Fantasy Acted Out (Gay SPH)

By biggie79uk.

When I was 21 and still in college, I was dating my future husband, Joe. Joe was 22 and in good shape. He had great stamina in bed at that age, although his penis was only about 2 inches long erect.

After we had sex, Joe would sleepover. He had the skill in bed to get me excited, but he didn’t have the size to satisfy me. This often caused me to have very erotic dreams. A reoccurring dream I often had was of being an Empress with male sex slaves.

I started waking up during the dreams with my hand on Joe’s cock, jerking him off. This happened a few times, and then one time, Joe told me that I was talking in my sleep and ordering him to fuck me. Joe asked me, “Do you want me to fuck you during your dream when you tell me to in your sleep?”

I told Joe that I did want him to play out my dream with me while I slept. I explained to him that I was dreaming of being an Empress with male sex slaves. I gave him this condition though, “If you’re going to fuck me while I sleep, you have to follow all my orders while I sheep to help keep me in the fantasy.”

The next time I woke, Joe was inside me fucking me with his little penis. I loved it, and I got the idea to pretend to sleep longer next time so I could keep giving Joe orders.

Pretending to be asleep after I woke was amazing. I called Joe a slave and mocked the size of his penis. This is something I had never done to his face before, but I felt safe doing it now because he thought I was asleep. I said, “this slave is too small. Get me a bigger slave to fuck me.” Joe actually removed his penis and inserted one of my dildos. “That is better. This slave has a proper-sized cock” I said. I planned to let him back in. However, I started my orgasm and couldn’t fake being asleep any longer. “Why were you using my dildo on me and not your cock,” I asked him.

“I was fucking you, but then you said you wanted a different slave. So I thought the dildo was the best way I could quickly do that for you,” explained Joe. I found it very interesting that he didn’t comment about me saying he was too small, and since he didn’t seem upset by it either, I planned to do it again.

We had several more nights similar to that one over the next few months. I would always let Joe back in to finish after I “woke,” and he never seemed upset by my calling him small while I “slept.”

One night I woke to a much larger cock inside me. I could feel Joe’s weight on me, so it wasn’t just a dildo. I was puzzled, but I managed to fake sleep for a while longer. I said, “that is more like it. This slave has a good-sized cock.” After a bit, I realized Joe was wearing a cock sleeve. He had bought one to give me the size I wanted with the motion of a real person fucking me.

Later I told Joe how much I enjoyed the size that the sleeve gave him and that it really added to my fantasy. Joe surprised me by saying, “anything for your fantasy.”

Joe’s comment on anything made me wonder how far he really would go with this fantasy. I figured he must be enjoying it as well. I decided then to keep the fantasy going after he knew I was awake next time.

That night I woke with Joe’s tiny penis inside of me again. I ordered, “Get that tiny dicked slave out of me. Find me a slave with a proper-sized cock.” Joe pulled out and started fucking me with my dildo. After I cam and Joe knew I was awake, I said, “bring back the slave with the teeny weeny penis. I want him to clean the cum from my pussy by licking it.” Joe’s face turned red, but he quickly crawled between my legs and started licking.

That day I went out and bought a cock cage for Joe. That night as we were going to bed, I starting sucking Joes’ little penis. I got him good and hard, then switched to a hand job so I could say, “after I make you cum, I’m going to put you in a cock cage for the night. It will add to my fantasy. If you don’t want to, just let me know, and I’ll stop now, but if you let me keep going long if enough to make you cum, you have to wear the cage.” I then went back to sucking his little penis until he came. I put the cage on him and rolled over to go to sleep.

When I woke, Joe was using my dildo in my pussy. Before he knew I was awake, I asked, “is the slave with the smallest penis in a cock cage?”

Joe answered, “yes.” He moved so that the cage was touching my hand. I gave a firm tug on it. Just enough for Joe to wince but not do any real harm.

After Joe knew I was awake, I tried to keep the fantasy going for a bit, then I said, “It’s hard to keep the fantasy going after I wake because I know the dildo isn’t a real cock.”

Joe replied, “You could let me out of the cage, and I’d fuck you with my real cock.”

I let out a little laugh and said, “You don’t have a real cock. Besides, your tiny penis needs to stay in the cage for my fantasy. After we’re done the fantasy, I’ll let you fuck me,” and I let him out of the cage to do that. While Joe was sliding in and out of me, I said, “it really would help the fantasy to have two men with large cocks play along with our fantasy. Do you think we could find two online?”

I timed it so well that Joe answered, “Yes” as he was cumming. I don’t think he would have agreed if he hadn’t been so close to orgasm.

I didn’t waste much time getting Joe in front of a computer to look for dating sites to set up profiles. We uploaded some good pics of me. My breasts are Ds and got a lot of attention from the guys on the website. I mostly emailed and chatted with the guys and just filled Joe in. As the guys showed interest, I explained what we were looking for. I lost some guy’s interest when I told them they’d have to role play my fantasy with them as slaves. But it didn’t take long to find 5 guys who were all interested.

When I told Joe, I found 5. He said I asked for 2 guys. I pretended to negotiate with him by asking if I could have all the guys with cocks over 8″ or the 2 guys, whichever is more. I said pretended because I already knew 4 of the guy’s hard cocks over 8″. Joe figured 8″ wasn’t common, so he agreed. I waited a couple of hours and told Joe that each of the guys sent me picks with rulers to prove their sizes. I told him 4 of the guys were over 8″. The fifth guy was only 4″, just a bit bigger than Joe. I would let him join in because he’s into small penis humiliation, and I figured it wouldn’t be as hard on Joe if he weren’t the only small one. I was happy to get the 4 Joe agreed to.

We rented a hotel for the night we met with the 4 guys. I ordered Joe and the other 4 to all get naked. I told them I wanted to see their hard cocks. They started stroking their cocks and got them hard. I walked up to Joe and said, “Your cock doesn’t measure up to the rest. Hurry up and make yourself cum so I can put this cage on your cock.” Joe stood there naked in front of everyone and jerked off. After he came, I put the cock cage on his little penis and told him to watch what I do with slaves with real cocks.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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