Jin & Lucy 2



Chapter 1: An Afternoon By The Pool.


Chapter 2: A Simple Mistake (a.k.a. Misplaced Panties)

Lucy browsed through her wardrobe, trying to decide what she wanted to wear. It was early in the morning and she was still in her PJ’s; a white camisole with a pink laced trim and a matching pair of shorts. The warm, summer’s day before seemed long and bountiful, and she planned to head out to the city with some of her friends to do some shopping. First, however, she needed to decide on what she was going to wear.

She chose a black tank top, which had a red skull on the front of it, and a denim skirt. It wasn’t really the season for black but she was feeling a bit punkish, and she liked to stand out in a crowd. She picked out a red bra to go with the red on her top and then began hunting around for a matching pair of panties. She only had one pair of red panties and Lucy knew they were they there somewhere; she had just worn them the other day.

She hunted all over her room, and when she still couldn’t find them she wondered if perhaps Sofia, their maid, had gone and mixed them up with her mother’s clothes. It was a stupid mistake since Lucy was a few sizes smaller than her mother, and her wardrobe was far more modern than her mother’s drab, always-formal wear, but then again Lucy had often found Sofia to be stupid.

She was just about to get dressed and head downstairs to ask her mother about it when she noticed that the door to her brother’s bedroom was slightly ajar and there was a fresh laundry basket sitting on his desk. Lucy and her younger brother, Jin, shared the top floor of the two-story house, along with a guest bedroom which was rarely used, and a communal bathroom. While neither found the situation to be ideal, and they hated sharing a bathroom, it was still worth it for the small amount of separation that it provided between them and their overbearing parents.

“Have you seen my red panties?” asked Lucy, waltzing into Jin’s room. She didn’t bother to knock, or check to see if her brother dressed; his privacy had never been of much importance to her.

“What?” asked Jin, confused. He was still bed, although he had been awake for a while now.

Lucy ignored him and began searching through the laundry.

“What are you doing?” demanded Jin, getting out of bed. He was annoyed now; not only had his sister barged into his room, something which he was continually telling her not to do, but now she was also messing up his things.

“I’m searching for my panties.”

“Why would your pa…underwear be here?” Although Jin was eighteen, he was still shy sexually and using the word “panties” embarrassed him.

“Because they are,” said Lucy, in shock. She turned around holding up her missing red panties which she had found in his basket. Jin stared in surprise; he couldn’t understand how his sister’s panties were in his laundry basket.

Lucy was just as surprised, she had never really expected to find them here. In her mind, this was a new low for Sofia, had the stupid woman actually thought that these belonged to her brother?

“You must have put them there!” said Jin. He was beginning to suspect that this was one of his sister’s pranks, and he was not going to fall for it.

“Why would I put my beautiful panties along with your crappy clothes?”

“To mess with me,” said Jin, “so you could come in here and go through all my things and then accuse me of stealing and God knows what else.” He felt smart at having figured out his sister’s scheme.

Lucy stared at her brother, she was just going to take her underwear and leave, but Jin’s accusations had now given her an idea; maybe she could use this situation to her advantage and have a little fun. “Is that so,” said Lucy. She almost smiled as she said it, but stopped herself just in time, she didn’t want to give the game away. She needed to be serious. “Well I didn’t put my panties here, and I think you’re trying to throw the blame me to hide the fact that you brought them here.”

“No,” said Jin, “why would I want your panties?”

“I don’t know,” said Lucy, “maybe they turn you on; maybe you like to jack off into them. Is that what you did, did you jack off into my panties?”

“No, of course not!”

“Then why were they here.” Lucy took a step forward, still holding her panties up as evidence, “In your room, with your clothes.”

“I don’t know,” said Jin. Suddenly he didn’t feel all that smart anymore. “Sofia must have put them there.”

“Oh, so now its Sofia’s fault,” said Lucy, “first you say that I put them there, and now Sofia put them there. You know what I think; I think you’re lying.”

“No, I’m not” pleaded Jin, “I would never do those things you said.”

“Then what did you do with my panties?”

“Nothing, I don’t do anything. I’ve never even touched your panties.”

“Then why are they in your room?” Lucy was really enjoying this, she loved watching brother squirm.

“I told you I don’t know. Sofia must have kept them.”

“Maybe because Sofia knows you like my panties,” said Lucy. “Do you like to wear them, is that what you do? Are you one of those sissy boys who likes to dress up in girl’s clothes?”

“You know me,” said Jin, “you know I’m not like that.”

“I thought I did know you,” said Lucy, in an innocent voice, “I thought you weren’t the type to steal my panties, but here we are.”

“I haven’t even touched them, I told—”

Lucy didn’t let him finish but threw her panties in his face. Jin caught them, he hadn’t meant to catch them, it was just a reflex action. “See,” said Lucy, “you have touched them.”

Jin let go of them immediately and let them fall to the floor. “That’s not fair, you tricked me!”

“Pick them up,” said Lucy. She didn’t like her panties lying on the floor, and she thought it was about time to move this game along.

“You threw them, you pick them up.”

Lucy took another step forward, glaring at her brother intimidatingly. “I said: pick them up.”

Jin was feeling a little scared now. Hesitantly he picked up the panties, holding them only between his thumb and forefinger, and held them out to his sister.

“No, I don’t want them now,” said Lucy. For a moment she wondered if it was worth losing her panties over this, but she quickly decided that it was. “They are yours, put them on.”

“What?” asked Jin. He couldn’t believe what his sister had just said.

“Put on your panties.”

“No,” said Jin, mortified, “They are not mine. I can’t do that.”

“They are yours now,” said Lucy, “I’m giving them to you. So put them on like a good little girly-boy.”

“No,” said Jin, firmly, “I’m not doing anything, and you can’t make me.” He had had enough of this; it was too early in the morning for all these weird thoughts and conversations.

“Is that so,” said Lucy, with a devilish grin, “what if I were to go around and show all your friends that video of you from last week. You remember that don’t you, when you jizzed all over the back yard.”

Jin’s eyes went wide in horror, he had been trying his best for forget that incident. “You promised you wouldn’t show that to people.”

“Did I?” said Lucy, once again playing innocent.

“Yes you did, you promised!!”

“Well maybe if you put on the panties,” said Lucy, “then I’ll keep that promise.”

Jin was starting to panic; he didn’t know what to do. “I’ll tell mom,” he said, helplessly.

“Go ahead,” said Lucy, “I’ll show her the video too. And tell her that you’ve been borrowing my panties and wearing them. Who do you think she’s going to believe?”

“Please,” Jin begged, hoping to reason with his sister.

“Put them on, now,” ordered Lucy. She closed the door to her brother’s bedroom to give them both some privacy. Although their parents rarely ever came up to the third floor in the morning, Lucy knew that both she and Jin would end on in serious trouble if their mother did happen to venture up for some reason.

“Come on then,” urged Lucy.

But Jin just stood there, looking down at his sister’s underwear. He didn’t want to wear them, even though they had been washed they were still his sister’s underpants and she must have worn them countless times before. They were probably soaked in her girl-parts. He cringed at the thought.

“Are you going to do it or not?” said Lucy, growing impatient.

“Okay,” said Jin, in a meek voice, “I’ll do it.” There didn’t seem to be any other option for him but to give in to his sister’s demands, he couldn’t let her go and show that video to everybody, and he knew that she would.

“Good,” said Lucy, sitting down in the desk chair and getting comfortable; this was going to be fun.

Though his sister had seen him naked several times before, Jin still felt shy about changing in front of her, and so he turned around as he lowered his pajama bottoms. Taking a deep breath, he summed up whatever courage he had, and then stepped into his sister’s panties. As he pulled them up he tried to imagine that they were his own underpants; he was just putting on his own underpants, nothing strange about that.

However, it was hard to hold on to that thought once the panties were actually own. Jin wasn’t a big boy, but his hips were still wider than his sister’s, and though his penis and balls were considerably smaller than most boys his age, panties were not meant to accommodate any sort of bulge in the front.

Lucy watched in delight as her brother struggled to arrange himself inside her panties. They had already bunched up from the back and were barely covering his ass cheeks. “Turn around,” she said, wanting to see the full fruits of her labor.

But Jin didn’t turn, he couldn’t, for some reason unbeknownst to him, he had got an erection. He didn’t know why it was there, he wasn’t turned on, quite the opposite, but he couldn’t control it.

“Turn!” said Lucy.

Reluctantly, Jin turned around his face as red as his sister’s panties.

Lucy squealed with laughter when he saw him. His erect penis was sticking out comically from the side of her panties and his small, berry-like testicles were caught up so tightly against the crotch of her panties, that she could see a clear outline of them through the fabric. “Oh-my-God you really like this,” she said, “you sick pervert.”

“I don’t,” pleaded Jin, but he knew that there was no way for him to explain it.

“Take your shirt off,” said Lucy, “I want to see you in just the panties.”

“No, I put them on. That was the deal.”

“Oh shut up,” said Lucy, “stop acting like you’re not enjoying this. Now take your shirt off.”

Jin took his shirt off, thinking of how much he hated his sister; not just for what she was doing to him right now, but also for the week before, and all of the times before that.

“You look so sexy,” said Lucy. “My panties actually make your tiny dick look bigger than it is.”

“My penis is not small,” said Jin. Despite all that had happened he still did not believe that he had a small penis.

“Not in those it’s not,” said Lucy, seductively. She ran her hand between her legs, pretending to masturbate, “You’re actually turning me on a little.” She wasn’t really turned on, but she knew it would freak her brother out if she said that.

“That’s enough,” said Jin, “I did everything you asked, now go.”

“Okay, okay,” said Lucy, standing up. She was getting late anyway; she had to meet her friends at the mall in less than an hour. “And you have done everything I asked,” she said, patting her brother’s bare shoulder.

“Does that mean you’ll keep your promise?”

“Yes,” said Lucy, “and I’ll do something else for you as well.”

“What?” asked Jin, glad that his sister had finally agreed to leave.

“I’m going to buy you a matching bra for those tiny little boy-breasts of yours.” She grabbed his nipples and gave them a hard pinch.

Jin yelled and pushed his sister away. He tried to hit her, but she nimbly dodged his attacks and ran out of the room. Jin wanted to chase after her and make her pay for what she had done, but he was still wearing her panties and he couldn’t risk going out in those. So, he expressed his anger in the only way that he could, by slamming his door shut.

Lucy stood outside laughing; the sight of her brother angrily trying to jump at her, with his little cock poking out of her panties, had made her day. In fact, it might even have made her week, but it was too soon to tell, perhaps by the end of the week, she would see him in a bra and panties. She was definitely going to buy him a bra, and she needed a new pair of red panties for herself as well; she’d get them both today.

“What’s going on up there?” shouted her mother, from downstairs.

“Nothing mom,” said Lucy, trying her best to keep her voice straight. “Jin was just getting dressed.”


The End.


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