep in my car. Mike had already left for classes when I stumbled into my room. I was late for my first class, and in my zombie-like state, I thought I would bag the whole day of classes, and just sleep. At least the dorm was pretty empty by now, with everyone heading off to class. I could take a quick shower and go to bed.

As I slept, I still could not get Amber out of my head. I think I still really liked her, but I was still dreaming about her being banged by Joe. My dream, or nightmare, started just like the movie I saw, but instead of the unknown frat brother in front of Amber getting his dick sucked, it was me. There I am, watching Joe wildly plow her from behind. Her eyes wide open, looking at me as her mouth opens, and she sucks in air. Her tits flapping back and forth with each thrust. Her ass rippling as his pelvis mashes into her. I pull my pants down like the other guy did, and drop my underwear. My tiny pee pee is standing at attention. Joe stops fucking her long enough for the two of them to see my shame. Then, as I bring my dick to Amber’s lips, she starts laughing and laughing. Joe also chimes in with his own chuckle.

“Hey pencil dick; you think you can gag her with that?”

Amber laughs uncontrollably at Joe’s comment. I rub my dick on her face as she moves her head around, laughing at me. She braces herself with one hand, and uses the other to guide my whole dick into her mouth. Then I feel her hand gently pushing my balls into her mouth as well. When she has them both in her mouth, along with my micro dick, she begins smiling. She begins to laugh again, and spits my dick and balls out of her mouth, and mocks me.

“I can get the whole thing and his balls in my mouth.”

Joe begins laughing harder than before while holding Amber’s hips firmly. I look down and Amber has one finger under my 4 inch erection, holding it right in front of her face. She lightly bounces it on her finger. I am looking in her eyes as she laughs at my tiny member. I feel my climax coming, and I want to hold out as long as Joe, but I cannot hold back. I just start cumming in front of both of them. Their laughter grows and grows until I started waking up; I felt my hips rising up slightly as I came in my boxers shorts. Just dreaming about Amber being pleasured by that huge dick caused me to have a wet dream.

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