Exposed by the Pool

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by available44xx

Summertime! It is any young man’s favorite time of the year.

I had just graduated from high school and life was good. A bunch of us had gotten together at Debbie Jensen’s house to hang out at her pool. Her parents were to be gone all day so we had the place to ourselves. A few of the guys brought beer so it turned into a real party for those of us who hadn’t experienced much of that kind of thing.

All told, there were around 20 people hanging out by the pool. It was about an even mix of girls and guys. Among then was Debbie whom I felt was the most beautiful girl in the world. Hot body, blonde hair and a very sweet personality made her the center of all of my wet dreams. Seeing her in a bikini just about made my eyes pop out of my skull.

I was a newcomer to the area and it took me awhile to gain acceptance with the people my age in town. I was friends with my neighbor Jim Edward’s and he was one of those people so I got in by default. I was hoping this party would be the start of a real social life for me. There is nothing worse than being an outsider.

It was a real fun time. We horsed around and drank and swam. I kept trying to talk to score points with the girls and was making headway with a couple of them, but I kept an eye on Debbie all day. I wanted to find a way to really get her attention so I could talk to her. In my dreams, she would be my girl.

Then all hell broke loose for me. I was swimming and got out of the pool. Debbie asked if I would bring her and her best friend Karen a beer. Here was my chance! I picked up three beers from the ice chest (one for me) and sauntered over to the girls acting as cool as possible. Just as I got about four feet away from them, Mark Jenkins came up behind me and pulled down my bathing suit. Down it went to the concrete.

This posed a big problem for me because I have a little problem. My cock is about four and a half inches long when hard, but is tiny when soft. So when I felt the cool breeze hit my dick I looked down and to my horror noticed that my cock was not there. I don’t mean shrinkage. I mean it had sucked back into my body along with my balls. The water in the pool was very cool that day.

It looked like I had no cock, just a wisp of pubic hair which now looked more like a pussy than a cock. Everyone got quiet and then I looked up at Debbie Jensen who was staring at where my cock should be. I saw her beautiful lips mouth the word “wow”.

I was standing there completely naked with my wet shorts wrapped around my ankles holding three beers in my hands. I really don’t know how long those 20 people stared at my situation but it seemed like an eternity. Finally, I dropped the beers and managed to pull up the shorts. I went inside to get away from everyone to hide my shame.

After a few minutes, Debbie came in to check on me. I told her I had to go home. She asked me why and I told her I was too embarrassed to face them again. Then she said, “Don’t worry, nobody saw anything.” I think she was trying to be nice, but I picked up the double meaning. The hottest girls in the school now knew I had a tiny prick. And to top it off, they thought it was even tinier than it really is.

I knew was screwed.

When I got home I started thinking about the incident. The funny thing though was through all of the shame I got really turned on reliving it. I masturbated and came probably as hard as I ever had.

I think that incident flipped some type of exhibitionist switch in my brain. Whenever I thought about that day at the pool it really got me excited. I guess I now had a secret desire to be vulnerable and exposed again.

One night I went for a walk and ended up at a local school. Since no one was around, I took off all of my clothes and started walking the breezeways nude. My cock was so hard and I was so excited. At first, I would walk with my clothes in my hands. Then I would ditch them and move farther and farther away. Every step I took made me harder. Finally, I jacked off in complete view of the street, but no one was around.

I have stripped in public restrooms and jacked off in front of the mirrors. A couple of time I almost got caught but somehow managed to not be seen.

Then it happened.

One day I was at a very isolated park. This is one of those places that is so hard to get to that no one even knows it exists. Completely isolated.

I checked for people and no one was there. I ditched my clothes and was kind of jogging around. It was a beautiful day and I was totally nude and exposed. But I knew no one would catch me.

I turn down a trail and came face to face with pretty woman about 35. She had ridden a bike to the park.

I stopped in my tracks and tried to turn around and run. She told me to stop and for some reason I did. I tried to cover my cock with my hands and she asked me, “What the hell are you doing?”

I said something about how I thought no one was around. She said, “You’re some kind of pervert aren’t you?”

I told her how sorry I was and asked her to please not call the cops. I could see her body language soften and she kind of giggled. She looked up at me and said, “Take your hands off of your penis. I want to see what you are so proud of.”

I did as I was told and she burst out laughing. My dick was not hard at all and looked pretty much like a cock head with no shaft. I was mortified. Again, here was a pretty woman looking at my little weenie.

She just kind of looked at it with a smile on her face when I started getting hard. It only took a few seconds and it was pointing to the sky. Finally she said, “OK, here is the deal. I won’t have you arrested but you have to masturbate your little dick and cum for me.”

This was a weird scenario for me. I was still a virgin and now had to jack off for the woman who was pretty hot looking. I started slowly and she lost her patience with me. “Get busy”, she said, “…or you will have problems.”

She walked over and pulled hard on my cock a couple of times and said, “Like this.”

I was so turned on. A female had touched my cock. I shot a giant load a few seconds later.

So here I was standing in front of this woman totally naked and with cum dripping off of my cock. She told me I had paid my debt and walked over to me. She bent down and put my cock in her mouth and sucked it for about two seconds. It was heavenly. Then she stopped and got on her bike. As she rode away she told me, “Maybe a pretty girl will really suck on your little dick one day. Try not to get arrested.”

I have since gotten a real girlfriend and am no longer a virgin. But I still have the exhibitionist thing in my brain. Who knows were it will lead?

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