Housewife Confession!

By Unknown Author.

My husband has been out of work for almost six months now. I’ve taken a second job as a waitress at the Red Lobster in Plano three nights a week to keep us afloat. Connor worked for almost 15 years at a large defense contractor in the Dallas area, content to work as a maintenance man on the third shift. He passed up several opportunities to move into management. He has no confidence or ambition. When things slowed down at the plant last year, they cut out a shift, and he got laid off.

My mother never liked Connor; she told me I was making a big mistake when I married him the summer after I graduated from McKinney North High School. I should have listened to her. Mom doesn’t think he is much of a man. She’s right about that. Connor might as well have a pussy, because his dick isn’t much bigger than my pinky finger.

My big sister Diana and I talked about sex when I was in 8th grade and started getting curious about boys. She told me a boy’s penis gets as big and complex as a cucumber when they get excited. Diana told me her current boyfriend’s cock was almost as big around as the can of Coke she was drinking. She showed me how her fingers couldn’t even wrap around it.

My sister explained how guys love blow jobs and how to do it by sucking and licking the head of the cock and taking it in the back of your throat. She said it took a little practice to learn how to do it without gagging.

Diana’s stories about sex got me very excited. I discovered how to pleasure myself. I would slide a couple of fingers inside my pussy and think about one of the boys from school grabbing the back of my head and putting his cock in my mouth and making me suck it. This was my favorite fantasy, and I probably imagined sucking every guy in my first-year class at one time or another while rubbing and fingering myself. Diana showed me how to use an unpeeled banana to slide deep inside my pussy with one hand while rubbing my clit with the other. God damn, it felt so good. Diana said a banana was almost as big as a real cock.

I met Connor when I started working at Burger King the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year at high school. Connor is two years older than me and has already graduated. He was shy and cute, and he had a new Mustang. He was my first real boyfriend. All my girlfriends were jealous of my older boyfriend, one who had a nice car and spoiled me with gifts and attention.

Connor was the first boy I ever had sex with. I was expecting something bigger when Connor pulled his tiny penis out one night when we made out in his car. It was dark, and I couldn’t see anything. He put my hand down there, and I touched it. I was expecting a cucumber, but I found a baby dill. I almost laughed out loud, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I pretended to be turned on and played with it, thinking my six-year-old nephew probably had a bigger penis.

A few days later, I finally let Connor fuck me. He had been begging for it for weeks. It was one of the biggest letdowns of my life. Connor moaned while he humped against me. The thrusting felt OK, but it wasn’t much different than the dry humping we had been doing for the last few weeks. I wasn’t even sure his dick was inside me. I remember watching his ceiling fan rotate slowly while he grunted and pumped. I faked a smile until he finished. He rolled off exhausted, and I went to the bathroom to wash my pussy. The only advantage of fucking a guy with a pinky dick is that the cum is just inside the opening of your vagina and easy to wash out.

The next day, I called Connor and broke up with him. I told him I needed a break. The truth was that a couple of guys at school had been hitting on me, and I was ready for some variety. For the next several weeks, I was quite the little tramp. I dated and fucked a half dozen different guys. Every one of them was endowed with much bigger cocks than Connor. Having a normal-sized cock in my pussy felt so good, and sucking a big cock turned out to be a thrill as I imagined. Sucking Connor was like sucking the penis of a little boy, and it creeped me out.

Connor pursued me relentlessly during our break. I couldn’t avoid him at work, and he called me at least once a day. Connor whined and pouted and begged me to come back to him. He was worried that I was having sex with someone else. I lied. For all the sex that I WAS having, none of those guys treated me as nicely as Connor did. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, but I had expected to be treated a little better after putting out. Some of the guys I had fucked would pass me in the hallway at school without even saying hello.

Prom was approaching, and none of the guys who fucked me over the last few weeks asked me to go. I sat at my desk in Chemistry class, bored out of my mind, and listed Connor’s pros and cons on a sheet of paper. Handsome, intelligent, and generous, the PRO side of the sheet was filling up. The only thing listed on the CON side was PINKY DICK. I felt pretty shallow. I finally relented and went back to him. A week later, I felt like a princess at the Prom. Connor looked great in his tux, and after that night, he surprised me by asking me to marry him.

Two weeks after graduating, Connor and I got married against my mother’s furious protest. By the time we had our small wedding, I had already stopped pretending to enjoy sex with him. Sex was something that I gave into when he was an extra good boy or occasionally when I got tired of the pathetic pouting and moping.

A few days after we got married, I made Connor go to the sleazy adult book store on the outskirts of town and buy me a vibrator. He brought back a skinny smooth tiny six-inch dildo. “What the fuck is this?” I complained as I threw it across the room. I demanded that he go back and get me one of those flexible fleshy ones that look like a real cock. I held my fingers about twelve inches apart and told him I wanted something that reminded me of Ronnie Pearson’s big cock. He scowled and frowned. “Yeah, I fucked Ronnie, and if you don’t bring me back something that can make me feel like a woman, I will go find him and fuck him again.” Connor pouted, but as usual, I got my way.

I continued to tease Connor mercilessly about his little cock. He knew that I told all my girlfriends, sister, and mom about his pinky dick. When I didn’t get my way, I would cuss him out, calling him a useless piece of shit and a tiny pinky dick. I would threaten to go out to a bar and find a ‘real’ cock or call one of the guys I fucked when we had broken up. For some reason, he seemed to get aroused by the humiliation.

My domination and power over him increased over time. I guess you would say I wear the pants around here. I make all the decisions in our marriage.

I wore out my big dildo after a couple of months. Now I have a collection of big toys and dildos. Sometimes I let Connor use one on me. Most of the time, I make him watch me do it myself. When I give in and give him some pussy, I make sure he knows how inconvenienced I am and how I can’t feel a thing. He knows he better not take too long or I will push him off and make him jack off.

The morning he came home after getting laid off looking very sheepish and slump-shouldered, I asked him, “What did they do, lay off the mechanics with the smallest tools?” Connor promised he would get called back within a couple of weeks. “You better,” I warned.

For all the threats I had made over the years, I had never cheated on Connor. I had more than a few chances. My best friend Linda’s husband has been hitting on me for years. Linda told him about Connor’s pinky dick, and he never misses a chance to let me know he wouldn’t mind giving me a good fucking with his big dick. After drinking a few margaritas, I grabbed his crotch under the table one afternoon at a backyard barbeque. It never went any farther, though. I couldn’t do that to my friend Linda.

When I dressed for my day job last Wednesday morning, I told Connor to get up and clean up the house and go out and put in some applications before I got home. They weren’t going to call him back to work at the plant. I barely have enough time to get home and change clothes between jobs. When I walked into the house, the dirty dishes were still stacked on the counter, and the hamper in the laundry room was overflowing. I found Connor still in his boxers in the family room, playing Madden on the Xbox. I went through the roof. “You sorry, piece of shit.”

Connor jumped up, apologized, and started cleaning, but it was too late. I quickly changed clothes and yelled at him not to wait up for me, and slammed the door on my way out.

Since working there, I have flirted with a young bartender named Luke at Red Lobster. One of the other waitresses told me he had a huge dick. Before I learned that nugget of information, I was flattered and tempted by his advances. My cell phone was ringing again as I pulled into the parking lot. It was Connor calling for the third time in a row. I pushed the ignore button and turned the phone off. I recognized Luke’s car and pulled into the space next to his.

“Hey sexy,” Connor called out and shot me a big smile when I walked into the restaurant.

My heart fluttered, and my pussy tingled, anticipating what could be coming later that night. It was crazy busy that night, and my shift dragged on. Every time I went to the bar to get a drink order, I hoped Luke would make his standard offer for me to stop by his apartment after work. I usually laughed off his offers, reminding him that I was married, or I would tell him he couldn’t handle an older woman like me, but tonight I planned to say yes when he asked me.

I noticed Kelly lingering at the bar, talking to Luke every. Kelly is my age, full-figured with huge boobs. She’s married but keeps no secret that she steps out on her husband every chance. Kelly seemed like a sure thing if Luke wanted to get laid that night. Maybe Luke had gotten tired of me turning him down and had given up. By 10:30, the last patrons had finished their meals, and everyone was busy cleaning up. It looked more and more like Luke was going to hook up with Kelly, and I was going home to Pinky Dick.

I finished my cleaning duties, said goodnight to my co-workers, and headed to the parking lot. Before I could reach my car, Luke came trotting after me. “Hey, wait up,” he shouted.

“Where’s your friend?” I asked.

“You mean Kelly?”

I nodded yes. Luke explained that he timed his escape when Kelly went to the bathroom. She had been offering to give him a blowjob all night long. I laughed, but Luke looked a little panicked as he glanced back toward the restaurant as if he expected Kelly to come bolting after him.

Luke touched my arm. “Hey, let’s go have a drink.” He said.

Luke suggested we go to Austin Ave., a bar and grill down the street. I told him that I had to be up by 6 am for my day job and didn’t have time for a drink. But I told him I was pissed at my husband and not ready to go home yet. He invited me to follow him to his apartment, which turned out to be close to my home in McKinney.

Luke was all over me the second we got inside his apartment. He helped me out of my ugly unisex uniform, kissing me on the mouth, neck, shoulders, and breasts. I sat naked on his couch and watched him undress. He threw our clothes across the room onto a big leather chair. I licked my lips in anticipation as he began to remove his boxers.

I could already tell there was something massive between his legs, and he was as hard as a rock. It was the biggest and most beautiful cock I had ever seen. The veins on the shaft were blue and engorged. The head was huge and purple. His pubic area and balls were shaved clean. I cupped his balls in one hand and wrapped my other hand around the shaft, and pulled his cock toward my open mouth.

I opened my mouth widely like a baby bird, taking care to keep my teeth from scraping his huge cock. Luke moaned as I sucked and lubed his big cock with my spit. Luke said he had wanted to fuck me since the first day I started working at the restaurant. He said I was a bad girl for turning him down so often. I told him I thought I was worth the wait.

I took Luke’s hands, placed one on each side of my head, and encouraged him to hold my head. “Oh, you like it like that, huh?” he said.

I looked up into his eyes and moaned my approval. Luke’s fingers closed as he clenched my hair tightly in each hand. I moved my hands to his muscular toned, and tanned ass cheeks, further encouraging him to fuck my face as forcefully as possible.

I was content to be used as a fuck doll, and I let Luke continue to fuck my mouth for several minutes. I gagged with each thrust causing my eyes to tear up. Spit ran out of the corners of my mouth, dripped from my chin onto my tits, and ran down my stomach. I knew he was close to cumming from Luke’s pace and breathing. I pulled away and told him I needed to be fucked. I knelt on the couch and begged him to fuck me from behind.

Luke headed toward his bedroom, saying that he was going to get a condom and would be right back. “Oh, no, baby. You can fuck me without a condom,” I said.

Luke turned around and smiled. He seemed pleased with that. He asked if I was on birth control, and I lied and said that I was. The truth was that I stopped taking birth control years ago because I never let my husband cum inside me.

Luke slid his fingers into my pussy which was soaking wet. Then he pressed that massive head against my swollen vulva and thrust it into me with one long deep plunge. My pussy was filled with that enormous cock. “Fuck me, hard, baby. Shove that big cock in my pussy,” I begged.

I could feel every inch of his cock as it slid in and out of me. The pace of our fucking built up with each thrust, faster and faster. I rubbed my hard slippery clit with my middle finger and screamed into the couch cushion. “Oh yeah, it feels so good, fuck me just like that. Don’t stop!”

Luke’s cock was hitting the spot and doing something to me that I had never felt before. I became light-headed, my pussy began to contract, and my thigh muscles quivered like electricity was shooting through them. I had never been fucked like this. I couldn’t help but feel resentful of what I had been missing at home.

After a few minutes of relentless pounding, I begin to have the most amazing orgasm ever. I felt warm fluid squirting from my pussy. It soaked the couch. I was spraying, something I had never done before. It was a little embarrassing, but it seemed to turn Luke on, and he jammed his cock deep inside me and blew the biggest nut ever. He filled my pussy with cream like a giant Twinkie.

It was past midnight when I finally left Luke’s place. I turned my cell phone back on when I got in my car. There were eight missed calls and three voice messages from Connor. I could feel Luke’s cum leaking as I stepped out of the vehicle. I quietly opened the door from the garage into the kitchen. The house was dimly lit, but I could see that Connor had been busy cleaning. Everything was spotless.

Connor pretended to be sleeping when I tiptoed into the bedroom. I threw my clothes in the hamper and slipped into an oversized nightshirt. There was so much cum leaking from my pussy that I left my panties on to keep the cum from spreading all over the bed. The smell of sex filled the bedroom. I was sure that Connor had to know what I had done, but he never said a word.

It’s been a week since I fucked Luke. I can’t stop thinking about him and the best hour of sex of my life. I promised Luke we would do it again soon. After making another withdrawal from savings today to cover bills, I am pissed and disappointed with my husband. Connor has been doing a better job with the housework but still hasn’t found the ambition to get out and find a job. I’m going to stop at Luke’s again after work tonight.

Maybe I’ll make Connor eat my Twinkie when I get home.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.


  • Anonymous

    I loved your story.There is nothing like a big cock

  • Anonymous

    Yo you got a twisted mind. This story is fucked up.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! This is an amazing story! I really wish my wife would do this to me!

  • Dick Dangling

    I hope you leave Connor for Luke, or any guy. I’d love to hear one of those guys killed you for whatever reason and the Connor was called back as a manager after passing some form of test from work and that his pay trippled, his new girlfriend is from serious money and pregnant with her’s and Connor’s twins.

  • unknown

    tell us about connor eating your twinkie

  • Anonymous

    Divorce conor
    He doesn’t deserve a slutty wife like u

  • Anonymous

    Great story…

    I have no issues having a small uncut penis… enjoy life and all that comes with it…

    Webmaster note: I have removed your story and will feature it in a post soon, rather than here. Thanks for submitting.

  • Joe Sanders

    You shouldn’t have married Connor…you knew he had a tiny cock. Humiliating him for something he can’t help is wrong. It’s no wonder he has no ambition or Confidence with you calling him worthless and a pinky dick. Even though I’m hung like a horse I wouldn’t fuck you…women like you get what they deserve.

  • peanutboy1003

    The wife of little dick guy should not have to cheat on him. I think there should be an understanding that he will never satisfy her and that she can get what she needs somewhere else. Who knows, if Connor knew what was going on, he might like it. Maybe he could watch. Sounds like a turn on to me.

  • Roger

    Put Connor in chastity and fuck black men


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