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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader goes down with the ship…

A few years ago, my neighbor invited me to go boating with her over the weekend. It was me, her, and one of her sisters. She and I were both 16 at the time, and her sister was 14. She and I were about to be seniors, and her sister just finished her freshman year. We parked the boat in the middle of the lake and swam for a while, just chilling as teenagers do, and then we decided to go tubing. We went a few rounds, and I felt confident, so I had her up the speed. Eventually, we hit a wave, and I went flying off into the water. I was slightly shaken by it but swam back to the boat. When I got up the ladder, I immediately heard both girls. I figured they were laughing because of my wipeout, so I just went with it for a minute or so. It wasn’t until I took off my lifejacket to see a flash and realize I was standing on the boat in nothing my soaked, see-through tighty whities.

“I knew you wore tighty whities.” My neighbor said. “Except they sure ain’t that tight because it’s pretty loose and baggy in front.”

Then her sister said, “Aren’t you going to be a senior? I’ve never seen one that small, and I’ve only been to freshman parties.”

I was so embarrassed by it that the rest of the day just seemed wasted. I sat on the boat wrapped in a towel the whole time while both girls made fun of me. They both practically saw my nub and had a picture to prove it too.


While SDC Member ‘blindpoodle’ tells us…

It was about 10 years ago now, but this night lives forever in my memories. Sitting around the fire on a cool winter night with 4 friends plus me and my partner, talking and just having a good time, we decided, as we often did, to all jump into the hot tub. This was never a sexual thing, especially with friends, but it was a nice change and a good way to relax. I wore my underwear, as I always would, and most of the others did, too, except one of the guys went nude, and one of the girls was topless. We sat in there for an hour or so, and as we were settling back in, the girl who had gone topless followed me into the bathroom and whispered that she saw my little dick and really liked it, although she was doing the universal little dick sign with her little finger.

He did this a few times through the rest of the night and followed me once more when I went to another part of the house. This time though, she spun around with her back against the door and reached out to put her hands down my pants, I was already getting hard, and she quickly dropped my pants and started sucking my rock-hard cock. It was over before I knew it, but I still get hard just thinking of that night, I’m not sure if her husband, who was in the other room, knew, but I suspect he did. So that’s my story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Another reader enjoys his yearly doctor’s visit…

So annually, I see my female dermatopathologist for a checkup for a full-body rash I developed. The process is to strip down to my underwear and a gown and wait for her Resident and a med student to do the initial exam (it’s a teaching university). The last two times, it’s been this bubby Asian male Resident and a young female assistant. The gown comes off, and they both go through the exam, which is pretty thorough as expected. So there I am, standing there in my bulgeless undies, knowing what comes next. He asks if he can inspect my groin and pulls down my undies, exposing my tiny nub of a dick. I always look directly at the female student to see her response. I always wonder what she’s thinking. Like, ‘Is that really a man’s dick? Why’s it so small?’ Then my doc comes in and does the same exam for herself, only she makes me lay on the bed while she pulls my undies down front and back. Always my yearly thrill and so embarrassing but exciting as well.


Meanwhile, this reader accidentally exposes himself to his roomie…

I am a secret bisexual guy, 40 years old, and I have a tiny little dick. Back in 2019, I met this SUPER HOT chic that lost her apartment for a couple of months after knowing her for a couple of months. I was single at the time and owned my home, so yeah. I asked her out and offered her to move in. Well, one night, we were watching movies and hanging out. Well, I had on these pajama pants with the opening in front and nothing under them. Wouldn’t you know it, when I got up for a drink, my tiny flaccid dick poked out the front of my pajamas. I didn’t realize it immediately, but she was all but rolling on the floor in laughter. When I walked back into the room, she had her phone out.

I really didn’t think much of it until the flash went off, and her laughter picked back up louder and more intense than ever. It was only a moment later I finally felt my dick poking out, and she was in tears laughing at this point. At that moment, I realized exactly how small my penis is and figured out how much it actually turned me on. That SPH was a link I had, I knew nothing about. I damn near came from her seeing, taking a picture, and laughing at my pathetic little penis. I still masturbate, thinking about that day. Needless to say, I only got to fuck her once and ate a lot of pussy until she moved out a week later.


This reader gets some familial SPH…

I have a huge family, and we were having a family reunion, like 60+ people. There were two kids’ rooms set up, one for the older kids and one for the younger kids. Since I still (and still do) wet the bed, I was put in the younger kids’ room and was told it was so I could watch them because I was so responsible. I was 12, and the youngest kid in the older kids’ room was 9. All the kids in the younger kids’ room were 7 and younger and still wet the bed like me. My aunt was put in charge of getting us ready for bed and would put us in line and help us get ready for bed by putting our jammies along with our diapers or Pull-Ups if needed because many of my cousins still needed help with that. Basically, it was all kids ages 3-6 in the room with me. I had been peeking and noticed that I was about the same size as the tiny kids and smaller than a bit older ones. My aunt came up to me with my Pull-Up opened up for me to step in and giggled.

“Aren’t you just a little guy!” She then helped me into my pajamas like a little kid and said, “It’s ok. Sometimes it takes time.” Then giggled again.


While this reader needs to help his doctor find it…

This is my first time getting a full-body skin exam today, which my wife suggested for me since my family has a history of skin cancers. I had put it off for a while, but when my wife noticed some dark spots (on my balls, no less), I finally gave in to her nagging and booked the appointment. The office wasn’t terribly crowded, so I was led back by the nurse pretty soon after arriving.

She told me she would be assisting with the exam today, advised me to get undressed and cover myself with one of those cheap paper drapes. Pretty soon, I was naked on the table with just a thin sheet of paper covering my less than average penis. Combine nerves with a cold exam room, and I was sporting a 1-inch acorn dick.

The doctor (an attractive young Indian woman) comes in with the nurse, introduces herself, and asked if I had any specific concerns. I told her about the spots on my balls (which were snug against my body at this point) as the main reason for coming in. She said we would cover that area last and started with the exam. It moved pretty quickly through the upper body and legs, even standing up so she can inspect my backside (but I kept the drape over my front while doing this).

Then came the big (or small) reveal.

She had me lay back on the exam table, and once I was fully reclined, she removed the drape. So here I was – my little nub exposed to two women I had never met. They were very professional, and it wasn’t easy to gauge any reactions with masks on (thanks, COVID), but I think the nurse’s eyes definitely went wide for a second when she first saw it.

The best moment came when the doctor said, “I don’t really see anything. Can you sit up and help me find it?” I know she was referring to the spots on my balls, which I helped her locate, but damn if my mind didn’t think she was referring to my dick for a second. It turns out the dark spots were just blood blisters, so I really didn’t even need to go in.

But better safe than sorry health-wise, and I couldn’t have asked for a more embarrassing situation!


Another reader finds out his girlfriend hasn’t been truthful…

My gf always said that my cock is perfect. She said she loves my cock, and it’s the best she ever had. She always told me I’m way bigger than Andy (her ex. I’m a Little jealous about him).

That was until yesterday when we had sex. Well, my gf is a beautiful, chubby girl with a big round butt. She was riding me, and it took me pretty long to cum. So she asked me to fuck her doggy. Cause all of her ex-boyfriends came fast that way.

So we tried doggy for the first time. I put my dick balls deep between her cheeks but could barely reach her pussy. I just had my tip in her, and I constantly kept slipping out.

After 5 tries, Gf: “OK, that’s not gonna work.”

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I playfully slapped her ass and said, “Yea, your butt’s too big.”

Gf with a sarcastic tone, “Of course. That must be the problem.”

We were changing to missionary. Me: “What do you mean?”

Gf: “Nothing, don’t worry.”

Me: “Your size makes some positions really hard.”

My girlfriend is now really quiet. “Yea, it’s my size. Not yours.”

Me: “What?”

She looked into my eyes. “You’re just too small.”

I realized that she wasn’t moaning like normally. I tried to fuck her as hard and deep as I could. Still no moaning. I tried even harder, and my cock slipped out.

Gf: “That never happened with Andy. He never had a problem with my size … or his size.”

Me: “You said he’s only average.”

Gf: “He is. But you’re not, little man.”

Me: “But you said mine’s perfect.”

My girlfriend has a big smirk on her face, said, “And I said it made me cum too. But that was a lie. You gotta tiny dick.”


Meanwhile, this reader sees some Snapchat smack…

Yesterday I happened to see something on Chanel West Coast’s Snapchat story shortly before it disappeared. She was in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace and standing in front of a replica of Michelangelo’s David. I always love it when people talk about how statues have tiny penises because, as with this one, they are almost always bigger than mine. Which is something my wife has pointed out very publicly on numerous occasions.

Anyway, here’s what Chanel West Coast had to say as the camera zooms in on David’s little penis, and she and her friends laugh…

“Look how fucking tiny this guy’s wiener is, bro. What… What the fuck are we looking at here?”


This reader’s wife embarrasses him in public…

My Domina stepped up her game at the pharmacy yesterday. I’m into small Penis Humiliation, and till now, it was at home or online. She grabbed a box of those little rubber finger cots (you know the ones that look like tiny Condoms) and took me to the pharmacy counter and asked the lady if these would work as a condom would because he has a tiny Penis and they don’t make condoms small enough for him. She said she’d ask the pharmacist. We watched as she asked the pharmacist, and she had a surprised look, So they both walked over to us (the pharmacist was young and attractive), so Domina explained again about my little Penis, and the pharmacist said they probably wouldn’t work even though they might fit him, ( I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. As we walked away, we heard some giggling, which made it even hotter. It was awesome. I can’t wait till next time.


While this female reader tells us how much she enjoys putting us in our places…

One of my friends really wanted to try having a threesome with her FWB and asked me to join as her sluttiest friend. She’s complained to me about only having small orgasms with partners before, so I was intrigued in proving to her that it was due to tiny dicked men and not her body.

The night came, and we started fooling around. Let’s say her description of his dick as above-average was very generous. He was a Silver Member of your loser club. After watching him fail at fingering her and fail even harder at fucking her or even really getting it in, I couldn’t resist and had to prove my point.

I had her screaming more with a single finger than his pathetic excuse of a dick. But to really drive the point home, I pulled out my 7.5-inch strapon and fucked her until she forgot her name. Oh, the look on his face was priceless. I didn’t even have to say a word. Putting cocky men with small dicks in their places is my new favorite game to play.


SDC Member Smalldave tells us about an embarrassing night…

I’m a man with a tiny penis. A Gold Member of the Small Dick Club when erect and not wide. When it’s not erect, it’s like a small acorn poking out of my pubic hair. This happened when I hadn’t long been married to Liz. I’d become manager of a new care home and had recruited and trained the staff team. They were mostly young women fresh out of college in their first job and married women in their 40s who’d worked in care for years. There were a few young men, mostly from west Africa. They all got on well; the young women made friends and went out together on dates.

There was a lot of rude talk amongst the women; the older ones could be very outrageous and open about sex and the shortcomings of men. The younger girls compared dates and the boys they slept with, which usually came down to how big his dick was. They all seemed to agree that size was important and held men with small dicks in contempt. One of the married women was openly unfaithful to her husband and told all about her affairs. She said it was because her husband couldn’t satisfy her with his little dick.

There were a lot of jokes about men with small dicks. Not only were they no good in bed, but that any macho, aggressive, bullying, sexist man had a small dick: “Typical small dick syndrome.”

The African guys joked that the girls should date black men for sexual pleasure. It was all in good humor, but of course, it made me very nervous. And aroused. I was very self-conscious and terrified that the size of my penis might show, so I kept my jacket done up and wore long shirts. I didn’t get involved in the banter because I was the manager and recently married. Once, they asked me to settle a bet they’d had about whether I had a tiny dick or not, but I changed the subject.

Shortly after the home opened, we had a staff party. It was at a house that two of the younger women shared with some other girls. We invited partners. We all brought drinks and a dish each. My wife came along and got on well with all the women. The girls had all dressed up very sexily, as had the older women. We danced and drank and let our hair down. I tried to act like a manager and make an emotional drunken speech about a great team they were, but they told me to shut up and relax and party, which I did. Unfortunately, I drank far too much. One minute I seemed to be articulate and sociable and fun; the next, I was a drunken boor stumbling around, dancing badly, saying inappropriate things, and being ignored. I remember lying down in a quiet room, and then someone putting a blanket over me.

When I woke in the morning, my wife was already awake on the other sofa. She asked me if I remembered much about last night. I said it had been a great party. She said she meant later. After I’d fallen asleep and then got up again. I began to have vague recollections.

“Go on. Tell me. What did I do?” I asked.

After I’d fallen asleep and they’d put a blanket over me, the party became quieter with people chatting in the kitchen, hall, and living room. Liz was in the kitchen talking with some of the women. I’d taken all my clothes off in my sleep, then I got up, totally naked, and wandered around the house. Liz had put a towel around me as soon as she could but not before everybody had seen me.

“So they all saw my dick? Oh my god! Did any of them say anything?” I asked.

She looked at me. “Yes, of course, they did. They all thought it was hilarious. It was so embarrassing. They even asked me how I coped with being married to a man with such a small willy. That’s why I went to bed. It was awful.”

We got dressed and went into the kitchen, where some of the girls were drinking coffee. They all smiled at me when I came in. They asked me how I was this morning. I said I felt a bit rough. They exchanged glances and giggled. Then there was silence.

I tried to break the silence. “But it was a great party, wasn’t it?”

They all burst out laughing.

When I went to work on Monday, I had to endure the giggles and innuendos and women making the little dick sign in front of me. Just knowing that they all knew how small I am was a constant humiliation. Whenever they talked about sex and the size of dicks they looked at me and giggled. Even those who hadn’t been to the party soon got told. I walked into an office to hear one of the women telling two colleagues, “…and he walked into the kitchen totally naked, and he’s got the smallest dick you’ve ever seen. It was so funny… Oh, hi Dave, didn’t see you there… so little,” and they laughed.

I couldn’t say much. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it in case my managers found out. So I just had to endure the humiliation and the jokes and the teasing.

*Conditions Apply.

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One comment

  • SmallDave

    Postscript to my true story above.

    After this had happened all of the women in my team made fun of me. Some of the younger women really held me in contempt. As manager I had to chair weekly staff meetings and tell the team what performance improvements had to happen. When I was speaking they would look at me and pull faces, giggle at one another, make pinky signs, yawn or even chat while I was speaking. Or they would fix their eyes on my crotch so I went red and stuttered.

    I had to address performance issues with some of the young women and even formal capability and disciplinary processes at the instruction of my managers. But whenever I brought them into supervision meetings they just laughed at me and said they couldn’t take me seriously after seeing me drunk naked and showing off my little dick. And they threatened to tell more people if I made them cross.

    My manager Angela was a very attractive woman and we’d been friends and equal colleagues before she was promoted over me. She couldn’t understand why I wasn’t taking these things forward. Plus she’d heard gossip and whispers about it. So she investigated and I was called into a meeting with her, the company CEO, Victoria; a formidable charismatic woman in her late 50’s who I’d long admired and looked up to, Zoe a pretty young woman from the HR department and Sue, Victoria’s PA who took the notes. My union rep was Stella the receptionist.
    They were very professional and forensic. Angela told me that it was very serious. She asked me if I remembered going to a staff party and I said yes. They all struggled to keep a straight face as they described what had happened. Everyone at the party had given detailed witness statements. Angela had to read them out. Frequently she had to stop reading while she stopped laughing. The others kept suppressing giggles as well. Lots of the accounts mentioned that although I was naked my penis was not visible because of it’s small size. Other staff members had made statements about meetings being disrupted by girls making derogatory comments and signs about the manager’s small penis and which ‘appeared to make the manager obviously sexually aroused and unable to concentrate on the meeting’. When asked to explain the witness stated that the ‘manager had a small but visible erection which he kept pressing with his hand or his notebook’. Other witnesses described seeing the manager masturbating in his car after a team meeting obviously unaware that he was visible to at least 7 members of staff having a smoke at the side of the car park.

    I was demoted and transferred to another office. Everyone there knew about my little dick. Everyone in the company knew. Everyone associated with the company knew. I still had to endure taunts and whispers.
    Small Dave


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