What happens in Vegas

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By Anon.

It was a cold and wet October in Atlanta so my wife Cathy and I decided to take a trip to Vegas. I was playing craps one evening while Cathy was at her usual – the blackjack table. After awhile, I looked over and noticed that she was talking and laughing with the guy next to her. Nothing unusual there, but an hour later they were both still there and I thought had moved a little closer to each other. Still, it didn’t really bother me. I was sure that Cathy had never cheated on me.

A tooth had been bothering me and I decided that I really needed to take some aspirin, so I headed up to our room. I swallowed the pills and was walking toward the door when I heard Cathy and a guy laughing outside in the hall. It was alarming enough, but rather than open the door and confront them, I stupidly ducked into the closet, keeping it open just enough to be able to see most of the room.

The two of them entered the room and Cathy said, “Let me find the aspirin, Joe.”

Really, I thought. Love the irony.

Then she stopped and said, “Unless the headache was just a ruse to get me up here.”

They had moved farther into the room and I could see them now. They stood just a few inches apart, smiling at each other. I also noticed the large bulge in Joe’s pants.

A little wave of panic and shame rippled through me. In our three years of marriage, Cathy had never once complained about my little dick, but it certainly always had bothered me. As a teenager, I kept thinking that it would grow, but it just never did. I quit playing sports because I grew tired of the snickers from the other guys whenever they saw my tiny little unit. Throughout high school and college, I had more than one experience where a girl never called me back after we had sex. A couple of them even laughed when I took my clothes off and they saw my rock hard dick struggling to get to its full 4”.

To add insult to my short stature, I was thinner than average, too. One girl in college told me I should seek medical help for my condition. I did that. More than one doctor said that there was no effective way to increase the size of my dick. I tried everything, though – pills, stretching devices, stroking techniques. Of course, nothing worked.

When I first met Cathy, we really hit it off together. We dated a few times before sex even came up. I dreaded having to do it and tried my best to delay the inevitable. Eventually, nature took its course and we found ourselves ready to consummate our budding romance. I was stunned that Cathy never said a thing about my size. We had a great time that first night. I licked her until she came three times and when I slid my dick inside her, she acted like she was really enjoying it.

I lasted a long time and when I finally came, she squealed with pleasure. “Bill,” she said afterward, “…that was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

I couldn’t believe it! Soon we were fucking like rabbits. She didn’t seem interested in sucking me off much, but that didn’t bother me. I loved going down on her. I love the smell and taste of pussy and am really proud of how I can get a woman off with my tongue. A year after we started dating, Cathy and I married. Despite the demands of our jobs, our sex life seemed to be great.

So now, I’m hiding in a closet in a Las Vegas hotel room, wondering what Cathy intends to do with Joe – Joe with the big, hard cock struggling to bust out of his pants.

Joe answered Cathy will a small laugh. “I suppose it wasn’t the most clever tactic”, he said.

Cathy said, “Well, there is a condition that you need some help with”, and reached over to grab the bulge in Joe’s pants.

I stifled a gasp. I couldn’t believe that she was really doing this. Was this the first time? Had this been happening all along? No, I thought. We had sex, often, and nothing about her behavior indicated to me that there was anything going on. As if she read my mind, Cathy said, “Joe, I’ve never cheated on my husband. I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

“We can stop right now,” Joe suggested. “I’m ok with just going back to the table and playing some more blackjack. I’ve enjoyed our time together.”

Cathy hesitated a moment. Her hand was still pressing his cock through his pants but she stopped stroking it. Then she looked up at him and pulled his head toward her, kissing him deeply.

Now I was really panicked. I knew that I should open the closet and stop this. I knew that both of them had been drinking and was sure that Cathy would come to her senses if she just saw me. But I didn’t move. Part of me was too curious, too interested in what she would do and what she might say about me. Small dick paranoia was part of it.

As they kissed, Cathy undid Joe’s pants and pulled down his underwear. She grabbed his cock, then stopped kissing him to look down at what she had in her hand. Her eyes were wide and locked on his cock, her mouth slightly open. “Ooh,” she breathed, then let out a sigh. Joe wasn’t enormous, maybe 7 inches tops, but compared to me he might as well have been ten.

Cathy dropped to her knees and began to suck Joe like her life depended on it. My mouth was hanging open. She had never, ever attacked my dick the way that she was going after Joe’s meaty cock. She stroked, licked and sucked him as if she had been born for just this moment. She stroked his balls. She caressed his ass. She moaned. Her black skirt was hiked up, revealing her beautiful ass.

I could also see that she was squeezing and grinding her thighs together as best she could. Her pussy was obviously excited by what she was doing. Cathy kept going at Joe’s cock, at one point nearly deep-throating him. She had never done that with me and it would have been easy given what she was doing to him now. How long had she been wanting a real cock?

Joe began to tense up and I knew he was about ready to come. Cathy squeezed the base of his cock and sucked hard on the head. Joe growled loudly and came in Cathy’s mouth. She swallowed every drop.

Joe started to soften, but Cathy kept caressing his ass, gently sucked his balls then looked up at him. “I’m going to make you hard again and you’re going to fuck me like a horny stallion!”

Cathy put Joe’s cock back in her mouth. Soon, he began to swell again. When he was hard, Cathy stood up and kissed him, driving her tongue into his mouth. “Fuck me!” she demanded and pulled off her skirt. Joe pulled her over the bed, yanking her top and bra off in the process.

Cathy’s feet were pointed right at me. She spread and raised her legs and I could see her pussy glistening in the light of the room. Joe slammed his cock into her. She grabbed his ass as he thrust into her. “Yes, yes!” she screamed. “Fuck me with that beautiful cock! Fill my cunt. I want every bit of you inside me.”

As I watched, I also became aware that I was hard. Rock hard. My little dick was poking out like it was straining to see the action too. No doubt about it – I was enjoying watching this.

Cathy suddenly yelled, “I’m coming – oh yes, I’m coming hard!”

As she came, her pussy clamped harder onto Joe and he exploded into her. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” he said as his cum surged into to her eager body. They both convulsed until every last orgasmic neuron in their bodies was spent.

They collapsed onto the bed. Cathy kissed him. “I think I’ve been waiting my whole life for that fuck,” she said.

That hurt.

I couldn’t believe she said it.

But I also couldn’t believe how aroused I still was. I watched them lustily as they turned and sat up in the bed, petting and kissing each other.

Then I did the most ridiculous thing. I was confused, hurt and aroused at the same time. They had come, but I was still tense, still wanting release. I could easily have quietly jerked off in the closet, but instead I opened the door and stared at them. They both sat up. Cathy gasped and Joe started to yell and get out of the bed. Then Cathy noticed the little bulge in my pants and started to laugh, holding down Joe. “Meet my husband, Bill, and his little dick,” she said.

Joe was still stunned but didn’t move. Cathy was smiling and Joe started to relax. I hadn’t moved.

“I don’t know why you were in there and I guess it doesn’t matter,” she said, “…but apparently you enjoyed the show. Apparently, you like seeing me fucked by a big, hard cock, don’t you.”

I still didn’t speak but I slowly nodded my head.

We all were motionless for a few moments, except for my dick, which throbbed against my pants. Cathy had begun to stroke Joe’s cock as she looked at me. “Take off all of your clothes, Bill,” she insisted in a stern voice.

“What?” I asked, not believing what I had just heard.

“You heard me, all right – take off all of your clothes. Now.”

Again I was surprised. I did just what she asked. I stood there with my little, hard dick pointing at the two of them. Cathy giggled and Joe smiled a little but didn’t say anything. “Bill, I love you,” she said, “…but Joe, or maybe I should say Joe’s cock, has taught me that my cunt needs more.”

I stood there, my dick hard and wanting me to take care of its needs. Cathy looked at me and her eyes softened. “You need some attention, honey. Let’s take care of you.” She had been stroking Joe’s cock for a while at this point and, despite having cum twice, he was hard again. I looked at his beautiful cock – yes, I had to admit it was beautiful – and then at the little thing sticking out from in front of me.


Why couldn’t I have a dick like that? I stood there lost in thought about my shortcomings when Cathy interrupted them. “Come over here,” she said. I looked up and saw that she was on all fours, Joe behind her, guiding his cock into her pussy. Joe and I were both surprised when she said, “Lie down on your back with your head under my cunt. I want you to get a front-row view of this perfect cock thrusting into me.”

I did as I was told. I slid under them, my head just inches from my wife’s pussy and the other man’s cock that her pussy was so obviously craving. Joe was sliding his cock slowly back and forth right in front of my eyes. It was so hot! Instinctively, my hand went to my own little toy and started jerking it. “Let me,” said Cathy between her labored heavy breaths and her fingers closed around me.

I almost lost it then but I was too interested in the action above me. Joe was moving faster now and Cathy let out regular little gasps. “Oh, fuck yes! You’re hitting my G-spot just right! Fuck me with that beautiful cock. Make me cum, Joe! Make me cum with your big cock! I want it!”

Even now, Cathy’s thumb and finger still circled my angry, red, hard little dick. Joe kept fucking her. Cathy kept begging for it. I kept watching.

I felt my balls tingling, building up to what I knew what going to be a massive orgasm. This was all so outrageous but so fucking, incredibly sexy. I couldn’t believe it was happening like this. Cathy screamed and came and came and came. I watched as her beautiful pussy, that had before belonged only to me, clenched Joe’s thick cock. He exploded into her and I lost it, shooting a huge load of cum into Cathy’s hand. She wiped her hand across my chest, then pulled off of Joe’s cock and sat her pussy right onto my mouth.

“Lick the cum out of me, Bill!” she ordered. “Lick it all up.”

I couldn’t breathe. I just swallowed cum, another man’s cum, as it slid out of Cathy’s pussy. Finally Cathy rocked forward and I was able to catch a breath. “Good boy,” she said. I repeated that to myself. She had never, ever called me a boy before. I soon learned that times had changed.

Cathy bent down and gave my dick a tiny kiss – a kiss like she might give on the cheek of an old uncle that she just greeted. She then rolled over, bent down and kissed me lightly on the lips. She smiled. “You did a good job,” It was humiliating – and it turned me on. What is happening to me, I wondered.

Joe moved next to Cathy, caressed her breasts and kissed her deeply. I looked up at them, cum smeared across my face and neck, all the way down to my now shriveled up, limp, little dick. They parted. Joe looked perfectly happy and at ease. I looked like a mess and I’m sure slightly confused. Cathy smiled.

“Joe lives in Atlanta, if you can believe that! He’s not far from us.”

Oh, right. Now I could see what was next. How could this happen? How could it happen so fast? It was just a trip to Vegas. We had done it many times before. Cathy had chatted up guys before. Never had she done anything. My vision of our marriage vanished.

“So,” Cathy said. “I want Joe’s cock. I want it often and I’m going to have it often.”

She reached over, grabbed her panties, rubbed them on her pussy, wiped Joe’s remaining cum from my face and neck and draped the panties over my nose and mouth. “Smell that,” she insisted. “Inhale deeply.”

I inhaled, smelling her pussy and Joe’s cum. “After we fuck,” she continued, “…you can eat my pussy. You can even make me cum if I have any feeling left in my clit. Then you can clean up our mess with my panties. The next day, you will take my panties to work in your pocket. You’ll pull them out and smell them during the day. It will remind you that I need Joe. I need Joe’s big, thick cock. I don’t have any use for your little boy dick anymore. When you get desperate, maybe I’ll let you fuck my ass – it may be tight enough. But my cunt is Joe’s territory from now on. Do you understand?”

“Yes dear,” I replied.

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